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Hey Folks!

Depending on how deeply you like to dig into Wikipedia, you may or may not know that July is a month of geeky celebrations and events. We have cool shows like OSCON and Comicon and holidays such as SysAdmin Day and Pi Approximation Day, but we also get to celebrate some important birthdays of those that helped shape the geeks we are today. Three of those birthdays were celebrated just a few days ago - Erno Rubik, Patrick Stewart and Harrison Ford all share July 13 as their birthday. Now that's a momentous day! And speaking of momentous birthdays, our very own 10 year birthday is approaching very soon! Be on the lookout for specials, contests, and general geeky shenanigans coming up in August while we celebrate 10 years of geeking out with you. Now, on to the latest stuffs!

GP2X Wiz MAME/Amiga/Console Emulator

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

FREE Tin of Zombie Mints w/orders > $25 - Tastes Like Braaaaains

FREE Tin of Zombie Mints w/orders > $25 - Tastes Like Braaaaains

Even zombies like to watch what they eat. Too much junk food (spleens, fingers, etc) can cause a zombie to literally burst out of their own skin. To take the edge off, they enjoy chomping on Zombie Mints. Zombie Mints give them that same rotting brain taste, but without all the calories. It could even be said the taste is (sorry) to die for. And because care about all zombies, we're want you to give them a taste. Just have at least $25 worth of goodies in your shopping cart (not including the Zombie Mints) and then head to checkout. While in checkout, type the code BRAINCANDY into the promo box and our system will do the rest. But hurry, before this offer becomes like the undead and decomposes (i.e. while supplies last or until this offer expires at 11:59pm on Sunday July 19th).

Spycam Video Sunglasses - Perfect disguise for a camera

In some old school spy and detective type movies, sunglasses are used as a way to hide an identity and try to blend in. The Spycam Video Sunglasses are not intended to be part of any disguise - they are the disguise, concealing a tiny video camera in the center of the glasses. Capable of capturing excellent quality video and audio, these spycam sunglasses can be comfortably worn nearly anywhere to help you get the footage. Video is stored on a Micro SD card and easy-to-use controls are located on the glasses frame.

Spycam Video Sunglasses - Perfect disguise for a camera

Mvix Ultio 1080p Bit Torrent Media Player - Ultio is the Ultimate

Mvix Ultio 1080p Bit Torrent Media Player - Ultio is the Ultimate

Digital Media Set-top boxes are multiplying like bunnies these days. Luckily ThinkGeek is here to help you cut through the crap and find the media box who can be BFF with your 50" HD flat-screen and killer audio system. Mvix, the folks responsible for bringing you some of the first digital media hard drive enclosures have cooked up a new little gem with the Mvix Ultio MX-800 HD. Pop in a hard drive, load on some video files, connect to your TV with HDMI and watch everything in stunning 1080p video.

Caffeinated Nixie Tubes - A ThinkGeek Candy Original

A simple paper straw filled with sugar and flavor. Without mentioning it by name, it was those things were the cause of some of our best childhood sugar highs. The time has come to update this sweet nostalgia - with caffeine! That's right, each Nixie Tube is basically sugar, flavor, and caffeine. 100mg per tube, to be precise. That's more than most energy drinks! And why does this product need to exist? Because the child inside us all screams for it, while the adult outside us all desperately desires the caffeine. You can wake up your inner child and outer adult all with one candy. Yum!

Caffeinated Nixie Tubes - A ThinkGeek Candy Original

Nooooobody Expects More T-Shirts!

Nooooobody Expects More T-Shirts!

Okay. Maybe everybody expects more t-shirts. We dunno. We do know that we'll break out the comfy chair if you don't go check out our new Spanish Inquisition shirt. And also our Reduce Reuse Retweet shirt. And the What Happens In the Holodeck Stays in the Holodeck shirt, in both unisex and babydoll. For our gamer girls, we've been listening. You said you wanted stuff you could wear in a business-casual environment; we give you the 1up Mushroom Ladies' Polo (with UPF 40 as an added bonus). You said not everyone's shaped like the babydoll cut; we give you one of our most popular designs, OMG Pwnies, on a classic-cut women's shirt. We aim to please. Just not holodeck-style, if you know what we mean.

