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October 4, 2007


The ThinkGeek gadgetbots have recently returned from a cool invite-only technology event in New York and we were humbled by the tech advances coming down the pipe. Working neural controlled prosthetics from DARPA (the folks that, oh, invented the Internets), a camera that takes three dimensional digital images from single point of view shots, and a living heart outside the body, kept alive in a jar - no more pesky ice packs! We even tasted a substance that made lemons taste sweet. Sweet! And now our minds are so numb from the future, we are gonna re-direct you right past the present and into the retro with the 8-bit ThinkGeek tie. Enjoy...

8bit Tie

The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie

Look Sharp Wearing Pointy Pixels

Here at ThinkGeek we constantly strive for the bleeding edge of geek fashion trends. To develop secret new apparel items we set about to build an artificially intelligent supercomputer and task it with creating the ultimate geek fashion accessory to rule them all (and in the darkness bind them). However the only electronic parts we were able to scrounge were some old NES systems, a Colecovision football game and an Atari 2600. Undaunted, we quickly wired everything together and posed the ultimate apparel question to our newly created digital monstrosity. Unfortunately after a few Mario style bleeps and bloops the whole mess caught on fire. But while cursing and walking the charred remains to the dumpster we came up with an amazing idea for a necktie rendered in 8-bit processor style. Now you can enjoy the fruits of our labor by wearing the stylish ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie to your next cocktail party or robot battle event. The silky microfiber construction and easy-to-use clip-on functionality will have the ladies in a swoon of 8-bit ecstasy. Pair it with the upcoming ThinkGeek 8-bit After-Shave to complete the effect.

Embrace your 8-bit corporate conformity here:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. I finally figured out what you are

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. I finally figured out what you are

Only once in a blue moon throughout the history of consumer tech comes a product so nifty you are convinced it cannot be real. Then you quickly glance over to your calendar and realize it's not April 1st. "Damn!" you think to yourself, while reaching for your wallet and mumbling under your breath "Curse you ThinkGeek, curse you!" Packed with the latest in gadgetry including built-in GPS, LCD screen, magnetic north sensors, electronic accelerometers, & complex circuitry, the MySky is far from vaporwear. It's a hi-tech virtual tour guide to your starry skies. Point, shoot, get smarter. Featuring audio presentations by Sandy Wood of NPR Stardate fame, and a catalog of over 30,000 night sky objects - you'll never have to wonder again when looking up at the sky. Check-out the mind melting MySKY right here:

Battling Palmsize Havoc Helicopter - Air Combat in your Living Room

Lets think together. If you already have cool little helicopters that fit in the palm of your hand... what more would you want? Well aside from a free unlocked iPhone that runs 3rd party apps... Right! Fighting, the base level instinctive male behavior that makes all toys better. These Battling Palmsize Havoc Helicopters come in a set of two and let you and a friend duke it out "laser tag" style for office air rights. Take to the air from the palm of your hand then use the shoulder buttons on the remote to fire at your opponent copter. A hit causes the shot copter to spin out of control and crash. Luckily these Battling copters are tough enough to keep coming back for more aerial dogfights. However to truly dominate the sky, you'll need to practice up on your flying skills.

Battling Palmsize Havoc Helicopter - Air Combat in your Living Room

The Glow Brick - A luminous block of acrylic

The Glow Brick - A luminous block of acrylic

As you've probably discovered by now, we love just about any object that glows. And if it glows because of photoluminescence then that is all the better. The Glow Brick is essentially a glowing bulb inside a clear brick. The glow-in-the-dark pigment is trapped inside a real light bulb (just like the ones you have at home) then the light bulb is encased in a solid block of Acrylic resin. The light recharges from energy in natural sunlight during the day and glows at night, making a wonderful nightlight or decoration. It has no batteries to replace or recharge and no power cords to get tangled.

