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November 8, 2006

Hello there, fellow meat popsicles!

Whew! It's been a busy few days here at ThinkGeek World Headquarters. We were visited by an army of Snowbots and they forced us to make them the feature of this here newsletter! Luckily we managed to distract them with some naked circuit boards sporting nothing but large resistors. Read on for more about the invading Snowbot army. In the midst of all the excitement, we also had to find time to vote on Tuesday! All of you 18 and older U.S. citizens out there better have received a little "I Voted" sticker or Snowbot will find you and eat your brains.


The ThinkGeek USB Snowbot

Get One, Before They Get You

We only have a short time... They're coming. They might be dressed up as snowmen, but don't let that fool you. The impending threat is real and... What was that sound?? Sorry, false alarm...

The only way to neutralize them is to plug them into a USB port. Then they go into hibernation mode, and their metal crushing claws of death become docile, articulated limbs of whimsy. It's this design flaw we must exploit, to save our planet. Get one, get many. Get them plugged in as fast as you can. Snowbot Army If too many remain free, there's no telling what carnage they will unleash. We've already lost one graphic designer... We may lose... Shhhhhh... That noise, in the server room... Oh no... What's that light under the door? It's the Snowbots scanning LED ocular interface! They're here! Oh the humanity!

Buy one now before it's too la.......

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

The 2007 Despair, Inc. Calendar Is Here To Dishearten

The 2007 Despair, Inc. Calendar Is Here To Dishearten

The only calendar that realizes the best way to increase your success is by lowering your expectations, ThinkGeek is as happy as management on a firing spree to be shipping out 2007 Despair, Inc. Calendars! This year, we worked with the brilliant minions over at Despair to build a special custom calendar just for ThinkGeek. It's chock-full with your favorite Demovitators plus dozens and dozens of custom notes on dates relevant to geek-kind. Did you know that it was August 4th 1997 that Skynet sent Terminators into the past? Did you realize that November 14th is Shigeru Miyamoto's birthday? Did you? Well, it doesn't matter anymore. ThinkGeek will do the remembering for you. Get the scoop on which dates in 2007 fall on which days here!

7" Widescreen Digital Frame with USB Host - Wide is da Bomb

In 1953 the first widescreen movie wowed theater audiences by providing a vastly superior experience to squinting at a mostly square B&W image on that incredible new device... the Television. Suddenly people all over the world realized one critical truth - "Wider really is Better". Skip forward over half a century to the present... widescreen TVs are in every home and ThinkGeek offers you this fine 7" Widescreen Digital Photo Frame. Coincidence? We think not. Display your photos a-la-widescreen and appeal to your geeky side with the cool USB host feature that allows you to pull images from a USB thumbdrive or external USB hard drive.


Star Trek 40th Anniversary Phaser - Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Star Trek 40th Anniversary Phaser - Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Captain Kirk. From his hair to his physique to his ability to tear his shirt no matter what stands in his way, one thing is clear: he's one of Earth's greatest heroes. And his weapon of choice? No, not his fluency in the universal language of love (though that does come in handy) - it is his phaser! From the moment we saw it, we wanted one. And now we've gotten our wish. With lights and sounds and a removable Type I (for covert Orion Underwear Raids), this is one of the two coolest weapons ever invented. Pair one with a lightsaber and you will be the geekiest warrior imaginable. Warning: Does not work against Snowbots.

Sirocco Wireless Audio Bridge - Stream your Tunes via Wifi

Featuring audiophile-grade lossless transmission, support for surround sound and pure digital optical output, the Sondigo Sirocco pleases even the most demanding ears. Connect the Sirocco to your stereo system downstairs and install the included software on your Windows based PC upstairs. The Sirocco will stream any audio your PC can play - over your existing 802.11b/g network as it neatly sidesteps all DRM and content protection issues by acting as a wireless sound card for your PC. The Sirocco works great with iTunes, WinAmp, and games... or any other sound your PC can dish out.

Sirocco Wireless Audio Bridge - Stream your Tunes via Wifi

Chef's Quad-Timer - 4 Burners, 4 Timers. Coincidence?

Chef's Quad-Timer - 4 Burners, 4 Timers. Coincidence?

The holidays are coming and with them comes one of our favorite recreational activities: eating. Sometimes, though, we need a little help out in the kitchen. True, cooking can be fun, but it's not super geeky. Lucky for us the geniuses that brought us the Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock decided enough was enough. They put their minds together (literally, into one giant tank of positronic media) and came up with the Chef's Quad-Timer. Each burner can now have its own count-down timer, with a graphical interface so you can see what's what. Will the mashed potatoes be finished in time? Will the corn boil over? See how much more fun cooking is with a Quad-Timer?

