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March 14, 2007

Hello Geniuses,

Happy Billy Crystal Birthday Day! What - you didn't know that we commonly celebrate March 14th with marathon sessions of Throw Momma from the Train and salutations of "You look Mahvelous"? Well, if flashbacks from the 80's aren't your style, we guess you could always celebrate March 14th as the day Albert Einstein was born or even enjoy the geekiest of holidays, Pi Day! Have a slice of PIzza PIe, a PIna colada, and top it off with a dessert of PIe ala mode. yum! And now for something completely different...

Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt

Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt

Amazing Animated Gamer Fashion

Don't get too impressed. This was originally supposed to be the "Animated Gears of War Shirt" but by the time we strapped a 360 to the back of the shirt and added a flatscreen to the front it just wasn't feasible. The test subjects kept falling over, no one liked the car battery power supply duct taped to their leg and don't even get us started on the price. Timmy (our faithful monkey mascot) suggested a "Barbie Horse Adventures Shirt" and after we pummeled him into submission it was decided that was a bad idea as well. So instead we present to you this fine Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt. Hey... it's no third-person shooter with big-ass guns and amazing lighting effects, but it does capture that retro gaming nostalgia you've been craving.

Check-out the Animated Retro Table Tennis shirt right here:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Temperature Sensitive Color-changing LED Faucet Heads

Temperature Sensitive Color-changing LED Faucet Heads

Water may be essential to life here on earth, but it sure can be boring to look at sometimes. I know when we were youngsters here at ThinkGeek we would regularly say to ourselves, while brushing our teeth, and right before taking a Flintstone Vitamin, 'Jeez, why can't the water streaming out of our bathroom faucet look like futuristic alien mouthwash?' Pine no longer moppets, the future is available now! Simply attach this wonderful gizmo to the end of your faucet (universal adapters included), and when the water flows through the magic chamber, it simply turns on a blue LED array, beautifully illuminating your water. And if you increase the water temperature to 89 degrees or more, that blue LED array will change to red!

DIY Music Box Kit - Be your own Music Box DJ

In the olden days, before computer-assembled, digitized, musical composition, music was created on real instruments; instruments which have been around since mankind first hit two rocks together and heard a major chord. Then mankind got bored and tried to automate the rocks hitting together. This led to the invention of player pianos and music boxes. Well, we got tired of hearing boring "preloaded" music box songs, so we found the DIY Music Box Kit. Punch your own strips and run them through the music box thing. Your own twinkly compositions will play back as you turn the crank. We found the DIY Music Box Kit has the perfect sound to recreate your favorite old school video game themes. Punch, crank, and rock out!

DIY Music Box Kit - Be your own Music Box DJ

Waterproof Digital Wrist Camera - Make Nice with Mother Nature

Waterproof Digital Wrist Camera - Make Nice with Mother Nature

Technology and nature aren't exactly best friends. We're really not sure what happened... maybe the ocean got pissed off after you dropped your iPod in the drink with 8-Bit gaming cover songs on repeat. Whatever the cause, the elements of nature decided that expensive electronics and outdoor water-sports are a lethal combination often ending in disaster. Luckily, the Hero 3 Digital Wrist Camera has decided to "make nice" with the great outdoors by sporting a durable exoskeleton that pretty much goes anywhere. Strap the Hero 3 to your wrist and snap some sweet shots while climbing, skiing, biking or diving up to 100 feet. This mini camera locks flat to your wrist for storage then pivots up to capture crisp digital photos or 30 fps movies.

MagnoGrip - Utilitarian magnetic power

We think that having magnetic superpowers would probably be exceptionally cool but then again you wouldn't want to be magnetic all the time - or would you? Hmmm. Well, it's not going to happen anyway so let's snap back to reality and look at something that will give you a perfect amount of magnetic power, the MagnoGrip. It's a specially designed wristband that contains high-powered magnets perfect for holding nails, screws, drill bits, fasteners and tools. It helps professionals and do-it-yourself types complete jobs in less time and with less frustration - no more biting nails or losing screws. Magnetic power to the rescue!

MagnoGrip - Utilitarian magnetic power

The Office Space Kit - Welcome to Initech.

The Office Space Kit - Welcome to Initech.

Initech - a company in transition. The company architecturally downsized a few years ago; but they have recently risen from the ashes like a phoenix of industry. Headed by the trail-blazing CEO Bill Lumbergh and his newly-licensed and revolutionary "Jump to Conclusions Mat," Initech is back on the map. We've managed to snag a few Initech Welcome Kits (which are normally presented to new employees) and are proud to offer them to you. You'll get everything from an Initech mug and mini-stapler (red of course), to your own motivational office sign. Remember, Initech is about change and progress. With this welcome kit, you will easily be able to properly decorate your new Initech office space.