Zelda Twilight Princess 4 Figure Set - Hyrulian Desk Ornamentation

Do you stolidly declare that the Triforce can be found somewhere in Ocarina of Time? Do you friends get sick of you describing in detail how each Zelda game legitimately fits together in the same universe? Do you sometimes have odd dreams where you turn into a wolf and ride Minda?... Yes? Well then we have some tasty Zelda morsels fresh off the plane from Tokyo just to feed your ravenous fanboy (or fangirl) appetite. These detailed Zelda Twilight Princess Figures stand about 4" high and are the spitting image of your favorite Zelda characters. Normally you'd be forced to pump coins into Japanese claw machines to collect all of these little beauties... but because we know about your secret Zelda fetish we're selling the complete four figure set including Link, Princess Zelda, Link as Wolf (With Minda Riding) and Zant.

Zelda Twilight Princess 4 Figure Set - Hyrulian Desk Ornamentation

Pocket Microscope - Make small stuff look bigger

Pocket Microscope - Make small stuff look bigger

Since you are naturally curious about the world around you, there are times when you need to know what the micro-printing on a twenty dollar bill looks like, or what's swimming around in that creek behind your house. We can definitely understand and this Pocket Microscope - complete with illuminating LED - is great for getting a closer look. It features quality optics and convenient focus and zoom controls. The built-in LED provides bright, crystal clear views. Great for science education, printed circuit board (PCB) inspection, jewelers, hobbyists, tinkerers, and geeks of all types. Take a closer look here...

Star Wars Plush Assortment - May the plush be with you

George Lucas is wise with the Force... and that force is merchandising! And, really, we don't care. We don't mind making George Lucas richer and richer, because it means we get to play with more and more cool Star Wars stuff. This month, our Star Wars offerings focus on big heads. First off we have rather tame looking pillows. But unzip the pillows and turn them inside out to reveal big Yoda and Vader heads! More big heads abound on the Jedi Slippers. Finally, we have the SD Plush whose very existence centers around oversized heads. Get them all and rest your head on a Star Wars Pillow, warm your toes in your Jedi Slippers, hug onto an SD Chewie, and dream about Mr. Lucas spending his royalty checks. Probably buying another Snowspeeder - the punk.

Star Wars Plush Assortment - May the plush be with you

35mm Slide & Negative Digital Converter - Set Old Photos Free for Only $99.99

35mm Slide & Negative Digital Converter - Set Old Photos Free for Only $99.99

Are you the one cracking the technological whip in your family? We know the story... you got Grandma a digital photo frame for her birthday and want to load it with pictures... only to find out that she didn't realize cameras now feature "that newfangled digital thing" and all the photos she likes are in slide format... or worse, 35mm negatives. Well now you can bring your relatives kicking and screaming into the digital age with this handy 35mm Slide & Negative Digital Converter. Take 35mm Slides or Negatives and scan them at up to 1,829 DPI for easy conversion to jpeg or whatever digital image format strikes your fancy. This handy scanner connects with USB and comes with easy to use Windows software for editing, cropping and resizing photos. So please make Grandma do some work converting her old photos from 20 years of church bingo.

The Wacky iSmile Dancing Flowerpot Speaker Thingy

Your speakers may sound awesome, with phenomenally deep bass response and crisp highs, but do your speakers smile? Do they shine brightly and happily while faithfully reproducing your tunes? Probably not, but ours do! The iSmile Dancing Flowerpot Speaker greets you with a smile and a sigh, and puts on a happy light show for you when you plug in your audio device. Your flower has a personality, and feeds on music, so if you keep it happily fed with tunes, it will smile and dance in perpetuity. When things get quiet, though, your little friend turns blue, and falls asleep. Probably the cutest speaker in the galaxy.

The Wacky iSmile Dancing Flowerpot Speaker Thingy

Ion Digital Drum Station - Sweet Drum Set at a Sweet Price

Ion Digital Drum Station - Sweet Drum Set at a Sweet Price

Are you a Guitar Hero master with Rock Band on pre-order? Well maybe you'd like to try your hand at some real drums... or real digital synthesized velocity sensitive drums that is. The Ion Digital Drum Station features eight drum pads and a built-in electronic drum machine with professional sounds and features. You can create and record your own beats from scratch or play along with the built-in patterns. Drum sticks and DJ style headphones are included. MIDI output ensures compatibility with your other musical devices.

