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November 20, 2008

Seasoned Geeklings,

Like sands of Tatooine through a chronograph, so are the days of the holiday season. Or something like that.... No matter how you say it, the calendar has flipped another year, and it's time again to warm your hands by a crackling laptop battery, sip a cup of warm data, and venture into the quiet and uncrowded virtual malls for some gift buying. Here at ThinkGeek, we're prepared to please! With a gaggle of gadgets and goodies to tickle your geek bone, we're here to give you the guidance you need to shop for the greatest of gifts this holiday season. Also, we're awfully awesome at alliteration....

The ThinkGeek 2008 Holiday Gift Center

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

We want to give you stuff! Enter to win a $1000 Shopping Spree

Are you running short of Gold Pressed Latinum? Low on Republic Credits? Have your investments in the new Colonial Pyramid League gone south? Well ThinkGeek is here to help. It's been a rough economy, both here on Earth and in the outlying galaxies, and we want to make it a little easier on you (well, a lucky one of you). So Enter NOW to win $1000 worth of ThinkGeek stuff! Keep it all for yourself, or save a few things as gifts for your long-lost sister from Alderaan or your nerdy cousin in Starfleet. Either way, it's cool and it's free, so hurry up and enter now, or you can't win.

We want to give you stuff! Enter to win a $1000 Shopping Spree

USB MP3 Retro Speaker Amp - This one goes to eleven!

USB MP3 Retro Speaker Amp - This one goes to eleven!

Let's face it - most speakers designed to plug into your MP3 Player are anemic-sounding hunks of plastic no louder than a tribble's purr. If you want 5W of brain-melting sound, you need to go retro with this classically styled amplifier. Separate bass and treble controls coupled with a volume knob that'll rattle your teeth with decibels. Power it with AAA batteries or the USB power out of your computer, and plug in with a 3.5mm mini-jack. It may be tiny, but it looks great, sounds awesome, and rocks your proverbial socks.

Star Wars Cookbooks - Two Volumes of intergalactic goodies

What do guests aboard the Slave 1 eat for dinner? Boba Fett-Uccine of course. What does Padme enjoy eating on special occasions? That's right, Amidala Challah. The puns are endless and sometimes painful, but the recipes are divine. Whether you want the Volume 1, which teaches you how to make Wookiee Cookiees, or you prefer the flavor of the prequels in Volume 2 (Darth Malt, anyone?), these are the cookbooks you're looking for. With almost 60 recipes combined, you'll be the best chef in the Cantina in no time. Yoda Soda time!

Star Wars Cookbooks - Two Volumes of intergalactic goodies

Sega Pekoppa Robot Plant - Cute Plant Craves Your Attention

Sega Pekoppa Robot Plant  - Cute Plant Craves Your Attention

Plants would make great pets if they just did more stuff. Hey, they can grow, they can make oxygen, they can die... but that's pretty much it. Luckily for you Sega of Japan has re-envisioned the lowly plant as a cute robotic companion. The Sega Pekoppa Robot Plant looks surprisingly lifelike but never needs watering... what it craves is not Brawndo -- it craves your attention! Talk to your Pekoppa plant, and it responds to your voice by bending and moving in a very lifelike manner. The more you talk, the happier it is.

Autumn's Colors Inspire Us to Stray Sartorially

We thought you might want some options in your geek wardrobe, so this week we have five new shirts, only one of which is black. We know. It's hard to carry out your 1337-ninja escapades in other colors, but we hear variety is the spice of life, presumably the kind of spice which won't require you to wear contacts to hide your addiction. We humbly offer you navy, dark chocolate brown, forest green, and charcoal, in addition to our old standby, black. A little something for everyone in this batch.

