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July 19, 2006

Hey folks,

This month we encourage you to hug your local sysadmin as cube farms around the known universe celebrate International Sysadmin Day on July 28th. Granted, you may not be able to get your arms around your favorite Sysadmin, but they'll appreciate the gesture all the same. Of course they would prefer you lavish them with techie gifts from ThinkGeek, but we aren't going to twist your arm. Instead, we'll let the fear of knowing what *could* happen to your data on July 29th if you don't get said gift bounce around your frontal lobe for a bit. When you come to your senses, make sure to visit our Sysadmin Gift Guide below...

Hydrogen Fuel Rockets!

Hydrogen Fuel Rockets

Next stop, Mars

Hydrogen is one of our favorite elements. It's simple and everywhere...and it makes impressive rocket fuel! What better way to blast a rocket into space than with a futuristic fuel source?! Combine the Propellant Crystals with water and you have homemade rocket fuel. Load up the launcher, turn it on, and wait for the launch signal to tell you the combustion chamber is full of hydrogen. Then, push the ignition button and BLAST OFF! The Hydrogen Rocket seems to "vanish" off the launch platform - it's just that fast. Sailing up to 200 feet in the air, the Hydrogen Rocket will not fail to impress. So secure your helmet, make sure your seat back is in its upright and locked position, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare to rocket into the Troposphere!

Blast off, future-style with these flying hydrogen torpedoes:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

5.8 GHz Wireless Digital T-Amp - Wireless CD Quality Sound

5.8 GHz Wireless Digital T-Amp - Wireless CD Quality Sound

Free your speakers from cords and get amazing hi-fidelity sound up to 150 feet from your stereo system with the Wireless Digital T-Amp. All digital CD quality wireless transmission with built-in error correction and 128x oversampling ensures your audio loses nothing in the translation. The built-in digital T-Amplifier delivers an incredibly clean 20 watts per channel. It's perfect for wirelessly expanding your 5.1 surround sound set-up or adding hi-fi sound to any room in your house.

Instant Snow - It's Winter In A Jar - In July

With blazing heat all around the US lately, the last thing you'd expect to see is snow. The flaky white stuff has about as much chance of falling as your Mom does figuring out the Linux kernel or becoming a level 42 Paladin. But fear not! We can help distract you from the giant hot ball of fire and gas we call the Sun with a little chemistry-induced instant fun. In this unassuming 8oz jar lurks 2 full gallons of white fluffy Insta-Snow! Just add water to the powder, and out erupts great gushing gouts of flaky white stuff that resembles real snow! It's non-toxic and earth-friendly too, but we'd advise against eating it...

Instant Snow - It's Winter In A Jar - In July

Pentago - 2006 Mensa Award Winning Strategy Game

Pentago - 2006 Mensa Award Winning Strategy Game

Developed in Sweden, the country of Vikings, comes this simplistically complex strategy game. Game play follows two easy steps: put down a marble and then, if you desire, rotate a quadrant. Five in a row wins. That's it. Trust us, it sounds much easier than it is, especially when you are playing such geniuses as the monkeys at ThinkGeek HQ! This game is so cerebral, it won a 2006 Mensa Select Award from Mensa (the society of smarties). Only brainy people can master Pentago; we know you are worthy. And, if you're not, at least people will think you are if you have a Pentago game on your home or office table. See, with Pentago, you can't lose!

The Bionic Wrench - Not just for superheros

Okay, so this tool isn't going to give you all the Herculean abilities of Steve Austin but it just might make you feel like a bionic man (or woman) the next time you have to do some repair work. The Bionic Wrench is a remarkable patented hybrid of an adjustable wrench with the ease of use of a pair of pliers. Available in two sizes, it can handle at least 14 different sizes of nuts/bolts in a single tool and does so without the wrench slipping off and damaging the bolt. High quality construction and winner of the Popular Mechanics Editorís Choice Award.

The Bionic Wrench - Not just for superheros

Voodoo Knife Set - Sadistically utilitarian

Voodoo Knife Set - Sadistically utilitarian

The designer of this twisted looking knife set took a creative stab at developing something a little more intriguing than the standard block of wood style of knife holder - and we like it! Sure to generate some pointed comments from your guests, we think it's an absolute scream. Made of heavy duty ABS plastic, this set includes 5 heavy gauge stainless steel knives. Protective knife sleeves are included for each blade and special magnetized slots secure knives in the holder. Very cutting edge!

Solar LED Address Numbers - Because you can

If you're anything like us you want your late night pizza delivered as oven-fresh as possible. But if the driver has to circle your block a couple times before locating your house it's gonna put your piping hot pie in jeopardy. These Solar LED Address Numbers use bright white LEDs to illuminate laser cut aluminum digits for excellent nighttime visibility. Built-in solar panels provide 8 to 10 hours of light and the entire unit is sealed and completely weather resistant. The aluminum is also anodized to prevent any oxidation. Oxidation is bad, umkay?

