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The ThinkGeek Newsletter!

April 12, 2006

Hello folks!

We hope you enjoyed the April Fools gags in our last newsletter.* But we do feel like we have to mention this one little thing. Wireless extension cords? WIRELESS EXTENSION CORDS? How could you fall for that? Sure plenty of you didn't, but more than plenty of you fell further than a Balrog into a deep unknown. The same folks that probably believe real 1up mushrooms grow far into the forests of Japan?** I suppose with things like Martian rovers, spray cheese, and virtual laser keyboards we can't blame you, eh? Which makes things easier and easier for us each and every year... Muahahaha! Now on to an assortment of tangible, perceptible, irrefutable thingies...

Virtual Laser Keyboard

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

The Future Has Arrived

It's enough to make a geek cry. Just around the corner was supposed to be a shining technology utopia with flying cars and bio-implantable cell phones. It's almost disappointing enough to make you sit at home and watch old episodes of "Space 1999". However an amazing glimpse of this promised future has just arrived at ThinkGeek in the form of the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard. This tiny device laser-projects a keyboard on any flat surface... you can then type away accompanied by simulated key click sounds. You'll be turning heads the moment you pull this baby from your pocket and use it to compose an e-mail on your bluetooth enabled PDA or Cell Phone.

The Bluetooth Virtual Desktop Laser Keyboard

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Trebuchet and Catapult Kits for which to Hurl with

Trebuchet and Catapult Kits for which to Hurl with

In retrospect, siege warfare seems pretty cool - flinging rocks and stuff on fire from your castle at knights below. At the time, however, it was horrible and violent, but it did advance technology. Now you can explore the advancements made to siege warfare in two easy-to-build weapon kits. The catapult is perhaps the most well known of this gruesome twosome, but the trebuchet sounds fancier and (at least in these model kits) is bigger. Both kits assemble with pliers and glue (not included) within an hour or so. What you have when you are done is a marvelous example of a siege engine, built by your own hands. Did we mention they are working models?

Perplex City - Find the Receda Cube First and win $200,000

The people of Perplex City have had a treasured artifact stolen: the Receda Cube. It was brought to this world and buried. If you find it, you'll get a very real $200,000 reward. The only thing that stands in your way is a series of complex puzzles. Perplex City is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that blends real-life treasure hunting, interactive fiction, puzzle-solving, online communities, and live events in cities around the world. You earn points and clues by solving the puzzle cards. There are thousands of people searching around the world. Hurry up and join 'em!

Perplex City - Find the Receda Cube First and win $200,000

TrackStick GPS Data Logger

TrackStick GPS Data Logger

The TrackStick is a small self-contained GPS device that can tell you all about its travels. You simply place it in a vehicle or moving object and it will store up to 4,000 records indicating its location, time, date, speed, direction and altitude. Then connect it to your PC via the built-in USB connection and the GPS data can be integrated with Google Earth or Mapquest. When using the device with Google Earth a playback animation can be created that will "fly" you along the exact route that the TrackStick has taken - it's pretty amazing!

Nintendo Japanese Capsule Toys - Better than 100 Gold Coins

Direct from Japan into your hot little hand come these super-cool limited edition Nintendo keychains. The delightful Super Mario Sound Drop Keychains are made in 8 varieties and each play a classic Mario sound when you push the button. The Nintendo/Famicom Controller Keychains feature a classic Nintendo character and associated sound when you push the "A" button on the controller. Both are available in limited quantities direct from Japanese capsule vending machines so buy them before we're forced to horde them all!

Nintendo Japanese Capsule Toys - Better than 100 Gold Coins

iPod Mono-Strap Backpack - iPod Control At Your Fingertips

iPod Mono-Strap Backpack - iPod Control At Your Fingertips

The iPod Mono-Strap Backpack keeps your iPod nestled safely inside its sleek duratex and fierce 840d nylon exterior. Your hands are then free to work the futuristic 5-button ElekTex® Smart Fabric control panel on the strap. You can play or pause your iPod, go to the next or previous track and adjust the volume. A headphone jack on the strap allows you to plug in your earbuds in a most convenient manner. With plenty of room for a laptop, phone, PDA and books it's a stylish geek carry-all.

Star Wars versus Monty Python Desktop Bobble Heads

In all walks of life, there are those who cut you down and those who build you up. In between there exists a strange creature: the YesMan. The YesMan just nods and pretends your idea is the greatest, even if It really hates you. The YesMan has invaded every workplace, and has even invaded pop culture. Characters from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "Star Wars" are now just a tap or a bump away from agreeing with anything you say. "Mr. Vader? You really like Ewoks, don't you?" See, one tap and Darth admits his love for Endorians! Let's try again. "Mr. Knight of Ni, would you like a shrubbery?" And he does - he does want a shubbery. It's amazing!

Star Wars versus Monty Python Desktop Bobble Heads

R/C Missile Launcher - Unstoppable Cube Warfare Juggernaut

R/C Missile Launcher - Unstoppable Cube Warfare Juggernaut

This dangerous missile loaded tank had our robotic office monkeys running for cover as zoomed about unleashing barrage after barrage of foam missiles. The full featured controller allows you to drive the missile launcher tank-style while you control the turret rotation independently. Press the fire button once to launch a single missile or hold the button down for a deadly rapid-fire machine gun style attack. Your home or office will never be safe again!

