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August 16, 2006

Hey folks,

ThinkGeek turned seven this week. Yay! It's been seven very merry and humbling years since ThinkGeek started selling Penguin mints and t-shirts out of the storage closet of an ISP. Seven years! That would make us over fifty in dotcom years. And at seven we are just starting the 2nd grade. So, if we practice enough, we can start sending our newsletters in cursive before the holidays! Ok, enough about us, let's talk about you. You have a nervous system, an endocrine system and a musculoskeletal system. You enjoy long sessions in front of the computer, flat foods, and you have a passion for the latest and greatest awesomeness. What a coincidence, so do we!

T-Shirt Grab Bag

Grab Bag T-Shirts

Enter The Mysteriously Random Realm Of The ThinkGeek Grab Bag

It's our seven year birthday, but we feel the need to give more than receive, so we are offering you a very fine gift -- the gift to tempt fate with a random shirt from our Excess Inventory Department! You'll never know what gem of a shirt you might get when you purchase from the amazing and incredible grab bag! When you order from the grab bag, you'll get a genuine ThinkGeek-made shirt that for one reason or another, we didn't sell in the normal course of TG events. All of the shirts in the grab bag are high quality - not defective or seconds. From time to time, there may even be a stray golf shirt, fleece, or hoodie in the grab bag, but you'll never know and neither will we so don't ask! ;-)

The ThinkGeek Tshirt Grab Bag Collection:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

The Tiny Ninja Universal Remote - better than a smoke bomb!

The Tiny Ninja Universal Remote - better than a smoke bomb!

The elusive Ninja already has some pretty kick ass gear in his arsenal, does he also need a universal remote? Well, we suppose he could use the trusty shuriken to stealthily change the TV volume or throw a smoke bomb to create a diversion while changing the channel. But these methods risk revealing the ninja's specialized weapons and tactics to unsuspecting bystanders. Instead, the tiny Ninja Remote can be easily concealed and used to control just about any television. Simply push its mute button for a few seconds to program and you're ready to operate undetected.

Hitch iPod2iPod USB Transfer Device - PC Free Transfer

Help you and your iPod make some new friends with the Hitch iPod2iPod USB Transfer Device. Connect your iPod to the Hitch, then hook-up any consenting iPod in the vicinity and the fun begins. You can now select and transfer songs, albums and videos between the two iPods with nary a PC in sight. The Hitch also works great to transfer files between any two random USB mass storage devices you may have lying around. Go from digital camera to iPod... or USB thumbdrive to external hard drive. The possibilities are endless.

Hitch iPod2iPod USB Transfer Device - PC Free Transfer

Star Trek Enterprise-E - Warp into the final frontier.

Star Trek Enterprise-E - Warp into the final frontier.

Star Trek has always represented a hopeful glimpse into our technological future. It extrapolated current events and scientific theories and painted a picture of a time when humans are not alone in the universe. And one name summed up the hopes of our exploration and strength in the galaxy: Enterprise. This Enterprise E replica was designed from CGI data (get it?) from the filming model, which makes it accurate down to the window locations and escape pod hatches. Add some lights and sounds, and you have one awe-inspiring toy. Engage!

R/C Spy Video Car with Night Vision - See them before they see you

When you are working covert surveillance, darkness is both your friend and enemy - you are hidden, but so is everyone else. Until now. With the R/C Spy Video car, you can see what lies ahead with its integrated night vision camera. The signal transmits to the remote, and you get to see it all on the black and white LCD Heads Up Display. This is one awesome toy, with uses too devious to mention here. With a range of 75 feet, and the fact that the camera works equally well in daylight, you could patrol your whole office floor without anyone knowing. With the Spy Video Car you will never be left in the dark, or if you are... even better!

R/C Spy Video Car with Night Vision - See them before they see you

MicroJet Lighter Torch - DIY Micro Torch

MicroJet Lighter Torch - DIY Micro Torch

Your typical cheap butane lighter produces a flame that is, well, pretty lame. The MicroJet Lighter Torch changes that by turning the same lighter into a quality butane torch that is windproof and much more useful. Simply insert any compatible butane lighter (or the one included) into the MicroJet and close the unit. The butane lighter provides the fuel source and the MicroJet provides a quality flame nozzle and waterproof electronic piezo ignition. The blue flame temperature is 2400 degrees Fahrenheit and can burn for about 20 minutes nonstop.

Mazu Kan: Two Player Invisible Fighting Game - Virtual Fighting

Superman can punch through walls, but he's an alien. With Mazu Kan, you can enjoy the feeling of punching through walls without the need for space travel. Mazu Kan is a virtual fighting game where you blast your enemy by holding down a Spiderman-like palm button and punching the air (and yes, the "punches" can go through walls). You also can block, make force fields, and heal yourself, all with simple hand movements. And every time you are hit, your chest unit vibrates. Sure you'll look like a superhero wanna-be wearing it, but you'll be having so much fun you won't care. Mazu Kan is perfect for superhero(ine) training and office showdowns.

