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October 8, 2008

Fellow Un-Dead Prey,

We come to you today, in total fear for our lives and for the safety of the brains of our office canines. But mostly, we fear for the safety of the ThinkGeek logo. For some reason, our logo has attracted impossible legions of the Un-dead upon ThinkGeek HQ. Kind of like Wookie braids attracting Mandalorians - except with more mindless gnawing and less Jet Pack gymnastics. But we digress. Before it's too late, please, Citizens of the Interwebs, purchase a ThinkGeek Plush Zombie today, taking it far away from our office. The future safety of the ThinkGeek logo (along with our office canine brains) depends on you and you alone...

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie Dismember-Me Plush Zombie

Cuddle-Up with the Un-Dead

What happens when you take old broken plush toys and bury them in the woods by the light of the full moon while whistling the theme song from "Halloween"? Unfortunately nothing... which is why the skillful design monkeys here at ThinkGeek were forced to come-up with our own scary (but cute) zombie plush. The Dismember-Me Plush Zombie begs to be torn limb from limb. After all he is a decaying re-animated corpse turned into irresistible cuddly plush.

Zombie Limbs!

Rip off an arm... he doesn't mind. Tear him in half.. he'll barely notice. Pull off his legs... ok now he's getting a bit annoyed. Steal his brain... now you've really done it. Keep your teddy bears under close guard tonight because undead plush have come back from hell to walk the earth.

Custom-designed by and exclusive only to ThinkGeek! How 'bout them apples!?

Our Plush Zombie Is The Perfect Halloween Costume, Not Really:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Handmade Deluxe Magic Wand - Klaatu barada nikto

Handmade Deluxe Magic Wand - Klaatu barada nikto

Every wizard and witch needs one thing to be complete (an no, it's not a multimillion dollar motion picture deal, though that doesn't hurt), and that thing is a magic wand. Magic wands are a tool like no other; they focus all your magic energy to a point and are also great for picking your nose. Ready to throw down with even the darkest of wizards; it's handmade by a professional wand maker (for real) just for you. These are the greatest wands we've found, because your magic deserves nothing less than the best. Expecto... adventure!

Ready Are You for Halloween?

Did you know the Supreme Court justices have to buy their own robes? (Oh. You heard that same episode of "Wait Wait," eh?) Makes you wonder if Jedi have to buy their own robes. And if they do, where would they go to purchase such a thing? Well, now you know where to turn when you become a Jedi, young Padawan. Come to ThinkGeek for all your Jedi robe needs. Convenient since we're already in your neck of the universe.

Ready Are You for Halloween?

Black Stealth 3-Channel R/C Helicopter - Easiest to fly !

Black Stealth 3-Channel R/C Helicopter - Easiest to fly !

We have simple needs here at ThinkGeek. We would like artificially intelligent computers that can hold a real conversation, a manned Mars base with hyperspace travel to get us there quickly, burgers that don't make you fat... and small R/C helicopters that fly exactly where you want them to go. Finally one of our geek wishes has been realized with this precise flying Black Stealth 3-Channel R/C Helicopter. The Black Stealth features 3-channels, allowing it to go up and down, rotate right and left and move forwards and backwards. Check out the video on the product page to see the sweet flying for yourself.

Kiwi helps you get the most out of your fuel tank

In the future, we'll all be driving around town in our solar-powered landspeeders. But for now we're stuck driving our petroleum fueled vehicles for some time to come. The Kiwi Fuel Saving Device teaches you how to drive your vehicle in a way that will improve your gas mileage. It connects to your cars on-board diagnostic computer and closely monitors the factors that affect your mileage and gives you feedback in the form of a "Kiwi score". You then work on raising your score which in turn will raise your fuel cost savings.

Kiwi helps you get the most out of your fuel tank

Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth - Classic Synth Invades the Future

Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth - Classic Synth Invades the Future

The Stylophone is a miniature stylus operated synthesizer invented in 1967 and used by such iconic musicians as David Bowie, Kraftwerk and Erasure. It features a metal keyboard played by touching it with a stylus. This exact recreation of the original sounds the same as it did in the 60s. Simply remove the pen and tap any key for classic synth sounds. The Stylophone is one of the simplest electronic instruments you will find, but it's minimal style is a big part of its charm.

