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September 7, 2006


Woah, the last time our simian bots were copy writing the ThinkGeek newsletter, things were very different. In just 3 short weeks, the heavens have been turned upside down and, whamo presto bammo, we lost Pluto. Just like that. It's forever removed from the realm of the nine (now referred to as the legion of the eight). The scientific powers that be stuck a fork in him, and well, he's done. We'll miss you Pluto. Despite how distant and morbidly cold you are and how unforgivably atypical your orbit is, you will be missed. But alas, after seventy six years we can seek solace in realizing that a larger debate has been settled for us. Size matters. Now that that's over with, we wanted to show you...

Atari Keychains

Atari 2600 Plug n' Play Keychains

Tiny, Playable, Retro Goodness

Atari ruled!! It's true and must be said. The games were simple but challenging and pushed the envelope with color graphics! Today, we enjoy taking aspects of the past and finding new ways to shrink them. With that in mind, we've taken some great Atari games and shoved them into little keychain versions of the controllers. Atari Keychain Each controller comes with a 6 foot cord which you can connect to your TV and then play one of two games (or one of three, if you buy the paddle). Asteroids, Centipede, Pong... all the classics are here. Amaze your friends as you pull a little Atari controller out of your pocket. Then, you can kick their asteroid at one (or all) of seven (in total) Atari games. After all, that's what friends are for.

Check-out the last keychain you'll ever need right here:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Cash in that meal plan and get some good stuff!

Cash in that meal plan and get some good stuff!

A new school year is here and how could you ever hope to make it through a whole semester without some new goodies to keep your spirits up? We've got cool stuff to deck out your dorm, caffeine in every form to help you with marathon study sessions and the perfect gadgets for students, including the Neverlate alarm clock with a different alarm setting for each day of the week. Plus a Super Nintendo Alarm Clock! And a bag of holding emblazoned messenger bag! All this and more is calling your name from our Back to School gift guide:

Super Nintendo Alarm Clock - Wake to Retro Gaming Nostalgia

After a hard night of gaming, the last thing you want is to be roused at the crack of noon to some incessantly beeping alarm. Now you can wake to the soothing sounds of Super Mario Bros. with the Nintendo Alarm Clock. Shaped like the classic controller we all know and love this portable alarm clock features an LCD display and retro game sounds. It even has a built in mini-game... score high enough and unlock a "secret" alarm sound. These cool little clocks are limited edition items imported from Japan and are guaranteed cheaper than the PS3.

Super Nintendo Alarm Clock - Wake to Retro Gaming Nostalgia

Bag of Holding, Binary Bag and two new Futuristic Backpacks

Bag of Holding, Binary Bag and two new Futuristic Backpacks

We here at ThinkGeek like stuff. Sometimes we call our stuff "gadgets;" sometimes we call our stuff "cube goodies." But regardless of what we call our stuff, one thing remains constant: we always need something to put our stuff in. To that end, we've found some great bags and backpacks. You might need to carry some light stuff, and the Bag of Holding (with a slight roll advantage) would be all you needed. But if what you are transporting is delicate and expensive (like a gaming laptop), you'd want either Binary Bag, the Prism U or the Sensitivity V backpacks. So, regardless of whether you are carrying stuff around campus, or moving out of your parents' basement, ThinkGeek has the bag for you. (No not you, Grandma!). Get stuffed here:

Blue Laser Pointer - The Pinnacle of Consumer Laser Technology

It was just about 10 years ago that one of the lead engineers over at Nichia accidentally created a blue laser diode while trying to create a blue LED. And it has taken most of those 10 years just to make a blue laser pointer commercially viable and, err, *somewhat* affordable to you, the constantly aspiring gadgeteer. Operating at 473 nanometers, your handheld laser pointer starts with an infrared beam that pumps light through 3 separately finely tuned crystals and a whole bunch of other precision parts. It's certain to impress anyone who sees it. Be one of the first in the world to own this unique and unusual item. Need we say more?

Blue Laser Pointer - The Pinnacle of Consumer Laser Technology

Prank University, the book - and your ultimate guide to mischief.

