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August 13, 2008

Hi there fellow humans and aliens who can
read English (yeah, we know who you are!),

The monkeybots at ThinkGeek are having a pretty nice week. The weather in notoriously hot-and-humid DC has been relatively cool and breezy, and it's actually gotten us to get out of our chairs and go outside. Grass can be fascinating. And speaking of grass, today is ThinkGeek's 9th Birthday! Yep, we're old enough to take a human sexuality class, and we're pretty excited about that. But enough about us. We've gathered another batch of unique and elite products just for you... and even for you Suntors Of Polaris Three. Enjoy...

Miracle Fruit Tablets

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

Changes the taste of other foods

If you put a lemon wedge in your mouth, the first thing you'll notice is its sour taste - unless you spent the 60's munching magic mushrooms, in which case you might hear its sour sound. The sourness is a fact you accept as truth. But what if we told you there was a little tablet which, after being dissolved on your tongue, would make sour foods taste sweet? You might say it's a miracle! Well, that, friends, is how Miracle Berries got their name!

From SourPuss to AwesomeSauce! Half a tablet dissolved on your tongue, and you are ready to rock your taste buds. One of our favorite things to eat are fresh limes - they taste like the most perfect limeade ever. And mustard tastes like nectar from the cup of Zeus! Even vinegar is delicious. Get some now and go flavor tripping (as those in the know call it) with us. It's like tasting with a tongue from another dimension. Yum!

Ride The Miracle Berry Rainbow Of
Gloriously Sweet Taste Sensations!


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard -
Amazing Customizable Keyboard Illumination

Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard - Amazing Customizable Keyboard Illumination

Sure, we've seen illuminated keyboards before, but then we saw the Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard and stopped looking. With 430 LEDs the Luxeed is capable of individually lighting each key in your choice of color. What's more it can do some amazing tricks like an animated rainbow across all the keys, or make each key light when you press it. Yeah, the Luxeed doesn't have a tiny screen on each key like the legendary Optimus Maximus, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper.

Exposed Flip Clock - Time flies... well, at least it flips

The passage of time is marked by the transit of the sun across the sky, the moon through the constellations, and gentle oscillations of cesium atoms. Unless you're an android, are Vulcan, or Dr. Manhattan, you're not likely to watch the passage of time without some kind of visual aid. ThinkGeek's new flip-clock spins thin sheets of numbers - one every second - to display the time in a delightfully analog yet awesomely digital way. The mechanisms are exposed so you can see exactly how it works. It's magical!

Exposed Flip Clock - Time flies... well, at least it flips

Your iPhone Called... Says it Needs More Accessories

Your iPhone Called... Says it Needs More Accessories

Last we heard your iPhone was complaining... it being the premier smartphone and all. It's requesting better vision with the 6x optical zoom provided by the iPhone Camera Telescope. Or perhaps your phone might enjoy our handy iPhone Car Mount. Its adjustable gooseneck attaches securely to your windshield and holds your phone in place with quick rotation for portrait or landscape viewing. But what better way to revere your Apple overlord than by saving it from grubby finger smudges and gaining selection accuracy with the iPhone Japanese Touch Pen Stylus.

Glow and Throw UFO Flying Disc - Build your own glowing flying saucer

Persistence of vision is a great thing. It's what makes flip books exciting and moving pictures rake in loads of dough. It can also amuse and terrify your neighbors. Here's how: flex and activate a few thin glow tubes and plug them into the Glow and Throw UFO. Then, toss it by your neighbor's window. Persistence of vision will cause the spinning tubes of light to form solid shapes of color, giving your flying disc a true UFO appearance. We call ours the Deathly Venusian Death Ship of Death (but then we're a little cracked).

Glow and Throw UFO Flying Disc - Build your own glowing flying saucer

These speakers are clearly awesome!

These speakers are clearly awesome!

Crystals come in many forms and sometimes exhibit interesting special properties. Quartz crystals are piezoelectric and can also be used as an oscillator, taking advantage of the natural resonant frequency of the quartz crystal. These Crystal USB Desktop Speakers have some interesting properties of their own, most notably the ability to output crystal clear audio frequencies. They also look intriguing, certain to attract admirers to your desk. The Crystal USB Desktop Speakers are the smallest audiophile performance stereo USB speakers available for PCs and Notebooks. Yep.

Tandem Z Chinook R/C Copter - Two Rotors are Better than One

Here at ThinkGeek we go to the ends of the known universe to dig up those fresh R/C Copter nuggets that feature the most unique flying mechanics for your geek pleasure. This Silverlit Tandem Z Chinook Helicopter certainly fits the bill. With two rotors arranged front and rear in a military style, the Tandem Z looks unlike any other small R/C copter we've seen. The three channel control allows you to hover motionless, turn right or left and move forward and backward. You even get a working headlight for those nighttime recon missions.

