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August 23, 2007

Greetings THX1138(s)!

It's amazing how quickly 2007 has crept up on us. It seemed like just yesterday that we were fooling you with Wiihelms and R/C Battlefish back on April 1st. But we can't complain, because the speedy arrival of August has brought the local Renn Faire back to town. Who doesn't like sipping mead and chomping on a turkey leg, while listening to some cool celtic music in a medieval wood?! Us geeks like the extremes - give us high tech or no tech, but nothing in between. Oh, and another thing that August brings (besides heat and impending hurricanes) is Bioshock, and being surgically attached to our controllers until our thumbs bleed. Luckily, between bandaging our thumbs, we were able to bring you this latest batch of goodies. Enjoy!

Chain Mail T-shirt and Office Warrior Weapons

Prepare for Deadly Medieval Office Warfare!

Medieval Office Warfare

We love our coworkers... most of the time. But when someone comes around our desk and re-arranges our action figures into a Wookie-Trek orgy we're ready to open a can o' whoop-ass on the whole office. Unfortunately last we heard, co-worker assault with a deadly Spock doll was illegal in most states. But as luck would have it, some mostly-safe fine instruments of medieval office warfare showed up at the ThinkGeek world headquarters just in time. Choose from one of three types of Office Warrior Weapons. Each full-size sword, axe, and shield is life-size and made of expertly painted foam latex. Perfect for ignorant co-worker pummeling. But be sure to protect yourself and look damn stylish to boot with the ThinkGeek Chain Mail T-Shirt. Each shirt is handmade real metal chain mail. And all this medieval kit almost pays for itself when you consider the money saved on legal bills from those pesky co-worker injury lawsuits.

Check out The ThinkGeek Chain Mail T-shirt Here:

Check out the Office Warrior Weapons Here:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Enter The Mysteriously Random Realm Of The ThinkGeek Grab Bag

Enter The Mysteriously Random Realm Of The ThinkGeek Grab Bag

For you: one bundle of surprise, straight from our Excess Inventory Department. You'll never know what gem of a shirt you might get when you purchase from the amazing and incredible grab bag! This year we have selections for the men, ladies, and Penny Arcade junkies. You'll get a genuine ThinkGeek-made shirt that, for one reason or another, we didn't sell in the normal course of TG events. All of the shirts in the grab bag are high quality - not defective or seconds. From time to time, there may even be a stray golf shirt, fleece, or hoodie in the grab bag, but you'll never know and neither will we so don't ask! ;-)

Palm-Z Mini Indoor R/C Airplane - Barnstorm Your Office

The Palm-Z Mini Indoor R/C Airplane has a wingspan of only 8" and weighs less than 10 grams. But don't let the tiny size deceive you, this beauty is a fully functional indoor flyer with digital proportional speed control. The dual-wing design gives the Palm-Z plenty of lift, so it can fly slowly as it glides across your living room. Dock it with the remote to charge for about 10 minutes and you'll get 5 minutes of flying time to circle your dining room chandelier and bewilder your pets. As with any new R/C nugget you'll need a bit of practice to fly like a pro and having a larger sized room to fly in wouldn't hurt.

Palm-Z Mini Indoor R/C Airplane - Barnstorm Your Office

DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer - Keep tabs on your food... digitally

DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer - Keep tabs on your food... digitally

Do you know the current core temperature of your computer's CPU, the going rate for mooncloth in WOW and the current software rev of your iPod? Yes? Ahh... but do you know how long that salsa you're about to eat has been moldering in your fridge for? The DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer helps you to answer these types of low-tech perplexing questions in the high-tech straightforward manner you are accustomed to. Simply stick this button-sized timer onto any food-based item you would like monitor, push the button and the LCD display starts counting down the number of days it's been sitting. It's a simple but genius concept. Three timers come in a pack so you'll be sure to have enough to monitor all the amateur science experiments in your fridge.

USB Desktop Plasma Ball - Tesla Toy

The classic USB plasma ball of childhood lore is now available in a desktop friendly USB version. Yay! Just imagine all the fun of those interesting gasses (like Argon) trapped inside a plastic sphere at relatively low pressures. Then imagine an alternating current, at relatively high voltages, pumping into that that sphere from an electrode at it's center creating a lovely plasma environment. Wait, there's more to remember! Once we have true plasma, that high voltage from the electrode shoots up in a dazzling display of electrical arcs to the edge of the plastic sphere, seeking lower voltages. Remember that part? That's the cool part. Get a USB Plasma Ball and be cool all over again. It's retro science gadgetry at it's finest.

USB Desktop Plasma Ball - Tesla Toy

Broadcast Your Intelligence with Four New Shirts

Broadcast Your Intelligence with Four New Shirts

Because you're the smart masses, this week's new shirts will help show off those smarts without even opening your mouth. Try, Try Again could be the motto of frustrated coders everywhere. Our new babydoll lets the females display their style -- literally. And we have two new shirts for the physics crowd -- "I'm Uncertain About Quantum Mechanics" and a retro tribute to one of our favorite living humans, Stephen Hawking. Two of those were selections from our Bounty Program, so be sure to send us your innovative ideas. You, too, could have an idea printed by the monkeys at ThinkGeek.

Jam jars store jam, the Sun Jar stores sunshine!

