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June 6, 2007

Hey Peeps!

Up here in the northern hemisphere, summer is just around the corner and it's getting warm. (Hi Australia!) Unlike many sun-loving species, some of us geeks prefer to cower from the sun and remain indoors in our free time. After all, the sun burns us, precious! Between new game releases (Halo 3 beta, anyone?) and summer movies (yay for Spiders and Pirates) there's plenty of geeky pastimes to keep us occupied and well air-conditioned. Luckily, the more time we spend indoors, the more time we have to slog through the web to find cool new stuff for ya. So check out the latest batch of goodies, and put a few new gadgets aside to give to dad.

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What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Power Dome Mini Generator - Never Leave Home Without A/C Power

Power Dome Mini Generator - Never Leave Home Without A/C Power

Face it. Electricity is your lifeblood. Food, water, sure they keep your meat-puppet body functional... but what good is living without computers, video games, and widescreen TV? The Power Dome Mini Generator understands your electrical fetish. Charge-up the internal battery and take it on the road to power virtually any device from the two built-in AC wall sockets. You can run a TV for 5 hours or a PS2 for 8 hours... the Power Dome can even jump-start your car. Want continuous juice? Jack it into your car's cigarette lighter and it will run your AC powered devices indefinitely (or until your car runs out of gas). You also get a built-in 275 psi air compressor, and a handy utility light. Electrical problems solved, now go get yourself a burger.

R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid - Obeys your commands

This IS the droid you've been looking for. Artoo is the perfect companion, whether you're an unsure young Jedi or a brave sexy Princess (or both!) He'll listen to your commands and do as you say - most of the time. You forget that little R2-D2 has a mind of his own. If you get on his good side, you can get him to dance and play games and hold your "space beer." But if you get on his bad side, he'll just bad mouth you to all the droids at the cantina. And there is nothing worse than having a bunch of droids bleeping at you behind your back. Best of all, Artoo doesn't come with C-3PO!Now, we're not busting Threepio's chops here, but he does get a bit annoying. Maybe not accidentally-bump-into-Sarlaac-Pit annoying, but you know what we mean.

R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid - Obeys your commands

Timebeam Projection Clock - Time, Anywhere

Timebeam Projection Clock - Time, Anywhere

It's timepiece detente! Who's got the largest clock around? We do! We do! What's more, it's made almost entirely of photons. We found the Timebeam Projection clock while wandering around New York City, recently. Shining majestically against the wall, the huge numbers and sweeping second hand of the Timebeam really caught our collective eyes. A bullet-shaped cone with a glass lens fires a bright round projection of an analog clock onto any flat surface - wall, ceiling, floor, coworker... whatever needs to be improved with a bright shiny dash of time.

Space Man Moppel - LED Light from Lightyears Away

There's this guy at ThinkGeek HQ who shall remain nameless. He loves our stuff, but he always seems to complain if new products we show him can't hold or manage cables. Well, not only does this little Moppel (Arcturian for "LED Head") hold cables, but he's got some bendy appendages and powerful magnets in his feet. You can bend his arms into almost any position, attach him to stuff at almost any angle, keep track of a cable or note, and light up a small portion of the darkness in your life. That's what you can tell people who ask. But when no one is watching, you can go exploring the vastness of your imagination as you and your Space Man Moppel blast off into space. Just don't make too many spaceship noises - it will attract unwanted attention. Zooooom!

Space Man Moppel - LED Light from Lightyears Away

LED Art Fan - Your Ultimate Fan

LED Art Fan - Your Ultimate Fan

42 ultra-bright LEDs mounted on spinning blades may sound like some post-apocalyptic cyber-barbarian weapon, but it's real cool way to get your message out. This art-deco style desktop fan is really a brilliant persistence-of-vision device that creates beautiful animated images out of the blinkenlights. Program up to 128 images to flip, rotate, dissolve and slide their way across its circular face. You'll be pretty much certain to be the center of attention, blowing photons all over the place like this, not to mention cool - did we say it was a fan? Ooh, bad joke. Sorry...

Boe-Bot Basic-Stamp Robotics Kit - Build your Robot Overlord

Here at ThinkGeek we're all about training the next generation of roboticists. After all, who's going to create the androids who battle on the side of humanity in the coming alien invasion of 2053? The Boe-Bot Basic-Stamp Robotics Kit can give anyone a great start in learning about robotics. Step by-step instructions help you to build and program this nifty mobile robot to navigate and explore its environment using the Basic programming language. No soldering is needed and you'll learn everything you need to know about Basic Stamps and interfacing motors and sensors... so practice up - only 46 years before the aliens arrive.