Prank University, the book - and your ultimate guide to mischief.

Welcome freshman and welcome back upperclassmen. It's nice to see so many familiar faces, and watch all the new faces react in horror as they realize they have just been super-glued to their chairs. Gotcha! This is Prank University, people, where you will learn the wonders of plastic wrap, the proper method to fork a yard, the uses of frozen urine, plus many more practical (joke) skills. When you graduate from PU, you can be certain of two things: 1. Your new knowledge probably won't help you get a job; and 2. You'll be able to properly get back at anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Remember PU's motto: Do unto others...before they do unto you.

Don't Go Back To School With Crapwear, Get Certified TG Swag

This month we've added four new intriguing tee's to the line-up. First we'll start with 'A Tribute to Pluto', which is better seen than explained. We will miss your presence lil' buddy from our planetary line-up. Next up is a shirt for that obsessive compulsive part of you that more often than naught gets trumped by your apathy. We call it, simply, 'Prefectionist'. Hitting the charts today at #3 is our 'Heavy Metals' tribute band logos tee. It features eleven of the most rocking Heavy Metals from the periodic chart in full glammed out Logos. As if you doodled them on your high school trapper keeper during AP chem. Last up is our 'Team Paladins' athletic team jersey, a tribute to the world's most popular RPG virtual ass kicker:

Don't Go Back To School With Crapwear, Get Certified TG Swag

Mini Storage Devices Go X-Large

Mini Storage Devices Go X-Large

We've beefed up our most popular pocket sized USB portable storage devices with higher capacity to store more of your precious data. The super slim Hal 9000 Memory Unit has doubled in size from 1GB to 2GB... while the T.One Microdrive adds a stylish aluminum case and goes from 8GB to a whopping 12GB. Either are perfect for transporting your files or augmenting your laptop hard drive. But please don't put too many of these handy storage devices in your pocket at once, lest you reach critical memory mass and accidentally implode.

Cube World - Series two and three have hatched!

Longtime fans of ThinkGeek may already be familiar with Cube World, but listen up, minions - we've only scratched the surface! Imagine happy little stick people living in electronic boxes...no, not Tamagotchi. Cube World Digital Stick People are intelligent, highly specialized, and social. Stick two or more Stick People together and watch how they interact. They're like sea-monkeys, only way cooler and less smelly. Now comes the good part. Up until now, we've only had two sets of Cubes. Today we introduce FOUR NEW SETS! Brand new Cube World denizens to delight and entertain you. Collect all 6 sets and marvel at their antics!

Cube World - Series two and three have hatched!

Touch-Free Faucet Adapter - Jedi hand wave friendly

Touch-Free Faucet Adapter - Jedi hand wave friendly

If you've ever enjoyed the touch-free sinks in a commercial bathroom you can now bring that bit of gadgetry to your home by installing the Touch-Free Faucet Adapter. The faucet installation is easy and only requires a single tool (included) and five minutes of time. This unit is very compact and operates on four AAA batteries. The infrared sensor will turn your water on/off when hand movement is detected and helps eliminate unattended running water which can reduce water usage by up to 70 percent.

New Japan Fan Category = Cool New Japanese Goodies

Here at ThinkGeek we just never get tired of shiny new toys from the land of the rising sun. We have some great new items and a handy new "Japan Fan" category on the ThinkGeek website to store them in. The Nintendo Dot Sound Diorama are mini models of your favorite Nintendo games including Super Mario and Legend of Zelda. Each plays an appropriate game sound. For true Japan connoisseurs we offer the Ultraman Mini Playset featuring scenes from the classic TV show. When you're done playing, cuddle up with plush Mario or Yoshi and some good manga.