Monsters Straight from Japanese Television to You

When asked to name a Japanese monster, most folks say Godzilla. The overachievers come up with Rodan or Mothra. Sure, they get all the press, but Domo-Kun gets all the girls. He's cute and fuzzy, and even when he's angry (at least when we think he's angry -- we never can tell), he's adorable. This week we add a warm and fuzzy Domo-kun hoodie to our swag, in addition to two new t-shirt designs: Domo-kun on Black and Domokun Dances. We carry both t-shirt designs in a standard cut and a babydoll for your specialized fit needs. Domo-kun himself prefers the standard since he's sorta boxy.

Monsters Straight from Japanese Television to You

Gamercize GZ Sport

Gamercize GZ Sport

For far too long, video games have been about slouching on the couch, mindlessly bashing buttons while simultaneously stuffing your ever-expanding face with Swiss Cake Rolls and Pizza. But Gamercize is here to give the lazy and slothful the opportunity to exercise more then just their thumbs. Break a sweat while hacking griffons to bits in God of War. Lose weight while outracing the po-po in GTA. Work those quads and firm those glutes while hiding in a cardboard box in Metal Gear Solid. Give life to your Playstation 2 by hooking it up to the Gamercize GZ Sport Stepper, and drop inches from your waistline at the same time. Who knew that videogaming would be good for you?

Dalek Webcam - You never know who's watching

Daleks have been pestering Doctor Who ever since he first mistook one for a urinal on Omnicron Theta (really...they got a plunger and everything). No matter where the good Doctor travels, the Daleks eventually show up and start making loud, croaky-voiced mischief. They have invaded every aspect of our culture now - including our computer peripherals. This Dalek Webcam looks just like a real Dalek, only much smaller and about 200% less annoying. It has three LED indicators to show when it is powered on, and also has a microphone to help you send audio over the interwebs. Will your audio and video go to your intended party, or will the Daleks intercept your communications? That's a chance we're willing to take.

Dalek Webcam - You never know who's watching

Quick Blurbs !!

Mathmos Astro Light Charms

New Cell Phone Goodies Category - Bling for your Cell

Robot Calculator

Desktop Poseable Robot Calculator

Super Mario Sound FX Keychain

Super Mario Sound FX Keychain - Six classic sound effects

Geek Inside Maternity Shirt

Geek Inside Maternity Wear

LED Magnetized Telescopic Rescue Stick

Magnetized Telescopic Rescue Stick - magnets to the rescue

Palmsize R/C Helicopter

Palmsize R/C Copter - Even tinier w/New plastic body

Forbidden Lego

Forbidden LEGO - Build some awesome LEGO launchers

Screaming Monkey Slingshot

Screaming Monkey Slingshot - Back in stock

DARPA Challenge Bumper Sticker

DARPA Bumper Sticker for Your Own Unmanned Vehicle

Roll for Damage Bumper Sticker

Roll for Damage Bumper Sticker Warns Fellow Drivers

Please Log Off Bumper Sticker

The world is coming to an end. Please log off

Cassette Tape Tote Bag

Cassette Bag - You're Old School. Show it with pride

Turbocell Charger

Turbocell Charger - Charge your cellphone ANYWHERE

Mini Golfing Mario & Luigi

Mini Golfing Mario and Luigi - Lets A Golf!

eStarling E-Mail Enabled Wi-Fi Photo Frame

eStarling LE - Budget Version Of E-mail Enabled Photo Frame

Walkie Bits Robot Turtle

Walkie Bits Robot Turtle - Tap a Rhythm and it Imitates

The Ex - Unique Knife Holder

The EX Knife Set - now available in Chrome

Swedish FireSteel

Swedish Firesteel - Back in stock

X-Ray Bag

X-Ray Bags - You've got nothing to hide. Nothing at all

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