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November 12, 2008

Famed Benevolent Minions,

Gather around the LCD kids, because it's time for another photon-filled episode of the ThinkGeek Newsletter show! Our goal is to eventually send out our newsletters in 3D and distribute them with printable 3D glasses - but, alas, we've been too lazy. Maybe next time. In other news, our in-house, crack-team of robotic-like gadget masters are busily adding all kinds of nifty products for the upcoming holidays. Plus we are launching a new section dedicated to all the borglets out there you and your friends might be spawning...

Geek Kids Level Up at ThinkGeek!  Whether you have a geekling of your own or you're shopping for that special junior geek in your life, we've assembled the best and coolest gifts and goodies; hand-picked for the little mini versions of us smart masses.

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Free Red Thumb-size R/C Mini Cooper With Orders over $25

These mini R/C licensed coopers are perfectly adapted for desktop obstacle courses, and, because we love them so much - we want to share them with the world. So, for a limited time, you can get one for free. Their all-electric engines run off of included button type batteries and are very fuel efficient, and they feature full control with forward/reverse and right/left turning... plus the remote looks like a tiny cellphone! How do you get your free RED Thumb-size R/C Mini Cooper? It's simple, just have at least $25 of ThinkGeek goodies in your shopping cart, not including the R/C Mini Cooper, and enter the code NANOCAR while in checkout. We'll do the rest. Just make sure you enjoy this super promotion happy fun time before it expires on 11/18/2008! Sorry no color substitutions - that means you too Decepticons!

Free Red Thumb-size R/C Mini Cooper With Orders over $25

Hacked Flash Drive - Two gigs of frayed-cable flashdrive goodness

Hacked Flash Drive - Two gigs of frayed-cable flashdrive goodness

There are flash-drives shaped like pocket-knives, watches and cassette tapes. There are even drives out there shaped like delicious sushi. Now we've got a flash-drive shaped like a piece of garbage - who could ask for anything more? 2 gigs of storage on something that looks like a torn and frayed USB cable! Call it a security device for your data - thieves rummaging around your bag, finding this apparent hunk of junk will pass it right on by. Little do they know the treasure-trove of bits you hide inside!

Korg Nano Digital Music Controllers - Keyboard & Drums in your pocket

Now that the laptop has become the new desktop it's tempting to do everything on the go. But just try composing or editing music while enjoying a latte at the local coffee shop. There's a reason why musicians generally need racks of equipment at their disposal... you just cant play music very well with a keyboard and mouse. The new Korg Nano Digital Music Controllers aim to remedy this musical dilemma by providing three different portable USB versions of common musical input devices that fit perfectly with your laptop. You get great performance in a mini package.

Korg Nano Digital Music Controllers - Keyboard & Drums in your pocket

Portable 3.5" USB Digital Photo Frame - Friendly Frame at a Kind Price

Portable 3.5

There's something to be said for ginormous digital photo frames that mount on a wall and impress your guests, and then sometimes you just want a small sharp looking frame to hang out on your desk displaying your favorite photos. The Portable 3.5" USB Digital Photo Frame is a versatile inexpensive frame that wants to be your friend. It's powered by a rechargeable battery, but is perfectly happy to sip power from the USB port on your laptop. It has a headphone jack and can play MP3 files... plus it has 1GB of storage and supports standard SD cards.

Hover Q Tiny R/C Hovercraft - Skimming in from Japan

We've always had a soft spot in our hearts for hovercrafts, and of course mini r/c toys -- you know we love them. So when these palm-size hovercrafts appeared in Japan we knew we needed to book over to Tokyo faster than a speeding bullet train and collect some for our loyal geek pals stateside. The mini Hover-Q can skate effortlessly across your desk kept aloft by a cushion of air. You control the forward speed and right/left turns. The Hover-Q is perfect for impressing your boss on the office conference table during those long HR meetings.

Hover Q Tiny R/C Hovercraft - Skimming in from Japan

YBox2 DIY Mini Network PC - Mint Tin Based Computing

YBox2 DIY Mini Network PC - Mint Tin Based Computing

We thought we'd seen everything packed into a mint tin by now: iPod batteries, guitar amps, synthesizers, ham radios, video games -- even, on occasion, actual mints. But this is the first time that we can bring you a general-purpose computer designed to the mint-tin standard. The ybox2 is a simple network computer system that you can solder together in an afternoon. Based around the multiprocessing Parallax Propeller Chip, the ybox2 features a built-in Ethernet controller, video output, IR sensor, full-color status LED, and even a piezo speaker.

