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November 29, 2006

Seasons greetings folks!

It's been difficult for anybody here over at ThinkGeek to type up the very newsletter you are reading right now. And it's not because we tire of you, as Hobbits do of constant adventuring, it's because our fingers are simply busted up from all these new consoles out there. Not a horrible problem to have, we do admit, which is why we've decided to give away a set of new consoles so you too can bust up your fingers. Details are below. In precisely other news, it's that time of year again when we attempt to convince you of that which you already know... shop at ThinkGeek for all your holiday needs or else people will laugh at you...

Holiday Gifts and Info FTW!

Hey folks! Just when you thought you would never find that perfect gadget, gizmo or doodad to please your persnickety pal, our gaggle of monkeys put their heads together and came up with a gift guide that will help you find that ideal something for that special somebody or somemonkey. Check out our 2006 Holiday Gift Guide and Shipping Calendar before it's too late!

Snowbot Says Happy Christmahanukwanzakuh

Upcoming Shipping Cutoffs

DHL @home

Dec 7

UPS Ground

Dec 13

Cool Gift Ideas

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Gift Certificates!

*FTW: "For The Win" But you knew that already, right? :)

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Feeling lucky? Enter to win a PS3 & a Nintendo Wii

Dreaming of a PS3 this holiday season? Are you experiencing the later stages of console envy syndrome such as shortness of breath, slurred speech, and twitching thumb? Look no further than the 2006 ThinkGeek Mega Console Giveaway. We'll be gifting one Sony Playstation 3 and one Nintendo Wii plus a bunch of games to one lucky duck. And that duck may very well be you! It also may *not* be you, but if you don't enter - it certainly won't be you. And we are certain you don't want to be the only one around that certainly isn't going to win a PS3 and a Wii. So, quick, while your wits are still about you, click the little fancy URL thingy beneath this paragraph, enter, and pray that the gods of chance and random good fortune are smiling upon you.

Feeling lucky? Enter to win a PS3 & a Nintendo Wii

The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron - perfect for humans

The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron - perfect for humans

If you are fortunate enough to work with robotic monkeys, as we are at ThinkGeek, then the Annoy-a-tron will be a mostly useless device. However, since most of you still work with humans this innocent looking piece of electronics should prove quite useful. It's a small gizmo that beeps once every few minutes, but in uneven intervals like 3 minutes, then 7 minutes, then 4 minutes, etc. It has a magnet for easy hiding and has 2 different frequencies (a low and very annoying high, or you can set it to alternate between them, for maximum effect). You carefully hide this thing in someones office (or car, or computer) to drive them nuts. And when they locate it, they still won't really know what it is. Great office fun...

USB Rocket Launcher - Upgraded Desktop Arsenal

Who needs detente, when you can wage an all-out office war? That day when you showed up with a USB Missile Launcher, you were the uncontested tyrannical dictator of the office. But then your office-enemy had to get one, too. Now, the idea of mutually assured destruction keeps an uneasy peace. But, if you want a tactical advantage over your cubicle adversary, you need to listen up. Our new USB Missile Launchers have more than double the range of last year's model. Oh yeah! Strike deep into enemy territory, well out of range of his or her feeble launcher. Rest assured and know you are safe from counterattack while you call down the thunder.

USB Rocket Launcher - Upgraded Desktop Arsenal

NAV-CAM Touchscreen GPS - Pocket Size Navigation at a Great Price

NAV-CAM Touchscreen GPS - Pocket Size Navigation at a Great Price

Tired of those Google map printouts stacking up in your car's glove compartment? Any self respecting geek deserves the attention of a dedicated navigational computer that speaks with a British female accent. The NAV-CAM Touchscreen GPS from Evesham fits the bill perfectly. Not only do you get a host of standard navigation features such as turn by turn voice & visual instructions, 2D or 3D view, preloaded maps and fast re-routing if you make a wrong turn... you can also pop-in an SD or MMC media card and play MP3 files or display photos from your digital camera. Entering in destination addresses is a snap thanks to the touchscreen interface, and the built in antenna and rechargeable battery ensure easy installation in minutes with no messy cabling.

R/C Shooting Battle Tank - Dangerous Cube Warfare

Here at ThinkGeek we don't mess around when it comes to R/C toys, so when we saw these deadly R/C Battle Tanks that shoot real Airsoft plastic pellets it was love at first sight. You get full R/C control including tread motion, turret rotation, turret elevation... and our favorite part... FIRE! Watch out because the shots from this 1/24th scale tank really sting. You'll be pelting your co-workers with glee as they flee in terror (after you provide them with safety goggles of course). Like any childhood battle simulation dream, however, the Battle Tank is not appropriate for children - this toy is for grownups (or 32 year old children).

R/C Shooting Battle Tank - Dangerous Cube Warfare

Great Scientists Finger Puppets - Four smarties at your fingertips.

Great Scientists Finger Puppets - Four smarties at your fingertips.

