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November 17, 2005


Wow. Since we started this little e-commerce gig long ago on Friday the 13th in August of 1999, you folks have purchased and consumed over half a billion milligrams of caffeine from us. As of 11/16/2005, it's been 504,243,285 milligrams to be exact. Which means ThinkGeek has enabled you to finish countless projects thereby creating copious amounts of productivity and for that we must promptly and sincerely apologize. It was never our intention for you to do anything but procrastinate *more* with that caffeine. So to make amends, we've compiled a bunch of goodies and gizmos that we are sure you can use to reverse any damaging effects you might have experienced from recent bouts of productivity. And don't forget about gifts for friends and family for the holidays! They need to procrastinate as well!



The First R/C UFO That Flies Like One

How do we know? Ask us later. For now, we are afraid you'll just have to trust us on this one. In the meantime why not pick up an R/C X-UFO? Silly question. We'll just tell you why instead. Built out of tough carbon fiber and resilient EPP foam, this quad-motored, gyroscopically stabilized, RC X-UFO will hover and fly with agility and precision around the tightest of indoor spaces. The digital 4-channel radio transmitter allows you to control throttle, pitch, roll and even the yaw so that you can master your alien piloting skills in the comfort of your own home or office. LED Lights on each propeller allow you to even fly in the dark! Effective range of over 100 meters ensures you won't run out of innocent populations to scare. Dissection kit and gravity beams not included!

Save a planet or two and get an RC X-UFO now:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

We're giving away an XBOX 360 and bunches of XBOX stuff

Just in case you aren't one of the lucky ones to get one of the XBOX 360 systems that are coming out next week, you can hedge your bets by signing up to win one in our contest. And heck, even if you do buy one it couldn't hurt to get another for free, right? Plus, we're giving away a boatload of accessories (including one additional wireless controller, universal remote, headset, 64 MB memory unit, combination high-definition component & standard A/V cable and a 20GB hard drive) plus eight games. Enter now, so you can be one step closer to honing your mad 360 skillz.

We're giving away an XBOX 360 and bunches of XBOX stuff

The Despair, Inc. 2006 Calendar - Depressingly Delicious

The Despair, Inc. 2006 Calendar - Depressingly Delicious

The only calendar that guarantees you'll increase your success by lowering your expectations, ThinkGeek is as happy as management after a downsizing to be shipping out the 2006 Demotivators Calendar. The theme this year? Business as Usual. Work sucks. It always has and it always will. Right? As a bonus, each 2006 calendar will also include the actual dates for the entire year of 2006! In every single calendar shipped! Wow. Plus, you'll get a free mini-poster with each calendar purchase. Quick, run to your nearest ThinkGeek checkout and leave that frown right side down:

The iPod Virus has Invaded ThinkGeek - Will it ever be stopped?

Face it, there are more iPod accessories than you can shake a white headphone cord at and ThinkGeek has assembled some choice morsels for you. iHome's iPod Clock Radio can rouse you with the sweet sounds of your iPod. Force your iPod to go analog with Griffin's iFM inline FM adapter and iPod remote. Turn your personal audio device into a public PA system with the IM7 iPod Boombox - amazing sound with great design to match. Logitech's Wireless iPod Headphones let you conceal your iPod in a bag or briefcase while you listen & control it wirelessly. Finally, the iPod Tripod is a stylish compact speaker system for your iPod balancing on three legs:

The iPod Virus has Invaded ThinkGeek - Will it ever be stopped?

Tool Logic Office Companion

Tool Logic Office Companion

A Jedi usually does his work with a trusty lightsaber by his side. You can sneak around your cubicle galaxy with the handy Tool Logic Office Companion and be prepared for any office task that might come your way. True you won't be able to cut escape holes in the side of a spacecraft, but you will be ready to staple documents or punch holes like a Jedi office apprentice. Features include: stapler, hole punch, ruler, scissors, laser pointer and more. It's a perfect multi-function office gadget.

Posters To Adorn Your Vertical Surfaces

Where would we all be without posters on our office, cube and dorm walls to proclaim our individuality? Probably exactly the same place we are now, just sitting in front a computer instead standing in front of a wall. True, posters aren't as interactive as LCD screens, but they are (currently) cheaper and make great paper airplanes when no longer needed. If you are in the mood for 2-D physical goods, check out three new posters we picked up. Two are new designs (Wishes and Inspiration) from the folks over at Despair, Inc. and the third (Hubble Deep Field) is the furthest view into our Universe ever photographed by Hubble. All three should inspire something in you. We aren't sure what exactly that might be, but we're mostly confident it's inside you. Somewhere. Lurking:

Posters To Adorn Your Vertical Surfaces

Nakedness is for nudists! Wear our new ThinkGeek T-Shirts

Nakedness is for nudists! Wear our new ThinkGeek T-Shirts

From time to time, we feel the need to remind you that walking around without a shirt has its drawbacks. You can get cold, maybe sunburned, and even be vulnerable to a vicious purple nurple. So, heed our advice and don our new batch of wearable geekiness. "Johnny" teaches us a lesson in chemistry by reminding us not to drink Sulfuric Acid. And yes, some people need reminding... The "Meatspace" t-shirt can show the other meat popcicles where your loyalties lie, and finally, when all else fails you may need to give your PC the Three Finger Salute ala the "Let's Start Over" t-shirt. Now go get dressed!