G-Pad Pro Gyroscopic USB Gamepad - SIXAXIS style lovin for your PC

Sick of Wii and PS3 gamers bragging about gyroscopic motion sensing controller technology? Shut them up with the Wireless G-Pad Pro Gyroscopic Gaming Pad for your PC. It's just like the SIXAXIS controller on PS3, but with the missing rumble added back in. Simply tilt the controller in the direction you want to move and the internal solid-state gyros provide precise control. The G-Pad works great with driving games and flight simulators, but the included software allows custom configurations for any game you own. The 2.4 Ghz wireless technology works up to 30 feet away from your PC. Take that, cool new gaming consoles!

G-Pad Pro Gyroscopic USB Gamepad - SIXAXIS style lovin for your PC

Ridibundus Plush Emoticons Set - Cuddly Plush Emotions

Ridibundus Plush Emoticons Set - Cuddly Plush Emotions

The amazing "emoticon" is used millions of times every second all over the world to show critical emotions like sarcasm and the raspberry. Luckily the infamous Russian design studio Art Lebedev, also responsible for the fabled Optimus Mini Keyboard, has brought emoticons to the next level by transforming them into mini cuddly plush. This Amazing Ridibundus Plush Emoticons Set brings newfound emotions to people who seem to have none of their own. Now instead of speaking, you can simply throw your emoticon of choice at any unsuspecting co-worker to eloquently display your feelings. They also look great on your desk!

H4 Pocket-Size Digital Audio Recorder - Tiny Recording Powerhouse

If the this diminutive H4 audio recorder had it's own infomercial it would be one of those 30 minute jobs listing features out the yin-yang. But because you're a good friend we're ditching the marketing mumbo-jumbo and cutting straight to the chase. Basically, the H4 is a portable field recorder that does everything you would expect, plus a bunch of other things you didn't. Of course you can record straight from the two built in studio-quality electret condenser microphones direct to .wav or .mp3 format with bitrates up to 320kbps. Perfect for recording those live shows. But you can also jack-in some external-mics or an electric guitar or two and do your own impromptu digital 4-track recording... then monitor the whole mess with the built-in headphone jack. You can even connect the H4 to your computer with USB and record directly to your hard drive.

H4 Pocket-Size Digital Audio Recorder - Tiny Recording Powerhouse

TWIT Branded Personal Network Goods - Join Leo and the TWiT Army

TWIT Branded Personal Network Goods - Join Leo and the TWiT Army

The TWiTs are coming, the TWiTs are coming. And they want you to join their ranks. TWiTs are not idiots, no sir. They are fans of Leo Laporte's podcast (etc.): This Week in Tech. TWiTs are so "cool" in fact, that we had to find a way to warm them up. And you can't just warm a TWiT up with a hoodie, that would be too boring. So we worked our monkey magic and got some special Personal Area Network gear made by the folks at SCOTTEVEST. You know what that means, don't you? POCKETS!Tons and tons of pockets. Each TWiT approved Personal Area Network piece of apparel can hold all your everyday gadget needs, and then some. You'll never be without your tech - you will be a TWiT indeed.

Japanese Goodies - Two plumbers, one mushroom, and a lot of poo

Ah Japan - magic land of wonder. If it wasn't for Japan, we wouldn't have our favorite Italian Plumber (and his skinny brother), our love of mushrooms, and our lucky golden poo. Enjoy the sounds of Mario and Luigi with the Super Mario Brothers Sound Blocks. Each figure plays four cool sounds from the game when you press down on his head. If your back is aching after a long Wii session, sit on a Mushroom Chair; it will improve your posture or make you grow real big! And speaking of Wii gaming . . . need a little extra boost to get past a hard level? Strap a Japanese Lucky Poo to your Wiimote, and luck will rain down on you. Rain down like golden poo.

Japanese Goodies - Two plumbers, one mushroom, and a lot of poo

Your Own Private Vending Machine

Your Own Private Vending Machine

Today's modern geek is a paragon of mental fitness - an Adonis in the brain-pan. We all know that to feed this above average mass of neurons requires copious and varied amounts of caffeine. It can't all be Bawls and Jolt. Sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don't. To fuel your caffeine addiction^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H needs, we took the mini fridge and added vending machine style buttons. Now you can store four different varieties of canned tasty beverage in your portable mini fridge, three cans each for up to twelve, and pop them out one at a time. The built in cooling unit drops the interior temperature 68 to 77 degrees below ambient room temperature, keeping your cans nice and frosty. How? We could lie and say Elfin magic, but you'd probably not believe us.

