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February 22, 2006


Though it's still February, March is rapidly approaching and there are two very special occasions in March that we think you should spend some time with. Both occur on a very auspicious day to geek-kind, March 14th. The cleverer lot of you will realize that this is International Pi Day! But the insanity doesn't stop there. March 14th is also Albert Einstein's Birthday! That's like having a bleeding edge video card AND getting to use it too. Here's an idea on how you can celebrate. Invite an irrational number of friends over, stand in a perfect circle and pontificate about a Unified Theory of the Universe, all the while chanting "Newton was a simpleton!"...

Hal 9000 Memory Unit

HAL 9000 Memory Units

1 Gig Tiny USB Thumbdrives With An Attitude

Who knew computers would be so advanced in the year 2001? Certainly not us. We were damn impressed with Furby and along comes the HAL 9000. HAL was created in 1992 at the HAL plant in Illinois, then had some minor "issues" during a 2001 space mission. Technology wasn't quite as refined back then but these ultra-slim memory units can hold 1 Gig of your files and interface using USB 2.0, an engineering miracle at the time. All of HAL's schizophrenic tendencies should be removed but we guarantee nothing. Watch your computer carefully for any erratic behavior and please leave your pod bay doors open. Checkout ThinkGeek's unofficial tribute to the greatest computer that ever will be:

HAL 9000 1 GIG Memory Units:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Enter To Win A $1000 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree

Enter To Win A $1000 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree

That's right, one lucky duck will win the chance to add up to $1000 to their virtual ThinkGeek shopping cart and we'll pick up the tab! Get more details and enter to win below. Winner will be selected on April 16th 2006! Only one entry per household and those attempting duplicate entries will be tickled until they pee, then discarded with extreme prejudice and administrative glee (using Perl of course). Try and get lucky with ThinkGeek right here:

Cyber Snipa Game Pad - Kiss WASD Goodbye

Are you still using your keyboard for FPS gaming? We suppose you also use a Ginsu knife to trim your goatee... Hey, it gets the job done but ergonomics and convenience are sorely lacking. Oh but you LIKE your keyboard you say. Well the Cyber Snipa Game Pad is the perfect FPS gaming buddy for your existing keyboard. 36 critical keys at your fingertips arranged in a completely sensible manner for maximum gaming efficiency is nothing to scoff at. Buy a Cyber Snipa and bring some badly-needed ergonomics to your fragging routine.

Cyber Snipa Game Pad - Kiss WASD Goodbye

Touchless IR Thermometer

Touchless IR Thermometer

Are you worried about the increasing entropy of the universe? Does the second law of thermodynamics keep you awake at night? Concerned that all matter is cooling to a state of equilibrium in an irreversible fashion? If any of these describe you then the Touchless IR Thermometer should come in pretty handy (or at least it'll keep you so busy checking the temperature of everything that you forget about the potentially grim implications of that stupid second law). Instantly check surface temperature in seconds with a temperature range of -27 to 428 Fahrenheit. Now that's cool! (or is it warm?):

A Desktop Pre-historic Evergreen That Just Won't Die

This one-of-a-kind plant has lived on the Earth for over 290 million years and has the ability to “come back to life” (much like the undead) over and over again for hundreds of years! Simply place this seemingly dead ball of foliage in water and within hours it transforms into a vibrant green blood-sucking evergreen. Ok, we lied about the blood-sucking part. Sue us. It's still amazing! It's also great for lazy folks since you can forget to water your Dinosaur planet whenever you want! It will simply dry up, and hibernate for up to fifty years and will spring to life every time it is given water. Get prehistoric right here:

A Desktop Pre-historic Evergreen That Just Won't Die

Backyard Ballistics & The Art Of The Catapult

Backyard Ballistics & The Art Of The Catapult

Ever since humankind started inventing things, a subsection of humankind has pursued new and exciting ways to either throw the things or blow the things up. These two books are all you need to learn from the past and build your own throwing (or launching) machines with today's technology. In no time, you'll be flinging desk accessories at your coworkers. Or, if flash is more your style, you'll be blasting fire with your home built carbide cannon. And, you can justify blowing things up by the science you will learn in the process. Gotta love science.

Mandylion Password Manager - 5 User Workgroup

Built as a small keyring device, the Mandylion Password Manager is a secure, convenient and cost-effective tool designed specifically for generating and protecting your passwords. It can securely manage up to 50 logins, safe combinations, security codes, etc. Passwords can be any length up to 14 characters or namespaces. It can even generate passwords and prompt you to change them when you want! Also, all data is stored in permanent memory, so it is unaffected by battery life or loss of power. Tamper-resistant features have been employed both inside and out. Now available in a 5 user set. Motion sensing turret gun optional:

Mandylion Password Manager - 5 User Workgroup

Prodikeys MIDI Keyboard - Keyboard with a built in Keyboard

Prodikeys MIDI Keyboard - Keyboard with a built in Keyboard

Prodikeys was created completely by accident... After putting both a standard computer keyboard and a MIDI music keyboard into the ThinkGeek transporter prototype and attempting to beam them across the office something went terribly wrong. Even after "cross-circuiting to B" the end result was a fused monstrosity combining two keyboards in one. However all was not lost. Since we felt some dedicated ThinkGeek customers might find a home for this genetic aberration. Use it for music or typing... or both at once. Uncommonly useful:

