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August 1, 2007

Hello minions!

Hopefully many of you were able to attend the no holds barred nerd mecca that is Comic-Con last week. For those of you that couldn't attend, we offer up this single sentence fragment to summarize the event. No holds barred nerd mecca. If you didn't go this year, go next! And if you did go this year, it would be a good idea for you to take your costume off now. It's all over! You can put it on again next year, but please take it off already. If we had a nickel for everybody who will be dressing up as Iron Man next year, we would have enough to buy stuff like...

15" Gigantor Digital Photo Frame

Godzilla size frame ATTACK!

Gigantor Photo Frame

When this 15" Digital Photo Frame arrived at the ThinkGeek world headquarters of doom we thought to ourselves "That is one huge-ass photo frame"... and we're thinking that you're going to feel the exact same way when you're viewing sumo wrestling snapshots from your Tokyo vacation from across the room without squinting. But hey big isn't everything... you need to have the moves to back it up. Luckily the 15" Gigantor Digital Photo Frame really delivers with a sharp 1024x768 resolution, built-in speakers, support for 8 different media types including USB thumbdrives, and MPEG Video & MP3 playback all at a reasonably-sized price. While you're geek friends are boasting about their paltry 8" photo frames... whip out this gigantor frame and shut them up in seconds.

Checkout the Gigantor 15", Hi-res digital photo frame right here:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Shock Ball - Prove you are the braveriest by risking a shock

Shock Ball - Prove you are the braveriest by risking a shock

"Warning: This product emits an electric shock!" Any game or plaything with this message on the box is a winner in our eyes. The Shock Ball is such a game. It's simple really, just toss the ball around. If you drop it, you're out; last one standing wins. But remember the warning! Shock Ball will randomly send out pulses of electricity to try and make you drop it. It doesn't want you to win. It has an attitude. Are you brave enough to challenge the Shock Ball? Are you crazy enough to subject yourself to the unique pain only electricity can provide, just to make yourself feel superior to everyone else in your office? Are you tired of reading questions and just want to buy the dang thing? Then click below...

USB Memory Watch - 2 Gigs of wrist-top storage

We suppose there are a bunch of ways you could carry your data with you when you go from place to place. You could put your information on a long piece of paper and roll it up into a scroll - but that's stepping back thousands of years. A tape drive or re-writable CD is a big step forward but these can be a bit inconvenient. Perhaps a USB flash drive will do the job - but these are just too easy to misplace or forget. We recommend something that you will always have close at hand - the USB Memory Watch. A slim watch design with 2 Gigs of built-in storage and nicely integrated USB connector. The perfect way to carry your data. Did we mention it also tells time?

USB Memory Watch - 2 Gigs of wrist-top storage

Glow in the Dark Desktop Zombies - Beware the living dead!

Glow in the Dark Desktop Zombies - Beware the living dead!

There are many reasons zombies glow in the dark. Either it is residual magic from the spells that reanimated them, an afterglow from the radioactive juices which snatched them from the brink of death, or a byproduct of the virus responsible for the dead rising and walking the Earth. We now bring you this set of plastic, glow in the dark zombies to remind you to be vigilant. Each is in a different state of deadness; some have gashes, others are missing limbs, and some are evening holding onto late night snacks. But remember, zombies are out there. You must be ready for them. In the meantime, however, you can always play with these little zombies and pretend you are in control. Have a little fun before your brain becomes a zombie's "brunch!"

Black is the New Black -- 4 New Black T-Shirts

We noticed something. You like black t-shirts. Sure, there are a few outliers in any crowd, but for the most part, you understand that black goes with everything, plus is slimming, which is useful when you live off of Bawls and Yellow #5. Sith isn't just for boys anymore now that our "Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies" shirt comes in a fitted version for the ladies. The second shirt hearkens back to the video games of yore with an 8-bit tank imagining a hi-res version of itself. Reversing the polarity of the t-shirt flow, we head a different direction in time and space to pick up our first Doctor Who shirt. And finally, for the evolution crowd, we give you "98% Chimp" - a very Intelligent Design indeed.