Mazu Kan: Two Player Invisible Fighting Game - Virtual Fighting

A Tasty Fresh Selection Of New Tees

A Tasty Fresh Selection Of New Tees

If, unlike buoyancy, a grab bag tshirt fails to float your boat - we've got three new WYSIWYG shirts to help provide some lift. And by WYSIWYG we don't mean anything other than what you see is what you get, unlike, for example, a grab bag shirt, which is precisely the opposite of, well, a WYSIWYG shirt. So, the three shirts are, drumroll please, in random order...1)I'm with genius - A shirt for you to revel in you. 2) ROFLCOPTER - A shirt to celebrate the inanity of it all. And 3) Video Game Junkie - A shirt to embrace and further cultivate your addiction. Get dressed right here:

These Plush Assassins Are Masters of the Stealth Hug

There is continual debate on the internets and here in ThinkGeek HQ about which is better: Pirates or Ninjas. Today, the battle lines are redrawn. For today, a new breed of ninja is born. Ninjas are normally swift, invisible, and deadly. These new ninjas are cuddly, fuzzy, and oh so adorable.. Wee Ninjas are the perfect plush killing machines, ready for action. Cloaked in the night, they silently stalk their prey. These plush ninjas have achieved absolute discipline and perfection in their craft of cuddles. Pirates stand no chance against these masters of the Stealth Hug.

These Plush Assassins Are Masters of the Stealth Hug

Two New Lights from Mathmos

Two New Lights from Mathmos

UK design shop Mathmos is known for their lighting products featuring unusual shapes and high quality materials. The Mathmos Aduki ni looks like a perfectly shiny metallic bean when turned off, heavy and perfect to hold in the hand. Turn the Aduki ni on and it comes alive - illuminating the metallic surface and transitioning gradually through a series of colors. The Mathmos Big Blimp is a mouth blown glass light that can be hung on the wall or simply rested on a table. It smoothly transitions through the entire color range or can be paused on a single color. See both here...

InstantMusic Vinyl & Cassette Ripper - Preserve Your Old Media

Do you still have a working Betamax, a 3.5" floppy with Windows 3.0 and the original "Pet Rock"? Well then we would bet hard cash that you also have dozens of old records and tapes. Liberate your old media into glorious digital technology with the InstantMusic. Simply connect the InstantMusic to your PC and a cassette deck or turntable. The included software allows you to convert your music to MP3 files, or burn directly to CD. It even smartly detects the gaps between songs to divide that old Journey LP into individual MP3 files perfect for transfer to your newfangled iPod.

InstantMusic Vinyl & Cassette Ripper - Preserve Your Old Media

Japanese Import Toy ATTACK!

Japanese Import Toy ATTACK!

Get out your radioactive death ray because ThinkGeek has more cool Japanese toys than you can shake a stick at. Start with the fine Nintendo DS Water Game. These nifty classic style water games look like a tiny Nintendo DS and feature floating coins, balls or stars you have to maneuver into the appropriate goal. The cute Japanese Marvel Mini Figures are fully posable mini versions of your favorite Marvel superheros. Intricately detailed Samurai Champloo Figurines perfectly capture the characters from the popular anime. Rounding up the onslaught are Mario and Luigi in two new larger-size Dot-S pixel-based playsets.

Quick Blurbs !!

ThinkGeek is hiring a Graphic Designer!! Work with Timmy !!


Gorillapod - SLR Version now available!

Monty Python Holy Hand Grenade Plush

Monty Python Holy Hand Grenade Plush - Back in stock!

Mini Maglite AA Flashlight LED Conversion Kits

Mini Maglite IQ Switch now available!

Leatherman h503 Multi-tool

Leatherman h503 Multi-tool

Turbo Bright LED Lighter

Turbo Bright LED Lighter - Blue flame and LED

Penny Arcade Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood Limited Edition Laser Cel

Still A Few Numbered Limited Edition PA Cels Left!

USB Beverage Chiller

USB Beverage Chiller - Back in stock

Cube World Digital Stick People

Cube World - Back in stock!

Wolfking Warrior FPS Keypad

Wolfking Warrior FPS Keypad - Deadly Gaming Weapon

Key Katcher

Key Katcher - Now available in 256K memory size!

PvP At Large (volume 1)

Volumes 0-3 Of The Amazing PVP Series

Key Card Alarm with Time Stamp

Key Card Alarm w/Time Stamp

Skull Pad

Penny Arcade Skull Pad Logo

Return of Gonzo Gizmos

Return of Gonzo Gizmos - crazy things to build!

Spirit & Opportunity Rovers On Mars Poster

Spirit & Opportunity Rovers On Mars Poster

Penny Arcade Beach Poster

Penny Arcade Beach Poster

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July 2006 Action Shot Winner: Ninja vs. Pirate Stikfas Death Battle

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