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June 28, 2006

Hello folks!

Summer is fully upon us like a horde of hungry goblins to a cavern of farmed gold. Actually, summer is more upon us like Bawls spilled all over our favorite gaming keyboard, in a sauna. It's simply sticky and humid here at the ThinkGeek headquarters in enchanting downtown Fairfax, Virginia. It will take more than a little clammy heat, however, to stop us from continuing to deliver you new fresh produce from our gadget and gizmos gardens. Actually, that's not true. We are easily swayed by rotating gold coins that hover, thankful princesses, and power-ups masquerading as fungi...

Micro R/C Helicopter

R/C Indoor Helicopters

The Holy Grail of Indoor Aviation

Notoriously expensive and difficult to fly, R/C helicopters are usually piloted by rich mechanical engineers with wizardlike dexterity who don't mind seeing expensive toys crash and smash into small bits. Luckily for you, ThinkGeek's Micro R/C Helicopter is a snap to fly, comes fully assembled and costs less than a steak dinner. With full flight control in any direction you can make this tiny copter take off from your desk then land on your hand. It can hover in place almost motionless like some futuristic robotic insect. We had 3-year old children fly this helicopter without damaging it. It is like some kind of R/C aviation space time continuum paradox.

Check-out the micro flying fantasy copter right here:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Win A Limited Edition Studio Scale AT-AT, And More

Win A Limited Edition Studio Scale AT-AT, And More

Looking to take your collectibles collection (ha, funny...) to the next level? Are you a die-hard but poor Star Wars fan? Or do you just want some awesome free stuff? Well, you're in luck, young padawan. We've devised a contest that should make any Star Wars fan drool with delight. Just enter our little drawing and you could win over $2000 worth of utterly killer collectibles including 2 Star Wars Force F/X Lightsabers, a Darth Tater, Spud Trooper and Artoo Potatoo, a boxed set of Bounty Hunter figurines, a limited edition Snowspeeder Studio Scale model, and a Limited edition Studio Scale AT-AT! Wowzers!

Place An Order Before 6/30 - Get A Free Perplex City Card

The $200,000 grand prize that can be won by playing the Perplex City card game has yet to be found, and we really want one of our customers to win. So, to that end, we are inserting one random card into all orders shipped (for orders placed before 6/30/2006 or while supplies last). Also, we've just received some Perplex City Gift Sets from the head of Perplex City Academy, Master Kiteway. Each set comes with a binder, cards, and a bunch of extra goodies. It's a great way to start into the worldwide treasure hunt known as Perplex City, or to further fuel your addiction.

Place An Order Before 6/30 - Get A Free Perplex City Card

The New PowerSquid Surge

The New PowerSquid Surge

When it comes to your electronics, the new PowerSquid Surge will make sure you don't end up with fried calamari. This new breed of PowerSquid is capable of withstanding an attack from an electric eel - also known as a power surge. It can repel any enemy up to a size of 540 Joules and with its 5 adapter-ready outlet arms accommodating bulky power adapters is not a problem. It also comes with a $100,000 limited connected equipment warranty and Power Blocker automatic shutdown technology...

Limited Edition Star Wars Bounty Hunter Boxed Sets

If there's one thing we hate to clean up, it's Rebel Scum. It seems to grow everywhere, and most household detergents won't even penetrate the rebellious top layer. If you too are burdened with the spread of Rebel Scum, fear no more - the solution is here. The Star Wars Bounty Hunter Boxed set has small articulated versions (sometimes called "action figures") of the famous posse from The Empire Strikes Back. Scrubbing bubbles have nothing on this Empire Approved cleansing force. Buy some Bounty Hunters today and eradicate Rebel Scum for good.

 Limited Edition Star Wars Bounty Hunter Boxed Sets

Flexible Shaft Ratcheting Screwdriver

Flexible Shaft Ratcheting Screwdriver

Your arms are pretty useful - great for lifting a coffee mug and perfect for suspending your fingers right above your keyboard. Your arms aren't so great at ratcheting or bending around corners in tight spaces. Enter the Flexible Shaft Ratcheting Screwdriver. It has a 6" extendable flexible shaft that allows you to drive screws, nuts and bolts at almost any angle. The screwdriver can ratchet forward or backward and includes 15 bits and 5 driver sockets. Also has a retractable magnet built in!

