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December 11, 2007

Fellow Humans,

We are gathered here today, nestled in a tangle of festive USB cables and in front of a warm simulated fire, resting our feet up on some plush Mandalorians and slow sipping Brawndo, the thirst mutilator. Why? Because for the past several weeks we've been running around the office like Goombas in heat to try and ensure we would have some fresh new product for you to feast upon. Mission accomplished... and pass the Brawndo please. (It's got what plants crave!)

Order by 12/13 for UPS Ground Christmas Delivery

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Save up to $10 on your next ThinkGeek order

Save up to $10 on your next ThinkGeek order

ThinkGeek fanboy and fangirls rejoice! The only thing better than the latest gadgetry is the latest gadgetry on the cheap. Take advantage of us now! Just make sure you have at least $50 of goods in your shopping cart, not including shipping and taxes, and enter the following code during checkout - PORTAL - (without the hyphens of course) and we'll take $10 off your total. If you have less than $50 but at least $25, the magic computer program will take $5 off. But be nimble! This offer expires midnight EST 12/13/2007.

Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set - "Laser Tag" has evolved

Get ready for some hardcore office warfare. These are not your daddy's pistols; these are blasters. With snap-on scopes and blaster extensions, collapsible stocks, folding bipod legs, and an LCD display, these blasters will provide hours of safe office violence. And if you buy more than one set, you can divide your office into A and B teams and really have some massive office battles. Grab some now, and start laying the holiday smack down.

Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set -

New Caffeinated Stuff - More buzz for your buck

New Caffeinated Stuff - More buzz for your buck

The holiday eating season is here! And holiday gorging means extra drowsiness. Time to kick your butt back in gear. Choose Jolt Endurance Shots if you need a bang of caffeine in a hurry (150mg of caffeine per 2oz bottle). If your breath stinks and you need a boost, then Primer Caffeinated Breath Spray is for you (over 33mg per spray). Or if you are an idiot from the future (or from the movie "Idiocracy"), drink BRAWNDO - THE THIRST MUTILATOR (200mg per 16oz).

The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie - Now Available in Power Red!

While we were looking damn sharp at meetings wearing the original blue ThinkGeek 8-bit tie, we just didn't have the clout needed when Mario demanded that all employees must ride Yoshis to the office. So the robotic monkeys voted, and it was determined that a new red version of the ThinkGeek classic pixilated necktie was needed. Enter the Red 8-bit Power Tie! Now you can rule over your office with an 8-bit fist!

The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie - Now Available in Power Red!

Mushroom and Bomb Banks - Time to save your coins

Mushroom and Bomb Banks - Time to save your coins

Mario likes saving his coins, so you should too. Here are three ways to save up your loot. You can do like Mario and keep them in a mushroom - your choice of Super or 1Up 'Shroom. Or you can put them in a bomb. Just a warning - if you don't deposit every day, the Bomb Bank will "explode" in anger and spill your money all over the place. And once you've saved up a lot of coins... send them to us. We'll exchange your coins for something awesome. Promise.

Essential Airsoft Arsenal- $19.99 or $29.99 Buys lots of Firepower

We're a sucker for Airsoft guns... the plastic pellet-firing mostly-safe weapon of choice here at the ThinkGeek office. And these two new airsoft offerings have the robotic office monkeys watching their backs more than usual. Start with the huge Airsoft Assault Rifle with Laser Sight. This battery-powered full size weapon is seriously scary looking and features full-auto firing, adjustable stock and tactical sling. Or choose the Airsoft Blowback Handgun with Laser Sight. With realistic slide recoil after every shot and amazingly accurate laser sight, you'll want to keep it by your side at office meetings in case someone has their eye on the last donut.

Essential Airsoft Arsenal- $19.99 or $29.99 Buys lots of Firepower

Tux Droid - Wireless Tux Robot Made specifically for... Linux

Tux Droid - Wireless Tux Robot Made specifically for... Linux

Are you a fan of Nabaztag, the wi-fi robot rabbit who interacts with you and alerts you of various online events, but have been holding out for a more... open source type of device? Well today is your lucky day because the Tux Droid is an open source version of the Nabaztag with no subscription fees and completely customizable software. With the included software you can have Tux monitor any number of different events and have him react with different lights, sounds and movements to let you know what's going on.

Star Wars Lifesize Wall Clings - Real size bad-assedness

Nothing intimidates like a 7 foot tall dark-lord of the Sith. If you don't have one handy, you can get his stand-in instead. These officially licensed Star Wars vinyl wall clings are life sized and photo-realistic, and seven kinds of awesome. Choose Vader for the lawful-evil crowd. Those of you that are more chaotic-neutral may enjoy a lifesized Boba Fett. If you're more lawful-good, and you like your jedi small and green, Yoda is ready to leap, saber at the ready!

Star Wars Lifesize Wall Clings - Real size bad-assedness

Mobile Notetaker - Never Miss a Doodle...

