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October 11, 2006


Welcome to the October edition of the ThinkGeek Newsletter, in which we plainly attempt to lure you to our site with flashing goodies and gadgets you probably never knew existed and yet can't possibly live without, like a Titanium Spork. Every cubicle warrior or student needs one. It's that simple. And just think of the regret you would have forty years from now if you never received this very newsletter, the one where we introduce you to a Titanium Spork, quite possibly the World's most perfect utensil...

Large Digital Photo Frame

10.5" X-Large Digital Photo Frame

Big Frame... not so big Price

What's better than a standard digital photo frame? A gigantor digital photo frame of course. This 10.5" high-res frame will send smaller frames whimpering in fear - all at a price that won't scare your wallet. Of course you get the standard support for a myriad of media cards... including the one your digital camera uses. Plug n' view capabilities mean the photos start playing the moment you insert a media card. You also get a handy remote, smooth cross-fades between images and support for videos and MP3 files for background music. Finally you can digitally dust off your photos and display them for all to see.

Check out the X-Large Digital Photo Frames Right here:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

High-powered 10mW Green Laser - 2x The Awesome Of Typical Green Lasers

High-powered Green Laser - 10mW

If the predictions of science fiction from the last 90 years had been accurate we'd all be flying our cars home from work, food would just appear on our dinner tables, and lasers would be the only weapons used. Alas, while some things have surpassed the dreams of the pulp novels and comic books (like cell phones and cheese-in-a-can), laser weapons have not yet replaced projectile weapons. The only thing left for us geeks to do is find high-powered hand-held lasers and pretend. Thus, we offer this new green laser with twice the output power (10mW) of our standard model. Ready to make your sci-fi dreams come truish...

Mario Import Mania

Control your Mario Fetish with these fine imported Japanese collectibles. The Mario Kart Racetrack features a windup Mario Kart racing on a slot-car style freeway. Assemble the puzzle pieces of the speedway into different track configurations to suit your racing fancy. You can adorn your living room Nintendo-style with a pair of plush Super Mario Bros. pillows. Choose from either a giant 1Up Mushroom or a Pow Box... either look great on your couch while playing Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Finally, collect all four of the Mario Kart Racing Collection figures. These capsule toys feature Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Princess Peach... pull back and go action sends them speeding across your desk.

Mario Import Mania

Optimus Mini Three Keyboard - From Vaporware to Reality

Optimus Mini Three Keyboard - From Vaporware to Reality

Let's get one thing out of the way. We have this Optimus Mini Three Keyboard in our hot little hands, it is very real and very cool. The Optimus Mini connects to your PC via USB and features three keys, each with their own backlit OLED screen. Each key can display a static image or full animation. Press the key and a different action occurs depending on what is assigned to it. Think it as some kind of futuristic dynamic hotkey device.

Titanium Spork - Uber-Utensil

Combine the smooth curves of a high speed race car with the brawn of an industrial excavator - add a sprinkle of the Terminator, and what do you have? Perhaps the coolest and geekiest spork ever created. Not one of those plastic ones you have hidden around your desk, collected from one too many late night "what's open at this hour?" food runs. No, this spork is titanium! Titanium is prized for its high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes this spork light and durable. That means you can shovel more food without worrying about breakage. And since titanium is very corrosion resistant, you can eat all those spicy dishes you've been longing for. Cutlery and coworkers will bow down before your Titanium Spork. One spork to rule them all....

Titanium Spork - Uber-Utensil

iJet iPod LCD Remote - Spy on your iPod wirelessly

iJet iPod LCD Remote - Spy on your iPod wirelessly

If you're like us your iPod has become your home stereo system. Forget CDs. We ripped them to MP3 and stashed them in the basement. Problem is it's pretty tiring to get up from your comfy chair just to switch tracks on your iPod... plus you have to squint to see what song is playing. The iJet iPod LCD Remote solves both of those problems. Not only do you have full wireless control over your iPod, the handy LCD screen on the iJet shows you the track and artist name for whatever is playing. It's almost like having a super-mini wireless iPod in your pocket.

A Couple o' New Despair, Inc. Posters To Get You Down

There is never a wrong time of year to enhance your office walls with pithy realities, and there are no pithy realities more suitable for your office environment than those manufactured by those who work at the gargantuan Despair, Inc. headquarters. We recently picked up two new designs that we think you'll enjoy. In fact, ThinkGeek just recently moved offices (2 weeks ago) and these designs are already prominently displayed. First up is 'Worth'. "Just because you're necessary doesn't mean you're important." Ouch. Next up is 'Effort'. "Hard work never killed anybody, but it is illegal in some places." Either available as a lithograph or a desktopper:

A Couple o' New Despair, Inc. Posters To Get You Down

Giant Swiss Army Knife - Herculean Tool Of Absurdity

Giant Swiss Army Knife - Herculean Tool Of Absurdity

In this era of miniaturization and nano-tech some things simply excel by being larger. The Swiss Army knife is one such item and we have located the ultimate model. You don't even want to remotely consider trying to sneak this beast onto a plane or take it with you on a backpacking trip where space and weight savings are vital. What you do want to do is let your inner gadget freak loose, buy this knife and then show it off every chance you get. Consider it a conceptual piece of gadget art. You are the gadget master, game over, no questions asked. Titanium spork not included (yet).

