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July 11, 2007

Dear geeks,

Well, Transformers hit the big screens this week and despite being awash with plot holes, we came away mostly pleased. Ok, who are we kidding? As much as we want to be intellectual movie reviewers, we're fanboys and fangirls like many of you, and not only were there super amazing robots blowing stuff up, but our very own 42 ringer T-Shirt is worn by one of the characters! How cool is that? Between the ThinkGeek/Transformers tie-in and the hours of drooling fun we've had with our iPhones, we're as happy as robotic clams. Want even more tech joy? Check out our latest round of stuffz for your amusement...

R/C Jousting Knights

Straight From the R/C Renn Faire!

R/C Jousting Knights

Dan and Paul are two normal guys with two normal jobs. No one would ever pick them out of a crowd. But when the Renaissance Festival comes to town, they don their armor, mount their respective steeds, and have at each other on the field of battle. They joust, they fall, they joust again. It's a feeling many can relate to - not the falling, but the need for occasional mead-infused Renn Faire goodness. Since lances and horses don't work well in the average cube farm, we break out our R/C Jousting Knights for some old school fighting action. M'Lords and M'Ladies, this is real tilting; you don't break lances here, you knock your opponent clean off his or her mount. When your opponent falls, their horse is disabled. That way, your adversary cannot cheat (which medieval adversaries tend to do sometimes). Authentic medieval garb not required, unless corsets and cod-pieces are your bag, baby.

Checkout the R/C Jousting Knights right here:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Celebrate International Sysadmin Day - July 27th - Or Else

Celebrate International Sysadmin Day - July 27th - Or Else

ThinkGeek suddenly feels compelled to remind you that the last Friday in July (the 27th) is International System Administrator Appreciation day. Yay! If you don't know what a sysadmin is or does - then please go to the bottom of this email and unsubscribe from our newsletter! Immediately! Whew. Close call. All hail Sysadmins! Hooray! Hooray! A simple hailing will not suffice however, you *must* purchase your local sysadmin *something* or else something amiss may happen to your data. Consider the gift a sacrifice that you must make no matter your feelings. Don't let the bad happen to you, shop now for your Sysadmin! (Psst, if you are an unemployed (or unhappily employed) SysAdmin in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area - we are hiring! Scroll down to our quick blurbs section for the scoop). Otherwise, we've got some great gift ideas for that special and almighty sysadmin in your life. Get all the bits & bytes right here:

Mentos + Carbonic Acid = Good Times

By now, everyone's seen video after video of Mentos in diet cola. Those that have tried it were either impressed with the reaction, or horrified at the mess. Probably a little of both. While most people know that the reaction happens, they likely don't know WHY it happens. This little experimentation kit not only wows your onlookers with huge displays of brown foamy fun, but it also helps teaches you how it all works - from nucleation to gaseous dissolution. Does sugar help or hurt? Which makes a better reaction - Mentos or normal table salt? Can you make the geyser go higher if you apply a restrictor valve to the tube? All your questions can be answered with the judicious application of science! Then again, if you just want the big-ass fountain, the quick-release rig drops the Mentos into the cola from a safe (and dry) distance. Still, we recommend an umbrella. Sure you could just buy some Mentos and diet cola on your own - but you are lazy and ThinkGeek is your enabler:

Great Geysers

Power Strip Space Saver - Makes gadgets happy

Power Strip Space Saver - Makes gadgets happy

As a gadgets junkie you surely know about those big ugly AC adapters that power just about all your electronics. You also know that those adapters can be pretty annoying when trying to connect more than two or three to a single power strip. Outlets get blocked and you end up needing three or four power strips to connect all your devices. Is this any way for a geek to live? We think not. The Power Strip Space Saver, from Philips, is the perfect accessory for power strips that don't have enough space to fit all your bulky AC adapters. Each flexible 7" extension cord can easily accommodate the AC adapter and the pass through outlet will still give you access to the power strip outlet. Problem solved, gadgets happy.

The Internet is Also Not an Ice-Cream Truck - Four New T-Shirts

Summer's here and just in time for the hottest months, we have a new white t-shirt to help keep you cool. This shirt displays a series of (our favorite) tubes, including a summer standby, the innertube. Wear it and imagine you're in Alaska. If black is more your thing, we have two shirts that might fit the bill. The first, Time Travel, hearkens back to a simpler era when De Lorean was solvent and Sony's Walkman was the iPod of the day. But even if you weren't around in the 80s, you can still giggle at Time Travel's tongue-in-cheek sentiment. Our Invisible Ninja shirt, the other black shirt... duh, comes complete with screenprinted shuriken (the deadliest kind). Get it just to see how many people check the back of your shirt. Finally, we have a new ringer for our Star Trek (the original series) fans. Our red shirt says simply, "Expendable." Because Red Shirts are.

The Internet is Also Not an Ice-Cream Truck - Four New T-Shirts

Multicolor LED Panel - Chic Geek Mood Lighting

Multicolor LED Panel - Chic Geek Mood Lighting

Who says geeks are clueless about interior decor? Spice up your next LAN party soiree with this stylish LED lamp. Twenty-seven LEDs divided into 9 different squares slowly fade randomly between all the colors of the rainbow. This large 10 inch panel can stand upright or be mounted on a wall. The bezel-free design means you can buy four and stack them seamlessly together to form your own alien spaceship control panel. We recommend you serve Bawls martinis while your party guests frag away basked in the multi-color glow from your futuristic LED mood lighting.

SteriPen Portable Water Purifier - Cleans water with UV light

SteriPen is the only portable water purifier that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy waterborne microbes. Whether your water source is a woodland brook or an overseas hotel tap, SteriPen purifies clear water by destroying viruses, bacteria and protozoa ó including Giardia and Cryptosporidium ó in seconds. Carry a SteriPEN to disinfect water when you travel, hike, camp or trek. Itís the fastest route to pure, safe drinking water anywhere. This device is lightweight weighing less than 8 ounces (225 g) with batteries. Includes a neoprene carrying case!

