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November 28, 2007

Seasons Greetings Geeklings!

You know why we are writing this email, and so do we. We won't beat around the bush. We are writing to you about the one thing that gives hope to the downtrodden, sanity to the damned, and brings goodwill to all living creatures. Presents! Glorious commercially viable Presents! And we are as tickled as Mario at a numismatics convention to offer up to you some of our favorite picks. So, without further [COMPUTER, insert that French word here], we unveil to you some of the tastiest and most brain-delicious gift ideas for you or that special someone in your life that craves the smart...

Holiday Gift Center 2007

Whether it's Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or whateverw00t Wednesday, the monkeys at ThinkGeek have you covered in the gifts department. If you have a hard-to-shop-for geek on your list (or maybe yourself??) we've got a a slew of goodies that should tickle their geeky-bone this holiday season. Visit our gift guides to find just the right thing this year - from 8-bit Ties and WiFi Detecting T-shirts to Gigantor 15" Digital Photo Frames and Giant Plush Microbes. For the full scoop, check out the 2007 Holiday Gift Center. Happy Shopping!

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Cool Gift Ideas

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What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Miss our Cyber Monday deal? We'll help. The 8-bit tie, just $9.99!

Miss our Cyber Monday deal? We'll help. The 8-bit tie, just $9.99!

After turkey day, we had a little promotion on the infamous ThinkGeek 8- bit tie for 50% off - just $9.99. We figured since you, our loyal fanboys and fangirls, may not have had the opportunity to take advantage, we would extend it for another 3 days just for you. That's how we roll. Make sure to put the 8-bit tie into your shopping cart first, then just enter the promo code "ARCADE" during checkout to let the magic begin. Offer expires Midnite 11/30/2007:

R/C Pirate vs. Ninja - Let the bloodshed commence...

A gong rings. A cannon fires. Two warriors enter the battle arena: one ninja and one pirate - chosen by their people as the pinnacle of their respective disciplines. They glare; they posture. Each warrior waits for the other to make a move. In fact they wait so long, that something weird and random happens to their bodies: they begin to inflate in the hot sun. And pretty soon, they resemble balloons. Not knowing what to do, their crews place them on wheeled dollies and push them at each other. And thus the R/C Ninja vs. Pirate feud began. Now play:

 R/C Pirate vs. Ninja - Let the bloodshed commence...

ChoroQ Qsteer Mini R/C Racers - Grand Prix on Your Desk

ChoroQ Qsteer Mini R/C Racers - Grand Prix on Your Desk

Normally tiny R/C cars are hard to drive and they control like crap. They zip off your desk and land in the trash the minute you hit the gas, but not these precision ChoroQ Qsteer Mini R/C Racers imported from Japan. Amazingly, we were able to zoom these mini cars all over our desk with nary a fender bender. Hit the turbo button on the top of the remote for even more speed.

Tiny Speaker, Shockingly Huge Sound

MP3 players don't have speakers because anything that small would sound terrible. Not true! Sound engineer masterminds have crammed huge sound into something no bigger than an egg. Shockingly rich and bassy, the X-mini Capsule speaker will blow everybody away when they hear just how clear and loud this little guy is. It surprises everyone who hears it. Plug it into your iPod, or your Zune if that's your thing, and enjoy the tuneage.

Tiny Speaker, Shockingly Huge Sound

Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock - One clock to wake them all

Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock - One clock to wake them all

This is the alarm clock to silence all alarm clocks. With 21 different alarms, 20 digital radio presets, an MP3 player input, a headphone output and a USB port, there is little this clock can't do. Ok, so it won't make you breakfast. But it will make sure you are awake enough to order it from the drive-thru of your choice.

Credit Card Size Digital Video Player - Only $99

These mini video players are small on size but are big on features with full-size bright high-res screens and 8 hour battery life. They're perfect for playing your favorite movies and music. Choose from the Neon M3 with heat sensitive glowing buttons and a 2.4 inch LCD screen or the Ice with a brushed aluminum finish and a slightly larger 2.8 inch display. Both have 2GB of storage built-in and can be expanded via memory card.

Credit Card Size Digital Video Player - Only $99

T-Amp Gen 2 Amplifier - Little Amp that Could... Gets Better

T-Amp Gen 2 Amplifier - Little Amp that Could... Gets Better

The T-Amp line of amplifiers from Sonic Impact are revered by audiophiles everywhere for their amazing sound and incredible price. These amps have better sound than others that cost 10 times as much. This newest version of the T-Amp offers improved electronics with heat and circuit protection. 15 watts per channel may not sound like a lot, but those are the cleanest sounding watts you will hear.

Ladies Laptop Bags - Accessorize Your Laptop

Do you have a female human in your life looking for a stylish bag in which to carry her laptop? Yes? Then run to her closet and find her favorite pair of shoes and choose one of these purse-like laptop bags to match. These bags look expensive, but just think - you could buy 50 of these bags for the cost of one Gucci handbag... and would that Gucci bag hold a laptop? We think not.

