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April 23, 2008

Dear Fellow Sacs of Protoplasm (and assorted nucleotides),

Last time we wrote, we unleashed a flurry of tantalizing products upon you. And as expected, the best of you called us out for our shenanigans. But many of you did not, and were fooled on the first of April. You wrote us pained e-mails when you realized that such things as caffeinated children's cereal and a Nintendo pee game weren't even vaporware. You said fun stuff like 'We hates You', 'Why ThinkGeek? Why?', and one of our new favorites, 'I will avenge the honor you just stole from me'. But we're here to make it up to you by introducing the following bona fide, genuine, indubitably-tangible goodies...

Dueling Space Marines Copters

Dueling Space Marine Copters

The Few, the Proud, the Space Marines

Everyone knows that Space Marines are the toughest fighters this side of the Quark Nebula... but equip them with blasters and helipacks, and you've got something deadly enough to take out an alien queen with no power-loader required. This Dueling Space Marines Copter Set gets you a set of two mini r/c helicopters with infra-red laser-tag-style battle action. Simply push the shoulder button on the remote to unleash a plasma blast and blow your opponent out of the sky. With stable flying characteristics and forgiving crash dynamics, these diminutive space copters are perfect practice for that impending battle against the betentacled alien planet hopper that awaits when you level up.

Create your own epic space battle without the zero gravity baggage:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has Arrived!

Fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has Arrived!

Time to take out that second mortgage on your home. With the singing of angels, the fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has descended from Russian design studio Art Lebedev like a deus ex machina. As you should know by now, this amazing keyboard features a tiny screen on each key... that's 113 screens in all. Of course all this futuristic technology is going to cost you a pretty penny, but we figure you'll just expense the Optimus and tout its "incredible increased efficiency when using PowerPoint hotkeys" in your expense report summary. We did.

Wacky Office Supplies - Finally, Useful Paper Products

Offices are full of paper (some even just make paper). Most of the paper is crap; let's be honest. So here are some great paper goods to make the crap more fun and palatable. Whether you need to mark a document as "Someday," organize your takeout menus, send a paper e- mail, consolidate your passwords, keep track of your scheduled breaks, or just carry things around, these office goodies will give you the attitude you need to succeed. Or the attitude to just mock everything; we're not sure which.

Wacky Office Supplies - Finally, Useful Paper Products

Stargate Mirror - See yourself in the event-horizon

Stargate Mirror - See yourself in the event-horizon

Untold ages ago, the Ancients built a network of Stargates throughout our local group of galaxies. 39 glyphs and 9 chevrons on these massive rings can dial up nearly 2 trillion possible destinations. Normally these rings are massive - 22 feet wide, and were made from some previously unknown substance. ThinkGeek's got a hold of a convenient shrunken version merely 10 inches across. It won't exactly let you zip through thousands of light-years in an instant, but it works great as a mirror! Perfect for the narcissistic Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis fan!

2 New Standard Shirts + 2 New Babydolls = 4TW!

This week two of our shirts are out of this world, but we'll start off with the two that are a bit closer to home. First, we have an iPhone- inspired Slide to Unlock babydoll and a clone-themed shirt (no federal funding was used in the making of this shirt). For our out-of-this- world set, the Planet Express Babydoll celebrates everyone's favorite intergalactic shipping company, and Cantina Band... well, you'll have to see that one for yourself.

2 New Standard Shirts + 2 New Babydolls = 4TW!

Third Hand Adjustable Parts Holder - Oh yeah!!

Third Hand Adjustable Parts Holder - Oh yeah!!

Having an actual third hand would probably make you the world's best gamer, but it would also look a bit odd. Instead, we suggest The Third Hand Adjustable Parts Holder. It might not be quite as incredible as having an actual third hand, but it's still very useful and always ready to assist. Two adjustable arms with alligator clip jaws hold parts in place and the magnifying lens is perfect for getting a detailed view. Great for holding circuitboards when performing soldering or doing precision repairs or assembly.

Uberstix - A Building Toy Revolution

If you thought you knew all about building sets, well, UberStix are about to rock your world. Like most building sets, UberStix can build bridges and towers (the big set uses blueprints instead of instructions to build a tower over 5 feet tall!), but UberStix really excel when motion is required. You'll be able to build anything from an UberBoat (which actually floats) to an UberPult (which actually pults). And UberStix connect to Lego blocks and most other building sets, too. What are you waiting for? Get building now.

Uberstix - A Building Toy Revolution

Doctor Who Laser Screwdriver - The Master's Tool

Doctor Who Laser Screwdriver - The Master's Tool

All legendary heroes require equally legendary villains. And if those heroes have any gadgets, then you better believe the villains are going to try and one up them. Thus is the case with Doctor Who. When the good Doctor whipped out his tool, the Master whipped out his own. Not only is the Master's Laser Screwdriver longer, it's also gold and silver. It can "fire" a high intensity laser beam, or age its target rapidly using a condensed genetic manipulator. Of course, this one is just a replica... or is it?

HYMini Portable Power Generator - Go Green Go

Juice-Up your electronic toys with green power. You're a geek, you have gadgets, and they all need electricity. You're also an intelligent and responsible citizen of the Earth. How do you balance your need for blinking lights, buttons and dials with the desire to leave less of a carbon footprint? Simply make use of the abundant energy all around you for free! This handy power-gadget generates up to 1200mAh of power from the wind. Boost your power generation with optional solar panels! Attach the generator to your body or to your handlebars to juice-up while you move. Cloudy day with no wind? You can also charge off the wall socket.

