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November 15, 2006

Hi again everybody,

Here on the east coast of the US, the seasons are changing in a well choreographed dance of nature. The cold, brisk air fills our lungs and the oak trees shimmer with hues of gold....and Pffftthhaaaahahaha, ok, sorry. Now seriously, here at ThinkGeek World Headquarters, we couldn't even tell you if the sun still exists. We're holed up in our office, bouncing off the walls from caffeine and counting the nano-seconds until our PS3 and Wii arrives! It's just a matter of days now and we've started doing fingertip pushups to get our hands into tip top shape for marathon sessions of Zelda and Heavenly Sword. The excitement is palpable. Really...

USB Missle Launcher

USB Missile Launchers

Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Foam Darts of War

Everyone has an enemy somewhere. Maybe it's that overzealous network admin with his draconian desktop standards, perhaps its the annoying roommate who never washes the dishes and steals your DVDs, or maybe it's simply your boss in his crass power-tie and suspenders. They all need to be punished, and you can dish out the pain of flying foam death using the our USB Missile Launcher. Exacting vengeance has never felt so good. Simply plug it in, use the included software to remotely position the launcher on your unsuspecting target, press the FIRE button, and, well, prepare for conflict escalation by quickly firing again. All from the comfort of your chair...

Vengeance is for the lazy, and is yours for the taking.
The USB Missile Launcher:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

R/C Battling Sumo Wrestlers - Inflate and Engage.

R/C Battling Sumo Wrestlers - Inflate and Engage.

Meet Bill and Al. Two normal inflatable guys with a passion (obsession, if you will) for the spectacular art of Sumo wrestling. Al is wearing the blue mawashi, and Bill is wearing the red. At your command they will roll into battle, yelling taunts, and zoom across your office's kitchen floor. Bill and Al will crash into each other, a bold display of tactics and strength. It's like they are fencing, but using their stomachs instead of swords. Will Bill finally triumph or will Al retain his championship? The battle is on!

Intersection of time and motion on your wrist

Much of the study of physics deals specifically with the interaction between time and motion. Many well known equations exist to explain their relationship and years can be devoted to this area of study. Fortunately, we have a wristwatch that operates on a simple relationship between time and motion. The Tilt Sensor LED Watch likes to be put into motion and, in fact, it responds kindly with a display of the current time. Simply twist your wrist forward and back, causing the watch to tilt, and the blue LEDs will illuminate the time for about five seconds.

Intersection of time and motion on your wrist

Harry - Resident ThinkGeek Bling Collector

Harry - Resident ThinkGeek Bling Collector

You’ve got keys, you’ve got pens, a wallet, a thumbdrive, cellphone, iPod - so many bits and bobs that need a home. Sure, your pockets can empty themselves on any flat surface, but how boring is that? Harry to the rescue! His hundreds of flexible soft wire "hooks" can grab onto just about anything and hold it tight, without scratching your gear. Mount it flat or against the wall to creatively organize all your everyday conventional stuff in a decidely non-flat and unconventional way.

iAXE USB Electric Guitar - Screaming USB ROCK for less than $100

We know that USB is perfect for Evil Robot Snowmen, USB Thumbdrives and of course the George Foreman iGrill... but were you aware that USB can ROCK! with a screaming speed-metal guitar solo? Neither did we, that is until we got our hands on this amazing iAXE USB powered electric guitar. Simply plug the iAXE into any available USB port, jack in some headphones and commence to rock using the included software which simulates different amps and effect pedals. The iAXE is a full size professional guitar so having some guitar playing skillz might help. [Overused joke about volume going to 11 omitted.]

iAXE USB Electric Guitar - Screaming USB ROCK for less than $100

The meh Flask - Make it a double shot of apathy please...

The meh Flask - Make it a double shot of apathy please...

The holidays are fast approaching and nothing helps to assuage the grinding nuisance of family and forced festivity as much as a shot of your favorite amber colored liquid. Except, of course, for several more shots of said amber colored liquid. And we've got just the ethanol delivery device to help you get the job done. The ThinkGeek meh flask provides you (and your loved ones) with six ounces of stylized beverage storage in attractive stainless steel. Laser etched with the all-powerful phrase 'meh.' - these flasks not only help perpetuate apathy, they guarantee it! In style of course...

