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June 4, 2008

Fellow replicant hunters,

Unless you've been living beneath the Earth's crust, you are probably aware that these recent weeks have been chock full of space news! As the galactic nerds we are, we were rapt with excitement while the Mars Lander Phoenix touched down on the surface of our neighbor, the Red Planet. Though Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't there, we hear Quatto stopped by to wish Phoenix a warm welcome! In other space news, we're really pulling for the astronauts of the ISS who must be in the midst of a killer peepee dance while the toilet is still kaput. Yikes! It reminds us all how reliant we are on technology these days. Speaking of which...

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What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Flux Capacitor Replica - Gotta Get Back in Time

Flux Capacitor Replica - Gotta Get Back in Time

No matter what you learned in school or what you hear in the news, one thing is certain: time travel is possible. At least, it is if you have a Flux Capacitor. We have only a limited supply of these beauties, crafted from Doc Brown's original diagrams. Each one is big, heavy, features two control knobs, flashing lights, and is individually numbered with a certificate of authenticity. And it really works - we tested it. So far, we've managed to consistently travel one second into the future per second. Next, we tackle the past.

Temp Sensitive LED Shower Head - Never take a cold shower again

For most people (except ninjas and aliens), hot showers are the best type. But sometimes you're just too tired to check before you hop in. Then you get an unexpected shock which isn't fun. Well, no more. Install one of these marvels of engineering and you'll bathe yourself in light - literally. The internal turbine (read: no batteries required) will turn on the blue light when the water is cold. When it warms up, the light will change to red. And then you know you can get in safely. No more turning into a geeksicle for you!

Temp Sensitive LED Shower Head - Never take a cold shower again

Thumb-Size R/C Mini Cooper - Mini Mini Mini... Mini Coopers

Thumb-Size R/C Mini Cooper - Mini Mini Mini... Mini Coopers

With the current fuel crisis forcing people into smaller and smaller vehicles and spelling impending doom for society as we know it... we figured it was a perfect time to offer these Thumb-Size R/C Mini Coopers. Their all-electric engines run off of button type batteries and are very fuel efficient. Hey... they can't carry a lot of groceries in the trunk, but they do feature full control with forward/reverse and right/left turning... plus the remote looks like a tiny cellphone. Take that, high gas prices!

Two charging solutions for the ultimate in gadget organization

The Portable Electronics Charging Station keeps you neat and organized. Thoughtfully designed for recharging cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players and more, this sleek-looking valet will keep your desk or dresser from looking like a spider web of wires. The Sanctuary is a beautiful, simple solution to a real everyday problem: a place to put personal items *and* keep them fully charged. The compact design conceals a universal charger compatible with over 1500 electronic devices from most major brands and a USB port allowing even more electronic devices to be charged.

Two charging solutions for the ultimate in gadget organization

Magnetic Accelerator Kit - Attack with physics

Magnetic Accelerator Kit - Attack with physics

When a cue ball hits the 8 ball, it transfers its energy to the 8 ball, which zooms forward. Shrink the balls, make them out of metal, add some magnets, and you have a magnetic accelerator. The first ball is pulled to the magnet transferring its energy to a ball on the other side - which is then pulled toward another magnet (increasing in speed) causing another ball to launch. Lather, rinse, repeat. It sounds like one big clack, but the reaction travels to the final ball, which shoots out at great speed. Rail gun any one?

PC Dice - Leave PC diagnostics to the hands of chance

When mom calls with a problem with her laptop, she won't understand it when you tell her that spyware has zombied her IE, and that you need to apply a little Firefox. She just wants to know you're coming to fix the Internets. Save yourself the trouble of coming up with an actual diagnosis with PC Dice. Toss these little timesavers, each one loaded with enough technospeak to give her the reassurance that you've diagnosed the problem. Now, you can get back to actually working.

PC Dice - Leave PC diagnostics to the hands of chance

Neon 7 Mini Touchscreen Cell Phone - Tiny Phone Crams in a Gaggle of Features

Neon 7 Mini Touchscreen Cell Phone - Tiny Phone Crams in a Gaggle of Features

This unlocked Neon 7 Mini Touchscreen Cell Phone struck our fancy with its host of features and diminutive stature. The Neon 7 features a 1.3MP Camera, TFT LCD touchscreen, heat sensitive buttons, handwriting recognition, speech synthesis, simple POP/IMAP e-mail support, MP3/MP4 player, stereo bluetooth, 1GB storage, oh and a tri-band GSM cell phone. Amazingly this mini phone is only 11mm thick. Just pop your sim card out of your existing AT&T/Cingular or T-Mobile cell phone and insert it into the Neon 7 to start making and receiving calls.

You Still Have Space in Your Closet? We'll Help With That.

See if you can find the hidden theme in this week's t-shirt offerings. They're respectively about homicidal robots, soul-crushing corporations, universal standards, the miracle of alcohol, and saving the world through good coding practices. Give up? Yeah. We did, too. We assume we put this group together while under the influence of our most favoritest of the new shirts. It must have made sense at the time.

You Still Have Space in Your Closet? We'll Help With That.

SATA Drive Dock - Fast hotswapping drive dock

SATA Drive Dock - Fast hotswapping drive dock

Storage is cheap, and in the process of upgrading to the biggest and fastest hard drive, you've gone and orphaned a phalanx of cast-offs. You can continue to make use of them by jamming those bare SATA drives into this convenient dock. USB or eSata interfaces connect up to your computer giving you up to 3Gbps access to that drive. Not only is the bare-drive thing look cool on your desktop, it gives them new life.