Black is the New Black -- 4 New Black T-Shirts

1.3 Megapixel USB Microscope - See small stuff big

1.3 Megapixel USB Microscope  - See small stuff big

Exploring the world around you using a microscope is a wonderful way to get intimate with the diminutive. But with your typical microscope you have to squint and hunch over to make your observations. Take it from us though, it's probably possible that squinting enables the arteries in your eyeballs to burst. Which would mean that your typical microscope may cause exploding eye syndrome (EES). Just say no to EES today by getting a USB Microscope. You see, this USB Microscope does away with EES by displaying the magnified image on your monitor. Yay. The 1.3 megapixel image output allows you to capture high resolution images and video with a magnification of up to 200 times. Great for industrial inspection, science education, looking at fingernail gunk, forensics, printing, textiles, printed circuit board (PCB) inspection, jewelers, flea circuses, hobbyists, tinkerers and more! Get magnified here:

Pocket Laser Light Show - Electronic Spirograph on steroids

Didn't you always want to be the exciting guy at the party? Err, not that kind of party. The other kind. You know, you were a 16th level Halfling Paladin but no matter how the dice rolled, it seemed like your DM always slightly favored Bob the dwarf mage. Why? Because Bob was a dwarf mage and because Bob brought the cheetos. Screw Bob. You have a Pocket Laser Light Show now. Whenever you are feeling down and out, just break it out, point it to the nearest cavern wall, turn it on, and stare in awe as you deftly control the opposing dials and switches to change the mesmerizing and seemingly endless display of pulsating, morphing laser beam patterns. It even includes a wrist strap so if you happen upon a Chromatic Dragon, and roll to save, you AND your pocket laser light show will live happily ever after.

Pocket Laser Light Show - Electronic Spirograph on steroids

Doctor Who Goodies - Be your own Time Lord

Doctor Who Goodies - Be your own Time Lord

Doctor Who mania is sweeping ThinkGeek HQ. We use our Sonic Screwdrivers daily, have an entire R/C Dalek race tournament scheduled, and have fist fights over which Doctor was the best incarnation. Just kidding, we don't fight (because, really, it's obvious which one is best, isn't it?) And now we've found two more great Doctor Who things to play with. First up is a great combo: a trenchcoated 10th Doctor action figure and an R/C K9. That's right, little K9, at 2.5" tall, is R/C (with sound effects)! And if you need a more immediately useful item, how about decorating your desk with a TARDIS 4-port USB hub? It's awesome and features lights and sound effects. Will it really take you through time and space? Well, maybe - if you are small enough to step inside.

DVD Xpress Home Video Archiver - Help Your Videos Attain Immorality

How many different video media formats have you lived through? Betamax, VHS, Laserdisc, VHS-C, Hi-8, Mini-DV... just to name a half-dozen. What happens when your grandchildren want to watch home movies of your Lego-based reenactment of the last five Harry Potter movies and your now decades old Mini-DV camcorder has given up the ghost? Hey, you've got to help your videos stay current with technology if you want them to last a lifetime. Fortunately the DVD Xpress Home Video Archiver allows you to easily make digital versions of your precious personal video memories and store them on your hard drive or burn them to DVD. You can even create movies for playback on iPod or PSP.

DVD Xpress Home Video Archiver - Help Your Videos Attain Immorality

Indoor Office Carpet Skates - Slide to fame and glory

Indoor Office Carpet Skates - Slide to fame and glory

Walking is so overrated. Sure it looks kind of neat, since we have legs and such, but come on everyone... don't you remember Gumby? He had legs, and that bad boy didn't walk at all. He glided. Well, unfortunately, we can't be remade out of clay; so we must take a page from the Zen of Gumby and do the next best thing. Attach these low friction Carpet Skates to your feet (over your shoes) and glide. Nothing is more enjoyable than running down a hall, building up speed, and then launching into a loooong glide past all the confused pedestrians. With Carpet Skates, you transcend the pedestrian and become the Slidestrian. Just don't crash into the coffee maker. That would ruin your day (and possibly your pants).