A Few New Threads To Cloak Them Bones

Someday here at ThinkGeek we'll make true cloaking shirts. The technology exists already in nature (think Octopi, Chameleons, and Virtual Girlfriends). We just need to reverse engineer it. We're working on it, trust us. Until then, we continue to bring you the latest nifty non-cloaking shirts. First up is our undeniably simple 'The Ultimate Inequation': i > u. Almost looks like a physics thingy! Next up is another t-shirt for retro-computer fans. The venerable Amiga! Kickstart your wardrobe with our 'The Amiga is my amigo' shirt. Salsa optional! Last up is a new design from Penny Arcade for RPG fans across the entire known Universe, 'Jesus is my Guild Leader'. ROFLSAURUS REX! Or something like that:

A Few New Threads To Cloak Them Bones

Because safe radiation is the best kind

Because safe radiation is the best kind

Radiation is all around us but sometimes not at friendly levels. To assist you in determining friend or foe we have the Portable Radiation Detector - a keychain size radiation monitor and alarm. Its 24/7 monitoring will alert you to danger as it samples the air 32,768 times per second. The device can detect the presence of gamma, beta, fast neutron and x-rays and will trigger an audible and visual alarm if the level exceeds 75 milliRoentgens per hour. Get radioactive here...

Resistor Jewelry - Accessories that also limit current!

Every good solder jockey knows that a resistor limits current. Connect one in series with an LED and a power source and you can have a tiny point of light without melting the LED into a plastic and wire puddle. Well we now have a way for you to marvel in the genius that is the resistor in a totally different way - as hand-made jewelry. Adorn yourself or a friend in one of our three geek-friendly resistor jewelery items -- the Dangle Earrings and Ring Necklace made from blue resistors or the aqua resistor Y-Necklace. All of the jewelry is hand-made using sterling silver chains and findings. You or your gal-pal will be irRESISTible in one of these pieces. You know you can't RESIST picking one up here:

Resistor Jewelry - Accessories that also limit current!

Build Your Own USB Thumb Drive - DIY Tech Made Simple

Build Your Own USB Thumb Drive - DIY Tech Made Simple

Now you can create your own USB Thumb Drive from bits of pocket lint, an extra SD/MMC media card and this handy USB adapter... You can even skip the pocket lint! Any size card works up to 1GB... so let the memory hunt begin. You remember those SD/MMC cards you have lying around? That one still in your old digital camera... the one in your broken MP3 player? Run! Go find those media cards now and turn them into handy USB Thumb Drives in seconds.

Matrix LED Time Machine

You could do a lot of different things with 72 bright LEDs and in this case the 72 LEDs have been fashioned into a handsome wristwatch - the Matrix LED Time Machine. Twelve green LEDs mark the hours and sixty blue LEDs indicate the minutes (okay, the last blue LED isn't really used since there is no such time as 11:60 - but we didn't say that.) Check out the Time Machine and all its LEDs here...

Matrix LED Time Machine

Skullcandy Cellphone/iPod Headset - Seamless Tunes and Calls

Skullcandy Cellphone/iPod Headset - Seamless Tunes and Calls

Are you jacked into your iPod 24 hours a day? How about when your cell phone rings?... you know the drill. Pull out one earbud while trying to jam your cellphone headset into the same ear and then pick up the call before it goes to voicemail. The Skullcandy Cellphone/iPod Headset eliminates this process and replaces both your iPod earbuds and your phone's handsfree headset with one integrated device. When a call comes in simply touch the cord to silence your iPod or reduce the volume.

Quick Blurbs !!

TeleSpy Intrusion Detector

TeleSpy Intrusion Detector

Adventure Gaming Dice Sets

High-end Adventure Gaming Dice Sets - Back In Stock

Pirates Playing Cards Set

Pirates Playing Cards Set - Arrgh, Go Fish

Space Sand

The Mega-Amazing Hydro-phobic Desktop Space Sand

Hal 9000 Memory Unit

1 Gig Hal 9000 Memory Units, $10 Cheaper

World Travel Adapter with USB

World Travel Adapter with USB Charger

USB Data Link Transfer Cable

USB Data Link Transfer Cable - Back in town

Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer

Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer - Back in stock

USB Wireless Security Lock

USB Wireless Security Lock - Back in stock

Dilbert: It's Not Funny If I Have to Explain It

Dilbert: It's Not Funny If I Have to Explain It

USB Mini Desktop Aquarium

USB Mini Desktop Aquarium - Back in stock


Blackbeard Action Figure - Plunder with the best

Umph Energy Tablets

Umph Energy Tablets - Now in 48 piece Office Box.

Backyard Ballistics

Backyard Ballistics - Back in stock.

The Mug of Vi References

The Mug of Vi References - Back in stock.

20 Sided Fuzzy Dice Danglers

20 Sided Fuzzy Dice Danglers - Back in stock.

Geek Points Deal!

New Geek Points Promotion!

You can get a free set of the funky, fun and popular Cubes desktop playsets! Just spend $15 and use 1000 geek points and you can choose your own set and get it on our nickel! Check out the action shots to see just how fun these buggers really are. To use this promotion, please first add one of The Cubes sets to your cart, make sure you have $15 in other stuff in your cart, then proceed to redeem your geek points during checkout. Offer expires 05/30/2006!


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    Get the baseball bat.

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