Mimobots - We Welcome Our Data Overlords

From a distant galaxy far far away... Mimobots have descended to store your data. These fiendishly cute USB Flash drives each store half a gig of your precious data. Simply pop the top off each Mimobot to reveal a standard USB connector. Transfer your files via USB 2.0 speeds as your Mimobot's tail flashes with delight. Take part in this incomparable adventure of human/mimobot symbiosis, but please hurry. A limited edition of each race has landed on earth for your storage pleasure.

Mimobots - We Welcome Our Data Overlords

Star Wars Plush Ornaments

Star Wars Plush Ornaments

In a galaxy far, far away, there was an alternate version of the Star Wars saga. In what was known as the "Hutt Cut" of the space epic, the story was presented as a 12 part stop-motion extravaganza, featuring dancing puppets and singing banthas. Really. We found a bunch of souvenirs from the premiere of this version floating in a derelict Tatooinean freighter, and are now offering them to you. We recommend hanging them from festive trees and such for the holidays:

Personal Area Network Hats, Microfleece & Vests

Surely you have enough portable gadgets and gizmos to outfit a small army. Or at least enough to cause interference with the typical brain cell. What do you do when you want to take 'em all outside at once? We'll tell you what you do, you get one of these. Each of these garments features massive amounts of hidden storage and channels that literally allow you to have a wired personal area network within your clothing. Carry your PDAs, iPods, cell phones, mini laptops, magazines, keys, wallets and much more in hi-tech fashion right here:

Personal Area Network Hats, Microfleece & Vests

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard - FPS MMORPG Monster

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard - FPS MMORPG Monster

Ok. Admit it. You've tricked your PC gaming rig out the wazoo, dumping in more cash than you would ever admit. Yeah you're getting like 300 frames per second, so why are you still using that crappy beige keyboard? The Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard hits you right in the sweet spot with an amazing feature set that won't break the bank. The Backlit LCD display allows you to see crucial game data without using valuable screen real estate. 18 Programmable "G keys" can perform complex macros - like casting spells - with a single keystroke. Of course the glowing backlit keys also help with stealthy night gaming. Certainly a worthy weapon in your gaming arsenal.

Soldius 1 Solar Charger - The Sun's Not All Bad

For a geek, avoiding direct sunlight exposure comes about as easy as breathing does for most other folks. But there are times when the warm glow of the monitor must be left to temporarily venture outdoors. Since the batteries in your portable devices will eventually run low during one of these excursions, we would like to introduce the Soldius 1 - a very portable solar charger that is compatible with many geek gadgets. It is lightweight and slim and can charge most devices in a few hours with direct sunlight. Hurray for sunshine!

Soldius 1 Solar Charger - The Sun's Not All Bad

Atomic Dog Tags

Atomic Dog Tags

Perfect for hanging around your Atomic dog, or your Atomic friend, or your own Atomic neck. There are four styles to choose from; each style dancing and flashing in a different pattern. 'What makes them Atomic?' you ask. Well, the same thing that makes everything atomic: they are composed of atoms. Atoms are cool, and so are Atomic Dog Tags. Buy them now and let everyone know you like being made of matter.

Neuros 40GB Media Player - 150 Hours of Video in your Pocket

The Neuros Media Player isn't picky. In fact, compared to some closed-system portable video players it's a downright media whore. You want to play movies and music, the Neuros will play virtually anything you can throw onto its internal 40GB disk, and look great doing it with its stainless steel housing and brilliant 3.6" TFT transreflective LCD. No video files you say? No worries, the Neuros will encode directly from DVD or VCR. How's that for some free video lovin'?

Neuros 40GB Media Player - 150 Hours of Video in your Pocket

Water Powered Multifunction Clock & Calculator

Water Powered Multifunction Clock & Calculator

Water powers life - so why not let it power things to help you live your life better! These two water powered gadgets each have a very special H2O battery. Just fill it with water, and let chemistry do the rest. One fill up will give you weeks of water-powered electricity. The calculator has all the functions you enjoy, and the clock has four functions with a unique method of mode change. Just rotate it 90 degrees, and the mode changes before your eyes! Magic? Nope. Just a bit of hydrotastic geek power.

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Mathmos Eclipse Lights

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X-Men 2006 Calendar

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Speed Racer 2006 Calendar

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MAKE Magazine, Vol 3

Make Magazine, Volume 3 - Cool DIY projects

Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things

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Black Ninja Stikfas - Back in stock

Duct Tape Wallet by DuctiŽ

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Photon Freedom Micro

Photon Freedom - the newest LED light

PlusDeck 2c

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LED Binary Watch

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1337 h4x0r H4ndb00k

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New Rainbow Colored Luminglass Available

Geek Points Deal!

New Geek Points Promotion!

For a limited time, get a free Powersquid Multiplier w/any purchase at ThinkGeek by using 1000 geek points! You NEED this awesome spacesaving tool, details here:


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