Autumn's Colors Inspire Us to Stray Sartorially

Custom ThinkGeek/Despair, Inc. 2009 Calendars ;(

Custom ThinkGeek/Despair, Inc. 2009 Calendars ;(

Oh Noes! Not again! Not the depressing, omniscient 2009 Despair, Inc. Calendar! Fear not mortal. This year's calendar was custom built for ThinkGeek and features dozens of geek-related dates and some of your favorite Demotivators, plus some brand-spankin' fresh ones! Despair never felt so good. We simply guarantee it's positively negative or you'll pay us more! Procrastinate later and get apathetic now! Includes great new Demotivators: Government, Blogging, Corruption, Sanity, etc!

ION uRecord Vinyl & Cassette Ripper - Help Your Old Media Survive the Digital Age

Do you still have a working Betamax, a 3.5" floppy with Windows 3.0 and the original "Pet Rock"? Well then we would bet hard cash that you also have dozens of old records and tapes mouldering in a box in the basement. Liberate your old media into glorious digital technology with the InstantMusic Vinyl & Cassette Ripper. Simply hook up an old turntable or cassette deck to the InstantMusic and plug it in into an available USB port on your PC. The included software allows you to convert your music to audio files, or burn directly to CD.

ION uRecord Vinyl & Cassette Ripper - Help Your Old Media Survive the Digital Age

Homestar Home Planetarium - Make a night sky in your own room

Homestar Home Planetarium - Make a night sky in your own room

Imagine the night sky - so vast and beautiful - full of every possibility and dream humankind can conceive. Now imagine that beauty and spectacle in your own bedroom. With the Homestar Home Planetarium, you can bring the night sky into your house in never before seen detail. You can stare at the stars, awe at their rotation (adaptable for both hemispheres), and even delight to the random comet flash. Best of all, the Homestar has a sleep timer, so you can fall asleep under the stars every night without going outside.

Star Wars Holiday Treats - Just in time for Life Day

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away... once a year the galaxy united in celebration for "Life Day." All we know about it now is it featured Bea Arthur and presents. Well, have we got the presents for you. If you want a little holiday totem on your desk, the Santa Vader Bobble Head is just right for you. If you're looking for a holiday centerpiece, try the Holiday Boba Fett Statue (he's got a special gift for Jabba)! Or, if you just need toys for the tots, try the Star Wars Galactic Heroes Stocking Stuffers. May the holidays be with you.

Star Wars Holiday Treats - Just in time for Life Day

DIY Dinosaur Lamps - Glowing Dinosaurs for your Mammal-Based Enjoyment

DIY Dinosaur Lamps - Glowing Dinosaurs for your Mammal-Based Enjoyment

Think T-Rex knew that thousands of years in the future he would be recreated as a glowing lamp for the whim of some odd warm blooded creatures? Probably not, but as a mammal you will appreciate the workout your opposable thumbs receive while assembling these cool lamps. All three lamps are constructed from flexible plastic which you slot together to create the finished glowing sculpture. Makes you wonder if thousands of years in the future when we've annihilated ourselves into a nuclear oblivion some advanced evolved race will make DIY Human Lamps....

Smart-Rule Ultrasonic Measuring Tool

There are certainly a lot of tools out there designed to take measurements. Thermometers, speedometers, pedometers, spectrometers, accelerometers, hygrometers, heliometers, potentiometers, variometers and probably one or two more that we forgot to mention. The Smart-Rule is a distance-measuring device and 6-in-1 multi-function tool. It has a built-in LCD display and laser targeting. The audible confirmation lets you know when your measurement is ready, giving you measurements in both feet and meters. It also features a bright LED flashlight and quick release from key ring. Takes 3 Lithium button cell batteries (included).

Smart-Rule Ultrasonic Measuring Tool

MvixBOX NAS and Torrent Server - Gobble up Torrents into Your Gigabyte-Sized Belly

MvixBOX NAS and Torrent Server - Gobble up Torrents into Your Gigabyte-Sized Belly

Folks seem to be gobbling up all the file storage they can handle these days. We blame gigantic video files... and your full MP3 library of live Grateful Dead recordings doesn't help. The MvixBOX NAS and Torrent Server is here to satisfy your geek-sized storage needs. Pop in up to 2 terabytes of hard drive storage and connect the MvixBOX to your network. Now you can share files, stream video, host a web server, and of course suck up all the torrents your high-speed Internet can handle... hey you gotta fill that space somehow.