Sometimes learning about famous people from books, movies, or video games (Grand Theft Plato?) just isn't enough. Sure you could dress up like a famous scientist, but then you'd have to talk to yourself to learn anything. And that's just weird. So, we've found these great scientist finger puppets. You can wear them and talk to them without looking like a fool. Madame Curie likes discussing glow in the dark paint and Newton just gabs on and on about dropping his Apple iPod. Al likes to comment on his relatives, while Darwin won't stop bragging about his theory of musical selection. They really are four great scientists to talk to. And when they make you angry, you can stick them on your fridge as punishment (they have magnets in their brains!)

eStarling Wi-Fi Gmail / Flickr Enabled LCD Frame

You may remember the unique eStarling Wi-Fi enabled photo frame we carried last year. We sold out almost immediately and it has been one of the most lusted after gadgets ever since. Now eStarling is back with a new special edition frame sporting a stylish look and an improved 7" screen. The eStarling frame is a standalone Wi-Fi LCD photo frame that connects to a wireless network and automatically displays photos e-mailed to it in a slideshow format. Additionally you can specify an RSS photo feed from Flickr based on your own tagged keywords. You can even shoot photos on your mobile phone then e-mail them directly to your eStarling frame for display. *IMPORTANT STOCK INFORMATION*: We are taking backorders on the eStarling Wi-Fi frame for shipment on or before December 13th.

eStarling Wi-Fi Gmail / Flickr Enabled LCD Frame

Mini X-Flyer R/C Bi-Plane

Mini X-Flyer R/C Bi-Plane

We're sure the Red Baron would approve of this miniature R/C Bi-plane. With a wingspan of just 9 inches the Mini X-Flyer is perfect for indoor or outdoor flights. Durable EPP foam construction and propellers safely located behind the wing make the Mini X-Flyer easy to pilot and very forgiving with crashes. During a particularly unskillful flight we nose dived straight into concrete... the X-Flyer bounced like a Nerf football and was flying again in seconds. Oh yeah, and please remember that bi-planes are frickin' awesome to barnstorm your friends and loved ones. Just don't forget to make the obligatory machine gun sounds as you strafe your target.

Mvix Wireless HD Media Center - Look ma, no wires!

The Mvix Player is about to get a giant-sized upgrade. Popping in your own hard drive to create a digital media player is one thing, but making it wireless - now ain't that just the bee's knees? Okay, forgive the bee's knees thing, but seriously, this thing is cool. It can play almost any file you throw at it, connect to almost any device, but now it's got 802.11b/g/pre-n connectivity. Want more? Okay! How about DVI-out with support for 1080p? Now that I have your attention, run on over to the website and put your order in. They're on backorder now, but they'll ship on or before December 11. Get yours while you can!

 Mvix Wireless HD Media Center - Look ma, no wires!

New Hoodies - Keep your torso and brain-case toasty

New Hoodies - Keep your torso and brain-case toasty

Body heat is a very important thing: without it, you are just a zombie. And you don't really want to be a zombie do you? Zombie master, maybe. But zombie? Didn't think so. That's why we've made some hoodies out of our favorite ThinkGeek and Penny Arcade designs: to keep you all warm and "undead-free." Grab a hoodie or two and let everyone enjoy reading the funny sayings. They will think you are just being cute, but you know you're really a zombie fighter. Even if the zombie you are fighting is only a potential you-zombie, it still counts. After all, isn't fighting zombies what all the winter holidays are really about?

RFID Blocking Wallet - Pocket Sized Faraday Cage

RFID chips, tiny tags that store and broadcast your personal information, are showing up in keys, driver's licenses, passports, even credit cards. With all the news reports showing how easy it is to hack RFID, we thought it was high time we protected ourselves. Tin-foil pants may work, but they're hardly stylish (or comfortable). Instead, we have a quality leather wallet with special material that blocks RFID transmissions sewn right in. Using the principle of the Faraday Cage, this device protects your digital assets from would-be cyber-thieves and other miscreants.

RFID Blocking Wallet - Pocket Sized Faraday Cage

Quick Blurbs !!

Einsteinian Gluons Sticky Notes

Einsteinian Gluons Sticky Notes - Notes of genius

MAKE Magazine, Vol 7

Make Magazine, vol 7 - now available

Child's Play Greeting Cards

Penny Arcade Child's Play Charitable Greeting Cards

Nightmare Before X-mas Penlights

Nightmare Before X-mas Penlights

Super Mario Bros. Mini Stamp

Super Mario Bros. Mini Stamps

Giant Mario Soft Vinyl Figure

Giant Mario Soft Vinyl Figure

Airsoft Submachine Gun with Laser Sight

Airsoft Submachine Gun w/Laser Sight - back in stock


Penny Arcade Boobies Calculator Shirt

Hal 9000 USB Memory Unit

Hal 9000 USB Memory Unit - New Lower Pricing

iAXE USB Electric Guitar

iAXE USB Electric Guitar - Back in Stock

Immix Multi-tool

Immix Multi-tool - Ready to tackle almost anything

The ThinkGeek USB Snowbot

The ThinkGeek USB Snowbot - Now only $12.99

Stikfas Deluxe

Stikfas Deluxe - Dome Walker

Water Powered Desk Set

Water Powered Desk Set - Clock and Calculator

Caffeine Candy Sampler v6.0

Caffeine Candy Sampler v6.0 - Back in stock

Khet Laser Game

Khet the Laser Game - Eye of Horus Beam Splitter 2-pack

Latest Action Shot Winner

Latest Action Shot Winner: Snowbot eats Dalek

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