New Japan Fan Category = Cool New Japanese Goodies

The Cubes Playsets - Corporate Zombies and IT Department added

The Cubes Playsets - Corporate Zombies and IT Department added

In a land where partitions separate office space and not having ideas is analogous to job security, live The Cubes. There's Ted, Alice, Bob, and friends, and for a while they were doing just fine. Suddenly, however, they started having computer problems. So they called Tim, the sysadmin. Arising from his captain's chair, Tim ventured out of IT and quickly found the problem. A small group of Corporate Zombies were roaming around and had pulled out one of the main server connections. Tim did the only thing he could think of: he plugged the cable back in and forged an e-mail promoting the Zombies to management positions and away from the real workforce. Tim returned to IT, an unappreciated hero. Alas, how well The Cubes represent real life.

MiniBlaster iPod Nano Speaker - Let your Nano Roar

Remember when having the loudest coolest ghetto blaster on the playground was the shizzle? Nowadays everyone sits quietly plugged into white earbuds with heads bopping. Make some noise by turning your iPod Nano into a miniature boombox with the MiniBlaster speaker system. Simply slip your Nano into the top of the MiniBlaster and crank the tunes. The dual full range micro-drivers produce amazingly rich sound in a package not much larger than your Nano. Be the hit of the playground again and impose your musical taste on everyone around you.

MiniBlaster iPod Nano Speaker - Let your Nano Roar

Metal Desktop Catapult - Office siege in style.

Metal Desktop Catapult - Office siege in style.

It will sit on your desk, proud and aloof. Coworkers will pass and remark how "executive" it looks. Everyone will think the metal catapult on your desk is a way you have found of displaying your love for history. You can even casually remark how it is just a little trinket to remind you of your educational trip to a big museum. Little will they know that this catapult is fully functional. That's right, crank it back, wheel it into position, load in a projectile, and fire! We've found caffeinated mints make great ammunition. If you really want to be mean, you can fire used mints - that way, they might stick when they hit. And nothing says funny like watching a coworker with a bit of candy stuck to the back of their head.

Free Geek Awareness Bracelets - See below for details!

Hey, just for reading this far, we figured we would reward you. Pick-up a free geek awareness bracelet by spending just $15 and entering in any of the following codes during checkout. For the Yellow 'Tux is my homeboy' bracelet, enter the code TUXBRACELET - for the army green 'I see Fragged People' bracelet, enter the code FRAGBRACELET - and for the black 'ThinkGeek' bracelet, enter the code GEEKBRACELET and that's it! It isn't necessary to add the bracelet to your shopping cart first, our system will automagically do that for you when you enter the proper code. To check-out the bracelets and see which design you might want, check-out the URL below. Hurry offer expires September 15, 2006 or while supplies last.

Free Geek Awareness Bracelets - See below for details!

Quick Blurbs !!


New Japan Fan Category Available Now For Browsing

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Obi-wan Force FX Lightsaber - In stock and shipping!

USB 2.0 Mini Rotating Hub

USB 2.0 Mini Rotating Hubs

Optimus Mini Three Keyboard

Optimus Mini Three Keyboard - The hype is over!

Lumaray FL6 Flashlight

Lumaray FL6 Flashlight - new updated model

Ambient Orb Device

Ambient Wireless Devices - Back in stock!

Nabaztag Wifi Smart Rabbit

Nabaztag Wifi Smart Rabbit - Back in stock!

Curiously Strong Magnets

Curiously Strong Magnets - Back in stock!

Perplex City Card Game

PerplexCity Card Game - Wave 4 Now Shipping

 Penny Arcade Volume 2: Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings!

Penny Arcade Volume 2.0 - Epic Legends...

C.H.I.M.P. (monitor mirror)

C.H.I.M.P. Monitor Mirror - back in stock!

DIY Rare Earth Magnet Rings

DIY Rare Earth Magnet Rings - "attractive" rings

Space Explorers Poster

Space Explorer Chart - Over 40 space explorers pictured!

Gamer Wallpaper

Gamer Wallpaper - Display your games on your wall


Cuboyds - 3" of preassembled, posable fun

VoJo Energy Mints w/Guarana

VoJo Energy Mints - Pimped up caffeinated mints

Aluminum Laptop PC Briefcase

Aluminum Laptop PC Case - New Lower Pricing!

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August, 2006 Action Shot Winner

August, 2006 Action Shot Winner: The Cubes Cubicle Playset

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