LED Menorah - Not the Jewish Christmas Tree

Of all the symbols of Chanukah, the menorah is central. Without those eight candles, it would be a pretty dark festival of lights. Yet, as much as you'd like to keep a menorah aflame on your desk, cube-wall or windowsill, your insurance company, or angry OSHA representative with a clipboard and a scowl, may take issue. This simple circuitboard with 9 LEDs can burn a heck of a lot longer than eight days on the included 9V battery, and without that troublesome fire-hazard thing ruining an otherwise wondrous holiday.

LED Menorah - Not the Jewish Christmas Tree

Pocket-size 50 Watt T-Amplifier - Pocket Full of Watts

Pocket-size 50 Watt T-Amplifier - Pocket Full of Watts

You might be familiar with digital T-Amplifier technology which delivers the clean sound of a tube amp without the extra bulk and heat. Well now you can get that sweet T-Amp sound in an even smaller package. The Pocket-size 50 Watt T-Amp is about the size of a pack of cigarettes, but really puts out when it comes to sound quality and power. The all aluminum housing looks sharp and you get an amazing 115 dB signal-to-noise ratio, with total harmonic distortion of only 0.05 % and a frequency response of 1 Hz to 75 kHz. Hook up some speakers, and you're ready to rock.

I Spy Out Of The Corner Of My Eye A $10 Off Coupon

What are we hiding way down here at the bottom of this newsletter? Well, looky here. It's a coupon code thingy! Woohoo. We'll quickly cut to the chase. Spend $30 or more at ThinkGeek before Thanksgiving and we'll shave $10 off your order. Pretty simple eh? Wait, you need to know more. In order to get your $10 off, you'll have to have at least $30 worth of goodies in your shopping cart, and then you'll have to enter the following code during checkout: ZOMBIETURKEY Hurry, offer expires 11/26/2008. And so does the turkey.

I Spy Out Of The Corner Of My Eye A $10 Off Coupon

Quick Blurbs !!

Case o' Bawls

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The ThinkGeek USB Snowbot

Snowbot Wants To Invade Your Desktop This Holiday Season

Coffee Cup Power Inverter

Coffee Cup Power Inverter - Stylishly Utilitarian

Medieval Gambeson Jacket

Medieval Gambeson Jacket - Essential Office Protection

Steel Gladiator Helm

Steel Gladiator Helm - Relive your Roman Fantasies

Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker Phone

Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker Phone - Instant Hands Free

Red Shirt

We'll (Almost) Give You the Shirts Off Our Backs

Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand

The Fly Stick Van De Graaf Levitation Wand - Back In Stock

Aluminum Hard-Side Wallet

Aluminum Wallet - Hard Side Case for your Cash

Halo 3 Master Chief Action Figure

Halo 3 Master Chief Action Figure - Hail to the chief

Chinese Siege Weapons - An Illustrated History

Chinese Siege Weapons - An Illustrated History

BACtrack Digital Breathalyzer

BACtrack Digital Breathalyzer - No... it's Not a Fancy Drinking Game

B-Flex 2 USB Speaker

B-Flex USB Speaker - Flexible Speaker with Big Power

Mario Kart Wiimote Projector Light

Mario Kart Wiimote Projector Light - Tiny Wiimote Projects Mario and Pals

USB Man 4-port Hub

USB Man 4-port Hub - Powers 4 devices with his hands and feet

Dread Pirate Roberts Action Figure

Dread Pirate Roberts Action Figure - Immune to iocane powder, too

Ultimate 5-in-1 Geek Pen

Ultimate 5-in-1 Geek Pen - Everything awesome crammed into one pen

Snack-n-Stack Utensils

Stack-n-Snack Utensils - Colorful take-along utensils

World of Warcraft Action Figures, Series 2

World of Warcraft Action Figures, Series 2 - New lower price

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