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December 4, 2008

Attention Holiday Shoppers!

Whether the weather outside is frightful may be debatable, but there's no doubt that you can avoid the mess of the parking lot and crazed shoppers by doing your shopping online. We know you can't be finished with shopping yet, and if you are, 1) we're jealous and 2) make sure you got something for that most important person -- YOU. All that time you save by not having to walk to the store from parking lot M you can use to snuggle with your significant other, your pets, or even our first offering....

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles! Obey your fluffy overlords!

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Get the Infamous Annoy-a-tron FREE w/orders of $25 or more!

Get the Infamous Annoy-a-tron FREE w/orders of $25 or more!

Hey folks! Get the infamous ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron FREE when you place an order for $25 or more. What's the Annoy-a-tron you ask? Why it's the most cantankerous piece of electronic confoundery ever conceived by a cranium across all (known) civilizations. That's what. Just place $25 or more of goodies into your cart, excluding shipping and taxes, and enter the code LUNATIC during checkout to redeem. This offer will expire midnight, December 7th. Annoy 'em before they annoy you! Then do it again:

TikiTag RFID Tag Programming Kit - RFID Tag Your Life

Use the power of RFID Tags for good, not evil with the TikiTag RFID Tag Programming Kit. You get a USB-based RFID tag reader and 10 sticker-based tags. Slap the RFID tags on any object then swipe them over the reader to trigger actions on your PC. You can open a web page, control iTunes, send an SMS message, shut down your computer, login to a website, dial up your pal on Skype... or pretty much anything else you can come up with. Use the included RFID apps or code your own with the free API and SOAP 1.2 support.

TikiTag RFID Tag Programming Kit - RFID Tag Your Life

Anti-Grav R/C Wall Racing Car - Give Gravity the Cold Shoulder

Anti-Grav R/C Wall Racing Car - Give Gravity the Cold Shoulder

You've got to get up pretty early in the morning to impress the jaded staff here at ThinkGeek, but the Anti-Grav R/C Wall Racing Car had our co-workers gasping in surprise the moment it took to the walls. Why use the floor with its myriad obstacles and bad carpeting when you can defy gravity and race on the walls? This amazing little car generates a powerful vacuum underneath causing it to cling to any flat surface. Hit the gas and you'll be cruising effortlessly across the wall leaving the floor free for those other lowly ground-based R/C vehicles.

ThinkGeek Personal Soundtrack Shirt - Back In Stock

Get ready to finally create the cinematic soundtrack of your life! Previously an April Fools joke, The Personal Soundtrack Shirt is now available for sale. For realz! We've even upgraded the concept to allow you to choose your own sounds to play! Use the 20 built-in 'life soundtracks' via the included SD card, plug in your own MP3 player, or even upload your .mp3 files to your own SD card for playback. With an embedded speaker and nifty electronics, this amazing shirt allows you to create the Personal Soundtrack of your dreams. Bypass Hollywood and overpaid agents from LA and give the world your own personal script.

ThinkGeek Personal Soundtrack Shirt - Back In Stock

The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron 2.0 - Drive your "friends" crazy again

The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron 2.0 - Drive your

Now that they've mostly recovered from the twisted mind maze that was the original Annoy-a-tron, send them on a new journey of "self discovery" with version 2.0. Now featuring 6 sound choices plus volume control, it's at least twice as fun (and annoying) as the original. This new version features the infamous Mosquito (Teen Buzz) tone - a frequency that young people can hear but usually older folks cannot. Trust us. When you can hear it, it's annoying. Other sounds include cricket chirping, IM doorbell, grating electronic noise, and a typical electronic beep. Time to upgrade the annoyance!

A Magic Wardrobe Filled with Imagination (Snow Boots Not Required)

Our latest batch of shirts have a little something in common. They don't exist. Er, well, the shirts exist, but the subject of each of these shirts is the flight of someone's fancy. First we have the STFU Fish, Icichthys confutus. It's the fish we wish we had with us whenever we pass a school of automobile-bumper fish. Next is an RPG reference to an alignment near and dear to all our black hearts. And finally, a shirt in tribute to the loudest fictional band in existence. Screw 11. This one goes to 42.