Star Trek Tunic Tees - Boldly Go in this comfortable t-shirt

Admit it - you've sat in your car, imagining you were commanding a great Starfleet vessel, leaping forward at warp twelvity-five. Sadly, the illusion fades as you glance down at your "I Brake for Tribbles" t-shirt and wish you could immerse yourself in the Final Frontier. ThinkGeek just secured a cargo-transport full of Star Trek t-shirts manufactured by the son of the Great Bird of the Galaxy, Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry. Take your pick between Command Gold, Sciences Blue, Ops Red, and the special-edition Command Green! Get the comfort of short-sleeves with the style and color that screams 23rd century!

Star Trek Tunic Tees - Boldly Go in this comfortable t-shirt

Watt's Up? Internet Enabled Electricity Meter

Watt's Up? Internet Enabled Electricity Meter

Getting detailed real-time data about your electronic equipment is great. Getting that data via a web-based interface is even better! This internet-enabled electricity meter can show you volts, current, watts, power costs, and plenty of other data via it's built-in web server. The data can be shown in either table or graphical formats. You can also use the web interface to turn the meter's outlet power off and on. Ideal for remote monitoring or power switching of your equipment.

Handmade Custom Sabers - Halloween Enabled

When you're initiated into the Order, you're given a saber. This glowing blade of plasma will assist you in your training. However, when the time comes, you must differentiate yourself from the other younglings. You must have a custom saber. How else can you achieve Master status? These sabers are unlike anything you've seen in the galaxy. Each one is handmade, and can be connected to the blade-color of your choice. Attach the blade for fighting and training, or remove the blade and hang the saber hilt from your belt - the mere threat of which will keep any unruly bounty-hunter at bay.

Handmade Custom Sabers - Halloween Enabled

R/C Spy Video ATV-360 - Let the ATV be your eyes and ears

R/C Spy Video ATV-360 - Let the ATV be your eyes and ears

Just because they don't do it in front of you, doesn't mean the whole office isn't talking about you behind your back. Well, it's time to catch them in the act. Sit in your office and drive your ATV-360 to the water cooler - it will transmit all it sees and hears to your heads up display and earbud. You'll also be able to quickly scan a room with the 360 button (spins ATV in a full circle) to make sure the coast is clear. Once you have the reconnaissance you require, drive the ATV back to your office and plot your revenge.

Layering -- It's Not Just for Photoshop Any More

The weather's starting to get chilly here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ. With the coming of fall, our thoughts turn to the local Renaissance festival, the new television lineup (Heroes!), and, of course, hoodies. Half our apparel offering this week is hoodies... two very cool, non-traditional ones. The other half is made up of standard t-shirts, if by "standard" we mean "really awesome." One's dedicated to Battlestar Galactica fans and the other is for lovers of chemistry. Check 'em out.

Layering -- It's Not Just for Photoshop Any More

Cyber Surfer R/C Spaceboard - Hang-Ten on Air

Cyber Surfer R/C Spaceboard - Hang-Ten on Air

When we were younger, the future was touted as featuring all kinds of amazing vehicles from flying cars to jet packs. Sure, you've seen many wondrous contraptions on the internets, but have you actually gotten to drive any of them to work? Well the Cyber Surfer R/C Spaceboard gets you slightly closer to your dreams... in a radio controlled toy format, that is. The Cyber Surfer R/C Spaceboard uses two ducted fans and a solid state accelerometer to hover off the ground and "surf" across the room. Now all we need is a slightly larger version for office commuting.

