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May 13, 2009

Friends of the magnetic force,

Welcome to the May 13th edition of the ThinkGeek newsletter, the one where we completely melt your minds by foregoing anything amazing here and delving instead right into the wildly habit-forming phenomenon known as...

BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres: Beyond Addictive

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

When Monkeys Fly - Free Screaming Monkey Slingshot w/orders > $30

Free Screaming Monkey Slingshot with orders > $50

There are about 125 different species of Monkey and ThinkGeek recently stumbled on one more while on safari in downtown Fairfax, Virginia. This new species, dubbed Simian X, has surgical tubing for bones, flies with a cape and screams when it flies. And he wants to live with you. How is this possible, you ask? It's simpler than algebra to a Vulcan. Just have at least $30 worth of goodies in your shopping cart (not including the Screaming Monkey Slingshot) and then head to checkout. While in checkout, type the code MONKEYFLY into the promo box and our system will do the rest. But hurry, this offer flies off the virtual shelves while supplies last or until this offer expires at 11:59pm on Sunday May 17th.

Retro Mini Handheld NES System - Portable 8-Bit Gaming Dream Realized

Way back in 1985 what would you have been willing to give for a handheld NES? Your full collection of Garbage Pail Kids cards maybe? How about your old Atari 2600 and a sealed copy of ET? Well now now thanks to the discriminating product monkeys at ThinkGeek, all you need is half a Benjamin and some old NES cartridges to achieve portable gaming Nirvana. That's right, the Retro Mini Handheld plays all the classic 8-bit NES games you grew up with and looks pretty darn sweet with the old style giant cartridge protruding from the top.

Retro Mini Handheld NES System - Portable 8-Bit Gaming Dream Realized

You Have a Certain Glow About You - Fresh Swag

Bringing Your Closet 14 New Shirts - We Heard It Was Lonely

We have shirts this week from the big screen, the small screen, and the glow of the console. The officially licensed shirts for the new Star Trek movie feature the delta shield and come in both a unisex and a babydoll cut. Futurama fans will be happy to hear we now have the shirt for everyone's favorite delivery service, Planet Express, in a unisex style. And Nintendo fans can use our Iconic Mustache shirt to disguise themselves as their favorite plumber or opt for the 1up Mushroom polo shirt, which adds to your casual Friday wardrobe and features built-in protection from ultraviolet radiation. For other types of radiation, you're on your own.

Isis Impossible Titanium Puzzle - So You Wanted Hard?

Can you solve the Rubiks cube in under 10 minutes? Are you an active member of Mensa? Have you purchased and solved all the level 6 editions of our Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzles? Well then we have just the frustrating puzzle conundrum to confound your expertly tuned logical senses. The Isis Impossible Titanium Puzzle is half art, half impossibly difficult riddle. Each Isis is hand machined and features a unique ID number inside when solved... if you can ever get it open that is. Use the clues on Isisadventure.com and you could win thousands of dollars in prizes.

Isis Impossible Titanium Puzzle - So You Wanted Hard?

Ducati R/C Motorcycle with Leaning Rider - Start your Engines

Ducati R/C Motorcycle with Leaning Rider - Start your Engines

We've always had a soft spot for R/C motorcycles... the problem is training wheels. Nothing looks worse than a R/C motorcycle with two tiny wheels to keep it from falling over. It's an insult to R/C toys everywhere. But luckily this 1:12 scale R/C Ducati Racing Motorcycle needs no extra help to balance and looks sharp with intricate detail and racing logos. This Ducati's main claim to fame is an animated rider who turns his head and actually leans into each turn! It's great stuff and looks awesome zipping across your office parking lot.

Rubik's Cube Salt and Pepper Mills

The Rubik's Cube is a classic puzzle that has many possible configurations but only one perfect solution. It's really the same when it comes to cooking - there are millions of possible combinations when preparing a dish but only one recipe that produces the perfect meal. These cubes are built around a high-quality ceramic grinding mill. The top layer of the cube rotates to operate the mill. The action of grinding the pepper or salt has the same feel and sound as the classic Rubik's cube puzzle - the ideal solution to a perfect meal.

Rubik's Cube Salt and Pepper Mills

BUGlabs Bundle - Modular Open-Source DIY Gadget Factory

BUGlabs Bundle - Modular Open-Source DIY Gadget Factory

What is BUG? It's a security system, a baby monitor, an RSS reader, a geotagging barcode reading, twitter-enabled rapid prototyping gadget factory in the palm of your hand! The BUGlabs bundle is a handheld and modular Linux and Java based device that helps you build your dream gadget. Completely open-source, the BUG doesn't impede your creativity. Snap together modules onto the base, write some code, and you've just invented your own never-before-seen hunk of gadgety loveliness guaranteed to make your friends drool with envy. After all, yours is a one-of-a-kind gadget - that is, of course, until you share the source-code!

Giant R2-D2 Plush - Perfect for sleeping with

If you were to hug the real R2-D2, you wouldn't like it. Artoo would be cold, hard, and you'd probably hear Kenny Baker telling you to let go. So what's a Star Wars geek to do? Easy - hug this giant plush astromech instead. It's a fantastic representation of R2-D2, and is almost life size (about 2/3 life size to be precise). And unlike the real metal droid, this Artoo is perfectly made for hugging. Because sometimes there's nothing that calms your mood or broadens your smile than hugging a droid. If more folks hugged droids, this world would be a better place.