Tokyo RoboClocks - Destroying Tokyo One Second at a Time

In 1950s Tokyo, robots were three things: Huge, angular and lethal. They represented the pinnacle of human and alien achievement, and were particularly good at destroying things -- mostly giant radioactive lizards and power-stations, and mostly through awkward stomping. Luckily, scientists realized the destructive potential of robots early, and worked to reduce their footprint *and* make them into timepieces while they were at it. These little metal robots are now inert, save for their analog clocks mounted in their torsos. Adorable memories of things once monstrous!

Tokyo RoboClocks - Destroying Tokyo One Second at a Time

ST-TNG Plate Covers - Tap your EPS conduits!

ST-TNG Plate Covers - Tap your EPS conduits!

On the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, every wall had at least one of these simple plates. Each one controlled lights, the communications system, or tapped into the electro-plasma-system power-grid. Through some freakish quantum-singularity, a stack of these panels burst into the 21st century. Always looking to find opportunity, ThinkGeek has scooped them up and set them up for sale. Cover your light-switch plates, or US 110v power outlets with these and give your quarters the look of the 24th century. Make it so.

Japanese Secret Gift Extravaganza Super Surprise - So Very Very Super

Some of the coolest things ever come from Japan. Ninjas, Human Tetris, Lucky Poo (just to name a few). And now, we've found more. Say you need to wash your face or hands in a hurry - then try a Japanese Pill Towel (just add water, and a towel magically unfolds). Want to learn supersecret lifestyle tricks and techniques from Japan? Then get the book "Urawaza." And to make sure everyone knows the stuff is yours, why not label it with the Japanese DIY Name Stamp Kit. Because no one will argue with you when they see your Japanese John Hancock!

Japanese Secret Gift Extravaganza Super Surprise - So Very Very Super

First Star I See Tonight - The Firejewel Necklace

First Star I See Tonight - The Firejewel Necklace

We love us some meteor showers. The morning of November 17th, we'll welcome the Leonids back into our atmosphere, in all their blazing glory. Unfortunately, they aren't predicted to be that spectacular from our Earth-bound vantage point this year. So we recommend you bring your own. The Crystal Cube Firejewel necklace is about the same size as the visible Leonids and far more likely to glow at your beck and call. Portable sparkle!

Nerf Vulcan Automatic Heavy Blaster - Fires up to 3 darts per second

This is it, the BFNG - Big F'ing Nerf Gun. Words fail when attempting to describe its greatness. We will swallow our awe and try, though. The Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 (to be technical) weighs about eight pounds; it comes with a detachable, foldable tripod; it holds an ammo belt of 25 screaming, micro darts; and it's battery powered. Flip the power switch, pull the trigger, and unload up to 3 darts per second. This is the Nerf gun you bring in to end the war. This is the Nerf Vulcan, friends - time to frag.

Nerf Vulcan Automatic Heavy Blaster - Fires up to 3 darts per second

Think-ets Imagination Game - Use your imagination

Think-ets Imagination Game - Use your imagination

If we use imagination, we can spin yarns on how we picked up crates of trinkets from the planet Zeta Centarui and renamed them Think-ets. Then we used them to power our space drive to travel the distance back here in such a short amount of time we arrived before we left. See, isn't imagination fun? Our favorite game to play with Think-ets is where we take turns pulling them out, one at a time, and make up a story based on them. We just pulled out a ring - we'll say it's the One Ring. "Once upon a time..."

Ceramic Noodle Cup and Origami Sticky Notes

Want to help reduce the amount of wasted plastic in the world and have a little something for those dull moments at the office? You can satisfy both with these two new products from UK-based designer Suck UK. Instead of slurping noodles out of a flimsy, polystyrene cup use the Ceramic Noodle Cup and cut down on waste. Styled just like old school take-away packaging, it's made from ceramic, ensuring you avoid any hand burning spillage. Just add chopsticks. And Origami Sticky Notes let you re-cycle your old sticky notes, turning them into fun 3D models! Each pad has instructions for 10 different shapes.

Ceramic Noodle Cup and Origami Sticky Notes

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Visual Guide to Lock Picking - 3rd edition

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Chewbacca Slippers

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Klip! Ultra-Portable Timer

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AstroBlaster Collision Accelerator

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HiJack Headphone Splitter Keychain

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I Can Has Cheezburger?

I Can Has Cheezburger? - You can has book too

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