ThinkGeek - Land Of A Thousand Geek Tees, Plus Eight More

Today we're a little bit science, a little bit gamer and a little bit LOL. Our latest batch of shirts should please the gamut of geeks. The ladies will appreciate our nod to female gamers with the "i pwn boys" tshirt. Guy and gal gamers alike, and those that used to be, need to check out the "Retro Table Tennis" shirt and it's glorious 1-bit color and 15 polygons! After you finish your online activities and sign off with an unceremonious "ttyl", go outside, play in the dirt, and proclaim, "Geology Rocks!". Plus check-out 4 new magtasta-riffic Penny Arcade designs!!

ThinkGeek - Land Of A Thousand Geek Tees, Plus Eight More

SRV-1 Mobile Surveillance Robot - Mars Rover for your Home

SRV-1 Mobile Surveillance Robot - Mars Rover for your Home

Explore the dangerous terrain of your home or office with the SRV-1 Mobile Robot. This palm sized bot packs tank-like treads a 32-bit ARM processor and a mini video camera. The included wireless transmitter interfaces with any PC up to 300 feet away. The Java based host software features a built-in web server to monitor and control the SRV-1 Robot with a web browser anywhere in the world. Proximity sensors provide obstacle avoidance. Roving program allows independent exploration. Fully open-source software for robot and host computer.

Professional Wireless Weather Station

Having this weather station is a lot like having a weatherman sitting on your roof. It features three outdoor sensors (thermo-hygro sensor, wind sensor and rain sensor) that wirelessly report data to the base station for display. The included “Heavy Weather” software allows you to display and record all weather data on your PC. The weather data can be exported to an external program to create graphs, charts, etc. The weather station also has atomic time clock, perpetual calendar, LED backlight and 12 or 24 hour time display.

Professional Wireless Weather Station

LED Lanterns - small size but very bright

LED Lanterns - small size but very bright

If you brought a regular size lantern with you in one of those high-tech research submarines and then put it outside at 2 miles deep it would probably end up looking something like what we have here. This miniature LED lantern stands just over 2" tall and fits perfectly on a keychain. The high quality Nichia LED produces an amazingly bright light and should never need to be replaced. Runs up to 50 hours on a single set of batteries.

DIY Electronics Projects - Increase Your Soldering Skillz

These nifty electronics kits are the perfect way to brush up on your soldering skillz in preparation for that portable NES mod you've been planning plus you end up with some pretty cool gadgets for your geeky efforts. The Classic Video Table Tennis Kit allows you to build a fully functional two-player table tennis game complete with blocky ball and 70's nostalgia... hook it to any TV to play. Build your own electronic six-sided die with the LED Shaking Dice Kit. Give it a quick shake to "roll" a new random number. Buy several and impress your role playing friends.

DIY Electronics Projects - Increase Your Soldering Skillz

SlingBox Personal Broadcaster - Watch TV, anywhere in the world

SlingBox Personal Broadcaster - Watch TV, anywhere in the world

Do you secretly love TV more than the Internet? Shame on you! Now your two passions can live in harmony together. The SlingBox Personal Broadcaster lets you watch your favorite shows anywhere you have an Internet connection. Simply connect the SlingBox to your high-speed home network and hook it between your Cable Box or PVR and TV. Run the client software on your PC or laptop and you can watch and control anything on your TV. Feed your dirty television addiction at the office or while traveling... we won't tell...

Galileo Gravitator - LED Illuminated Hovering Planets

In the olden days, the world was thought to be the center of the universe. All the planets, stars, and other heavenly spheres were fixed to larger spheres, all circling around the Earth. The Galileo Gravitator is a true homage and tribute to the guy that gave us the heliocentric POV we enjoy today. Designed with 16th century styling, the Gravitator magnetically levitates and illuminates one of four included heavenly spheres at a time. Perhaps on Monday, you can display the Moon. Wednesday might feel more like a Mars day. Sometimes, Thursdays feel Jupitery around ThinkGeek HQ. And Saturn, with all its beautiful rings, is a great way to welcome the weekend.

Galileo Gravitator - LED Illuminated Hovering Planets

IR Control Daleks - EX-TER-MIN-ATE!

IR Control Daleks - EX-TER-MIN-ATE!

With a toilet plunger in one hand and a elongated egg beater in the other Daleks are some of the deadliest cyborgs in the galaxy. Based on the Daleks featured in the "Dr. Who and the Daleks" movie, these IR Daleks stand 8 inches high and are happiest when gliding across your desk shouting "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" and hunting for the Doctor. Complete with tank-like controls and digitized grating dalek voices you'll feel just like you're in your own low-budget BBC telly show.

