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December 15, 2005


Well wouldn't you know, it seems like just last week that the holiday season crept up and bit us in the asymptote. Now our brains are so collectively frazzled by tinsel, packing materials and those little cheeses with enough preservatives to mummify a moose that we are afraid we are going to have to keep this one short and schweet. Just the facts ma'am! Bottom line is that there is still plenty of time left to order great stuff for geeks before the holidays. See for yourselves...

There's Still Time!
It's getting closer to gift-giving time, and even the best Jedi can be stuck without an amazing present to bestow on their Jedi buddies or alien familes. Luckily you don't have to use The Force to get your cool gifts to your young padawans, you can use our array of shipping options that can still make it in time for Christmas. If you still need ideas, visit our Holiday Info Page. But act quickly, the shipping cutoffs are coming up soon:
Order by 12 noon EST on dates below for Xmas Delivery:

UPS 3-day

Dec 16

UPS Next Day

Dec 21

UPS 2 Day

Dec 19

DHL Next Day

Dec 21

DHL 2 Day

Dec 19

Don't forget, we have Gift Certificates too!

Last Minute Additions To The Mix !!

Holiday Wrapping Paper You're Not Ashamed Of

Holiday Wrapping Paper You're Not Ashamed Of

Last minute ThinkGeek shoppers who are tired of the typically prosaic holiday wrapping paper options shall henceforth and heretowith be perpetually delighted. It is commanded so. Why bother disobeying? First is our 'Non-Denominational' Paper. It's your traditional looking wrapping paper, except upon closer inspection will read: "Have a satisfactory, non-denominational capitalist gift-giving wintertime season". Bought from an e-commerce company for extra impact. Or choose our irresistibly cute ChristmasBots design featuring several meticulously in-house hand-drawn bots in typical holiday garb. You'll barf it's so techie cute. Get wrapped up for the holidays here:

Nothing says "Holiday Cheer" like Plasma

When we think about the holidays, we see visions of electrically charged plasma dancing in our heads. So to preserve the long history of plasma for the holidays we offer our own unique twist on this tradition. The Xmas Tree Plasma Light has a glass globe with a small Christmas tree in the center. It has a sensitivity control that allows you to set the light to full on or react to different sound levels. Plasma light reacts to touch.

Nothing says

Sudoku: Fiendishly Addictive Logic Puzzle Game Thingy From Japan

Fiendishly Addictive Logic Puzzle Game Thingy From Japan

Well, technically Sudoku (originally known as "Number Place") wasn't invented in Japan. But that's where it has recently become so popular that they can be purchased in vending machines across the city. But then you can buy lots of strange stuff in vending machines in Japan, so on second thought, we're not so sure if that's testimony to its popularity. Trust us. Sudoku is so very popular and if you haven't heard of it by now, it is very unlikely that you are Japanese. Intrigued? So were we when we first played Sudoku. Catch the bug here:

Super T-Amp - Amazing Little AMP Just Got Better

The original battery powered T-Amp from Sonic Impact quickly became the talk of the audiophile community when it was released. Its amazing sound and budget price was unheard of in any previous amp, even ones ten times more expensive. Now Sonic Impact has upped the ante with the Super T-Amp. You get the same great sound of the original T-Amp with an all aluminum enclosure, heavy duty internal main board, wall adapter for power and gold plated professional grade audio inputs and outputs. The stylish design and great sound will do your home audio set-up proud.

Super T-Amp - Amazing Little AMP Just Got Better

FunSkin iPod Case - Nubbly Rubberized iPod Pleasure

FunSkin iPod Case - Nubbly Rubberized iPod Pleasure

Get your iPod some new sexy duds with the stylish FunSkin case. The soft rubberized nodules allow you to keep an iron grip on your iPod even when your hands are covered in greasy lotion (we won't ask why). Pop your nubbly pod into your pocket for a mini-massage as you walk. The durable surface, screen protector and removable belt clip keep your iPod protected and comfy. Available for the iPod Nano and new 5G iPod video.

USB HDTV Tuner with Remote - HDTV Goodness On Your Laptop

Been eyeing those wide screen HDTV sets but don't want to pony up thousands of dollars? The Cats Eye USB HDTV tuner and bundled Beyond TV software allow you to enjoy glorious hi-res HDTV broadcasts from your laptop or PC. Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Record and Playback HDTV. Browse TV listings and set recording time. You can even backup your favorite episodes to DVD. The included Firefly PC remote allows you to control everything wirelessly.

USB HDTV Tuner with Remote - HDTV Goodness On Your Laptop

Procrastinator's Rejoice! Don't Forget About TG Gift Certs

Procrastinator's Rejoice! Don't Forget About TG Gift Certs

For those like us who believe procrastination is a skillset, ThinkGeek would like to extract a quick few seconds from your life to remind you that we have a great last-minute gift: ThinkGeek Gift Certificates! Perfect for that hard to shop for techie in your life, our gift certificates are available in various denominations are delivered immediately! The ultimate last minute gift for anybody blessed with clue. Holiday themed printable certificates available too.

Stuff You Want, Back In Stock !!

Despair, Inc. 2006 Calendar

Despair, Inc. 2006 Calendars - Back In Stock

Plasma Mug w/Electronic Coaster

Plasma Mugs w/Electronic Coasters - Back In Stock

Water Powered Clock

Water Powered Clocks - Back In Stock

ColdHeat Pro Soldering Tool

Cold Heat Pro Soldering Tool - Back In Stock

Cold Heat Soldering Tool

Cold Heat Soldering Tool - Back In Stock

New Lower Prices On Authentic Lightsabers

New Lower Prices On Authentic Lightsabers!

Airzooka Air Gun

Airzookas - Back In Stock

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Plush

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Plush - Back In Stock

geek. beanie

geek. Beanies to keep your head warm - Back In Stock

The Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide - Back In Stock

Monty Python Black Knight Plush

Monty Python Black Knight Plush - Back In Stock

Retro Phone Handset

Retro Phone Handset - Back In Stock

Plush 20-Sided Die

Plush 20-Sided Die - Back In Stock

Pirates of the Revolution Game

Pirates Of The Revolution Card Game - In Stock

Mathmos Airswitch

Mathmos Airswitch - Back In Stock

Bawls Mints - High Caffeine Candy

BAWLS Mints - Back In Stock

20 Sided Fuzzy Dice Danglers

20 Sided Fuzzy Dice Danglers - Back In Stock

Marshmallow Blaster

Gourmet Marshmallow Blaster Ammo - Back In Stock

Happy Christmahanukwanzakuh!

Happy Holidays From All The ThinkGeek Staff!
(including the pooches)

/Willie/Jen F/Scott/Jon/Caroline/
/Jen H/Ty/Buddy/Chris M/Jen K/

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