Cathedral: Wooden City Game Of Strategy

A unique strategy game of city domination. Use your colored buildings to sequester or "partition" areas of land; the winner is the person with the most property. It's just like Monopoly, but without all the fake money, playing pieces, rules, deeds, houses, hotels, game board, get out of jail free cards... actually, it's not at all like Monopoly. Cathedral is, however, a wonderfully addictive strategy game full of brain-crunching plotting, scheming, and (if you are good) scores of conquered opponents. Once you get really good, you can stage a live version using cubicles and desks. Then we'll see who really rules the office:

Cathedral: Wooden City Game Of Strategy

PC Multifunction Panel w/Remote - High-tech Laziness at its Finest

PC Multifunction Panel w/Remote - High-tech Laziness at its Finest

We know it's a dangerous grue habitat under your desk. Who knows what perils you may encounter trying to reach the power button to turn-on your PC. Fear not young geek, install the PC Multifunction Panel in an extra 5.25" drive bay and use the keychain remote to turn on your PC from up to 15 feet away. It's so cool even your dog will be impressed, and the stylish blue LED front panel sports two temperature gauges with handy USB & Firewire ports:

L33T Tiles - Replacement tiles for Scrabble

Scrabble is a great game to show off all your tech vocabulary. Most times, tech words are so complex that they rack up huge points. But sometimes, that's just not enough to satiate your inner game-geek. Sometimes you don't simply want to win, you want to pwn any f001z who challenge you. Time for L33T Tiles. Replace or augment your boring pieces with these wicked terminal-style tiles. Then you can hack Scrabble and finally use the words you've been dreaming of. Turn Scrabble into 1337 SCR4BB13. w00t! Get your +riP13 \/\/0rd $c0r35 here:

L33T Tiles - Replacement tiles for Scrabble

Radar Watch from Android

Radar Watch from Android

A radar screen is something that you would normally watch very closely looking for an approaching enemy jet fighter or alien spaceship. Typically housed in a darkened secure bunker or in the command center of an aircraft carrier, radar serves as our eye in the sky informing us on airborne activities. Now you can have your own personal miniature radar screen. This watch from Android is inspired by aviation radar and features an airplane that appears from beneath a precisely timed shroud every 60 seconds, acting as a minute timer. It also has dual time zones and luminous skeleton-style hands with a colored crystal lens. Start playing ground control here...

Acrobots - Now Addictively Available in Stack Packs

Acrobots might be considered ThinkGeek's favorite posable desktop action figure. With magnets in their hands and feet, articulating joints, and an overall futuristic styling, Acrobots are simply addictively cool playthings. Don't just take our word for it though, Check out the dozens of creative action shots submitted by folks just like you on our site. We are as gleeful as viruses in Outlook to introduce a new member to the Acrobot family - the Stack Pack! You can still get your normal Acrobots, or you can choose the new 3-pack of slightly smaller acrobots with an included metallic base. And always remember, no matter what happens, you are their king:

Acrobots - Now Addictively Available in Stack Packs

Quick Blurbs !!

Pi By Numbers

March 14th is Pi Day & Einstein's B-day! - Get Gear Now

Penny Arcade - The UFS Card Game

Penny Arcade - The UFS Card Game

Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap

Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap, Back in stock!

Deck Legend LED-Backlit Keyboard

Deck Legend LED-Backlit Keyboard - Bigger Better Deck

Marshmallow Blaster

Marshmallow Blasters - Back in sugary stock

Samurai Letter Opener Set

Samurai Letter Opener Set - Sealed envelopes have met their match

External USB Video Card

External USB Video Card - Video Card When and Where you Need It

Puzzles for Hackers

Puzzles for Hackers - Computer puzzles for hackers

Ninja or Pirate Spin Folders

Spin Folders - Get your daily guidance from a Ninja or Pirate

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Game

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil card game - Back in stock

Star Wars Poster Book

Star Wars Poster Book - massive collection of posters!

5 LED Lazer Spread Case-light

5 LED Lazer Spread Case-Light - 5 Lazer LED Case Bling

USB FlexLight

USB Flexlight - Now back in stock


Penny Arcade 'Food' Tshirt

Speaker/Headset Switching Hub

Speaker/Headset Switching Hub - Quit the Headset Hassle

Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things

Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things - Now back in stock

Thermal Venting Hood

Thermal Venting Hood - Get Your Cooling Where You Most Need It

Geek Points Deal!

New Geek Points Promotion!

While supplies last you can get a free clear USB Lava Lamp w/any purchase at ThinkGeek by using 500 geek points! You NEED this awesome space saving tool, details here:


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Last month's ThinkGeek Techie Haiku Winner is: Neal from Astoria, New York!
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    Staring in the night
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January 2006 Action Shot Winner

January 2006 Action Shot Winner: Lightalk LED Scanner

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Action Shot Winner!

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