Boe-Bot Basic-Stamp Robotics Kit - Build your Robot Overlord

Telescopic Webcam - Point and Zoom

Telescopic Webcam - Point and Zoom

Why point a webcam at yourself when there are far more interesting things out there to look at? Although, most webcams are designed to be wide-angle so as to best fit your face in frame. Anything that's the least bit distant becomes distorted and tiny. So, why not fit a telescope to the end of it? Brilliant! Enlarge your webcam subject 7 times with this ultra-nifty telescope / webcam combination. Now you can zoom in on the moon, watch the family of squirrels nesting in the tree, or even see the UPS truck waaay down the street with your next shipment of ThinkGeek schwag!

Reflex R/C Helicopter - More Copters? You Bet!

Yes. At ThinkGeek we have an overindulgence problem when it comes to small indoor R/C helicopters. You were kind and pretended not to notice. But that irresistible buzzing of tiny helicopter blades is calling us again in the form of this easy to fly Reflex R/C Helicopter. The Reflex is a powerful little copter with dual counter-rotating blades and a unique propulsion system; two small rear facing propellers can run in forward or reverse to turn and propel the helicopter. You can even fly backwards. This copter is relatively easy to pilot and can move forward at a pretty good clip, the blades even fold back in the case of a crash. Givess it to ussss...

Reflex R/C Helicopter - More Copters? You Bet!

Dreammate Sleep Inducer - Schweet Dreams

Dreammate Sleep Inducer - Schweet Dreams

Ever wake up after 8 hours of shuteye only to be still exhausted? Happens to us all the time. See, you're sleeping, but it's very poor quality sleep. Thrashing and kicking your way fitfully through the night may seem like fun to some, but it's not exactly restful. Dreamate is a body training device that uses acupressure to massage pressure points on your wrist. When used for a half-hour before bedtime, 80% of insomniacs have reported much more restful sleep. We're all busy, and sleeping less is becoming the norm, but you can at least improve the quality of the sleep you *do* get.

HomePlug AC-Power Network Extender - Easy Ethernet in any Room!

It should be a prerequisite that any place a geek calls home come wired with Cat 5 Ethernet in every room. Sadly this is not often the case and the geek is left to fend for him or herself when connecting that new Tivo, game console, or media center box. Wi-Fi is just too slow for the streaming video needs of the modern geek and stringing cables across the room and drilling through the floor are a pain. Now you can solve those networking dilemmas in a snap with the HomePlug AC-Power Network Extender. The HomePlug transmits ethernet over your existing AC power system at speeds up to 200 Mbps. Setup takes less than 5 minutes and it works on virtually any network.

HomePlug AC-Power Network Extender - Easy Ethernet in any Room!

Star Wars Mimobot Thumb Drives - Cutest Storage Devices in the Galaxy

Star Wars Mimobot Thumb Drives - Cutest Storage Devices in the Galaxy

Mimobots are a cute mashup of designer toys and USB storage devices. We originally carried these nifty monster-style thumb drives a couple of years ago at ThinkGeek, but when we heard that Mimoco (the somewhat insane creators of Mimobots) had secured an official Star Wars license we really perked up. It turns out that Mimobots + Star Wars = Some pretty sweet collectible USB Thumb Drives. Choose from Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2, or Stormtrooper. All are cute, limited edition, and can store up to 2GB of data while protecting it with the force.

Rip and Record FM Radio as easy as pie

The radioSHARK2 is like a time machine for radio. Recording AM/FM and even Internet radio for playback later. Even better, it'll listen and recognize the song you're listening to - retrieving track information, album art, and even links with which to buy said track (if you feel it's necessary)! Record to MP3, AIFF, or AAC files and sync to the portable media player of your choice. Set up schedules to record any radio station at any time, or even several internet stations at once! By far the easiest way to get new music delivered to your desktop for free!

Rip and Record FM Radio as easy as pie

Mini Math Sculptures - Objects printed in metal

Mini Math Sculptures - Objects printed in metal

These complex and intriguing 3-D shapes are excellent examples of how math, science and sculpture interconnect. These designs are formed in metal and are made by direct-metal printing, using a machine that takes a CAD file specifying a 3-D object, and builds the object physically. The design is laid down, one layer at a time, in stainless steel powder held in place by a laser-activated binder. You can see slight remnants of the layering on the finished pieces, each layer being .004" to .007" thick. Get more details here...

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