New Japanese T-Shirts - More Japan On Your Clothes

Girls, alcohol, and monsters are just some of the things that make Japan so great (apart from all that technology stuff). And what better way to celebrate our love for all things Japanese than a new collection of shirts, babydolls, and hoodies. There's even a babydoll shirt featuring a catbus. Yeah, you read that right: a catbus, just like the one Totoro likes to ride in. So, whether you are looking for love, drooling over biru, desiring to be Japanese, or just wanting to wear a monster on your chest, we have you covered (pun intended).

New Japanese T-Shirts - More Japan On Your Clothes

LED Eclipse II Keyboards - Frag in the dark

LED Eclipse II Keyboards -  Frag in the dark

Everybody's got a keyboard, so why should you be interested in the Eclipse II? Come on, by now you should know that ThinkGeek doesn't carry anything that doesn't pass our rigorous standards of coolness. We are enamored of things that glow, but we especially love it when things glow in many colors. This keyboard can switch between empire blue, lava red, and windu purple. It glows brightly underneath laser etched keys and out the sides to give it that repulsorlift look. So, click the lights off, and bask in the otherworldly glow while you happily frag the night away.

Collapsible chopsticks - Have elegance, will travel

Here's the dilemma: cold leftover Chinese food is an important ingredient (along with caffeine) to successful late nights, creating code miracles or fragging demons. But normally, since you only ordered one meal, you only get one pair of chopsticks. But what about the leftovers? Never worry again with these uber-chopsticks. Weather resistant nylon pouch, stainless steel uppers, ash lowers, and all brass hardware. The wood lower part unscrews and stores in the stainless steel top part for travel and for impressing the ladies...or fellas...or monkeys....

Collapsible chopsticks - Have elegance, will travel

Designer Emulation Kits - Much geekier than real designer lights

Designer Emulation Kits - Much geekier than real designer lights

Designer lamps are expensive. You normally have to dress real fancy to go into the stores that sell them, and then you have to spend hours and hours and days and days worrying that your investment is going to break. And, you really can't take them with you to show them off to you friends. So buy a Designer Emulation Kit instead (each one is inspired by a world famous designer lamp). Cut them out of their circuit board frame and quickly put them together. They sit atop a standard 9-volt battery and shine their tiny LED for all to see your keen sense of style.

Quick Blurbs !!

LED Projection Night Light

LED Projection Morphing Night Lites

Make Your Own Slime Kit

Make Your Own Slime Kit - It's goop-tastic


Crackheads - Chocolate covered espresso beans

Duct Tape Passport Holder by Ducti®

Duct Tape Passport Holder - Travel abroad in style

Duct Tape Purse by Ducti®

Duct Tape Purse - Geek, chic, and fantastique!

Touchscreen Hand-held Sudoku

Fiendishly addictive logic puzzle game thingy from Japan

TRON Movie Poster

Tron - The Movie Poster

USB Tech Lamp

USB Tech Lamp - Cool Desktop Cathode

Staple Free Stapler

Staple Free Stapler - Oh the humanity

meh babydoll tee

Meh. babydoll shirt - now available

Fresh Geek Point Promos !!

Hey Folks, we've got a few new Limited Edition Geek Point offers that you might want to know about. And they are, drumroll please...


Free PerplexCity Puzzle Card with $15 purchase and 300 Geek Points

Micro-Tech 6-in-1 Multi Tool

Free Micro-Tech 6-in-1 Multi-tool with $15 purchase and 700 Geek Points

Ninja Remote

Free Ninja Remote with $15 purchase and 900 Geek Points

** These Geek Point Promos Expire 11/30/2006 **

November 2006 Action Shot Winner

November 2006 Action Shot Winner: Levitron: Oral Cavity U.F.O.

Get the scoop on sending your own ThinkGeek product action shots and get a chance at our $100 monthly giveaway here:


Action Shot Winner

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