Mobile Notetaker - Never Miss a Doodle...

Paper... it's such a temporary and easily-damaged medium to store our genius written thoughts and diagrams. Now you can use the Mobile Notetaker to transcribe your every pen movement. Simply take any pad, clip the Mobile Notetaker to the top and start writing... Instantly your text and illustrations are displayed on the LCD screen and stored in the internal memory. Download to your computer and the included software allows to you save all your illustrations and convert your written notes to editable text using OCR.

Mixtape Memory Stick - Bring back the love

The venerable mixtape is an art form that's sadly dying, not because of the failure of the genre, but because of the failure of the medium. Analog audiotapes are going the way of the dodo in favor of digital media, so why should mixtapes follow? A mixtape is a snapshot of your taste - a method of self-expression. The Mixtape Memory stick looks like a cassette tape, but houses a memory key capable of holding an hour's worth of audio. Give the gift that used to say, "I'm too cheap for a real gift, so here's some music" but now shows how retro-cool you are.

Mixtape Memory Stick - Bring back the love

Gigantor 15" Digital Photo Frame on SALE... Now only $199.99

Gigantor 15

When this 15" Digital Photo Frame arrived at the ThinkGeek world headquarters of doom we thought to ourselves "That is one huge-ass photo frame"... and we're thinking that you're gonna feel the exact same way when you're viewing sumo wrestling snapshots from your Tokyo vacation from across the room without squinting. With 1024x768 resolution this frame displays sharp bright images. Holes on the back allow for wall mounting. Included IR remote and built-in speakers. Now through the holidays it's available for the completely unbeatable price of $199.99.

BluAlert Bracelet - Stylishly links to your cell phone

You told your friends to meet you at the club. They call you to get directions. Your phone rings, but the noise of the party drowns it out and you miss their calls. Now you're drinking alone, pathetic and sad... again. End this vicious cycle once and for all with the BlueAlert bracelet. The BluAlert bracelet buzzes on your wrist when your Bluetooth-enabled phone rings. It also doubles as a security device - buzzing when your phone is more than 5 meters away. Never miss a call, and never lose your phone again.

BluAlert Bracelet - Stylishly links to your cell phone

Shirts for the Erudite Crowd

Shirts for the Erudite Crowd

For those of you who like to have to explain your shirt at family gatherings, we have new ones just for you. For you guys and gals who toil thanklessly keeping the mail servers humming along beautifully, we have "You had me at EHLO." Also, by popular demand, we bring you the third in our irrational numbers series -- Phi by Numbers. We think it's beautiful, but then so do most folks.

Pico WiFi Radio - Portable Awesomeness

Corporate radio sucks, so internet radio was born! Now anyone can broadcast the most eclectic mix of news and entertainment from all over the world! This diminutive battery-powered rechargeable radio draws its mojo from WiFi, tuning in over 8,000 stations streaming from every corner of the earth. Listen to nearly any internet radio stream on the planet wherever there's WiFi. Perfect for the audiophile in your life.

Pico WiFi Radio - Portable Awesomeness

Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder - Save $30! One Week Only

Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder - Save $30! One Week Only

We prefer our media devices hackable, preferably with a dash of Linux, and the Neuros OSD delivers on all fronts. At the base level, the OSD takes video and audio inputs from your DVD Player, Cable Box etc. and encodes them in real-time into playable media for your iPod, Cell Phone or PC. Now Neuros is begging you to hack the OSD by offering a $3,500 bounty for anyone who can make the OSD piggyback on the TiVo's recording schedule. Save $30 off the regular price and get coding!

Star Wars Mandalorian Action Figures - Hand picked by Jango Fett

You all know about the army of clones and how they were genetically engineered from Jango Fett's DNA. But what you don't know is who trained them. Jango brought in a bunch of his Mandalorian friends to whip the clones in shape. These Mandalorians were some of the fiercest fighters known. And now you can collect them all. They each feature tons of articulation, removable helmets, and various weapons. And look - two of them are girls. Girl Mandalorians are hot.

Star Wars Mandalorian Action Figures - Hand picked by Jango Fett

Quick Blurbs !!

The Book of Games, Volume 2

Book Of Games, v2 - All about the video games

Mint Tin Pocket Guitar Amp

Mint Tin Pocket Guitar Amp - Freshen up and ROCK!

Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain - Back in stock

Penguin Mints

Penguin Mints - Back in stock

Replug Breakaway Audio Jack

Replug Magnetic Breakaway Audio Jacks

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

Wifi-Detector Shirts - Back in stock

BodyGard 5-In-1 Emergency Tool

BodyGuard 5-in-1 Emergency Tool - Back in stock

Piet Hein Drink Cooler

Piet Hein Drink Cooler - On sale & Back in stock

Beanbag Cellphone Chair

Bean Bag Cellphone Chair - Back in stock

Marshmallow Assault Rifle

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