A Magic Wardrobe Filled with Imagination (Snow Boots Not Required)

The FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger - Catch the Sun

The FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger - Catch the Sun

The cost of most forms of energy has increased recently and will likely only go up in the future. And not only the monetary cost but the cost to our environment needs to be considered. Thankfully, the energy emitted from the Sun is still free. The Freeloader Portable Solar Charger is an advanced portable charging system that can power any handheld device - anywhere, anytime. The Freeloader gets power from its solar panels or via a supplied charging cable that plugs into your computer's USB port. Once charged, the internal Li-Ion battery can power an iPod for 18 hours, a mobile phone for 44 hours, PSP for 2.5 hours, a PDA for 22 hours, and much more.

Kids Get Smarter When Thinking Geek - 5 New Goodies

Recently, ThinkGeek hosted a whole gaggle of geeklings at our galactic headquarters in Fairfax, VA. On promise of future Jedi Powers, we asked them to test and play with a bunch of products while we took a bunch of photos. We learned a lot, but we are always eager to learn more. If you have or know some geek kids, or have some great product ideas, please email us at geekkids@thinkgeek.com. In the meantime, we got new stuffs! We picked up the imagination toy with the funny name, the Bilibo. We've also got a plush transformer of sorts, Makasha the 3-in-1 Simian. We even have a pair of small training chopsticks that adapts as skills evolve. Did we mention the grassy headed Nyokki and the R/C moon in your room? All diminutively geeky.

Kids Get Smarter When Thinking Geek - 5 New Goodies

Holiday LED Blow On-Off Candles - Fire BAD... fake LED Holiday Fire GOOD

Holiday LED Blow On-Off Candles - Fire BAD... fake LED Holiday Fire GOOD

Real fire... We like it. It gets hot, it looks pretty, and of course it can burn stuff. But fire that can burn in green and red? Can't happen you say... well check out these stylish holiday candles that use flickering LEDs instead of real flames and are switchable between green and red light. Of course these candles feature our classic blow on/off technology allowing them to turn on and off with a puff of air. It's almost as good as real fire but without all that annoying burning part. Where are the LED forest fires when you need them?

Pet's Eye View Digital Camera - See what your dog does all day

Ever wonder what your pet does during the day when you are slaving away at the office? Perhaps they sip from the potty; maybe they are working on a degree online. Or perhaps they just run around looking for stuff to shed on. Whatever they do, now you'll be able to document their days. Just clip the Pet's Eye View Camera to their collar and get pics (taken at preset intervals) of their entire day - at their eye level. Now you can see why all the dogs in the neighborhood call you "Chicken Legs" and laugh behind your back.

Pet's Eye View Digital Camera - See what your dog does all day

V-Cube 7 Supercube - More combinations than atoms in the universe

V-Cube 7 Supercube - More combinations than atoms in the universe

Maybe you've mastered the 3x3x3 cube, but are you ready for 7x7x7? A challenge this big requires a keen mind, a sharp intellect, and Jedi-like focus. With the V-Cube 7 Supercube, you've got 216 little moving pieces, swimming around in an apparently chaotic, but mathematically-significant, manner. If you were to calculate out how many possible permutations there are in this puzzle, the number would be so large as to seem silly. You really want to know the number? Okay, there are 19.5 duoquinquagintillion permutations. Yes, that's a real number! That's 1.95 x 10^160. Hey, you asked!

Abalone Sumo Marble Game - Shove your opponent off the board

Growing up, you were always told it's not polite to push people. It makes you seem like a rude bully. Well guess what? It's time to ignore your parents' lectures. Abalone is the game where being a bully is good, because the point of the game is to gang up on your opponent and literally push their pieces off the game board. Just like in Sumo wrestling, you have to use skill and planning and brute strength to shove your opponent around. And nothing feels better like winning after pushing someone down.

