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June 3, 2009

Hoopy Froods,

Wherever you were last week on May 25th, we hope you carried with you your very own massively useful towel in honor of International towel day. If you did not, may you suffer a hundred years of Vogon poetry readings. For those that did, we've assembled the following heap of goodies for you to gawk upon...

Great Gifts for the Ultimate Robot Overlord. Unless you were hatched or cloned, you have a dad that deserves a great gift. Go to thinkgeek.com/dads for awesome gift ideas!

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Free UPS Ground Shipping w/Code For Orders > $75

Free UPS Ground Shipping w/Code For Orders > $75

Get Free UPS Ground Shipping to the contiguous US with this limited time offer! Offer valid with your purchase of $75 of ThinkGeek merchandise. This offer only applies to free UPS Ground shipping within the 48 contiguous United States. Shipments to PO Boxes, APO/FPO addresses, Alaska, Hawaii and International shipments are excluded. If you select any other shipping options, additional charges will apply. Free UPS Ground shipping will only be applied by entering the code SHINY during checkout. Offer cannot be sold, auctioned, transferred, or combined with any other offer, and is void if altered or reproduced. Offer cannot be applied to previous or pending purchases. Not redeemable for cash or credit. This offer is valid through 6/7/09 11:59 EDT.

FREE Screwz-All 4-in-1 Micro-Tool For Dad W/Purchases > $25

We could insert a bunch of jokes here about how you can get screwed for free at ThinkGeek, but screw that. We aren't going there. This micro- tool features 4 convenient phillips/flathead formats in a quickly detachable keychain. How do you get your Screwz-All 4-in-1 Micro-Tool for free? It's pretty simple actually. Just make sure you have at least $25 worth of goodies in your shopping cart (not including our Screwz-All), go to checkout, and enter the code SCREW into the promo box. Our system will automagically add the multi-tool to your order on our dime. But dont procrastinate, this offer expires 11:59pm EST on Sunday June 7th, 2009.

FREE Screwz-All 4-in-1 Micro-Tool For Dad W/Purchases > $25

KGB Disappearing Ink & Mossad Pens - Two Awesome Spy Pens

KGB Disappearing Ink & Mossad Pens - Two Awesome Spy Pens

The message you are reading is top secret. If this message had been written with the KGB Disappearing Ink Pen (actually made in Russia), there would be no trace of it after 24-48 hours (even UV light wouldn't detect anything). If this message had been written with the Mossad Pen, you could heat it with a hair dryer and the ink would disappear. But then you could put it in the freezer and the ink would reappear (the ink is temperature sensitive). But this message is on your computer - so don't stick it in the freezer. Get these pens, and let the secret messaging begin!

He Brings Us Grinnz - We Bring You Glennz

It's time for a little chat about where t-shirts come from. You see, when geeky and clever love each other Very Much, sometimes they crowdsurf into mad t-shirt design skillz, and that's how you make a Glennz aka Glenn Jones, t-shirt designer extraordinaire. We bet you're familiar with Glenn's work. We even bet you have at least one of his shirts in your closet alongside ours. So when we heard that Glenn thought we were cool enough to carry his shirts, we said, and we quote, "Squee." We made a new t-shirt category just for him. Keep your eyes peeled for some exclusive ThinkGeek + Glennz merchandise in the future. Smart Masses meet Glenn. Glenn meet the Smart Masses.

He Brings Us Grinnz - We Bring You Glennz

Get Your Retro Game On... Handheld or Console Style

Get Your Retro Game On... Handheld or Console Style

Since you seem to love retro gaming as much as we do ThinkGeek is launching two new game system tidbits to satiate the hardcore old skool gamer in you. The Pocket Retro Game Emulator looks a bit like the GameBoy Pocket but that's where the similarities end. Load on NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, GBA or Neo Geo roms and play your old favorites in the palm of your hand. With 4GB of built-in storage and a mini SD slot for expansion you can bring every single game from the best classic consoles with you. Ahh... but the die hard retro gamer in you requires a TV and big cartridges for the full effect? Well then pick up the GEN- X Genesis/NES Game System and pop in an original Genesis or NES cartridge in the top for retro gaming goodness on the big screen. It's just as good as you remember!

X-Ball Magnetic Creativity Tool - Build as You Think

The best things in life are designed by the doodle. Something about just letting your thoughts flow really brings forth innovation. Thus is the theory behind the X-Ball - 30 magnetic X-shaped pieces that click together to form a skeletal icosidodecahedron. Hey, it was da Vinci's favorite shape, and he was like brilliant and stuff. Seriously, assembling and reassembling the X-Ball parts into its full shape, or any other shape you can imagine, lets your mind wander. Then you'll be able to solve problems easier - and be one step closer to da Vinci.

X-Ball Magnetic Creativity Tool - Build as You Think

Gerber Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool - Ready for Adventures

Gerber Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool - Ready for Adventures

This pocket-sized tool has a great lightweight design built into a minimalist package. The Gerber Artifact packs eight useful tools into a size only slightly larger than a cigarette lighter. The Artifact features an exchangeable/removable #11 hobby blade, a pry bar, wire stripper, Phillips screwdriver, two flat-head screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and a lanyard. Any self-respecting geek wouldn't be caught without the right tool, so grab this keychain and be prepared for almost anything, anywhere you go.

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork - Federation Approved

For the premiere of the new movie, Starfleet issued a limited edition spork commemorating the event (only 1701 were made and they sold out in a few hours). But in celebration of the success of new-Kirk and his crew, Starfleet has approved an exact replica of the sporks used at Starfleet Academy - and they are going to produce enough to make sure every Trekkie and Trekker on this planet and beyond gets one. You can now eat like the cadets. Be ye green skinned or green blooded, pointy eared or bumpy foreheaded, from this universe or an alternate one - this is the spork for you!