SteriPen Portable Water Purifier - Cleans water with UV light

Ximax Slim & LED Dot Matrix Display Watches

Ximax Slim & LED Dot Matrix Display Watches

We love just about anything that uses long lasting LEDs for illumination. One exception would be those new fangled traffic lights that use LEDs - we don't like those - unless they are glowing green. Green LEDs we like. We also like these new wristwatch models featuring interesting displays. The Ximax Slim has a clean and elegant design with a classy white on black reverse LCD display. It features a very thin watch case and nice styling. The LED Dot Matrix Display Watch has a retro feel with a green LED display. Before and after displaying the time it produces one of several very short LED animations.

DIY Drinking Strawz - You Suck in Your Own Special Way

Here at ThinkGeek Labs, we're never content with doing things the easy way. Take the "mixed drink." Sure, you can pour the proper amounts of the different liquids into a cocktail shaker and then into a glass. But that's boring. Here's the ThinkGeek way to mix a drink: Get three (or more) glasses filled with various potables (potent or otherwise). Build a wild straw that dips into each glass before merging into a main conduit of liquid goodness. Then suck on said conduit and marvel as the different liquids are sucked through our DIY Drinking Strawz, mixed together in the straw, and enjoyed by your taste buds. Want to share with a friend? Just add a branch. The design possibilities are endless. One word of caution, though: more liquids = more pee. brb - potty!

DIY Drinking Strawz

Cellphone Signal Extender - Say Adios to Bad Reception

Cellphone Signal Extender - Say Adios to Bad Reception

A lot of technology goes into making your cellphone work. So you would think that we would be more understanding of dropped calls and garbled conversations. Nope. Nothing gets geeks into a seething tech frenzy like poor cellphone reception... and it doesn't help that we couldn't resist the glossy black smoothness of the iPhone and AT&T sucks for cellphone service. Sad. Well quit staring at your one-bar-worth of signal strength and pick up this handy Cellphone Signal Extender for your home or office. Simply mount the included antenna near a window and run the coax cable to the base booster unit. You get 1500 square feet of prime signal area. We went from 1 bar... to 5 at the ThinkGeek secret headquarters and made our iPhones very happy in the process.

DIY 3-D Picture Frame Kit - 2-D is so... two dimensional

Transport your photos into the exciting (but dangerous) third-dimension with this amazing DIY 3-D Picture Frame Kit. We're sure your familiar with the old red-blue type of 3-D that drives your eyes wonky... well forget that. Instead this is the ridgey type of 3-D that requires no glasses and is found on promotional 7-11 Slurpie cups, movie posters and cereal boxes. For those interested, the technology is called "lenticular" and uses a series of micro vertical lenses overlaid on top of a photo to display a different image to each eye. But we digress. Basically you take any standard photo in .jpeg format and, using the included PC software, define the areas that will pop-out. Print out the resulting image on your handy-dandy color inkjet and insert it into the frame under the special filter. Voila! Instant 3-D.

DIY 3-D Picture Frame Kit - 2-D is so... two dimensional

Finger Drums - Time to Get the Office Rockin'

Finger Drums - Time to Get the Office Rockin'

If you're like us, you always have a little down time at work. You know, the time you just sit at your desk waiting for the movie files or game demos to download. Sure, you could pretend to be working on a spreadsheet or something, but why not have some fun instead! Turn on your Finger Drums and let the beat move you. Three main drums, working bass drum pedal, and cymbal all await your finger-tapping prowess. You can even record a funky beat and play it back. That means one of two things to us: either A) a funky hall strutting beat; or B) a drum sting awaiting our deft joke cracking skills. Did you hear the one about the sys admin and the server? Ooooooh, yeaaaaah.

Don't Think, Just Shoot - Lomo Style

The first 3 rules of using Lomo Cameras are: 1 - take your camera everywhere. 2 - Use it day and night. 3 - Make it part of your life. Everybody and their brother's got a digital camera or a camera phone. When you print up the resulting pictures, they're often squared-off, uninteresting, and flat. What makes Lomo so great is their playful approach to photography. Whether you see the world through a fisheye lens, or in rapid-succession slices of time, Lomo can capture the moments of your life. Each picture becomes art - rich color depth and exciting new perspectives await inside each roll of film that passed through a Lomo. What you thought was boring in person suddenly has a life you hadn't seen before. It's all about changing how you look at things. There's something magical about these cameras, and we don't mean the Hogwarts kind of magic - they make the real become more real.

Don't Think, Just Shoot - Lomo Style

Quick Blurbs !!

ThinkGeek is hiring a Sysadmin & Senior Programmer

Pleo Robotic Life Form

Pleo Robotic Life Form - Aibo's Ancestor Available in October

42 Ringer Shirt

The ThinkGeek 42 Ringer - As seen in the movie Transformers

Skype Speakerphone

Skype Speakerphone - VOIP goodness

Socket Pocket

Socket Pocket - makes battery charging much easier

USB Microscope - QX5

QX5 USB Microscope - Back in stock

Art Of Deception: Controlling the Human Element Of Security

Art of Deception - Now in Paperback

Water Powered Multifunction Alarm Clock

Water Powered Multifunction Alarm Clock - New Model

SumSeeds Caffeinated Sunflower Seeds

Caffeinated Sunflower Seeds - Nature Just Got a Jolt

TWIT Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece

TWIT Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece

Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube - Back in stock

KidSafe Security Key

Kidsafe Security Key - New Lower Price

Mini Math Sculptures

Mini Math Sculptures - Back in stock

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