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July 23, 2008

Dearest TG Newsletter Benefactors,

We are here to duly remind you that you must - repeat MUST - do something exceptionally nifty for your local IT staff this Friday, July 25th. You can give them actual gifts (preferred) or at a minimum append 'My Lord & Master' after every phrase you utter to them for the next several weeks. Why? Because July 25th is International Sysadmin Day and Sysadmins are all powerful and all knowing. Failing to fully understand the consequences of not appeasing your local IT folks on this day may result in one or more of the following: a) Permanently Lost critical data, b) Company exposure of Website Surfing Habits, or c) a Full Blown IRS Audit. Now, chances are good that since you are reading this newsletter - you are the local IT staff. In that case, please refer to our Annoy-a-tron for help dealing with any co-workers who fail to properly appreciate your massive skills and wondrous cranium power this Friday...now on to the thing...

MX-1 World's Smallest R/C Copter

MX-1 World's Smallest R/C Copter

Tiny is the new Big

Our ravenous lust for tinier and tinier flying R/C toys has been temporarily satiated by these miniscule MX-1 copters from Silverlit. We thought we had seen small R/C copters until we were flabbergasted by a helicopter so small it actually fits inside its own remote.

Due to it's mini size the MX-1 has a top blade that's 30% smaller than even the smallest of R/C helicopters. This means the blade has to spin very fast to keep the copter in the air and it seems almost like a tiny hovering robotic insect. The MX-1 is a sharp looking little copter and it has a redesigned remote with smooth slider like controls. Dock the copter in the clear bay at the bottom and charge it up at the same time. Take to the air with confidence knowing that you're piloting the smallest man made flying device commercially available.

Check out the new MX-1 Copter, And Feel Happy Again:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Ion USB VCR - Rescue Your Old VHS Tapes - They Are Dying

Ion USB VCR - Rescue Your Old VHS Tapes - They Are Dying

One thing we don't like about new tech is the obsolescence of media formats it inevitably creates. We expect our collection of original Star Trek episodes on VHS to last until our great great great grandchildren get fed up and launch them into space as a huge ball of trash where they can later be enjoyed by aliens. Luckily the Ion USB VCR gets our old VHS tapes one step closer to immortality by encoding them digitally for transfer to DVD, iPod or any other newfangled video playing device.

Zelda Ocarina - Mesmerizing Playable Fairy Flute

While spelunking in the basement at the ThinkGeek headquarters we met a fairy girl handing out bright blue Ocarinas. She mumbled some warning about the end of the world, deku nuts and the tri-force but we were all too busy to notice. Later some employees found that during long afternoon meetings they could summon a galloping horse just by playing the correct melody on their ocarina. But then Ganon burst in and the jig was up... fortunately for you we stashed away a few of these completely playable Ocarina flutes to spend your hard earned rupees on.

Zelda Ocarina - Mesmerizing Playable Fairy Flute

BeanVac Canister + Portable Coffee Pot - Respect Your Java

BeanVac Canister + Portable Coffee Pot - Respect Your Java

Bawls, Jolt and Mana are awesome, but we've got to give mad props to the number-one caffeinated drink of all time: coffee. Coffee beans, once roasted, are terribly volatile. They oxidize quickly, making the brew taste insipid. We keep oxygen at bay by storing our beans in this wicked-cool vacuum chamber. The BeanVac Canister sucks out the air, saving your beans. We've also found this portable single-cup brewing device that you can take with you when you travel. Coffee on the road sucks, but this little pot actually makes an outstanding cuppa! So, three cheers for the dark and bitter brew!

We might be compulsive, but we wouldn't call it a "disorder."

Some things we've been obsessed with for a long time: Star Wars (circa 1977), Monty Python (late-night PBS in junior high), artificial intelligence (chatting with ELIZA in college). Other things we've become obsessed with more recently: online memes, Steampunk. Raise your hand if you're reading FreakAngels. Put it back down. You're going to need that hand to click the link below to see the new shirts (and apron, FTW!).