Abalone Sumo Marble Game - Shove your opponent off the board

Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Game - Finger Doppelganger Arrives from Japan

Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Game - Finger Doppelganger Arrives from Japan

Never have we encountered anything quite like the Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Game. When the ThinkGeek product-finding monkeys caught sight of this wacky electronic game on the Japanese blogs, we figured it must be a joke. But, no. It's 100% real and fantastically crazy. Simply stick your finger in the hole and a virtual representation appears on the screen. Then you can use your virtual finger to play all kinds of cool mini games... from swinging a panda to having a karate fight with a tiny little man. It's so odd yet so wonderful. Domo Arigato Japan!

Dual Band Cellphone Signalboost Extender - We love our iPhones

Nothing gets geeks into a seething tech frenzy like poor cellphone reception, and it doesn't help that we love the iPhone, but the AT&T reception around the ThinkGeek Megaplex sucks. Sad. Well, quit staring at your one-bar's-worth of signal strength and pick up this handy Cellphone Signal Extender for your home or office. Simply mount the included antenna near a window and run the coax cable to the base booster unit. You get 1500 square feet of prime signal area. We went from 1 bar to 5 at ThinkGeek Secret Headquarters and made our iPhones very happy in the process.

Dual Band Cellphone Signalboost Extender - We love our iPhones

Owl Pellets - Yes, owl-vomit is fascinating science!

Owl Pellets - Yes, owl-vomit is fascinating science!

Ever give a gift to someone only to find out somebody else already got that for them? We can almost guarantee nobody's given this gift before. We're giving the gift of science! Owls, those flying feathered Ninjas, swoop silently out of the sky, scoop up a mouse, or vole or other mammalian morsel, and swallow 'em. Their two stomachs digest all the good stuff and puke out what's left - bones, teeth, skulls and fur in a little sanitized pellet. Use the included tools to pull apart a fascinating study of the digestion cycle of Strigiformes.

Spyfire R/C Blaster - Sneak attack with this awesome shooter

In the Old West, it was considered bad form to shoot someone in the back. You'd be called "yella." Well this is the future, where cowboys are really robots, and you can use the Spyfire to shoot 'em in the back while talking to their face. Just detach the R/C trigger and set the blaster on its integrated tripod. One push and you can launch up to four high powered missiles at your foe. And if they run, you can snap the Spyfire back together and use it as a hand weapon. Who's "yella" now, Gunslinger?

Spyfire R/C Blaster - Sneak attack with this awesome shooter

Quick Blurbs !!

Get Holiday Gift Guides, Shipping information and more!

Dueling Galactic Marines Copter Set

Great R/C Flying Toys @ Ridiculous Prices

Case o' Bawls

Lookout for the Holiday TG Catalog, or Download it online

Star Trek Phaser and Communicator Set

Star Trek Phaser and Communicator Set - Ready, Captain

Personal Area Network T-Shirt

Personal Area Network T-Shirt Includes ScotteVest's Innovations

iPhone 3G Portable Power Dock

iPhone 3G Portable Power Dock - Extra Juice for your iPhone

PlusDeck Ex USB Casette Deck

PlusDeck Ex USB Casette Deck - You Requested it... Here it is

USB Cassette Tape Hub

USB Cassette Tape Hub - Old and New Tech can be Friends

Optical Illusion Motion Rulers

Optical Illusion Motion Rulers - Watch them move

Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter

Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter - No more crap wrap

Motherboard Christmas Ornaments

Motherboard Christmas Ornaments - Deck the halls with recycled motherboards!!

The Practical Joker's Handbook

The Practical Joker's Handbook - Great for spicing up the office

VersaTool Multi-Torque Pocket Tool

VersaTool Mutl-Torque Pocket Tool - More torque when you need it

Hello Kitty Ornament Set

Hello Kitty Ornament Set - The only cool way to hang Hello Kitty

Limited Edition Evangelion Revoltech Figures

Limited Edition Evangelion Revoltech Figures - Asuka Now Available

Crayola Executive Pen

Crayola Executive Pens - The CEO can still be a kid at heart

X-mini Capsule Speaker

X-Mini Max Stereo - Tiny speakers, huge sound

iPod Video Goggles

Crystal iPod Video Goggles - Now double the resolution!

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