Pro Gamer Command Pad - Make Your Left Hand Even More Deadly

Your indispensable gaming weapon, the Pro Gamer Command Pad gives you all the tools needed to perfect your skills at virtually any type of PC gaming. Not only do you get 20 buttons including space, shift, function and 3 mode states for up to 144 programmable commands, you also receive a handy 4-way analog hat switch and adjustable thumb control area. Plus the laser etched keys glow in your choice of three colors. It's enough to make your left hand swoon with ergonomic gaming keypad bliss. Please purchase a small gift for your right hand so it doesn't feel left out.

Pro Gamer Command Pad - Make Your Left Hand Even More Deadly

Ball of Whacks - Be creative; get Whacking.

Ball of Whacks - Be creative; get Whacking.

Sometimes folks ask us how we think of such wacky stuff to write for these newsletters. Well, caffeine, of course. And sugar, loads of sugar. But sometimes we get stuck. That's when we get out our Ball of Whacks. Not nearly as obscene as it sounds (but just as fun), the Ball of Whacks is a tool to help you think creatively. It is composed of 30 plastic pyramids that can magnetically bond together to create a myriad of shapes. Channel your inner geek to devise new and exciting starships. Or a bunny. The possibilities are endless and the time spent with the Ball of Whacks will help get your creative juices flowing again. Time to get Whacky!

Piet Hein Drink Cooler - Ice of the future

Mix one part stainless steel, one part super-secret liquid core, 4 parts sub-zero temperatures, and 2 parts tasty adult beverage, what do you get? Only the coolest (pun intended) way to keep your drinks ice cold. Breeze through the party with a certain swagger as you swirl your drink. Watch as envious eyes turn your way to the clink of your Piet Hein Drink Cooler. The polished metal egg chills your drink but doesn't water it down, changing the taste. Practical and stylish. Be cooler than the rest of the room. You know you want to.

Piet Hein Drink Cooler - Ice of the future

Sonic Grenade - An Aural Explosion

Sonic Grenade - An Aural Explosion

The Sonic Grenade is a great leap forward in annoyance technology. Simply pull the pin and throw. In twenty seconds your victim will be the recipient of a barrage of alarming sound. And the only way to permanently shut it off is to put the pin back in. Just make sure not to hit your office enemy in the head, otherwise he or she might get knocked out and then won't be able to enjoy the shrieking alarm with the rest of the office. It's not like the grenade is that hard, but we know how forceful you would throw it in the heat of battle. And speaking of battle, the Sonic Grenade is a great way to tip the scales in all out office war. Put in ear plugs, throw grenade, and then let the wedgie-fest begin!

A couple of nifty new battery gadgets for your tool box

As a human, you require oxygen, water and food for survival. Your portable gadgets on the other hand function on a steady diet of battery power. Taking this important fact into account we offer two products that will help keep your electronics properly nourished. The USB Battery Box uses readily available AA or AAA batteries to supply power to your USB rechargeable devices. To go along with your USB Battery Box, the Credit Card Battery Checker is an ultra thin tool for quickly checking the power status of questionable batteries. Keep your electronics properly juiced here:

A couple of nifty new battery gadgets for your tool box

Wireless THX Speakers - No fuss 5.1 THX system for PC or Home Audio

Wireless THX Speakers - No fuss 5.1 THX system for PC or Home Audio

Wireless connections are like a series of tubes. No, wait - it's like a bucket. Sigh. We might not be able to agree on a proper metaphor for connected-but-wireless devices, but we know they're cool. Surround-sound speakers are cool, but to make them extra cool, ours are wireless! The rear speakers, often an audiophile's nightmare for running cables, connect with your stereo via a wireless transceiver. All you need is a power outlet, and you've got sweet 5.1 THX Certified surround sound.

Quick Blurbs !!

Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener

Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener - Back in stock

Shirt of Smiting

+10 Shirt Of Smiting - Back in stock

LED Blow On-Off Candles

LED Blow on-off Candles - Back in stock

Ethernet LinkCheck

Ethernet Link Check - Pocket Ethernet Tool

Pluto Replies

Pluto Replies - Back In Stock

Metal Gun Mania

Metal Gun Mania - Tiny Guns... with Candy from Japan

High-powered Green Laser - 10mW

High-powered 10mW Green Lasers - Back in stock again

1up Mushroom

1up Mushroom T-shirt - Back in stock


Stealthswitch - Back in stock

Sky Rocket Caffeinated Syrups

Skyrocket Syrups - back in stock

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