We might be compulsive, but we wouldn't call it a

LED Inductive-Charging Candle Set - Look Ma! No Wires

LED Inductive-Charging Candle Set - Look Ma! No Wires

In the future all electronic devices will be wirelessly powered. Forget pesky power strips and wall outlets... high frequency microwave beams will permeate our homes providing power wherever it's needed. Of course by then we'll have cured cancer and hacked our own DNA and won't have to worry about any ill effects of EMF radiation. But until then we can play with these nifty LED Inductive-Charging Candles. Each blue flickering flame candle sits on the base and charges up with absolutely no wires. Tesla would be proud.

Portable Digital Magnifier - Magnify everything around you!

When this item arrived at ThinkGeek headquarters we found it to be surprisingly fun and nearly addictive. There are so many things that are interesting to look at using magnification and this digital magnifier makes it incredibly easy to look at all of them. The Portable Digital Magnifier displays objects on a crystal clear 2" LCD screen with magnification levels of 5x to 20x (in increments of 1). Images can be frozen on the screen and the magnifier illuminates using three built-in LEDs. The included batteries re-charge via USB connection. This gadget is neat!

Portable Digital Magnifier - Magnify everything around you!

Space Invaders Cutting Board - Retro Cuisine Tool

Space Invaders Cutting Board - Retro Cuisine Tool

There's a generation of geeks that went to the convenience store to pump quarter after quarter into the machine to repel the Invaders from Space. The tell-tale WHUMP-WHUMP-whomp-whomp as they slowly descended on your base was iconic. You downed Slushees and Hot Pockets as you worked your fingers to bloody stumps. Now, you're all grown up and have graduated from microwave fare to actually cooking meals. Let the foodie and the video-game junkie in you coexist with this hand-made super-high-quality cutting board. Chop veggies with the same fervor as you blasted the bad-guys!

Battlestar Babes Posters

On the Battlestar Galactica, not everyone is what they seem. Is Kara "Starbuck" Thrace a hottie, or a harbinger of death? Is the Cylon Model 6 a figment of Baltar's imagination, or a psychopathic baby-snatcher? We won't know until sometime next year, but one thing's for certain: these two lovely-ladies are most definitely worthy of wall-space. 18"x24" and comes printed on 100-pound, satin-finish paper, each poster is a limited edition work of art by Steven Anderson. Take your pick: Moody resurrected fighter-jock, or Deus Ex Machina?

Battlestar Babes Posters

Dalek Voice Changer Helmet & 18" Voice Command Dalek

Dalek Voice Changer Helmet & 18

Daleks are everywhere and finally the future of the Human and Dalek relationship is upon us: communication! Now, you can talk like a Dalek or talk to a Dalek. Slip the Voice Changer on your head and your top bits will be the same as a Dalek's top bits and you'll sound like one too - a great way to instill fear in your subordinates. Or if you need some security, try the Voice Command Dalek. Tell it to guard your room and it will hunt down and exterminate any intruders into your space. Take that, Doctor!

Teach Me Time! Clock - Teach your geeklings about time

This is the perfect clock for those of us with younger copies of ourselves (i.e. children). This clock helps kids learn how to tell time with a dual digital and analog display, and a "game" which will guide your child to chrono-literacy with audible prompts and questions (but you should have been able to guess that by its name). It also has a special "you can get up now" alarm which lights the clock green when it's ok for junior to get out of bed in the morning - making sure you get enough morning alone time... with your robot.

Teach Me Time! Clock - Teach your geeklings about time

World of Warcraft Action Figures, Series 2 - Just in from Azeroth

World of Warcraft Action Figures, Series 2 - Just in from Azeroth

Every few months, a portal appears in a leafy glen. From it, flashes of sound and crashes of light spray out. A distant roar is heard and a giant crate of toys appears. Our monkeys are waiting and snatch up all they can. Four new figures are here now: a human warrior, a troll priest, a gnome warrior, and night elf druid. They are awesome recreations of the denizens of Azeroth, and scream to be on your desk and in your hand ASAP. If you've ever heard a toy scream, you know how sad it is. So buy them today.