Mandylion Password Manager - Military grade password protection

Unfortunately, we all have to deal with modern life’s little cyber-burden, the password. Some of us do so by simply re-using an old password when the system asks you to change it. Other times we use the same password but just add the month at the end. Some people even resort to keeping their passwords written on yellow sticky notes. But well all know that none of these options is very effective for protecting your valuable data. Instead, we would like to present a superior solution brought to you compliments of the US Military. The Mandylion Password Manager is a secure, convenient and cost-effective device built specifically for generating and protecting your passwords. No more stickies!

Mandylion Password Manager - Military grade password protection

Quick Blurbs !!


Slimouse - The teeniest mouse you've ever seen

Airsoft Handgun with Laser Sight

Airsoft Handgun with Laser Sight

Solar Powered LED Water Bottle

Solar Powered LED Water Bottle

Rocket Pen

Rocket Pen - Write something out of this world

Wolf King Laser Gaming Mouse

Laser Gaming Mouse - Rest your finger with 1 to 4 shots per click

Aluminum 3.5 Hard Drive Enclosure

Solid DIY 3.5 External Drive Enclosure at a Great Price

Aluminum 3.5 SATA HD Enclosure

Connect an External Drive with USB or SATA

Mini-Z LED Desk Lamp

Mini-Z Stylish LED Lamp - Back in stock

Singing Monkey Balls

Singing Monkey Balls! - Only $4.99

T.One USB Microdrive

T.one 12 GB Microdrive - Low price

Mini 4-Port Powered USB Hub

Powered 4-port Hub With a USB Thumbdrive Jack on Top

Super Mario Mushroom Plush

Super Mario Mushroom Plush - Back in Stock

Outdoor LCD Window Thermometer

Outdoor LCD Window Thermometer - Back in stock

Einstein Plush

Plush Einstein - A genius you can hug

Desktop Sculpted Einstein Bust

Sculpted Einstein - Make him say whatever you want

Dear Timmy

Our mascot and resident sage, Timmy the Monkey is a fountain of wisdom. Here he shares his advice with a smart mass in need. Would you like Timmy's helpful advice for yourself? Send it to Dear Timmy. If we publish your email to Timmy, you will win a $50 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate! Read on for Timmy's latest wise words:

Dear Timmy,

I heard that Pluto is no longer a planet... why not? Who made that decision?

Export, Pennsylvania, USA, Earth

Dear Jim,

This has primarily to do with the fact that the first eight planets (with the exception of Earth, which is of course super-special) are all Roman gods, while Pluto is a cartoon dog. Poor Pluto never really fit in with the rest of the crowd. They let him hang around because they felt sorry for him, but there's no denying Pluto is just ... different.

Pluto has a funky orbit, for one--it constantly leaps in front of Neptune (for 13-20 years of its 248 year trip around the sun), in a desperate attempt to become the eighth planet. Also, while the other planets circle around the sun in a fairly flat plane, Pluto's orbit is tilted (an astronomer would say that Pluto's orbit is inclined 17 degrees above the ecliptic, but that's just because astronomers feel they're not give you your money's worth if they use a boring word like "tilted"). Plus Pluto can't figure out if he's orbiting his moon or his moon orbits him, which makes some astronomers call Pluto and Charon "binary planets" (not to be confused with "binary people").

The reason Pluto finally got kicked out of the planet club, though, is because of Eris, who you may recall is the Greek goddess of discord. Eris was discovered in 2005, orbiting the sun out past Pluto, and she's bigger than Pluto. So people started to say, "if little dorky _Pluto_ is a planet, why isn't Eris one?" Frankly, the IAU (which is the International Astronomical Union--i.e., the guys in charge of deciding who gets in and who doesn't) was concerned about a lawsuit. So, some guys from Uruguay submitted a proposal to IAU specifying the exact rules for who could and couldn't be a planet. In their proposal, not only would Eris get to be a planet, but so would Charon and Ceres (who was briefly allowed into the planet club back in the 1800's, but then got kicked to the asteroid curb). But then Eris tossed her golden apple into the proceedings, and the proposal got revised, and revised again, and on the last day of voting (when most of the sympathetic astronomers had already gone home), Pluto ended up getting kicked out. After interviewing Pluto for its reaction, we here at ThinkGeek even made a T-shirt about it.

The stated reason was that the IAU was worried about a whole bunch of other "planets" getting discovered, and, you know, what good is an exclusive club if you just let everyone in? Besides, who wants to deal with "My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas" changing into "My very educated mother couldn't just serve us noodle pizza, 'cause ... eewww!!"

-- Timmy

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