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork - Federation Approved

Pocket Size Thumb Stadium Defines Gaming Minimalism

Pocket Size Thumb Stadium Defines Gaming Minimalism

Is more less? Do you hanker only for the smallest gadgets with the simplest user-interface? Well, we've got the most minimalist two player handheld gaming system ever and it's a blast to play. The Thumb Stadium Electronic Game Kit has controls of one button per player and a screen of only three LEDs. You wouldn't think there would be much gaming that could happen on this setup, but surprisingly you'll find yourself frantically competing with your friends and co-workers to best them in one of the 4 different built in games.

Gravity Puzzle Spheres - Brain Boggler that's Gravity Powered

Most handheld-puzzles have pieces that you manipulate with your fingers - turn this segment this way, pivot that piece over there and so on. What would you do if you had a puzzle whose pieces you couldn't touch? If we haven't just blown your mind, then stand by! Five segments fit inside a clear sphere and are moved in and out of place by gravity. Rotate the sphere and let the Earth do the work. The problem is as you rotate the sphere, the pieces change orientation, and that's just darn confusing! It's harder than you think!

Gravity Puzzle Spheres - Brain Boggler that's Gravity Powered

Historical Steel Mini Helms - Prepare for a Diminutive Battle

Historical Steel Mini Helms - Prepare for a Diminutive Battle

As a geek, you've got an obligation to adorn your workspace accordingly. Cross-stitched flowers? Nope... Bobble headed sports figurines? Can't do it... Teddy bear wearing mini company t-shirt? Sorry, no... But wait... handmade steel mini historical helmets - what could be geekier? These pint-size helmets are created entirely by hand, chrome plated and constructed from real steel and each comes with a solid wood stand for display. They look sharp on your desk and are guaranteed to increase your geek street cred.

Genius Flashcards - Start 'Em Young

This fun-filled deck of cards contains 75 different puzzles fit to uniquely exercise†kids' brains. It includes all types of mind benders such as grid puzzles, magic squares, dot games, and many more. And each problem is even matched with a difficulty level ranging from Easy to Super Genius, so you can properly gauge which is best for your child. Once they start the mental stimulation, it's all Theories of Relativity and Large Hadron Colliding from there. After all, you don't want to hold back your spawn on their quest for world domination, do you? Didn't think so.

Genius Flashcards - Start 'Em Young

Swashbuckling BBQ Sword - Grill Weaponry Now Available

Swashbuckling BBQ Sword - Grill Weaponry Now Available

Grillmasters are serious beings. They jealously watch their flamed meats and vegetables as they slowly crisp and carbonize on the open flames. Ah, sweet carcinogens make anything taste better, don't they? Well, they would taste great until the jerk who can't wait for his food to be done steals your weenies from the grill. How dare he? Fight back with the only weapon a Master Chef needs with his Weber! This sword is 19" long, and double-pronged to keep your dogs from sliding off, or to double-up on your marshmallow roasting!

Nippon Fusion Watches - Tokyo-tech Style Wristwatch

The Japanese know a little something about style. Often minimalist, sleek and shiny, their retro techno-aesthetic has been in demand since Johnny Sokko first sent his Flying Robot after the evil forces of Gargoyle. When we came across these ultra-kitschy watches, we immediately thought of 60's Tokyo TV shows, and man-in-suit-style giant robots battling horrifying mutant cyborg badgers with rocket-fingers and frickin' laser-beam eyes. What's even cooler is these actually tell time while looking so darn cool.

Nippon Fusion Watches - Tokyo-tech Style Wristwatch

Quick Blurbs !!

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles

ThinkGeek Is Hiring - You know you want to apply

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles

Enter to Win a $1000 Giant Swiss Army Knife for Dad

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones - Single malt saviour

Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener

Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener

Get The Hint Mini Sticky Notes

Get the Hint Mini Sticky Notes

Book Mark

Book Mark - He Encountered a Tragic Ending

You Never Forget Your First Doctor Babydoll

You Never Forget Your First Doctor Babydoll - Fitted cut!

Blue Violet Laser Pointer

Blue Violet Laser Pointer - A new laser color has arrived

I Wanna Be The End Boss

I Wanna Be The End Boss - Let your kids start world domination early

Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight Babydoll

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight Babydoll - The sun. It burns us, preciousss

Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight Emergency Sunscreen Kit

Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight Emergency Sunscreen Kit - SPF-30

Toxic Waste Mug

Toxic Waste Mug - For your sludge (AKA coffee)

Darth Vader Bust Bank

Darth Vader Bust Bank - Vader saves and so should you

K9 MeteorLight LED Ball

K9 MeteorLight LED Ball - A UFO for your dog

Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary

Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary - See the Doctor's secrets

Crawling Zombie Torso Gelatin Mold

Crawling Zombie Torso Gelatin Mold - The end of days is tasty

Solar System Growth Chart

Solar System Growth Chart - Measure them in planets

Magnetic Poetry Chinese Kit

Chinese Magnetic Poetry Kit - Chinese on one side, English on the other

Gift Card Puzzle Vault

Gift Card Puzzle Vault - Never feel guilty giving a gift card again

Grassy Lawn Charging Station

Grassy Lawn Charging Station - Hide your cable rats nest with scenic grass

Tim the Enchanter Headgear

Tim the Enchanter Headgear - For when you join the quest

The Bag of Holding Messenger Bag

The ThinkGeek Bag Of Holding - Back in stock

The Latest Action Shot Winner

The Latest Action Shot Winner: Hair Style Version Control

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