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January 14, 2009

Happy New Year Folks,

And welcome to 2009! Thank the moons that 2008 is over (please, no more ShamWow commercials). Now that 2009 is here, it means the countdown can begin for 2010! And we are really excited about 2010 because that's when David Bowman travels back to Earth as a non-corporeal energy based life form to haunt folks and scare us away from Jupiter's most awesome moon, Europa. Woohoo! In other news, to kick off 2009 (and the countdown for 2010), we're offering up some fresh new goodies, some post-Holiday deals, and an opportunity to get a Free T-Shirt on our nickel! A toast to a more enlightened mediocrity for 2009...

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What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Buy 2 T-shirts, Get the Third Free

Buy 2 T-shirts, Get the Third Free

Here at ThinkGeek we just love to quote the dude (or dudette, we aren't sure) "Anonymous". And as he/she so famously stated, "All true wisdom is found on T-Shirts". We couldn't agree more. And the only thing wiser than wisdom is more of it. That's why we are offering up a third shirt for free when you buy two. How do you get this deal? It's so simple, even a caveman could do it. Add at least 3 T-Shirts to your cart and proceed to checkout. Enter the code FREETEE in checkout and we'll knock the retail price down to zero for the lowest price T-shirt in your cart. Offer not valid with Hoodies, golf shirts, fleece, sweatshirts, or work shirts. (That's why we said T-Shirts!) And hurry now, offer expires Sunday, January 18th at midnight EST!

Japanese Chopstick Practice Game - The chicks will help you

Pour chicks into bowl. Bowl is small. Chicks are different sizes. Smaller sizes mean bigger points. Pick up chopsticks. Now, pick up chicks! We've brought this awesome practice game straight in from Japan. They help Japanese kids learn how to use chopsticks in a fun way, and they'll help you too. Remember, these little chicks are for practicing, not eating. Eating plastic chicks is very bad. Trust us. Plus, this is the only time you can mention picking up chicks for points without getting in trouble at work. Score!

Japanese Chopstick Practice Game - The chicks will help you

Glow Graffiti Light in a Can - Paint with Light

Glow Graffiti Light in a Can - Paint with Light

Powered with UV light, Glow Graffiti lets you write, stencil and draw amazing pictures to create your very own glowing light show. It's like very complicated vandalism except much prettier and you won't get nicked by the police doing it. This really is a gadget of mind-boggling genius, perfect for parties (or if you're nocturnal, for late-night artistic inspiration) and will have your friends intrigued as to how it all works. We'll give you a hint: the UV light coming from the can excites luminescent material in the special photo sensitive sheet.

Clarifi iPhone Case with Macro Lens - Blurry Close-up Shots Begone!

Protect your iPhone and take close-up macro photos to boot. The Clarifi iPhone Case with Macro Lens makes blurry photos of secret documents a thing of the past. Simply slide the built-in lens over your iPhone's camera and take crystal clear shots of business cards, documents or any other close-up item. Then you can use those photos with some cool free iPhone apps like "Snappr" which scans barcodes in stores to find you the best prices, or "Evernote" which takes photos you shoot and creates a searchable picture database from any text in the photo.

Clarifi iPhone Case with Macro Lens - Blurry Close-up Shots Begone!

Lazer Tag 2-in-1 System Set - The game is on!

Lazer Tag 2-in-1 System Set - The game is on!

It's time for lazer war. Power on your Phoenix LTX blaster, slip on the Pinpoint Sight attachment, and lock and load. You'll feel the recoil of each shot you fire and each hit you take. And if you need extra firepower, add the Shotblast attachment and turn your Phoenix into a lazer shotgun. What makes this set so awesome is not only does it come with enough gear for two (with infinite expandability), but it also has a video game attachment for some old school, light gun-style fun. This set is all you need for an instant office battle royale.

Good Morning Sir" Alarm Clock - The Rising and the Shining cannot be postponed

There isn't a man alive that wouldn't want a gentleman's gentleman to keep their affairs in order. Stephen Fry is famous for having played "Jeeves" for the BBC in ages past, and has generously lent his soothing inimitable voice to this luxury clock. When it is Sir's appointed time to awaken, Jeeves gently urges Sir to arise and face the day with phrases like, "Let us seize the day and take it roughly from behind, as the Colonel used to say in his unfortunate way," or "It appears to be morning. Very inconvenient, I agree. I believe it is the rotation of the Earth that is to blame, Sir."