Treat your discs right with the USB Storage Carousel

Having a problem finding your CDs? We know that they make terrific drink coasters, but come on - your CDs deserve a little more respect! This carousel is a CD storage system which can hold 150 discs. It features a stackable design and lock and keys are included for security. Get CD/DVDs fast and accurately using the included management software. You can also use USB Storage Carousel as a stand alone unit. Just directly input the slot number from the key pad and the machine will spin to the specific slot and pull out the CD for you.

Treat your discs right with the USB Storage Carousel

Bow & Mallow Marshmallow Shooter - Shoots Sugary Bullets

Bow & Mallow Marshmallow Shooter - Shoots Sugary Bullets

Each foot step is silent as you creep around your office in only your socks. You know your success in the hunt relies on your stealth. Your bow's magazine is loaded with only the sweetest mini marshmallows. There he is, right near the water cooler. You slowly pull back the bow, feeling the potential energy build. You close your eyes - take a breath. The bow is ready and you fire. And then as you hear the first screams, you fire again and again, sending wave after wave of fluffy sugar at your prey. No one can withstand the fury of marshmallows.

DIY MP3 Alarm Clock - Hack your Alarm Sounds

Tired of waking up to a frightening klaxon or a too-soft beep? Wish you could have just the alarm sound you want? Well, you should be able to tell by the name of this product that we've already found your solution. Jack this old school (looking) Alarm Clock into your computer and load up the sounds you want. The software has a bunch of sounds to choose from (at different volume levels), or you can load up a snippet of your favorite MP3 file. And because we care, it comes preloaded with a special wake up song - a gift from TG to you.

DIY MP3 Alarm Clock - Hack your Alarm Sounds

Construct Your Own Futuristic Roller Coaster

Construct Your Own Futuristic Roller Coaster

The classic Spacewarp toy from the 80's is back for your rolling enjoyment. Perhaps the Spacewarp's irresistible appeal is the mesmerizing perpetual motion as the balls zoom around the track? Or maybe it's the hours of detailed assembly time? Either way, the fun of the Spacewarp 5000 is half geek based construction project and half satisfaction of watching your intricate marble coaster in action. Of course you can build the exact structure shown here, or design your own crazy track with only the laws of physics as your limitation.

Quick Blurbs !!

Lil Guppie Multi-tool

Little Guppie Multi-tool - Dad Needs It (you do too)

Closed-Hood Car Jump Starter

Closed-Hood Car Jump Starter - Look Ma! No Dirty Hands

The Astrodea Celestial Watch

A map of the stars - The Astrodea Celestial Watch

Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

Magnetically enhanced bottle opening device

Digital Message Tape

Digital Message Tape That's Really Analog

Dead Fred Pen Holder

Stab Dead Fred all you want, he won't mind

Socket Sense Expandable Power Strip

A power strip that expands from 13" to 18"

Shocking Pen

The Ingenius Shocking Pen - Give a co-worker a Jolt

Bone Chillers Ice Tray

Bone Chillers - Arrr! Chill yer grog, matey

Mogo ExpressCard Slot Mouse

Mogo ExpressCard Slot Mouse - World's Thinnest Mouse

500 GB 7200 SATA Internal 3.5

500 GB 7200 SATA Internal 3.5" HD - Big Drive at a Small Price

Mvix Wireless HD Media Center

$30 Rebate on Mvix Wireless HD Media Center - 780-HD

Serenity - Worlds of the Alliance Poster

Serenity - Worlds of the Alliance Poster

Totoro Plush Hat

Totoro Plush Hat - Kawaii fleece for your noggin

Office Prank Phone Message Pad

Office Prank Phone Message Pad - Your Protologist Called

Anti Sleep Driving Alarm

Stay awake during marathon gaming or driving sessions

Khet Laser Game

Khet: Tower of Kadesh - New 3D expansion piece

Case o' BuzzWater

Buzz Water - Back in stock - Mega Caffeinated

Polarity  - Magnetic Boardgame

Polarity Magnetic Boardgame - Back in stock

Caffeine Candy Sampler v7.0

Caffeine Candy Sampler v7.0 - Back in stock

Dear Timmy

Our mascot and resident sage, Timmy the Monkey is a fountain of wisdom. Here he shares his advice with a smart mass in need. Would you like Timmy's helpful advice for yourself? Send it to Dear Timmy. If we publish your email to Timmy, you will win a $50 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate! Read on for Timmy's latest wise words:

Dear Timmy,

When I drink grape juice, and then I go pee, where does all the purple go?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, The blue and green planet

Dear Brandon,

I'm surprised no one has ever talked to you about this before ... what ever are they teaching you in high school biology these days? Basically, the process is very simple. The "purple", as you call it (the technical term would be "tannins"), is processed by your kidneys and broken down into its constituent reds and blues. The reds are injected into your arteries, which is what makes your blood red, and the blues are injected into your veins, which is why your veins appear blue under your skin. What's left over is basically white grape juice, which as we all know is pretty much the right color already.

As a side note, have you ever wondered why the blood in your veins will appear red once its outside your body, even though it was blue when it was under your skin? Well, the answer comes from a branch of physics called optics, which studies things like colors. Red, as it turns out, is water soluble, so the blood absorbs it. Blue, however, floats on top of the blood and ends up coating the inner walls of the veins. When you cut into a vein, only the red actually escapes.

Isn't science wonderful (and sarcastic)?

-- Timmy

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