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December 7, 2006

Dear droids,

How have you been doing on your gift shopping this year? Some of the more industrious monkeys here are already done shopping, and the rest of us think they're just a little bit not-right-in-the-head. If you're like many of us, you've still got plenty of gifts, gadgets and gizmos to get for parents, kids, siblings, friends and maybe even the dog. We know this may come as a complete surprise ;) but wouldn't ya know it - we just HAPPEN to sell those very kinds of gifts on our web site! Not only that, but we have a fresh batch of new stuff lined up for you lucky not-so-early (but not yet late!) shoppers...

Palmsize Micro Copter

Palmsize Micro Copter

Amazing Miniature Indoor Aviation

You will be amazed the first time you see this Palmsize Micro Copter take off from your hand. It's like a tiny robotic hummingbird transported from a future society where all remote controlled toys are micro-sized and super cool. We won't kid you. Flying this mini copter takes some of those twitchy video game skillz you've been perfecting on FPS shooters. But once you get the knack of it you won't be able to stop zooming it around your home or office. Practice up if you expect to challenge the expert pilots at the ThinkGeek office.

Buzz your co-worker's bald spot with the Palmsize Micro Copter!

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Nintendo Controller Universal Remote - need we say more?

Let us help your round out your classic Nintendo collection. Old NES somewhere in the basement... CHECK. Purchased every Classic Console game on the Wii... CHECK. Good job! But do you have a cool universal TV remote that looks just like a NES controller? No? We do and it's ready for immediate delivery via winged turtle shell. This NES style remote controls most TVs allowing critical gaming functions like power on/off, changing the channel and even volume adjustment. Now you can amaze your friends by pretending to play classic NES games while watching old Thundercats re-runs.

Nintendo Controller Universal Remote - need we say more?

Twistahub EDM - Playful, colorful USB 2.0 hub

Twistahub EDM  - Playful, colorful USB 2.0 hub

Looking at this colorful hub might bring back those nervous ticks you had when attempting to solve that popular cubic puzzle-toy from the 80's. Superficial resemblance aside, the USB 2.0 Twistahub also features four USB ports, two of which live in rotating cubes designed to allow your bulky USB devices to coexist. What's more, this hub offers over-current detection and protection, which limits the amount of power peripherals can draw. Looks and smarts! Gone are the days of utilitarian design. Adorn your desktop with a crayon-case chock full of colorful connected cubes.

The Book Of Games - Know thy roots gamers

"All the world's a game, and all the people merely gamers." A long time ago, Billy Shakespeare wrote something like that in one of his plays. And it's true - without games, how would we explore new worlds, kill new aliens, and actually have something to talk to people about? Games help unite different strata of our world into one great big mass of gamers. "The Book of Games" celebrates our love of games with pictoral features on over 100 of today's most influential games, articles on the next gen systems, and some great historical reading. This book is a chronicle of our passion for gaming and an excellent historical document to teach future generations of gamers about their roots. How else will our kids, playing on their PS7's and Wiiii's learn?

The Book Of Games - Know thy roots gamers

Video Watch with OLED Screen - Amazing display

Video Watch with OLED Screen - Amazing display

With all the amazing advances in technology in recent years, the wristwatch hasn't really integrated as many incredible features as one would have hoped for - until now. This Video Watch features a very sharp looking 1.5-inch OLED screen that displays crisp, bright video playback and images. The watch can also play your music, both MP3 and WMA, and serve as a USB portable storage drive. It has more than ample capacity, with up to 2GB, and comes in a well proportioned size, that is not thick or bulky. We love it!

20 ounces of lovingly crafted STFU from ThinkGeek

The STFU beer stein is guaranteed to be an instant classic. How do we know? It's simple, we know everything. About everything. You can't stump us, it's just not possible. We are so convinced that we know everything that we aren't even willing to let you try and prove us wrong. That's how omnipotent our omniscience is. Ok, moving along, here are a few important things you need to know about our black ceramic STFU stein. It's black and it's ceramic and it holds 20 ounces of your favorite beer. And it has the official STFU University seal on it. Sorry, you may not purchase the STFU stein to hold any non-fermented liquids. We forbid it. Good beer forbids it.

20 ounces of lovingly crafted STFU from ThinkGeek

Compact Bluetooth Hub and Cardreader

Compact Bluetooth Hub and Cardreader

The Bluetooth Hub and Card Reader has a very shiny face. Not only does this pocket-sized gadget read 55 different memory card formats, but it acts as a Bluetooth communications hub, allowing all your Bluetooth peripherals to communicate with your Mac or PC! Also, the face glows red, smoothly transitioning to green, and blue and all the colors in between. So, if you find yourself flying a sleigh in a snowstorm*, and your freakish reindeer with the light-up nostrils is out sick, this might help light your way. * Not intended for use as visibility aid during inclement weather, duh.

Japanese Mario Stocking Stuffers are Super

Looking for the perfect gift for the Nintendo Fanboy (or Fangirl!) in your life? These Mario goodies are imported from Japan so you'll be sure your present is unique. The New Super Mario Bros. Vinyl Figures are posable detailed 3D versions of your favorite game mascot while the Super Mario Mushroom Plush figures are mushrooms and goombas fashioned into huggable plush. Hand out a Super Mario Brothers Stylus to add some Mario style when using a Nintendo DS, PDA or Smartphone. Or go retro with the classic appeal of the Super Mario Bros. Water Games. All have "Super" in the name and are way better than a Yoshi shaped fruitcake.

Japanese Mario Stocking Stuffers are Super

Strobe-e Keychain Tuner - The ultimate guitar tool

Strobe-e Keychain Tuner - The ultimate guitar tool

From Fender, a name you'll recognize even if you know next to nothing about guitars, comes a keychain guitar gadget that is a tuner, bottle opener, and flashlight - all in one. The tuner works by flashing an LED at the same frequency as your low E string. When the string appears still, it's in tune. The Strobe-e features a built-in flashlight, for finding that pick that's always falling into some dark corner, and a bottle opener, perfect for uncapping a cold one before you start jamming. Rock on!

Quick Blurbs !!

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BodyGard 5-In-1 Emergency Tool

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ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset

ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset - Back in stock

Mandylion Password Manager - 5 User Workgroup

Mandylion Password Manager - Back in stock

Round LED Lantern

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PC Case Badges

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LED Polished Lighter

LED Polished lighter - back in stock

H-racer Fuel Cell Powered Car

H-racer Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Car - Lower Price

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