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September 24, 2008

Ahoy there ye [insert plural Pirate insult]!

Yeah, yeah, we know... Talk Like a Pirate Day was *last* week, but we just couldn't help ourselves. Sorry that you just offended yourself with that Pirate insult you inserted. Moving along then. We feel that it's important to note that at this very momentous time in history, we're thrilled to say how happy we are that we still exist. All our fingers and toes are still accounted for and as far as we can tell, and not withstanding some sort of delayed parallel universe distortion thingy, we have not been swallowed whole by micro black holes! Yet. And speaking of the elusive Higgs particle, and while we still have time together... Check out the following new ThinkGeek-Designed T-Shirt, complete with YouTube video starring none other than ThinkGeek's own in-house rock band - L. Hadron and The Colliders....

The ThinkGeek Electronic Drum-Kit Shirt

Rock the Drum Kit Shirt!

Real T-Shirt Based ROCK!

We could do what those other supposedly geeky apparel companies do, and print a regular t-shirt with a cool looking picture of a drum kit on the front because it looks fashionable. We then would tell stories about how it was trendy, make a few Rock Band references, tell you it will make you look hot and basically try to convince you to buy it. But we don't roll like that. At ThinkGeek we know you expect innovative new products and we're here to pony up the goods. Drum Kit Shirt In Action

So, how about an electronic t-shirt with both a cool picture and an actual playable drum kit on the front? That's right. Hit the drums on this shirt with your fingers and they play through the built in speaker... simple but amazing. With 7 different drum sounds you're ready for a personal drum solo on your chest.

For These Tees About To Rock, We Salute You:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer - Built in Accelerometer for Auto-Balance

Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer - Built in Accelerometer for Auto-Balance

If you're looking for the smallest most sophisticated R/C flying vehicle around then your wait is over. The Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer incorporates amazing technology in a package not much larger than your outstretched palm. Featuring 4-propellers, a sophisticated auto balance system using a built in solid state accelerometer, automatic trim adjustment and 4-channels of digital proportional control It's everything you would expect from a mini Terminator style drone except for the weaponry.

New Caprica Cylon Action Figure - A Battlestar Galactica TG Exclusive

If there's one thing we go crazy for at TG HQ, it's killer robots. The scarier and kill-ier the better. There is nothing like the rush of watching a conglomeration of metal, neurons, and projectile weapons terrorizing people on the big or small screen. And one of the baddest of them all is the Cylon (from the re-envisioned Battlestar Galactica). And these New Caprica Cylons are even more nasty. They have a darker paint scheme and are therefore 200% more awesome than any other Cylon figure. And that's a fact.

New Caprica Cylon Action Figure - A Battlestar Galactica TG Exclusive

Four Tees Possibly Fortean Phenomenon? - More at 11

Four Tees Possibly Fortean Phenomenon? - More at 11

Good things come in fours. Batteries. Light bulbs. Calling birds. And this week's new geeky t-shirt offering. "Shut Up and Reboot" makes a great companion to "No, I will not fix your computer" for those who don't listen. .EDU lets all our collegiate geeks represent. Because you demanded it, we made a Steampunk Angel to accompany Steampunk Skeleton. And we used our "braaaainns" to come up with the final shirt. It's zombietastic.

Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Drop Game - Nano Technology for Frivolous Fun

Bandai Japan has stepped in to reveal that the real purpose of nano materials is to become our frivolous playthings as we continue our journey to master the universe. This amazing Aqua Drop game features an internal nano surface that causes water to hyper-bead. Water inside the Aqua Drop turns into tiny beads that race across the surface in an unnaturally fast manner as you tilt the Aqua Drop from side to side. The challenge is to collect the water into all of the dimples in the board... easier said than done of course.

Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Drop Game - Nano Technology for Frivolous Fun

All-in-one Driving and Engine Performance Monitor

All-in-one Driving and Engine Performance Monitor

When it comes to informational data, most automobiles tend to be pretty stingy on details. You really get just the basics - speed, fuel, mileage, and engine temperature. That's not a lot of info when you're a tech-hungry geek. The Car Chip requires no tools or automotive expertise - just plug it into the OBDII port (easily found under the dashboard or steering wheel) and it reads and stores data from your car's on-board computers, continuously logging driving and engine performance. This data was once available only to professional mechanics but with Car Chip Pro, this same data is now in your hands.