Let's face it - your standard run-of-the-mill jar just ain't that exciting. It might be practical, but certainly not geeky. The Sun Jar, on the other hand, is pretty darn neat. It's an old fashioned Mason jar that's been filled with a highly efficient solar cell, a rechargeable AA battery and low energy LED lamps. When the jar is placed in direct sunlight the solar cell creates an electrical current that charges the battery over a few hours. This energy is then used at night to power the three LED lamps inside the jar. It produces an orange glow similar in brightness to a candle and runs about 5 hours on a full charge.

Jam jars store jam, the Sun Jar stores sunshine!

Dispenses tape and USB connectivity

Dispenses tape and USB connectivity

At the ThinkGeek World Headquarters, we find that our tape dispensers mysteriously disappear on a fairly regular basis. Perhaps they are captured and whisked away to secret locations by marauding rolls of duct tape - we just don't know. The USB Tape Dispenser Hub should help to eliminate this phenomenon, since our tape dispensers will now be tethered by several USB cables. This is a USB 2.0 hub with four ports total and three downstream ports that can rotated 180 degrees, and for those of you that aren't quite into the whole "paperless office" thing, it also dispenses tape. Aren't multi-function devices wonderful?

Mathmos Astro Light Charms

Life presents a number of situations where the ringing of your cell phone won't be appreciated very much. Any event in a theater, a classroom lecture, or a quiet evening with the in-laws -- these are just a few scenarios where your phone should be silenced. You're still going to want to know that you're getting a call though, and that's where the Mathmos Astro Light Charms come in handy. They flash to alert you to a call and come styled in two different designs - a mini lava lamp and mini lightbulb. Perfect for giving your phone a little style while also keeping you out of social hot water.

Mathmos Astro Light Charms

Coffee is Chemistry, So Use a Beaker

Coffee is Chemistry, So Use a Beaker

Coffee is an amalgam of 48 different acids, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, sucrose, and alkaloids (such as the blessed caffeine). With all this latin being thrown about, why are you using a mundane ceramic mug to drink your bitter brew? Show that you're a science geek, through and through, by sipping coffee from a laboratory beaker! This glass jar is the perfect vessel for measuring out exactly 400ml of your favorite caffeinated beverage. The handle on the side keeps your fingers cool. ThinkGeek does recommend wearing goggles and a laboratory smock, and keep an eyewash station handy while you drink your coffee; we don't want any accidents.

Asoblock Construction Set - Awesome new kit direct from Japan

It's amazing what just a few types of construction pieces can build. Asoblocks use just seven types of pieces to build anything from dinosaurs to bridges to wicked Gundam-like warrior robots. The robots are our favorite to construct, of course. And since each joint is a ball joint, your custom robot action figure can be worked into almost any pose imaginable. Does your robo-warrior need a lift? Well, just build him or her a jetpack and snap it on. Need to lay down some fire? Then just snap together a multi-barrelled, slag-firing, BFG and you are ready to frag. We just can't stop playing with our Asoblocks. Right now, we're working on a six foot tall robot . . . just need one more piece.

Asoblock Construction Set - Awesome new kit direct from Japan

In the future, TV will be Televised

In the future, TV will be Televised

The 21st century was supposed to be this golden age, where we would all be wearing shiny silver clothing, driving flying cars, watching TV on glasses, and communing with our Giant Ant Overlords. Well, they got one thing right! These goggles plug directly into your video iPod and project a virtual 42" screen right in front of you. No bulky adapters or power-packs here - no sir! These goggles are lightweight, and draw just a trickle of power from your iPod's battery - hardly enough to even notice. So, kick back while you eat your dinner in pill form, or fly from New York to Tokyo in a suborbital atomic passenger rocket all while watching glorious television on your iPod Video Goggles!

3" Mini Die Cast Bender - A ThinkGeek Exclusive!

Bender is a hero to us all. Why? Maybe it's because he's made of metal and can remove his head and limbs at will. Maybe it's because his chest cavity seems to be able to hold almost any sized object (physics be damned!) Maybe it's his mass consumption of alcohol or the joy he takes in keeping it real. Or perhaps it's just the idea of being able to tell your coworkers exactly what you think about them and knowing they wouldn't be able to do a dang thing about it. Because if you were Bender, you wouldn't have to be nice to everyone all the time and they would still have to respect you because of your skills. And you wouldn't have to wear pants. What could be better?


T-Qualizer Babydoll Tee - Glowing Equalizer... now for the Ladies

T-Qualizer Babydoll Tee - Glowing Equalizer... now for the Ladies

Unless you've been sequestered in a bunker playing WOW for the past 6 months you're probably aware of our amazing T-Qualizer Shirt which features a glowing animated graphic equalizer on the front of the shirt which reacts to ambient sound and music. Finally, the original T-Qualizer is available in a stylish ladies cut pink babydoll tee with the equalizer bars formed in the shape of a heart. It's so cute we want to shout "Kawaii!" and find some fuzzy plush Hello Kitties to hug. Hey it's a bit over the top, but that's part of the fun. The T-Qualizer Babydoll Tee makes a perfect geeky gift, or buy one for yourself... you stylish tech girl.

Quick Blurbs !!

Inanimate Character Stickers

Inanimate Character Stickers - Anthropomorphize your goodies

The Cubicle Doorbell

The Cubicle Doorbell

Mandylion Password Manager

Mandylion Password Manager - Back in stock


Stikfas - New flavor: Black Knight

Holy Hand Grenade Danglers

Holy Hand Grenade Danglers - Dangle your Python Pride

Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder

Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder - DVD Quality

Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan

R2-D2 Trashcan - Back in Stock

Barcode Doormat

Human Barcode Welcome Door Mat

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The latest Action Shot Winner: Smiting, Batman Style

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