Good Morning Sir

Five New Fantabulous Geek Kids Products!

Five New Fantabulous Geek Kids Products!

A veritable pentagram of goodness. First up is a Dress Up Pirate Doll to teach kids how to dress themselves (Somali boat not included). If that doesn't do it, then check out the Monkey Magnet Puzzle Robot set. The name doesn't even begin to describe the fun you'll have, so you must see it for yourself! We also have a Bender Utensil Set to teach little ones how to eat with utensils, the Jr. Astronaut Helmet that speaks to you as if you are on a mission for NASA, and finally, with the economy in such fun times, you may just want to start teaching your kids how to save every penny with the Gobble Money Bank Monster...

Yerba Mate and Bombilla Set - A wonderful stimulant

Yerba Mate is a delicious drink which has some magical properties. You see, inside each sip are mystical alkaloids in the same family as caffeine and theobromine - alkaloids that give you a bigger boost than their cousins, while being more gentle on your stomach. And this kit includes a gourd cup (called a Mate) and a metal straining straw (called a Bombilla), so you can drink your Yerba Mate like the pros. It's a drink that takes you back in time a bit, and gives you the oomph to face the present.

Yerba Mate and Bombilla Set - A wonderful stimulant

Wear Your Heart on Your Torso

Wear Your Heart on Your Torso

We hear there's some holiday coming up that involves two hearts beating together as one. Or something like that. In honor of the occasion, we've had some adorable-yet-geeky matching shirts made up which read "love." In red. In a heart shape. In binary. Cause that's how we roll. For the cynics out there who think hearts beating irregularly sounds suspiciously like International Tachycardia Day, we're here for you, too. Also with matching shirts. In grey. Which read "Property of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital." Like you stole them from the gym on House.

1/4 Scale Ultimate Darth Maul Action Figure - A giant amongst toys

Nineteen inches. That's how tall this Darth Maul action figure is. Over a foot and a half. With his dual lightsaber (separatable into two), horns, awful dental habits, voice chip, real fabric clothing (every layer worn in the movie), and unbelievable articulation (over 25 points), this is one of the greatest action figures ever created. At such a size, most figures would cost hundreds. But not Darth Maul. He's so awesome, he packs everything in with an affordable price. Time for you to bring the only good part of Episode I into your home today.

1/4 Scale Ultimate Darth Maul Action Figure - A giant amongst toys

Pocket Wireless Touchpad with Media Controls - Touchpad Sans Laptop

Pocket Wireless Touchpad with Media Controls - Touchpad Sans Laptop

Control your Media-PC or a boardroom presentation from across the room with this handy Pocket Wireless Touchpad with Media Controls. It gives you a portable laptop-style touchpad in the palm of your hand with full media controls and a built in laser pointer. The built-in rechargeable battery gives you 4 hours of play time and you can charge up via USB or docking in a standard PCMCIA slot. Secure 2.4Ghz Bluetooth connection means no one can muscle in on your mousing action.

Back to the Future License Plate Replica - Gotta get back in time

The year was 1985 - the year we traveled to the past, met our parents when they were kids, invented rock and roll, and covered the town bully in manure. Of course, we lost a license plate along the way. Maybe you've seen it? California tag? OUTATIME? You know what we mean - the one that was spinning between the fire trails? Well, lucky for all of us these replica plates were created. Now we can all have a piece of the past that took us all from the present to the past then the present then the future then the past then the...

Back to the Future License Plate Replica - Gotta get back in time

Quick Blurbs !!

Umbrella Umbrella

Umbrella Umbrella - For all residents, evil or not

Portable USB Power Supply

Portable USB Power Supply - Uber-convenience

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie

Dis-member me Plush Zombie - back in stock

Origami Sticky Notes

Origami Sticky Notes - back in stock

Portable Photo Studio

Portable Photo Studio - back in stock

Iceblox Ice Cube Puzzle Tray

Iceblox Ice Cube Puzzle Tray - back in stock

Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube

Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube - Back in stock

Molecular Model Kit

Molecular Model Kit - Back in stock

Heart Hand Warmer

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