HYMini Portable Power Generator - Go Green Go

Help Keep the Cassette Tape Alive

Help Keep the Cassette Tape Alive

In between the beloved LP record and the now familiar CD, there was another music media format - the cassette tape. It was very popular during the 80's and one thing that definitely made it standout was that, unlike a LP, you could easily record onto a cassette tape. The Stand Alone or Car Cassette MP3 Player is built into a standard cassette tape, letting you use it as either a uniquely old-school-style standalone MP3 player, or with any car cassette or cassette player to play your music. Requires SD media card.

Speed Racer Mini R/C Cars - GO Speed Racer GO!

Stage a tiny race to the death with these mini r/c recreations of classic Speed Racer vehicles. Each features a steering wheel controller that matches the vehicle. You've got full control to go forward and reverse and turn left or right... but unfortunately no built in saw blades, rockets or auto jacks. Charge each car by docking it with the remote, then race for up to 7 minutes. We thought that Spritle and Chim- Chim were hiding in the trunk of the Mach 5 but despite our best efforts the trunk didn't open. Where's Trixie when you need her?

Speed Racer Mini R/C Cars - GO Speed Racer GO!

Knives Ready to Join the Circus of Pain

Knives Ready to Join the Circus of Pain

Whether you have a zeal for throwing steel or you're a cutlery connoisseur, this knife block is just for you. In 1938 the Wheel of Death introduced the spinning target to knife throwing and decades later knife throwing still lives on in the modern day sideshow. And it can live on in your kitchen with the Throwzini Knife Holder. The Throwzini Knife Holder is made from hand-crafted wood and comes complete with a set of five stainless steel knives. Each knife is held securely in its individual protective sheath by magnets.

Nintendo Meets Jack Skellington in Tokyo

Of course we have more nifty Japanese products cherry-picked for your virtual perusal. The Legend of Zelda Sound Drop Keychains come in six varieties and each plays a different classic Zelda sound effect. Or give your desk some added protection with the Super Mario Singing Glow Star. It flashes and plays the invincibility music from Super Mario. The Super Mario Glowing Keychains light up your pocket with your favorite Mario mascots while the 3D laser-etched Nightmare Before Xmas Glowing Ghosts rise from their tombs. Whew...

Nintendo Meets Jack Skellington in Tokyo

Supersized Earbuds - Not for the Lilliputian

Supersized Earbuds - Not for the Lilliputian

Headphones for giants or speakers for you? Through some freakish laboratory accident, ThinkGeek scientists accidentally embiggen'd a shipment of iPod earbuds - expanding them to 500 times normal size. When life gives you citric acid, make a refreshing chilled fruit- beverage, we always say! These desktop speakers may look like humble headphones, but the resemblance is merely superficial. These speakers come with a built-in amplifier and generate up to 3 watts of sound when cranked to 11. You can always tell people you stole them from a cloud giant's back pocket. We won't tell.

Star Wars R2-D2 Speaker Set - Use your droid wisely

Since the Star Wars movies R2-D2 seems to have fallen on hard times. You'd think a successful droid would have an easy time finding work... but unfortunately due to his speech impediment and close association with C-3PO he was forced to find work as a pepper grinder, trashcan and even a laundry basket. Now R2 is trying his hand at audio with this nifty speaker set. You get a two-droid set, R2-D2 and his red doppleganger, R2-D1. Each features a flip-up head to reveal a speaker. Don't you want to help out a droid who's down on his luck?

Star Wars R2-D2 Speaker Set - Use your droid wisely

Get A Free Pink Lava Lamp - Perfect For Mom's Day

Get A Free Pink Lava Lamp - Perfect For Mom's Day

Hey folks, Mom's day is creeping up faster than a legion of undead approaching a cerebellum farm. What does that mean for you? It means you need to get something for Mom that she might really enjoy. So please think outside that proverbial three dimensional square thing and make Mom happy this year with a free pink USB lava lamp! Just spend $25 or more (not including the lava lamp, duh), and use the code MOTHERSHIP during checkout to redeem. Hurry, Mom's day is May 11th and unlike most plastic bottles this offer won't last forever.

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TWiT Store Moving - All TWiT stuff 50% Off

TWiT Store Moving to SCOTTeVEST - All TWiT Stuff 50% Off

Ambient Forecasting Umbrella - $49.99 (below cost) - 1 week only!

Ambient Forecasting Umbrella - $49.99 (below cost) - 1 week only!

LCD Digital Photo Frame

8" Digital Photo Frames - $99, limited time offer

LED Art Fan

LED Art Fans - $40 off for 1 week only

iRecord 1-Touch iPod Video Ripper

iRecorder 1-Touch iPod Video Ripper - Snappy Video Encoding

Leatherman Skeletool

Leatherman Skeletool - The latest multi-tool from Leatherman

Solid Metal Airsoft Handgun

Solid Metal Airsoft Handgun - Metal + Airsoft = Sweet!

Mario Kart Slot Car Racing Set

Mario Kart Slot Car Racing Set - Lets-a-RACE!

All Edges Brownie Pan

The Brownie Pan of the Future - Two Edges for Every Piece

Universal Heritage Poster

Universal Heritage - History of the Universe in a Poster

Not A Paper Cup

Not A Paper Cup - Environmentally friendly travel mug

Packin' Heat

Packin' Heat - Gun-shaped handwarmer

Stainless Steel 8GB Video Watch

New Video Player Watch - Massive storage space

Here Hanger

Here Hanger - Cursor turned coat-hanger


Keycaps - Monkey and Skull cappers for your keys

Metallic Video Watch with OLED Screen

Metallic Video Watch with OLED Screen - Back in Stock

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt - Back in Stock

The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron

The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron - Back in Stock

Multi-Color LED Lightbulb w/Remote

Multi-Color LED Lightbulb w/Remote - Back in Stock

1.3 Megapixel Spy Camera Sunglasses

1.3 Megapixel Spy Camera Sunglasses - Back in Stock

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