Nintendo Mini Classics - Micro-size 80's Gaming Nostalgia

These exact recreations of retro Nintendo Game & Watch games prove that taking old 80's LCD handheld games and compressing them to keychain size is pretty darn cool. Donkey Kong has Mario jumping barrels to reach the top and rescue the requisite damsel in distress. While Legend of Zelda delivers some of the most complex play mechanics of it's time... individual dungeon levels on the bottom screen which form a map on the top screen. Both feature the original graphics of their 80's counterparts and of course tell the time ala standard Game & Watch protocol.

Nintendo Mini Classics - Micro-size 80's Gaming Nostalgia

Cuddle Up To Some Tunes - The MP3 Pillow

Cuddle Up To Some Tunes - The MP3 Pillow

If you walk through ThinkGeek's hallways, you'll hear a pretty diverse blend of meditative music, world-music, British hip-hop, big-band, classic alternative, and post-punk. We love music!. We love it so much we figured it was time to give music a great big hug. What better way then with the MP3 Pillow? Plug your favorite portable music player, and enjoy the tunage issuing forth from the hidden speaker embedded in this plush pillow. The soft buttons on the face actually work - controlling the volume, or tuning the built-in FM radio. Compatible with any player with a headphone jack. Sure, we know sometimes the geek universe can be cold and hard - full of plastic and metal, but perhaps it's time for something a bit more warm and fluffy?

Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener - Semi-automatic graphite enhancement automaton

Artificial Intelligence is overrated. Seriously, let's be honest: do we really want robots smart enough to teach our children and pets to revolt against us, or do we want robots that will do whatever we tell them? While the benefits of robotic tutoring have been well documented (probably, somewhere, maybe), we'd rather a robot that will fold our clothes on command any day. Or even better, sharpen our pencils. Stick a pencil into this robot's internal shredding chamber and give it a few twists. Your pencil will be sharp and your robot will walk toward you in thanks. Unlike previous models, this robot will not develop a sense of self and run away - its brains are made of pencil shavings.

Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener - Semi-automatic graphite enhancement automaton

THE pod - A beanbag chair for your camera.

THE pod - A beanbag chair for your camera.

Just like your old beanbag chair lovingly cushioned your backside, THE pod is ready to cushion your camera's bottom. It screws in like a tripod but is mushy and flexible enough to mount on almost any surface. A quick and easy way to help stabilize your camera and sharpen your shot. The ballast, if you will, is easily removed to pack THE pod in any pocket. You can even fill THE pod with other substances (rocks, bigger rocks, sand, sandwiches, etc) based on where you want to shoot. Why is "THE" capitalized and not "pod" you ask? The answer: we don't know. But who cares, it's cool and very useful - especially for taking action shots.

LED Atmosphere Lights - ready for your stuff!

These rechargeable color-changing lights will do more than just provide a little LED atmosphere to your dinner, party or late night hanging out. They come in two practical shapes, a bowl and a vase, so you can place stuff inside them. We'll leave the choice of this mysterious "stuff" up to you - although we have heard that there's a store that sells "stuff for smart masses" - but you didn't hear that from us. No, nothing to see here, move on...

LED Atmosphere Lights - ready for your stuff!

Quick Blurbs !!

Case o' Bawls

BAWLS now available in 16 ounce cans

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Vader and Anakin Force FX Lighsabers, only $79.99 for a limited time!

Mario POW Bank with Keychain

Mario POW Bank with Keychain - Insert 100 Gold Coins Please

The Ex - Unique Knife Holder

The Ex - Unique Knife Holder - Now available in black

Bionic Grip

Bionic Grip - a gripping wrench with a new shape


Stikfas - New flavor: Mobster

Stikfas Dinosaurs

Stikfas Dinosaurs - Prehistoric, ball-jointed skeletons.

The Superman Handbook

The Superman Handbook - Just add curl and cape.

MusicGremlin Wi-Fi Media Player

MusicGremlin - New Lower Price

USB Skype Phone

USB Skype Phone - New Lower Price

The Spider-Man Handbook

The Spider-Man Handbook - Web shooters not included.

Wooden War Engine Kits

Wooden War Engine Kits - New Ballista kit.

The Mug of Vi References

The Mug of Vi References - Back in stock.

Geek Points Deal!

New Geek Points Promotion!

Drink your beverages in geeky style... and for free! If you spend only $15 in ThinkGeek products and redeeem 1500 Geek Points, you'll get our other-wordly plasma mug for nothing. Nice! To use this promotion, just add the Plasma Mug to your cart, then redeem your geek points during checkout. Offer expires 10/31/2006.


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