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December 7, 2005

Seasons Greetings Geeklings,

You all should know the drill by now. This is the spot where we say something cleverly witty about oxymorons, throw in some words like FPS and MMORPG for dramatic effect, and then draw insightful conclusions about the steroid content of the average quad damage power-up. But not this time! We plan to do nothing of the sort! We aren't going to segue from anything so fanciful as that. Instead we plan to simply prod you into doing the two things your conscience has already realized you must do, a) Shop at ThinkGeek for all your holiday needs and more importantly, b) see a) above. Timmy says have a Very Merry Happy Christmahanukwanzakuh!

Holiday Gifts and Info!

Never fear, holiday shoppers, we're here to help provide you with the best gift ideas our crack staff of gift monkeys could come up with. For all the latest info on the holidays, including lots of gift ideas and shipping cutoffs, visit our Holiday Info Page. For now, check out this sampling of gift guides and new products we have for ya.

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    What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

    Polarity Board Game - Magnetic, Hovering Gameplay

    Polarity Board Game - Magnetic, Hovering Gameplay

    We introduced Polarity to you this summer but have been out of stock on this funtastic game ever since. So here we go again, just in time for the holidays. Polarity is extremely engaging and fun enough to become a new classic. This unique game utilizes magnetic forces, chaos, gravity and levitation - while requiring dexterity and strategic planning. Outwit your opponent by placing hovering magnetic discs in ways that force them to make mistakes that cause discs to fly, jump and spin on the board - giving you a chance to score points! More addictive than watching a bowl of Triops eating Sea Monkeys, we guarantee it:

    PyP-Bomb iPod/Guitar Amp - Bombastic Sounds

    It is said that in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king... Well in the land of bad-ass battery powered portable amplifiers, the PyP-Bomb is the el presidente of amps and it's wailing on the graves of all those other lower amps with a massive guitar solo. Made from durable PVC pipe this tiny little powerhouse dominates with sound. Simply jack in your iPod... or your guitar and crank the volume. The PyP-Bomb gets seriously loud with 18 Watts of power blasting from its' single enclosed speaker... but please keep it quiet when going through the airline security check:

    PyP-Bomb iPod/Guitar Amp - Bombastic Sounds

    Cuddle up to some comforting Pi this season

    Cuddle up to some comforting Pi this season

    Need to stay warm and cozy this holiday season? Who needs a roaring fire and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows when you have warm stuff from ThinkGeek to wrap up in? Even if you don't live in a cold climate, we're sure you'll love our soft and fuzzy Pi By Numbers blanket. To help keep the chill at bay when shoveling snow or when sitting in an over air-conditioned office, don the Pi By Numbers Hoodie! Either way, you'll have our favorite irrational number handy for calculations of circumference, diameter and area. Bonus!

    Pertelian External LCD Display - Mini Monitor Spawn

    If your monitor could procreate it would produce this handy LCD Display. The Pertelian External LCD Display connects via USB to your PC and displays extra data like e-mail messages, newsfeeds and stock quotes... freeing up your monitor for essential tasks like gaming. Now you can frag away, while still keeping up to date with your PC's instant messaging software, MP3 and internet radio playback, even check the weather - all without having to interrupt your gaming session. Doesn't your monitor deserve a little help? We think so too:

    Pertelian External LCD Display - Mini Monitor Spawn

    Lovable Plush Versions Of Dangerously Geeky Things

    Lovable Plush Versions Of Dangerously Geeky Things

    We've recently found some engagingly geeky plush that just screams to be cuddled. Like the plush Cthulhu who enjoys jumping rope, flowers, and dominating lesser species (like the human race). The plush Monty Python Black Knight enjoys... well... getting his limbs ripped off in combat (he really does like it, so don't feel bad). Need some otherworldly explosive power? Then check out the limited edition plush Holy Hand Grenade. Vorpal rabbit not included (but available elsewhere at ThinkGeek!) On the road and need to toss a quick saving throw against a legion of eldritch giants? Just grab your d20 Fuzzy dice danglers from your rear view mirror and call it a day. We've got your plush dreams covered here:

    Music Sphere - Futuristic Audio Orb

    Take wireless command of your home entertainment center with the Music Sphere. This stylish gadget transmits music wirelessly across your home or office and allows you to control your audio components remotely. Simply plug the small transmitter sphere into your home entertainment center and connect up to three audio devices. Now take the larger sphere up to 100 feet away and listen wirelessly to whatever strikes your musical fancy through its' superior speaker system. Make your neighbors envious here:

    Music Sphere - Futuristic Audio Orb

    Return Of the ThinkGeek Caffeinated Candy Sampler! + Chai Mints

    Return Of the ThinkGeek Caffeinated Candy Sampler! + Chai Mints

    After a long hiatus, version 6.0 of the ThinkGeek Caffeinated Candy sampler is finally upon us. Perfect as cube food and stocking stuffer alike. No need for you to peruse our selection of deliciously caffeinated candies and strain your brains. We do *all* the thinking for you with this sampler so you can focus on what's important - more serious procrastination techniques and longer gaming marathons. Also available (though separate from the Sampler) is a new soothing Chai mint. Lightly caffeinated for your more contemplative moments. Calmness and alertness will trickle into your mind. You will breathe in peace, and breathe out wisdom. Your inner eye will awaken, and you will be perfectly centered amongst the chaos around you. And your breath may just stop reeking as well. Get rejuvenated here:

    Active Noise Reduction Headphones - STFU Nirvana

    If you love quiet... and who doesn't... invest in these fine active noise reduction headphones from Altec Lansing and enjoy the sounds of silence. "But Thinkgeek" you say, "What is this strange active noise reduction you speak of?". Glad you asked. Active noise reduction technology uses tiny microphones embedded in each ear cuff to "listen" to the surrounding noise. They take what they hear and play it back in the headphones 180 degrees out of phase... thus canceling out the ambient noise. Your music comes through crystal clear and your ears will thank you.