Maglite LED Conversion Kits

Once upon a time, the MagLite was the perfect flashlight for the well respected geek. It was dependable, air tight, acid proof, all metal, and super bright. You could drop it, kick it, abuse it beyond belief, and it would remain loyal and keep shining. But then came the introduction of the uber-bright, low battery consumption, LED flashlight. MagLites were still geeky, but suddenly not the brightest bulb on the block. It's time to resurrect an old friend. With this kit, your old school MagLite will leap into the future. Now, it will have the brightness of 3 LEDs and the convenience of a push button power switch!

Maglite LED Conversion Kits

Return/Revenge of the Star Wars Potato Heads

Return/Revenge of the Star Wars Potato Heads

Long, long ago, in a garden far, far away... re-live the exciting adventures of the epic space opera, Star Wars. Act out the menace of Darth Tater's ominous entrance into the Rebel Blockage Runner. Flank him with Spud Troopers: semi-capable, all-cloned cannon fodder of the Empire. Help save the Rebellion's cause by assisting in the escape of Artoo Potatoo. Wonder if the Princess and Darth are related since they have the same last names. Ponder what life would be if you could fit your extra facial features in your "posterior hatch." Question why you have waited so long to join the Vegetable Rebellion. Potato Heads are not just for kids (or breakfast) anymore; may the Starch be with you.

Quick Blurbs !!

PowerStation Cable Organizer

Powerstation Cable Organizer - Control Your Power Adapter Jungle

Hidden Wall Safe

Hidden Wall Safe - Looks like an electrical outlet

Rocket Chocolate - Chocolate Mint Office Jar

Rocket Chocolate - 150 mg of caffeine per gourmet chocolate

Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer

Wi-SPY Spectrum Analyzer - Back in stock

Yoda Plush Backpack

Yoda Plush Backpacks - In stock finally!

Workstation Repair Tool Kit

The ThinkGeek DIY Goodies Gift Guide

MAKE Magazine, Vol 6

Make Magazine, Volume 6 Hits the Virtual Racks

Ninja vs. Pirate Adhesive Bandages

Ninja vs. Pirate Band Aids - For epic battle wounds only

Kershaw 1900 External Toggle Folder

Kershaw 1900 External Toggle Folder

Unimat 6-in-1 Cool Tool

Unimat 6-in-1 Cool Tool - veritable supertool

Star Wars Pewter Bar Set

Star Wars Pewter Bar Sets - Collectible & High End

Jolt Beverages

New Jolt Flavor --> SILVER = Lemon/Lime

Marshmallow Shooter

Marshmallow Shooters - Back in stock

Wolf Claw II FPS Keyboard

Wolf Claw II FPS Keyboard - Now Back in stock

Steal This Computer Book 4.0

Steal this Computer Book 4.0 - The latest version, w/CD

Microbe Liquid Soap Dispenser

Microbe Liquid Soap Dispenser, the Rhinovirus

Network Cable Tester

Network Cable Tester - ThinkGeek Tested & Approved


Stikfas - New Flavors! Supervillian & Superheros

RAM Earrings

RAM Necklace & Earrings

Techie Haiku Winner!

Submit Your Techie Haiku, Win $50!

Last month's ThinkGeek Techie Haiku Winner is: Stephen from Atlanta, Georgia!
Here is the winning Haiku:

    Bouncing on Goombas
    I must save the Princess now
    Star Trek comes on soon

Wanna win a $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate? Just send us your original HAIKU and each newsletter we'll select one winner and print his/her HAIKU right here on the next ThinkGeek newsletter installment for all to see, plus we'll send you a $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate. Get creative! More details and rules? Visit:


May, 2006 Action Shot Winner

May, 2006 Action Shot Winner: Katamari Acrobots

Get the scoop on sending your own ThinkGeek product action shots and get a chance at our $100 monthly giveaway here:


Action Shot Winner!

Fresh Geek Point Promos !!

Hey Folks, we've got a few new Limited Edition Geek Point offers that you might want to know about. And they are, drumroll please...

PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier

Free Powersquid with $15 purchase and 1000 Geek Points

Pi By Numbers

Free T-shirt w/$15 purchase and 1000 Geek Points

Timmy The ThinkGeek Monkey

Free ThinkGeek Monkey w/$15 purchase and 700 Geek Points

USB Mini Lava Lamp

Free Clear USB Lava Lamp w/$15 purchase and 700 Geek Points

** These Geek Point Promos Expire 7/30/2006 **

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