Tandem Z Chinook R/C Copter - Two Rotors are Better than One

Sentrysafe Fireproof Databox - Thieves and flames beware

Sentrysafe Fireproof Databox - Thieves and flames beware

You've made a significant investment in online music, you've digitally archived your photos and files, and even made fair-use backups of your movies. All that time and energy would be wasted should you find yourself a victim of theft or fire. We've got your insurance policy right here, pal! This big box has a dataport built right in. Stick your own optical media, and a USB drive inside, close and lock it, and access it through the port in the back. It can withstand temperatures up to 1550 degrees as well as survive the resulting blast of water required to put it out. Your archives are safe and sound, protected for all time.

Robotic Chick - Your first robotic companion is a barnyard animal

One day, when robots are our loyal and stalwart companions, we'll look back on these turbulent days and wonder how we managed without them. While we don't yet have the technology to create clockwork people, we have to start somewhere - and why not start with baby chickens, right? Leave it to the Japanese to take something fuzzy and cute and stuff it full of robotics! This adorable chick responds to your touch, chirping happily and flapping its stubby wings. But, leave it alone too long and it cries!

Robotic Chick - Your first robotic companion is a barnyard animal

Quadrago 3D Wooden Strategy Game - Connect four with a twist

Quadrago 3D Wooden Strategy Game - Connect four with a twist

Winning is easy - just line up four in a row (horizontal, vertical, diagonal - on and/or through any plane). But just when you think you have the hang of it, Quadrago throws a little twist. Literally. The center four spikes are attached to a separate game piece, and you can rotate them as an optional part of your turn. So not only do you have to plan and plot in three dimensions, but you also have to plot in a few alternate realities, if you will. It's so simply complex it threatens to melt your mind. Do you have the brains for Quadrago?

Nerf Elimination Office Warfare Set - Set of 4

The names were passed out yesterday - you drew Heather. She doesn't know that she is your target, but then, you are unaware that John drew your name. All you know is that you have a tiny Nerf gun with two screaming shots. Heather doesn't seem to notice as you approach her, hiding your Nerf Elimination Blaster easily behind a file folder. But Heather eliminated John earlier, so you are now Heather's target. And she has a webcam. She drops, rolls, and fires. Direct hit. All you can do now is wait for the next round of Nerf Elimination, loser.

Nerf Elimination Office Warfare Set - Set of 4

Wii Portable 16:9 LCD Screen - Largest Handheld Gaming System Ever?

Wii Portable 16:9 LCD Screen - Largest Handheld Gaming System Ever?

We love the Nintendo DS... but don't you sometimes wish it had a bit more graphical umph? Like 5 pounds worth? Now you can transform your standard Wii console into a portable gaming powerhouse by picking up this Portable 16:9 LCD Screen. Simply dock your Wii into the side, flip up the screen and start playing. With the built in Wii sensor bar there's no messy cabling required. Power everything off your car cigarette lighter with the included adapter or you'll need a long extension cord and a big-ass pocket to carry around your new handheld uber-Wii.

Mobile relaxation device - the Portable Mesh Hammock

Hammocks have long been the symbol of relaxation - just swaying back and forth on a lazy afternoon. The only catch is that you need some proper supports (like a couple of trees) to hold up your hammock while you enjoy all this relaxation. This tends to make the hammock a little less portable than we'd like. The Portable Mesh Hammock solves this problem by having its own support frame. The steel frame folds up easily and sets up in seconds with no tools required. Plus, it comes with a compact carrying bag with shoulder straps for hands-free portability and relaxing on the go.

Mobile relaxation device - the Portable Mesh Hammock

Quick Blurbs !!

ThinkGeek needs you! Web Design, CS, Coders & Buyers!

Day Without Fusion

A Day without Fusion is Like a Day without Sunshine T-Shirt

STFU University

Going back to school soon? Don't forget some essentials!

Slashdot Moderate

Slashdot Insightful Tee - Neither Offtopic or Redundant

Magic IQ Gift Box

Magic IQ Gift Box - Give the Gift of Frustration

Buzz Strong's Caffeinated Cookies

Buzz Strong's Caffeinated Cookies - Accept these cookies

Laser Guided Scissors

Laser Guided Scissors - Cut Into The Future

Remote-Controlled LED Solar Spotlight

Remote-Controlled LED Solar Spotlight Brightens Your Yard

Indiana Jones Pocket Watch

Indiana Jones Pocket Watch - Stylin' with the Joneses

Stainless Steel RFID Blocking Passport Sleeve

Stainless Steel RFID Blocking Passport Sleeve

Star Wars Japanese Hanging Banners

Star Wars Japanese Hanging Banners - From a more dignified time

Powramid Surge Protector

Powramid Surge Protector - Powerstrip of the Gods

Bender Bank

Bender Bank - Save money or get bent

Puzzle Cube Alarm Clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock - Clock, Calendar, Date and Temp - just twist!

Micro Pliers

Micro Pliers - Mcguyver would be jealous

Gorillapod Go-Go

Gorillapod Go-Go - Steady Shooting For Your Portables

Foosh Energy Mints

Foosh Energy Mints - Finally, back in stock!

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

ThinkGeek tastes the miracle berry. This mustard is delicious!

HP Mini-Note 8.9

HP Mini-Note 8.9" Aluminum Laptop - back in stock!

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