Wi-Fi Detector Cap - Accessorize Your Wardrobe with Technology

Wi-Fi network signal strength should probably be a built-in sixth sense for all geeks starting at birth. At the hospital, baby geeks could be identified via tricorder and retro-fitted with the needed equipment. But until that time, we present you with this fine Wi-Fi Detector Cap. Similar to our Wi-Fi Detector Shirt, this cap combines apparel and technology into an irresistible geeky hybrid. The glowing bars on the cap light-up to indicate the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi strength in your general vicinity... and with your newfound Wi-Fi sense you'll be sure to make lots of friends like routers and iPhones.

Wi-Fi Detector Cap - Accessorize Your Wardrobe with Technology

Bend Coins With Your Bare Hands and Perform Levitation to Boot

Bend Coins With Your Bare Hands and Perform Levitation to Boot

Rabbits from hats and goofy card tricks don't impress us. We're more on the Penn and Teller side of the magic spectrum. That's why we're offering two easy to perform illusions you've never seen before. The Fingers of Steel Coin Bending Trick allows you to bend coins with your bare hands. The trick? Well you actually bend the coins, so be sure to only use your friend's coins as they gape in amazement. Or check out the Floating Match Illusion. This trick basically works itself and allows you to levitate any small light object over the surface of a playing card. No slight of hand needed. Take that Doug Henning!

Brain Salt and Pepper Shakers - Brains are Better with Salt

One thing every zombie can agree on is brains are delicious. You don't even have to cook 'em! Those of us still living however, occasionally find simple and delicate sweetmeats a touch bland. Thus, we add salt and pepper to enhance flavors. Still, the zombies do have one thing right - brains are cool. So, why not salt and pepper shakers shaped like brains? Why not, indeed!

Brain Salt and Pepper Shakers - Brains are Better with Salt

Star Trek USB Communicator - Stay Connected, Starfleet style

Star Trek USB Communicator - Stay Connected, Starfleet style

Star Trek is already the quintessential staple of the geek. The mind boggles when considering how the original Star Trek communicator might be made more geeky. Then we saw this Star Trek USB Communicator and it all became clear... simply add USB. Connect this exact replica of the communicator from "The Original Series" to your computer and enjoy the classic "chirp" sound when it's flipped open. It also plays 21 other sounds effects when not being used to chat with your Starfleet friends via Skype, MSN, AIM, or iChat.

Caveman Kitchen Tool - Grog make dinner! BASH! POUND!

When the alien monoliths prodded our simian ancestors into an evolutionary leap, they gave us the knowledge of bashing things. Unfortunately, the first thing we bashed were skulls when we should have been pounding garlic and rosemary into a nice paste to rub on our roasted pork loin! Luckily, we've rediscovered this ancient caveman tool, and hope your larger Homo Sapien brain can grasp the subtlety of a good bashing chef's implement.

 Caveman Kitchen Tool - Grog make dinner! BASH! POUND!

OLLO - Kids Robotic Action Kit - Rivets and motors and building - oh my!

OLLO - Kids Robotic Action Kit - Rivets and motors and building - oh my!

OLLO kits are all about action. Start with a motor and begin "riveting" your pieces together (they join using an innovative 2-part rivet, which can easily be undone with the included tool and reused again and again). Maybe your first creation will be a walking canine. Or perhaps you'll start with the crawling insect. Eventually, as you get the hang of how OLLO works, you'll be able to build your own OLLO-bot which will walk and eventually take over the world. Hey, it could happen. One thing is certain - the OLLO Action Kit is loads of fun. Buy two now: one for you and one for your kids.