Attack Of The Petri Dish Plush Microbes

How could Giant Plush Microbes get any cuter than they are now? I mean, come on, what's cuter than a plushie of the Gonorrhea microbe increased in size by about a factor of one million and then lovingly crafted with a cute little face? There are only two things cuter that we can dream up. One is Smurf farts. Those are way cuter. And then our favorite other cute thing would have to be Petri Dish Plush Microbes! Petri Dish Plush Microbes are a diminutive version of that same Giant Microbe, but you get 3 to a set and they arrive sealed up in their own Petri Dish carrying case. You get three! You can't juggle with one! But you can juggle with three! Ever fancy juggling Toxic Mold? Of course you have. ThinkGeek knows and yet again, delivers you your dreams:

Attack Of The Petri Dish Plush Microbes

Portable Photo Studio - Become an eBay pro

Portable Photo Studio - Become an eBay pro

Online auction giant eBay is expected to help move over $700 million this quarter, so where's your slice of the pie, hmm? You're not getting any because the sales you set up kinda suck. Your problem? Your photos are terrible! The harsh flash from your camera and your shaky hands make your pics a blurry poorly-exposed mess. We've got the easy solution - this light-box helps to diffuse that harsh light from your camera flash, while the handy portable mini-tripod keeps your camera steady. Now your action-figures and Hummel figurines look sharp and well-lit. A definite pro-quality to your auction items that will help lock in your sales, and help you command top-dollar!

Quick Blurbs !!

Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold

Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold - Not just for breakfast anymore

Multi-Color LED Lightbulb w/Remote

Multi-color LED Bulb w/Remote - Perfect For Halloween

Headphone Beanie Hat

Headphone Beanie Hat - Head Warming Tunes

USB Retro Arcade Controller

USB Retro Arcade Controller - MAME away, or go serious old-school

Echo Bot Memo Recorder

Echo Bot Memo Recorder - With motion activated playback

Mathmos 9 Volts Battery Light

Mathmos 9 Volts Battery Light - Tiny LED lamp

Micro-Max 19-in-1 Multi-tool

Micro-Max 19-in-1 Multi-tool - Minimum size, maximum features

Gomu Gomu Hyper Launcher

Gomu Gomu Hyper Launcher - Mini Japanese Crossbow?

Indiana Jones Japanese Mini Figures

Indiana Jones Japanese Mini Figures - Cute Indy & Friends

Indiana Jones Japanese Capsule Toys

Indiana Jones Japanese Capsule Toys - Classic Indiana Icons

USB Desktop Dunk

USB Desktop Dunk - Our Solution To Actual Work At Work

Magnet Tube Magnetic Field Viewer

Magnet Tube Magnetic Field Viewer - Compact science demonstration

Nightmare Before Xmas Laser Etched Glowing Ghost

Nightmare Before Xmas Laser Etched Glowing Ghost

Afterlife Travel Kit

Afterlife Travel Kit - Go to Heaven or Hell in style

Evolving Darwin Playset

Evolving Darwin Playset - From Frog-Man to Darwin in 5 easy steps

EBOOST Caffeinated Health Booster

EBOOST Caffeinated Health Booster - Spike your drink

Caffeine Candy Sampler v8.0

Caffeine Candy Sampler v8.0 - Now in stock

GX-10 Interactive Gaming Cam

GX-10 Interactive Camera Game - Below cost at just $9.99

Star Wars DIY Force FX Lightsaber Kit

It's never a bad time for ThinkGeek Mega Deals

Win a Zombie Horde and a $250 TG Gift Cert!

Win $250 of ThinkGeek Stuff AND Your Very Own Zombie Horde to Protect it!

Win a Zombie Horde and a $250 TG Gift Cert!

Unless you're one of those crazy minimalists, everybody likes free stuff. So we've decided to give two lucky winners $250 worth of ThinkGeek STUFF just because we like you. Not only are we giving out free stuff (in the form of two $250 Gift Certificates) but we'll also provide you with your very own 5-member Zombie Horde to protect it. How do you enter to win such a fabulous prize? Simple. Just follow us on Twitter or post on our Facebook Wall and you're entered. Easy Peasy. On Friday 10/10/08 at 11:59pm Eastern time, we'll choose one random winner each from our Twitter Followers and our Facebook Wall to win a $250 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate and 5 Plush Zombies.

So get your Web 2.0 on, kids and follow us on Twitter or post on our Facebook Wall. Want to do both? OK, congrats - you've just doubled your chances of winning. Killer.

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The Latest Action Shot Winner: Cube Farm = Brain Farm

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