Ladies Laptop Bags - Accessorize Your Laptop

Keychain Digital Photo Frame - Make your Keys Happy this Holiday

Keychain Digital Photo Frame - Make your Keys Happy this Holiday

Digital Photo Frame madness has certainly hit this holiday season and we're as guilty as the next geek for some digital stysle photo lovin'. We've already brought you one of the biggest photo frames around with the 15" Gigantor frame... and now we offer you one of the smallest with this diminutive keychain digital photo frame. Store up to 56 of your favorite photos and show them off to your friends when the fancy strikes you. Or load it up with lolcat photos and use it for a itty bitty flatscreen TV for your hamster.

USB Motorcycle Hub - Bossest USB Hub ever

Get yer motor runnin'... Head out on the...um...your desk (sing with us). This is the loudest USB hub we've ever found. Rev the engine or shift gears and everyone in your office will know it. Sure you can use it to share one USB port with three devices, but it's the howl and the growl and the motion of the engine that really set your spirit soaring.

USB Motorcycle Hub - Bossest USB Hub ever

New Geek Books - Words to wrap your brain around

New Geek Books  - Words to wrap your brain around

Just as iron helps us play, words help us learn things. Words printed on paper are called books and books help us learn even more. These four books will help you learn how to make a business card boomerang, party on your own space station, decipher the ingredients in your favorite energy drink, and convince you why you should name your new baby "Zardoz."

Star Trek TWOK Enterprise - Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" was a turning point for geeks everywhere. We learned that even an old dude could be genetically enchanced enough to have massive pecs, so there was hope for the rest of us. Celebrate this feat with an awesome replica of the good ol' NCC-1701 - complete with lights and sounds from the movies. Boldly go... and buy it.

Star Trek TWOK Enterprise - Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Alternate energy gadgets use free power sources

Alternate energy gadgets use free power sources

These gizmos run on readily available sources of power and are terrific demonstrations of alternate energy in action. For the Stirling Engine Kit, as the temperature changes between the base plates, the engine begins to turn. The source of power can be as basic as the heat emanating from your hand. The Mini Solar-Powered Car zooms along when the sun shines on its solar panel. It's a fun demonstration of solar power. Both are perfect learning tools or great desktop conversation pieces.

Easily open every major handheld and console on the market!!

Just because you like to tinker with your gadgets doesn't mean you have to be treated like a second-class citizen! Console manufacturers tend to lock down their gaming systems tight, trying to limit how you enjoy your purchase. They like to bolt the consoles together using unusual bits like tri-wing, and tamper-resistant torx. We know it's hard to get all these tools together, so we gathered them for you. Using this toolkit, you can open everything from a Super Famicom to a Playstation3. Once you've done that, you're on your own, though.

Easily open every major handheld and console on the market!!

Plasma Bulb Nightlight - The Fourth State Matters

Plasma Bulb Nightlight - The Fourth State Matters

Plasma powers starships, can be focused into bolts of force, and even projected into a saber-like configuration for Jedi. This mysterious fourth-state of matter certainly is useful, but did you know that you can use plasma to gently illuminate your bedroom! Keep the boogeyman at bay with the flickering light of excited electrons dropping back down to ground-state!

Sonicum Iconic Speaker Set - Innovative Design, Great Sound

Created by that wacky Russian design studio Art Lebedev responsible for the fabled Optimus Maximus keyboard, these flat panel speakers with included subwoofer sound great and look sharp. Shaped like audio volume icons your computer will feel right at home with the innovative design and your ears will appreciate the crisp highs delivered by the flat panel drivers.

Sonicum Iconic Speaker Set - Innovative Design, Great Sound

Quick Blurbs !!

Geeky Wrapping Paper

Don't Forget Our Geeky Wrapping Paper - It Covers Stuff

Static Electricity Eliminator

Static Electricity Eliminator - No more getting zapped by static

Emoticon Transforming Stamp

Emoticon Transforming Stamp - Stamp your mood

Beanbag Cellphone Chair

Beanbag Cellphone Chair - Pamper your iPhone

Soda Can Robot Kit

Soda Can Robot Kit - Build your own Soda Can RoBug

Praxinoscope Early Animation Kit

Praxinoscope Early Animation Kit - Animate like it's 1877

EarthLED Light Bulbs

Superbright LEDs save you $$ in your electric bills

Hidden Bookshelf

Hidden Bookshelf - Knowledge defeats gravity

Nightmare Before Xmas Little Taps

Nightmare Before Xmas Little Taps - Tiny Jacks Do Your Bidding

Super Mario DX Vinyl & Fabric Figure

Super Mario DX Vinyl & Fabric Figure - Mario Chillin' on Your Desk

Mini Samurai Weapons

Mini Samurai Weapons - Stage an itty bitty War

Projection Alarm Clock with Weather

Projection Alarm Clock with Weather - only $19.99

BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool

BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool

STFU Car Flag

STFU Car Flag - Show Off Your Anti-School Spirit

Naruto Group Splash

Naruto Group Splash T-shirt - For the Demon Inside You


Twistalamp - Artfully Awesome Lighting

Mini Bazooka Weapons

Mini Bazooka Weapons - We Don't Mean Bubble Gum

Dilbert Stress Reliever

Dilbert Stress Relievers - Squeeze and relax

USB Rocket Launcher

USB Rocket Launcher - Back in stock

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

Sonic Screwdriver - Back in stock

Palm-Z Mini Indoor R/C Airplane

Palm-Z R/C Flying Indoor Plane - Lower price

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