New Geeky Books - Lots of new stuff for your reading enjoyment

Some of our new books are for kids, some for adults, but most are for both! The Pet Dragon is a beautiful children's book which helps introduce your little ones to Chinese characters. Tech Girls are Chic is specifically aimed at tween girls, to show them how awesome tech careers can be. Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things is both for kids and adults and helps the planet. Fashion Geek will show you how to integrate electronics into your clothing. The Cube really is the ultimate guide to the Rubik's Cube. And finally, the Star Wars Deluxe Fandex will make sure you always have your SW facts at hand. Dang, that's a lot of reading!

New Geeky Books - Lots of new stuff for your reading enjoyment

Wooden Hydraulic Machines Kit - Water-powered fun

Wooden Hydraulic Machines Kit - Water-powered fun

Hydraulics are used all over the place. Some help big machines lift tons of dirt to build roads, while others help C-3PO's arms bend (think about it a little). Well, why not put the power of hydraulics use for yourself? Build these four kits (easy to assemble, glue included) and you'll have four wicked little hydraulic contraptions. The hydraulics are actually syringes (no needles) attached by tubes. You'll be able to use water to lift a shot glass for a toast, to offer a guest some candy from the bowl on your desk, or take your pet tribble to new heights. Because what good is science if you can't have some fun?!?

Check your UV exposure level with UV Monkey

Before we went into space ourselves, we first sent a few monkeys up there as a test. These "brave" monkeys flew a number of missions to investigate the various biological effects of going into space. This small keyring gadget is like your own personal space monkey. The UV Monkey will assist you by checking UV levels so that you know when to charge solar devices *and* when to protect your skin. Once exposed to sunlight, the center will change to different shades of purple to indicate increasing levels of UV light (darker means higher level of UV).

Check your UV exposure level with UV Monkey

Quick Blurbs !!

ThinkGeek is Looking To Hire A Wizard Of Unique Makeology

Sysadmin Day!

Don't Forget, July 31st Is Sysadmin Day - Get 'em something!

Case o' Bawls

Still Time To Nominate Your Favorite Sysadmin to Win $$$

Electronic Rolling Laughing Monkey

Electronic Rolling Laughing Monkey - Insane Monkey Antics Amuse and Annoy

Clay Solar System Mobile Kit

Clay Solar System Mobile Kit - Kids Construct the Cosmos

Twilight Watch

Twilight Watch - Display transitions from light to dark

Zombie Mints

Zombie Mints - They taste like brains

Time Release Caffeine Capsules

Time Release Caffeine Capsules - 200mg over 8 hours

Photoshop Magnet Kit

Photoshop Magnet Kit - This photo needs more gaussian blur

Stargate Coasters

Stargate Coasters - A Stargate You Can Set Your Drink On

Chain Mail Coif

Chain Mail Coif - Increase your Armor Rating

SurvivalStraps Survival Bracelet

SurvivalStraps Survival Bracelet - Turns into 14' of paracord

First Cylon War Print

First Cylon War Print - Never forget the face of the enemy

Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Dance

Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Dance - Hyper-beading Nano-Tech Fountain

Roadside Assistance Safety Kit

Roadside Assistance Safety Kit

CableDrop Cable Clips

Keep your cables happy and healthy using these nifty cable clips

Lamaze Octotunes

Lamaze Octotunes - The Musical Octo-thingy for geeklings

Stainless Steel Carabiner Mug

Stainless Steel Carabiner Mug - Caffeine and crampons now go together

Pantone Espresso Cup and Saucer Set

Pantone Espresso Cup and Saucer Set - I take my coffee 464 C, thank you!

Bloody Evidence Chef's Knife

Bloody Evidence Chef's Knife - Honestly, Officer! I bought it like this!

World of Warcraft Action Figures, Series 4

World of Warcraft Action Figures, Series 4 - Yay, Azeroth

HyDrive Caffeinated Energy Chews

HyDrive Caffeinated Energy Chews - Chew up some caffeine

VoJo Extreme Caffeinated Energy Mints

VoJo Extreme Energy Mints - 3 yummy flavors

The Latest Action Shot Winner

The Latest Action Shot Winner: Results Of Too Much Caffeine

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The Latest Action Shot Winner
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