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February 27, 2008

Fellow Vermicious Knids!

We know that you know March 14th is fast approaching. We expect that you know March 14th is internationally recognized as Pi day and also the birthday of the dude after which the chemical element ninety-nine was named - the one with the hair (not the element, the dude). We fear you know not, however, that March 14th is also the 14-year anniversary of the Linux kernel version 1.0.0. Mere coincidence? We have no clue. We just sit here minding our own business, scouring the planet for things we hope you will enjoy, then we parade them in front of you not unlike this...

Mana Energy Potion

Mana Energy Potion

An immense power up in a tiny bottle

Everyone knows Mana gives you a big magic boost. Before now, that boost has been limited to virtual worlds and role playing games. But after casting a level 39 Spell of Epic Summoning, we finally have some Mana for realz. Each tiny 1.35oz potion bottle has as much kick as two 8oz energy drinks. Yeah, you read that right: one shot will keep you alert and ready to battle anything life or the afterlife can throw at you (and it's dang tasty, too).

Mana Junkie

Undead rebellion? Chug some Mana. Invading Horde? Chug some Mana. All night game-a-thon? Chug some Mana. Extreme coding fracas? Chug some Mana. Bladder overflowing? Well...go pee. And then, chug some MANA!

Depleted magic points, journeyers?
For mere gold pieces...


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Halo 3 Full-Size Plasma Weapons - Laser Tag meets Halo 3

Halo 3 Full-Size Plasma Weapons - Laser Tag meets Halo 3

One of our favorite states of matter is plasma, especially when it is stored in a battery and discharged through a weapon of alien origin. Now take that plasma weapon and turn it into a laser tag gun with separate shield generator unit, overheating capability, game accurate lights and sounds, and force feedback with each shot fired, and you have these unbelievable Halo 3 Plasma Weapons. They feel like you reached into the game and pulled them out right out of Master Chief's hands. So get them fast, before ol' MC wises up and comes looking for his guns. We won't rat you out.

A Baker's Dozen of New Shirts

You read that right. Thirteen new shirts. And you know what that means: almost two whole additional weeks without laundry. We've gathered shirts from some of our (and we hope your) favorite pop culture phenomena: Mario, Heroes, Batman, ThunderCats, Zelda, Halo, Princess Bride, Doctor Who, and the Family Guy / Star Wars mashup. You may have noticed we've also added a Pop Culture category to the t-shirt navigation, just for this sort of thing.

A Baker's Dozen of New Shirts

Millipod Camera Wrap and Mini Tripod

Millipod Camera Wrap and Mini Tripod

Your camera is your friend and it goes along with you on adventures to capture the funny, exciting, unusual and wonderful moments that you want to remember. Unfortunately, it also captures dents, scratches, nicks and other battle scars. This camera case attaches easily to the tripod socket on the bottom of your camera and wraps around to protect your digital pal. The camera wrap opens very quickly and also features a small built-in folding tripod for getting those timer or steady shots.

Mini-Kaoss Touchpad Effects Processor - Dance Dance Revolution

You may be familiar with the amazing pocket-sized Kaossilator Touchpad Synthesizer designed by Korg Japan. Now Korg brings it's revolutionary touchpad style interface to the Mini-Kaoss Touchpad Effects Processor. The Mini-Kaoss acts as if you took several hundred different guitar effects pedals and crammed them into one device. Give it any audio input like your iPod or CD player and run your fingers across the touchpad as the Mini-Kaoss pad transforms your music with amazing effects. Tap the BPM key in time to your music and the Mini-Kaoss learns the beat of the song and syncs the effects appropriately. With 100 different amazing sounding effects ranging from pitch changers, to flangers to reverb and delays... soon you'll be opening your own discotheque at your desk.

Mini-Kaoss Touchpad Effects Processor - Dance Dance Revolution

Tengu happy fun face man sings pleasant good songs to you! Let's Joyous!

Tengu happy fun face man sings pleasant good songs to you! Let's Joyous!

The Japanese philosophy for gadget design is to design the product first, and create the need second. One only has to look at Japan's fiber and urine-analysis toilets to know the truth of that axiom. Tengu's practicality may be questionable, but his entertainment value is undeniable! USB powered, he sits on your desk, and listens to your music. He loves to perform! Watch him lip-synch to your favorite hits! The more he performs, the happier he is. Choose from seven entertaining LED faces designed to fit any mood.

62" TV Mounted Right on Your Face

You know you want one, but you've been waiting, haven't you? To be able to watch TV, privately, on a 62" bigscreen a mere 9 virtual feet in front of your peepers has been a dream of the average geek since the day we started to bang the rocks together. These video goggles have 4 times the resolution of the average video eyewear, and the design has been retooled for a better fit and more comfort - particularly for folks who wear glasses. Up to 6 hours rechargeable battery life lets you watch Empire on the train, Serenity in the bathroom, or Blade Runner in bed, so go put some TV on your face.


The Latest Addition To Desktop Detente

The Latest Addition To Desktop Detente

You were first in your office to get a USB missile launcher. Then, Skippy, that less than intelligent analyst down the hall, got one. You one-upped him with the longer-range rocket launcher. Soon after, he upgraded, too. It's a constant battle of attrition - brinksmanship that occasionally tips the scale. Now, engineers at ThinkGeek's Top Secret Bunker in Alamogordo have added wireless technology to our venerable launch system adding 15 devastating feet to your missile-launcher's total range. Get him before he gets you!