R2 Fish Training School Kit - Train your fish to fetch

We declare an end to boring fish. Get the R2 Fish School Kit and your goldfish could be the next Lassie! He or she will learn how to navigate weave poles; go through hoops and tunnels (vertical and horizontal); play football, soccer, and basketball; fetch; limbo; and more. It may sound unbelievable, but this is a very real product (fish are smart). You'll soon be able to introduce your fish as the Captain of Carp, the Mack Daddy of Makerel, the Beast of the Bowl. And you'll be able to make some coin charging folks to see your fish perform. Ka-ching!

R2 Fish Training School Kit - Train your fish to fetch

Bag of Holding Messenger Bag - You Asked. We Built It Better.

Bag of Holding Messenger Bag - You Asked. We Built It Better.

A dwarf, and elf and a gnome walk into a dungeon. After a flurry of d20's, the chromatic dragon inside lies dead on it's ponderous pile of platinum. The dwarf and elf's backs break as they haul away as much as they can carry. Meanwhile, the gnome is happily tossing tons of shiny coins into his bottomless bag-of-holding. While ThinkGeek's newly designed messenger bag doesn't break the laws of physics, it's certainly roomy enough for a 17" laptop, all your cables, several school books, a PDA, a phone, an iPod, pens, spiral notebook, gems, potions, climbing gear, and torches:

MicroFly Tiny R/C Hovering UFO - Smallest Flying R/C Device Ever

When highly evolved nano-aliens descend upon our planet to mine our plethora of carbon monoxide gasses they'll surely be piloting something like this MicroFly Hovering UFO. This is by far the smallest flying R/C device we've ever seen and it's damn impressive in the air. With a diameter not much larger than a silver dollar and a single propeller on the bottom, the MicroFly somehow manages to hover in the air as it spins and flashes its blue LED. Buy a few and create your own buzzing alien insect swarm.

MicroFly Tiny R/C Hovering UFO - Smallest Flying R/C Device Ever

Pop Quiz Clock - Timely Math

Pop Quiz Clock - Timely Math

Think back to a time when you were a young geek. Sure, you were brilliant at math, but being asked to solve problems on the chalkboard... That's the stuff of nightmares. Thankfully, that time is over. Or is it? Our new clock appears to have been hand-written by that evil math teacher we all had to endure. Each hour is marked by a simple math problem. Solve it and solve the riddle of time. Or, you can just know that "52 - x2 + x = 10" happens to live in the "7 o'clock" position and be done with it.

EyeClops Night Vision Goggles - See them before they see you

It's easy to see things when there's light. But when it gets dark outside (like Darth Vader's underwear dark), seeing becomes impossible. Sure you can turn on a flashlight, but then everyone else can see you. If you want to creep around, ninja-like, you need some night vision goggles. The problem is that most night vision goggles are very expensive - until now! Adjustable to fit almost any head, these IR goggles are priced like a toy, but work like the real deal. The only problem you'll have is picking which stealth mission to go on first!

EyeClops Night Vision Goggles - See them before they see you

USB Flash Drive Lighter - 8GB and fire on demand

USB Flash Drive Lighter - 8GB and fire on demand

Electronics and fire have never been friends and you could even say they are essentially sworn enemies. But in the case of this USB flash drive they have decided to call a truce. Long standing differences have been put aside to create a product that is both practical and very unique. This flash drive has an ample 8GB capacity and the lighter is refillable. The USB connector slides out of the bottom of the lighters metal case, and like any good lighter, it has a nice polished chrome finish and an adjustable flame.

R2-D2 Plush Backpack - Is that a droid on your back?

