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The ThinkGeek Newsletter!

June 24, 2009

Hey Folks!

Welcome friends to the latest version of the ThinkGeek newsletter. Please refrain from hyper-ventilating. We recommend that you read this email in a well ventilated area and that you take several deep breaths before proceeding. Please also keep your hands at your sides at all times while reading. Failure to comply may result in frontal lobe explosion for which we will not be held responsible...

The ThinkGeek T-Shirt Grab Bag

The ThinkGeek T-Shirt Grab Bag

It's Our Economic Stimulus Plan!

In these tough economic times, it's important to remember the necessities: water, food, shelter, and clothing. To solve the clothing portion of the equation, we can provide you with cheap, hip t-shirts to solve your closet's economic woes. And if your order comes in a cardboard box, you may have shelter covered, too. Bonus.

What do you get when you take a spin on the grab bag? You'll get a genuine ThinkGeek-made shirt that, for one reason or another, we didn't sell in the normal course of ThinkGeek events. All of the shirts are high quality - not defective or seconds. From time to time, there may even be a stray polo shirt, work shirt, or hoodie in the grab bag, but you'll never know and neither will we so don't ask! ;) We start off with both men's and women's selections in all sizes, but once they're gone, they're gone, so shop now...

Random Geeky T-Shirts As Low As $5.99:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

ThinkGeek 2009 SysAdmin King/Queen Pageant - Nominate Yours!

ThinkGeek 2009 Sysadmin King/Queen Pageant - Nominate Yours!

In honor of SysAdmin Day (July 31st), we most proudly present ThinkGeek's 2009 SysAdmin Pageant! Do you know a sysadmin King or Queen who saved the network from inevitable doom? How about the brilliant mail server admin who finally got those plighted African businessmen out of your inbox? Now you can finally say thanks in a way that he or she would actually appreciate: the title of SysKing or SysQueen, plus a $500 ThinkGeek gift certificate! And if your nominated sysadmin wins, you get a $250 ThinkGeek gift certificate, too. Hurry, our pageant ends July 24th - and we'll announce the winner on Sysadmin Day - Friday, July 31st!

Bacteria Growth Science Kit - Grow Some Smelly Friends

Here's a little movie trivia for you: Tony Montana from the movie Scarface never really wanted to be a drug pusher. He really wanted to be a microbiologist. He wanted to culture bacteria and test its responsiveness to UV light and antibiotics and the like. And now your children can follow in Tony's footsteps. This kit has tons of supplies for your little bacteria farms (aka kids) to use and explore. Then, when they have petri dishes full of bacteria, your children can utter Tony's famous words, "Say hello to my little friends." Hey, thanks for reading through to the punch line.

Bacteria Growth Science Kit - Grow Some Smelly Friends

Mimo Mini USB Monitor - Help Your Monitor Help Itself

Mimo Mini USB Monitor - Help Your Monitor Help Itself

Looking for that extra bit of screen real estate to get you through the busy workday? It's handy to have additional monitor space at the ready. The problem is an entire secondary monitor comes with its own needs like separate power or an additional video card. The Mimo Mini USB Monitor changes this equation completely. A single USB connection from your computer gets you an instant high-resolution secondary display. This handy display is perfect for your IM client, widgets, PC gaming tools, your email, a spreadsheet, your PhotoShop tools, or even video.

Horror Movie Shower Curtain and Bath Mat - Creep Up Your Bathroom

The clock ticks ever louder. The falling water of the shower beats an incongruous rhythm, giving you goose bumps. You enter your shower and lightning flashes. Suddenly you see the horror. Past the "bloody" hand prints on the shower curtain and the "bloody" foot prints on the bath mat - someone has left the cap off the toothpaste. AAAAAAAAAAAAA! And chocolate syrup flows down the drain. Seriously, these two bathroom accessories will give all your visitors chills, and add some fun to your boring, way too normal-looking bathroom. Norman would be proud.

Horror Movie Shower Curtain and Bath Mat - Creep Up Your Bathroom

Button Pinhole Video Spycam w/ Mini DVR - Smooth Operator

Button Pinhole Video Spycam w/ Mini DVR - Smooth Operator

If you're into capturing hands-free covert style video the Button Pinhole Video Spycam can help you in this endeavor. Easily attach the button camera to any shirt and record directly onto a small mini-SD digital video recorder. The recorder includes a 2" LCD viewing screen, so you can setup your shot and see what results to expect before you do your in-the-field recordings. It even includes matching buttons in case you need to make some wardrobe modifications. This spycam records video (30 FPS) along with audio.

Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers - Delicious "Alien" Garnish

On planet Koozebane, there live strange beasts. And those strange beasts eat strange plants (and sometimes, let's face it, each other). By taking great care, we've managed to secure a steady supply of these "Hi-bis-cus" flowers for your culinary enjoyment. They are great as other-worldly garnishes for desserts and main courses, appetizers and snacks. These hibiscus flowers really do look like they are from another planet (or a baby Cthulhu waiting to eat your face), but they taste delicious. Try one in the bottom of a glass of champagne and you'll be hooked. Just like us.

Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers - Delicious

MVIX Nubbin Tiny Wireless N Adapter - 75Mbps per Centimeter

MVIX Nubbin Tiny Wireless N Adapter - 75Mbps per Centimeter

Wireless N is obviously the network standard of choice for geeks everywhere. Not only does it have speed, its also got great range and it runs on a higher frequency to avoid those annoying channel conflicts. Problem is, unless you have a more recent laptop you may not have Wireless N capability built in. So what can you do? Well buy the MVIX Nubbin Tiny Wireless N Adapter of course. This thing is so miniscule it's barely larger than your USB port. You won't even notice it. What you will notice is blazing fast network speed and awesome wireless range.

Gaggle of Puzzles Promises to Perplex

We're aware of the fact that you like a good puzzle. Something unique you say? The Preposterous Puzzle is simple and seemingly impossible to solve. Just try to insert the small square into the center of an already completed puzzle. Your friends will cry impossible... but is it? Looking for more challenge? Try the Sacred Myths Legendary Puzzles. These six different puzzles are based around great moments in science and history. Solve them in order and each provides a clue to solving the next. Or build your own puzzles with the Wizard's Workshop Wooden Puzzle Book. Even the wooden book itself is a puzzle.

Gaggle of Puzzles Promises to Perplex

Gardenwatch Cam - Shoot Your Flowers

Gardenwatch Cam - Shoot Your Flowers

Ever just sit and watch the grass grow? We don't either because it's painfully boring. Between late night raids, and a DVR full of Adult Swim, who has time for witnessing flora cellular mitosis? Yawn. You can speed things up by up to 2.5 million times with the Gardenwatch Cam! Point your weatherproof time-lapse camera at your green beauties and capture a season's worth of growth in a few seconds of full motion video. Nice!

Star Trek Enterprise 1701-D - Picard's Pretty Lady

From her maiden voyage, we knew that the 1701-D was a special ship. She dwarfed all others; and while she glided smoothly through space, we knew she was fully ready and capable for a fight. And then the saucer section separated, and we all went, "ooOOoo!" Now, finally, we have a ship replica worthy of her majesty. It's big (about 17" long) and has TV show/movie accurate lights and sound effects. And not only does the saucer separate, but this toy knows it's separating and Captain Picard warns the crew to prepare for separation! It's like two toys in one. Engage, make it so, and the sky's the limit!

Star Trek Enterprise 1701-D - Picard's Pretty Lady

GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab - The Science of Sound

GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab - The Science of Sound

It's time to give your children the sound education they deserve. And we mean sound as in stuff you can hear. This kit is fully assembled with all the hard core parts - all your kids have to do is connect them in the right order with wires. They'll quickly learn about how capacitors, transistors, resistors, and other things work. And what will they build? They'll build voice changers, audio recorders, and over 50 other fun projects. Once they are fully done, not only will they have a great knowledge of sound and electricity, but they'll also be able to sound like a Transformer. "Ravage... eject!"

The Zilla Multi-tool - An Intimidating Tool

A monster tool ready to crush your average multi-tool, the Zilla is a unique design from Columbia River Knife and Tool. The spring loaded pliers can grab and turn just about anything you can fit into it's teeth. The Zilla has a hex bit driver located on the end of the tool, allowing you to carry and use whatever bits you need. Also included are knife, wire cutter and stripper, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, bottle opener, clip and sheath. This tools does nearly everything, except roar.

The Zilla Multi-tool - An Intimidating Tool

Quick Blurbs !!

Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Dance

Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Dance - Hyper-beading nano-technology fountain

Fail Stickers

Fail Stickers - Label the things that suck

Marshall Mini Guitar Amp

Marshall Mini Guitar Amp - Portable God of ROCK

FreeLoader Pro Solar Charger

Freeloader Pro Solar Charger

Mini Shopping Cart Desktop Organizer

Mini Shopping Cart - Shopper's chromed desktop accessory

You Don't Know Me Anonymous Twitter Shirt

You Don't Know Me Anonymous Twitter Shirt - Please tweet responsibly

The Power Shelf

The Power Shelf - Gadget-friendly

Bacon Gumballs

Bacon Gumballs - Meat plus gum equals yum

Jolly Roger Doormat

Jolly Roger Doormat - Wipe yer feet, and yer peg-leg, yar

Slave Leia Poster

Slave Leia Poster - Back in sexy stock

Jamvox Guitar Trainer

Jamvox Guitar Trainer - Play along with the pros

Gamer Grub Energy Snacks

Gamer Grub - Cognitive-enhancing snacks

Micro-Tool Super Multi-pack

Micro-Tool Super Multi-pack - We love small keyring tools

Octopus Robot Has a Posse

Octopus Robot Has a Posse - 'Nuff said

Octopus Robot Has a Posse Babydoll

Octopus Robot Has a Posse Baybdoll - MOAR ROBOTS

Pocket Retro Game Emulator

Pocket Retro Game Emulator - Back in stock

Pocket Retro Game Emulator

July 31st Is International Sysadmin Day - Gift them well

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles

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