Lighten your load with the Digital Luggage Scale

The airline companies aren't exactly flying high these days and they have decided to pass along their pain to you. Air travel is already stressful enough, without having to worry about extra charges for heavy luggage. The Digital Luggage Scale allows you to pack smarter and avoid paying overweight luggage fees. With an easy-to-read digital display, you can lift up to 100lbs (or 44 Kg), wait for the beep, set the luggage down and read the weight. It's a compact size for easy carrying with a strong strap to secure the luggage to the scale, without hooks.

Lighten your load with the Digital Luggage Scale

USB Hidden Flash Drive Watch - 4GB

USB Hidden Flash Drive Watch - 4GB

Since you are probably the clever type, we suspect you could easily find many places to hide a small USB flash drive. Some of these hiding spots may be perfectly legit, but others might just be too clever for your own good. So, to protect you from yourself we'd like to introduce a watch with the ideal hiding spot already built-in. This watch features an ample 4GB flash drive that slips neatly into the watch case. Simply remove, add data and then re-insert and you're ready to conduct secret missions to building B on the other side of campus.

Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow - Un-Stressize in a Snap

We're no stranger to stress here at the ThinkGeek office. We toil night and day torturously sorting through shiny new toys and electronics while we down loads of caffeinated beverages and try to select only the choicest gadget fruits to satisfy your discerning palette. Yep... it's a tough job but we have these handy Stress Relief Pillows to help out. Clutch them to your chest and they vibrate with a special rhythmic heart beat to calm your nerves. We were skeptical at first, but found that they really do de-stress even the jaded amongst us.

Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow - Un-Stressize in a Snap

Welcome to 2002... ThinkGeek launches a blog!

Welcome to 2002... ThinkGeek launches a blog!

Ok, so maybe we're a little late on this new-fangled "weblog" phenomenon, but better late than never, right? We heard from you folks for so long that you wanted to know more about what goes on at ThinkGeek HQ, so we finally decided to get on the now-almost-defunct Web 2.0 bandwagon and blog ourselves brainless. We'll have all kinds of both interesting and totally pointless info on the blog to keep your fingers on the virtual pulse of all things ThinkGeek. From never-before-seen behind the scenes stuff to random pictures of hawks eating wretched things outside our office. It's all there. Blurgh. The ThinkGeek Blog. Grok it!

Quick Blurbs !!

ThinkGeek Is Hiring - Six Open Positions!

Case o' Bawls

July 25th Is International Sysadmin Day - Love your Sysadmin

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Device

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Device - Save your Plasma TV

Leather 250GB Hip Flask USB Drive

Leather 250GB Hip Flask USB Drive - Fancy a Wee Nip of Data?

Domo-kun Plush Hat

Domo-kun Plush Hat - Style that's truly fierce.

DIY Lily Pad Kit

DIY Lily Pad Kit - Grow a pad of your own

Figure 9 Carabiner

Figure 9 Carabiner - Tie down your junk

Gears of War Action Figures

Gears of War Action Figures - Get the whole set

Cool Feet Laptop Airspace Stands

Chill out - Cool Feet Laptop Airspace Stands

USB Crunching Dog

USB Crunching Dogs - They exercise... so you don't have to

USB Robot Owl

USB Robot Owl - Amuses your Laptop and Eats only USB

Steamboy Machine Mini Figures

Steam Boy Machine Mini Figures - Steampunk in Your Pocket

Squishy Bowl Set

Squishy Bowl Set - Perfect for office and camping use

Engobi Caffeinated Snack Crisps

Engobi Caffeinated Crisps - 145mg of caffeine per bag

Mana Energy Potion

Mana Energy Potions - Back in stock

Collapsible Chopsticks

If James Bond had his own chopsticks, he'd want these.

All-in-one Atomic Time Watch

All-in-one Atomic Time Watch - Back in stock

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