Solar LED Address Numbers - Because you can

Mini Pet Cactus - It might be your only friend

Mini Pet Cactus - It might be your only friend

Cacti have always produced an enigma of sorts: they are cute, but they hurt if you pet them. The best thing to do is to give them the distance and respect they deserve. Or, you can always stuff a small one in a plastic container and take it with you wherever you go. That's what we did. One watering a month is all it takes to keep your pet cactus healthy and happy. Each Mini Pet Cactus also includes a little strap to attach it to your backpack, cellphone, jacket, etc. If you are a Final Fantasy fan, you can pretend you have a Cactuar egg with you. If you are a Final Fantasy freak, you can always pretend it's a Cactuar head, severed in the field of battle. Regardless, the Mini Pet Cactus is ready to love you (even if you tell people it's a head!)

Dynamo Spotlight - Hand Cranked Mini-Sun

There is something secure and comforting about self-powered electronics. Perhaps it's the idea that even if a deadly alien attack destroyed our entire electrical grid, plunging the world into perpetual darkness, the Dynamo Spotlight would still illuminate your now-defunct plasma TV with a simple twist of the wrist. 16 super-bright LEDs and a built-in 6V rechargeable lead-acid battery make this the brightest hand-cranked flashlight we've ever seen. Plus you get a handy AC charger and a DC car adapter, just in case the aliens decide to attack Mars instead.

Dynamo Spotlight - Hand Cranked Mini-Sun

Chewbacca and Mario Visit From Tokyo

Chewbacca and Mario Visit From Tokyo

Quick! What do Star Wars and Super Mario Bros. have in common? It's obvious... both have cool Japanese-only toys tantalizingly out of the reach of desperate fanboys and fangirls here in the US. But don't break down and move to Tokyo just yet. ThinkGeek has come to your rescue with some Japanese-imported limited edition collectibles. The Star Wars "Real Mask" Capsule Toys feature the magnetic mini detailed faces of some of your favorite Star Wars characters. While the Dot-S Mario Pixel Diorama sets let you re-create classic 8-bit gaming nostalgia one pixel at a time. Both are guaranteed cheaper than a plane flight to Japan:

T.One 8GB USB Microdrive - Satiate Your Storage Hunger

Here at ThinkGeek we don't fool around when it comes to portable storage. So trust us when we say the T.One is the mack-daddy of USB thumb drives. You get 8 gigs of storage and high-speed USB 2.0 transfer speeds in a sleek case less than 2 inches square. How do you cram a boatload of storage into such a small package? Amazingly, each T.One Microdrive has an eensy weensy 8GB hard drive inside. Buy one and dominate over your co-workers in the office thumb drive smackdown.

T.One 8GB USB Microdrive - Satiate Your Storage Hunger

Multi-Color LED Panel - Chic Geek Mood Lighting

Multi-Color LED Panel - Chic Geek Mood Lighting

Who says geeks are clueless about interior decor? Spice up your next LAN party soiree with this stylish LED lamp. Twenty-seven LEDs divided into 9 different squares slowly fade between random colors. The large 12 inch panel can stand upright or be mounted on a wall. A silver frame matches your minimalist geek decor. We recommend you serve Bawls martinis while your party guests frag away basked in the multi-color glow from your futuristic LED panel.

Outdoor LCD Window Thermometer - Be careful outside

Man, it has been hotter than an overclocked CPU in a sauna here on the east coast this past week, with a lot of cities hitting dangerous temperature levels. The Outdoor LCD Window Thermometer can tell you exactly what temperature to expect before you make that gargantuan leap in your life to venture outside. This Weather-resistant unit mounts easily and the large LCD display clearly shows the outdoor temperature from indoors. It also indicates the maximum and minimum values with auto reset. It zeroes in on the weather factor that affects your comfort the most - temperature.

Outdoor LCD Window Thermometer - Be careful outside

Quick Blurbs !!

Network Security Staff

Sysadmin Day Is July 28th - Visit our Gift Guide Or Else...

The Sick Day Handbook

The Sick Day Handbook - Make every day a sick day


Meh T-Shirt - Celebrate your utter indifference

Kickbutt Amped Energy Ballz

Kickbutt Amped Energy Ballz - Energy bar, candy hybrid

Cthulhu Plush

Plush Cthulhu - Back in stock

Power LED Mod Kit

Power LED Mod Kit - Trick Out Your CPU Power Light

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers - Back in stock

Circuitboard 4

Circuitboard 4x6 Desktop Photo Frame

Caffeine Candy Sampler v6.0

Caffeine Candy Sampler v6.0 - Back in stock

Cast poster

New PVP Posters In The House

Maltron Keyboard

Maltron Keyboard - Hand Made Ergonomic Keyboard


Versacharger - Back in stock

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard - Back in stock


Wavy Wand - USB Cable and Free Software now available

Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer

Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer - Back in stock

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