Giant R2-D2 Plush - Perfect for sleeping with

Intelliscanner Comic Book Edition

Intelliscanner Comic Book Edition

Your comic-book collection is hopefully bagged, boarded, and boxed in a cool and dry acid-free environment. Question is, though - is it inventoried? No? How do you know what it's worth? If your house is flooded, how will you tell your insurance company that you've got 5 figures worth of full-color-action including your beloved CGC gem-rated Amazing Spiderman #252 (first appearance of the black costume, baby!). Our new handheld laser barcode scanner scans each comic's barcode, and the included database tracks them better than Wolverine's nose.

Smencils - Scented Pencils

You stink. Guess what? Your writing stinks, too. But hey, we mean that as a compliment. You stink of intelligence and success because you are smart enough to buy Smencils - the best scented-colored-pencils ever made! Smencils are made of recycled newspapers and soaked in gourmet scented liquids. The result: a colored pencil that maintains its scent for two years. Two smelly years. The smell juices are so powerful, that your writing will, literally, smell (hence the opening, where you thought we were insulting you). With Smencils, people will always hunger for more of your writing.

Smencils - Scented Pencils

Whiskey Stones - Lukewarm and wet is the enemy

Whiskey Stones - Lukewarm and wet is the enemy

Real connoisseurs of single-malts like their spirits just so - served at a specific temperature, perhaps a little spring water or simply neat. Sipped gingerly to savor the peaty vanilla goodness, scotch is arguably the finest adult beverage around, and getting the right temperature and dilution can be critical. That's why ice can be troublesome - as it melts, the amount of water increases, diluting the delicate flavor. Our cubes, however, are made of soapstone - freeze them and drop them (gently!) into your highball to keep your drink cool and undiluted. Ah, sweet nectar of life!

LaQ Japanese Building Set - Imported Geometric Building Nirvana

Here at ThinkGeek we can never seem to get our hands on enough construction sets. From Lego, to Capsella, Erector to Lincoln Logs, we love them all. That's why we were pretty stoked to discover this unusual LaQ construction set from Japan. The unique modular snap together system employs square and triangular panels with five different joint types to hold them together. You'll enjoy mastering the intricacies of the construction combinations available. The genius is in the simplicity, and soon you'll be building 3D geometric constructions that Lego can't touch.

LaQ Japanese Building Set - Imported Geometric Building Nirvana

Moms Know: Always Bring a Change of Clothes

Moms Know: Always Bring a Change of Clothes

If there's something infants (and parents of infants) need, it's a change of clothes. We're here to give you some options so you can be prepared for your little one's automatic superpower -- projectile vomiting. The pre-infant Loading... Please Wait maternity shirt comes to you straight from the collective mind of our smart masses (aka our idea-generating Bounty Program), as does our #include Romper for your geekling itself. The Nom Nom Nom and Zombie Snack bibs round out our selections for keeping the food that doesn't make it *in* the baby *off* the baby.

Ratcheting Hex Wrenches

Sometimes when doing routine repair work you may feel like a mechanical robot. But, unfortunately, your arms and hands can't perform with the tireless precision of a robot. Most old school tools can cause fatigue and blisters and just plain wear you out. Luckily, we have the latest development in hex wrenches, which will give your human limitations some mechanical help. The ratcheting action of these wrenches is a big advantage and a definite time saver. Also, they come in standard and metric sizes, perfect for any job.

Ratcheting Hex Wrenches

Quick Blurbs !!

Cubicle Door Lock Stickers

Cubicle Door Lock Stickers - Make it look like you have a door

DIY Manga Drawing Kit

DIY Manga Drawing Kit - Everything You Need To Succeed

Lite Brite Cubed

Lite Brite Cubed - 4x The Fun For The Geekling

Caffeinated Fruity Lollipops

Caffeinated Fruity Lollipops - 70mg of caffeine per sucker

Giant Paper Clip Wall Hook

Giant Paper Clip Wall Hook - Hang your coat in style

Electronic Paper Box Opener Keychain

Electronic Paper Box Opener Keychain - Open again and again

Build Your Own Easter Island Kit

Build Your Own Easter Island Kit - Little heads for your desk

InfiniTrax Micro R/C Racetrack

InfiniTrax Micro R/C Racetrack - Give Your Mini Cars a Happy Home

Erupting Volcano Kit

Erupting Volcano Kit - Magma Explosion Simulation for the Kids

Instant Switch

Instant Switch - It's like a remote control for your lightbulbs

Bar Games Drink Coasters

Bar Games Drink Coasters - Puzzles for the pub

CD/LP Dividers

CD/LP Dividers - Like a record store in your house

Tool Logic Survival Card with Firestarter

Tool Logic Survival Card with Firestarter

USB Digital Camera Inspection Wand

Get a closer look with the USB Digital Camera Inspection Wand

FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger

FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger - Back in stock

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