    Active Noise Reduction Headphones - STFU Nirvana

    Marshmallow Blaster - Gooey Bazooka

    Marshmallow Blaster - Gooey Bazooka

    Sometimes you need a rapid fire machine gun to win the office battles. But sometimes, you just want to crush your enemies with one overwhelming blast. This is it, the BFG of candy combat. Pump it up, lock and load, take aim, and launch one full size marshmallow (or a shotgun blast of mini marshmallows) up to 40 feet! This sugar spewing bazooka actually has a little kick to it, to let you know it's delivering sweet pain to your adversary. Mmmmm....sweet gooey pain.

    Tech Support Card Game - PEBKAC

    Getting to talk to a real person with real answers when calling tech support is sometimes more difficult than the question you need answered. In Tech Support each player takes on the role of not only a caller but also the tech support system itself! Reroute callers, disconnect or even misdirect their call! Keep playing until someone draws the one card which holds all the answers: the Guru. A great way to pass the time when you are really languishing in a tech support phone maze. Get even here:

    Tech Support Card Game - PEBKAC

    Neuros Sony PSP Recorder - PC Free Video Encoding

    Neuros Sony PSP Recorder - PC Free Video Encoding

    Your PSP is a marvel of high-tech loveliness, so why don't you treat it better? You haven't even brought it out since you showed your 10 year old cousin how cool Ridge Racer is. Oh the shame. Make up for your transgressions by giving your PSP the gift of video with the Neuros Sony PSP Recorder. With Neuros you record directly from your DVD Player, Cable Box or DVR to a memory stick. Then pop the memory stick in your PSP and begin watching high-quality video with stereo sound instantly... no PC required. Your PSP will love you for it. Also works with Compact Flash Cards!

    Books - Still Used For Reading

    Just in time to be snowed in for winter (or to just pretend), we've corralled together a nice collection of geeky reads. Need a laugh? Try the newest in the BOFH series. Need a date? We're here to help, with Dating Design Patterns. Want to build a date? Try volume 4 of Make Magazine. Robot Date malfunction? Well, maybe you need to Just Say No to Microsoft. Put off by love after your robot date blew up half your house? Maybe you should just chill with some tunes, and learn all about The Cult of iPod. Music will always love you:

    Books - Still Used For Reading

    20q Challenge - Table Top Genius

    20q Challenge - Table Top Genius

    If you've ever played the online version of 20q - you've experienced first hand the uncanny ability of the seemingly intellectual 20q to guess what object you are thinking about. The 20q Challenge is a table top version of 20q that features the most popular objects contained in its massive online neural network. The message is displayed for all to see using 360 degree spinning LEDs mounted in a transparent dome. How does it work? Simple. Think of an object, then 20q will ask you a series of questions and you simply answer them with either a Yes, No, Unknown or Sometimes. After twenty questions, 20q will attempt to guess what your object is. You'll be surprised how often 20q wins, flinging your mental hubris by the wayside like a hacker tosses away your data. Get stumped here:

    Nice Rebates On Swiss Memory USB Knives

    Receive a $30 (on 512MB) or $40 (on 1GB) mail-in rebate from now through December 31st 2005 on all Swiss Memory USB survival tools, combining USB data storage and mini scissors into a single device. Get the tool that makes geeks drool here:

    Nice Rebates On Swiss Memory USB Knives

    Quick Blurbs !!

    Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

    Vader And Anakin Force FX Sabers - Now Only $99.99

    Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock

    Neverlate Alarm Clock! New Reduced Price!

    USB Microscope - QX5

    QX5 - USB Microscope - Back in stock

    Ion Illuminated Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse

    Ion Illuminated Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse

    Plush Microbes

    Plush Microbes - Back in stock

    Midas Remote Control Watch

    Midas Remote Control Watch - Back In Stock

    Gold Ring Thing

    Gold Ring Things - super low price

    ScanGauge 3-in-1 Auto Computer

    ScanGauge 3-in-1 Auto Computer - Back In Stock

    iDJ iPod Mixing Console

    iDJ iPod Mixing Console - Dual Pod Mix Magic

    Vento 3600 Gaming Case

    Vento 3600 Gaming Case - Sleek Gaming Beauty

    Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

    Mace Windu Lightsabers - Back In Stock

    CD2CD Standalone CD Duplicator

    CD2CD Standalone CD Duplicator - Cloning Breakthrough

    Portable 2.5

    Portable 2.5" Hard Drive - Pocket Data Pal

    X-Men 2006 Calendar

    We're overstocked on some stuff. Discounts here!

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