Never Miss a Moment. Never. Not Ever.

Amelia Erhart, D.B. Cooper, a chupacabra, and Bigfoot are out for a swim at the local YMCA, and you're the only person there to witness it. Nobody would believe that this unlikely aquatic adventure actually happened if you didn't have your handy Helmet Action Cam! Waterproof up to 3 meters, you deftly capture Bigfoot's graceful swan dive off the high-board! Ruggedized so when D.B. Cooper accidentally knocks you over with his huge bag of money, the camera keeps filming! You cleverly stuck a 2 gig SD card in, so you have potentially 13 hours of recording - more than enough to record Amelia accounting her alien abduction in the South Pacific, and chupacabra's toothy antics!

Never Miss a Moment. Never. Not Ever.

Dot Creator Pixelated Animator - Build and animate your own portable sprite

Dot Creator Pixelated Animator - Build and animate your own portable sprite

Meetings are a great time to explore new ways to amuse yourself while pretending to pay attention, and doodling is always the preferred sport of the bored. But why be satisfied with a single line drawing when in the same time you can make a classic, video game style animation? Don't ask us, we're working on our next animation! Just use the Dot Creator Pixelated Animator to draw a picture dot by dot. Copy the picture into frame two and alter it slightly. Then frame three, then four - up to 19 frames of animation. Once done, push the Animation button and proudly watch your rocket ship take off or your race car zoom by. And since you can turn off the sound of the button beeps, this stealthy unit will help make any meeting more productive.

Star Wars Goodies - The Force comes in many packages

From diminutive-yet-powerful Yoda to dark and imposing Darth Vader, Star Wars characters come in all shapes and sizes. And thanks to George Lucas' love of money . . er . . merchandising, Star Wars memorabilia comes in all shapes and sizes, too. We bring you three cool new offerings. The Star Wars PocketModel CCG lets you build little ship models and actually do battle on any flat surface. The Talking Dashboard Statues mount on your car's dashboard and delight you with sound bites from the movies with each bump you hit. And the Darth Vader Backpack is just the thing to help you carry your Star Wars swag in. Because remember: the more Star Wars stuff you own, the closer you are to being a true Jedi. C'mon . . . Georgie needs a new pair of shoes.

Star Wars Goodies  - The Force comes in many packages

Quick Blurbs !!

Escher Waterfall Sculpture

Escher Waterfall Sculpture - Impossible Illustration Realized

Drinking Bird

Thermodynamic Desktop Drinking Bird Thingy

Pirates for Hire Baseball Cap

Pirates for Hire Baseball Cap

USB Drink Chiller & Warmer

USB Drink Chiller & Warmer - Ready for any beverage

Animated Transformers Shirt

Animated Transformers Shirts - back in stock

LED Programmable Message Fan

LED Programmable Message Fan - Be Cool in More Than One Way

Monty Python Mini Bobble Heads

Black Knight & Knights of Ni Bobbleheads - Back in Stock!

Super Mario Mini Plush

Super Mario Mini Plush - Diminutive Nintendo Plushies

Nintendo Action Figures

Nintendo Action Figures - Recreate Super Smash Bros. Bouts!

Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Plush

Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Plush

Final Fantasy Mini Replica Weapons

Final Fantasy Mini Replica Weapons - From FFVII and VIII

The Government Manual for New Pirates

The Government Manual for New Pirates - Arrgh. 'Nuff Said.

Little Book of Big Ideas: Science

Little Book of Big Ideas: Science - Science is Phun!

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The Latest Action Shot Winner: Catching some skin jobs at Comic-Con '07

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