Space Warp Desktop - Glowing Futuristic Desk-Based Enjoyment

You know those desk-based toys of yore where five balls hang from strings and clink back and forth in different patterns? Well slap that old desk gadget in a Delorean at 88 Mph and you'll get the futuristic Space Warp Desktop. Imported from Japan, this mesmerizing desk toy features both chromed ball bearings and glowing orbs perpetually rotating on a clear track. Flip a switch on the back to choose which type of balls you prefer, while the ones you don't want are automatically sorted and stored in the base. It's Japanese efficiency at its finest served up for your desk-based enjoyment.

Space Warp Desktop - Glowing Futuristic Desk-Based Enjoyment

5.1 Surround Sound Recording in your Pocket

5.1 Surround Sound Recording in your Pocket

Expanding on the success of the excellent H4 diminutive live audio recorder Samson audio is now offering the smaller and more affordable H2 Digital Audio Recorder. The H2 forgoes the XLR style mic inputs of the H4 and instead adds four built in microphones for 360 degree sound recording allowing you to capture audio in 5.1 surround sound. The pocket-size of the H2 is perfect for recording live music performances directly as WAV (up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution) or MP3 (up to 320 kbps) files. Everything is stored on removable SD cards and a 4GB card can get you up to a whopping 138 hours of CD quality MP3 recording.

Delightful Japanese Goodies Scramble Panic Rally

We've assembled a diverse assortment of nifty Japanese tidbits for your virtual perusal. Begin with the Super Mario Bros. Bath Bombs... we don't know what they're made of, but drop them in your bathtub as they fizz away depositing a tiny mario character in your bathwater as a reward. After you've cleaned up Mario-style, enjoy the gaggle of rotating Jack and friends projected on your ceiling by the Nightmare Before Xmas Mobile Light while you cuddle up in bed with an adorable Legend of Zelda Plush Link doll. Nihon no sugoii de yo! Do Itashimashite!

Delightful Japanese Goodies Scramble Panic Rally

Keeps your tummy happy - the iStraw Emergency Water Filter

Keeps your tummy happy - the iStraw Emergency Water Filter

There will be times when you'll be forced to leave your comfy lair and travel to parts unfamiliar. We know that it can be a bit mentally unsettling to be torn away from your daily gaming and coding routine for a business trip to some far away land. It can also be physically unsettling, too. The ice and water in other countries can really throw you for a loop. The iStraw Emergency Water Filter can help. It is a polycarbonate straw fitted with a special membrane, which uses micro-filtration technology to clean your water, reducing up to 99.99999% of all waterborne bacteria.

Boba Fett Helmet and Cyclops Visor - What the Pros wear

The best Do-It-Yourselfers out there know that you should always spend a little extra to get the best safety gear. So, we're bringing you two of the best protective products available. Got lasers shooting out of your eyes? Then contain them with the Cyclops Visor - accurately replicated from the X-Men movies. Want everyone to still think you are awesome and not just a clone like everyone else? The cover your prequel shame with a limited edition Boba Fett Helmet - painstakingly crafted based on an original screen-worn helmet. Then you'll be a cult figure all over again.

Boba Fett Helmet and Cyclops Visor - What the Pros wear

Power Popper Burp Gun - Balls of power!

Power Popper Burp Gun - Balls of power!

Burp guns have been around for the longest time - ever since a caveman choked and burped up some Sabertooth Tiger jerky on his friends. It's time, however, to take burp guns to the next level. The Power Popper is the most accurate and reliable burp gun ever. It shoots safe (but hearty) foam balls, and you can get it in either lightning-strike single barreled or take-no-prisoners double barreled. And we're also offering a refill kit for even more shooting fun, which comes with a nice mesh carrying bag. Think about that one a bit, and insert your own joke here.

Quick Blurbs !!

Pi By Numbers

March 14th Is Pi Day & Einstein's Birthday - Celebrate!

Capsule USB Memory Key

USB Capsule Memory Key - Keep it secret. Keep it safe

Extreme Office Crafts

Extreme Office Crafts - Sticky note mosaics and more

iPhone Leather Holster Pro

iPhone Leather Holster Pro - Swank iPhone Home

Mvix Wireless HD Media Center

Mvix Wireless Multimedia Enclosure Now With HDMI and 1080p

The Solution Babydoll

The Solution Babydoll -- You Wanted It. We Made It Happen

Wii Remote Keychain

Wii Remote Keychain -- We Love this Wee Wiimote

PatchTest Ethernet Cable Tester

PatchTest Ethernet Cable Tester

Pac-Man Magnet Set

Pac-Man Magnet Set -- Put on Fridge for Midnight Cravings

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition - Now with CD

The Mug of Perl

Mug of Perl - Perl cheat sheet on your cup

Ultimate DIY Pocket Protector

Ultimate DIY Pocket Protector - A new take on the classic

Mini DIY Cardboard iPod Boombox

Mini DIY Cardboard Boombox

Ultra-thin Digital Voice Recorder

Ultra-thin Digital Voice Recorder - Back in Stock!


w00t! -- Now Available in a Dictionary-Compatible Color Scheme

Stewie Crossbones Cap

Stewie Crossbones Cap -- Super-Discounted Family Guy Hat

The Latest Action Shot Winner

The Latest Action Shot Winner: DIY Neon Sign Kit & LED Panel

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