R2-D2 is mad. He has to sit on the back of an X-Wing. He gets shot at, electrocuted, eaten, spat out... the list goes on and on. All the while, C-3PO gets to ride inside in luxury. And even when C-3PO goes to pieces, he has his own wookiee to carry him around. Well, enough is enough. R2 has scrapped his circuits and traded his hard shell for a plush one. And now, no matter where you go, you have to carry him on your back. In return, he'll hold your books in his soft body. Because nothing is cooler than having a droid on your back.

R2-D2 Plush Backpack - Is that a droid on your back?

Dissolving Travel Toiletries - Carry your clean with you

Dissolving Travel Toiletries - Carry your clean with you

Let's face it, the world is a dirty place and we want to help keep you clean. Each of these little packs has 50 dry sheets of clean in them - either shampoo, body wash, or hand soap. All you do is add water to a sheet and it dissolves, magically turning into one of the three cleaning substances. You rub said cleaning substance over the applicable and appropriate part, and voila, it is clean. We can help clean you hands, body, and hair, but unfortunately, we cannot clean your mind. It's too dirty. You know it is.

Vintage SW Micromachines and Vintage-esque BG Viper Model Kit - Get your space on

In 1977, everyone was awed by Star Wars. In 1978, Battlestar Galactica hit the small screen. By 1980, children everywhere were assembling Colonial Viper model kits. In 1996, the world was gifted with the Star Wars Micro Machines Luke Binoculars play set. If you add all those years together, multiply by George Lucas' weight, and divide by the number of wedgies given on New Caprica, you'll see that 2008 is the year we have to offer some vintage and neuvo-vintage Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica goodies to you. The numbers never lie.

Vintage SW Micromachines and Vintage-esque BG Viper Model Kit - Get your space on

Quick Blurbs !!

HP Mini-Note 8.9

HP Mini-Note 8.9" Aluminum Laptop - $100 OFF, only $449.99 after Mail-In Rebate


6" Domo Plush - No apples please

Little Tesla

Little Tesla - AC Current Rules!

Slave Leia Poster

Slave Leia Poster - Straight from your dreams

Precision Spoon Scale

Precision Spoon Scale - Measure volume and weight for tight culinary control

Japanese Popping Edamame Keychain

Japanese Popping Edamame Keychain - Cool Beans!

Latte Mini Folding Bluetooth Headset

Latte Mini Folding Bluetooth Headset - Keychain Based Ear Convenience

26-Piece PC Repair Tool Kit

26-Piece PC Repair Tool Kit

Serenity Alliance Money packs

Serenity Money Packs - Shiny. Let's be bad guys.

Telephone Ring Signaler

Telephone Ring Signaler - Now see the phone ringing when you can't hear it

Self-Powered Emergency Radio with Flashlight

Self-Powered Emergency Radio with Flashlight

Ultraslim Laptop Backpack

Ultraslim Laptop Backpack - Super thin design hides a 17" laptop

CableBox Out-of-Sight Cable Storage

Easily hide ugly wires - CableBox Out-of-Sight Cable Storage

BlinkyBug Kit

BlinkyBug Kit - Make 4 LED-eyed blinky instects

amPlug VOX Mini Guitar Amp

Amplug VOX Mini Guitar Amp - Rock in Your Pocket

Solar Light Cap

Solar Light Cap - Harness the Day to Power the Night

Senz Mini Umbrella

A truly unique umbrella - the Senz Mini

LED Magnetized Telescopic Rescue Stick

LED Magnetized Rescue Stick - Back in stock

R/C Star Wars R2-D2 Action Figure

R/C Star Wars R2-D2 Action Figure - Back in stock

USB Wireless Rocket Launcher

USB Rocket WIRELESS Rocket Launcher - 25% Off

Throwzini Knife Holder

Throwzini Knife Holder - $40 Off these whimsical blades

Star Wars DIY Force FX Lightsaber Kit

Save $30 On the DIY Lightsaber Kit - Limited time offer

Monkey Picked Tea

Monkey Picked Tea - 25% off for a limited time

DataLocker Drive Enclosure

Data Locker Drive Enclosure 50% Off And Under Cost

Case o' Bawls

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