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October 19, 2005

Happy R0xtober!

October is already upon us, and here in Virginia it brings us cool weather and even cooler colored leaves. For those of us who like to revel in the scary stuff, it also means Halloween approaches. The ThinkGeek staff plans on connecting each other with Ethernet cable and dressing up as "The Internet". Or not. Most of you are probably just trying to figure out if you are going to be a Jedi or Sith lord. Either way, you'll need to pick up a Force FX Lightsaber. The really scary thing about all this is that we just launched a new one-step checkout process - what we like to call "WarpSpeed Checkout". We think it's very nifty and easy to use, and to top it all off, WarpSpeed supports PayPal! So peruse our new wares below, and "check out" our new checkout. <groan!>

Gameskins T-shirts from Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade Partners Up With Gameskins

Recently the talented folks over at Gameskins have partnered up with the criminal masterminds over at Penny Arcade. What can it all possibly mean? Very simply starting now you'll be able to purchase Gameskins t-shirts and swag exclusively through the Penny Arcade store here at ThinkGeek. We are starting out with 15 shirts, and in early 2006 we'll migrate to the full Gameskins product line. And don't fret - Kiko, of Gameskins fame, will still be kicking out new designs. If you live in a box and don't already know - Gameskins has been around for ever creating some great stylish swag for gamers, fanboys and fangirls the world over. So, we are as tickled as campers at a n00b convention to be able to offer 'em up:

Checkout the Penny Arcade - Gameskins swag right here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

AT-AT Studio Scale / Snowspeeder Studio Scale

AT-AT Studio Scale / Snowspeeder Studio Scale

From what many argue is the best of the Star Wars saga (The Empire Strikes Back), comes these highly detailed statues of two of the most memorable vehicles. The AT-AT Studio Scale reproduces the details of the original filming miniatures and includes a snowscape diorama, complete with a tiny version of Luke Skywalker's crashed Snowspeeder (cast directly from an ILM miniature). The Snowspeeder Studio Scale is a scaled replica of the original studio model cast from high quality cast resin with many of the fine details reproduced from injection molded plastic. The main guns are created from aluminum tubing. No matter whether you are on the side of the Rebels or the Imperial Army, we have the perfect vehicle for you:

Geek watches with weird names

There's a lot of watches on the market these days, and with each new one comes the challenge of coming up with a unique name. These two new watches didn't have any trouble in that department - meet the Nooka Zot and Ibiza LED Watch. Fortunately, these watches are as unique as their names. The Nooka Zot displays the hours as a progression of 12 dots. This design feature allows the watch to indicate the month using the same display with the date shown in the seconds window. The Ibiza LED Watch uses a total of 29 blue, red, yellow and green LEDs to display both the time and date - very colorful! Available in either leather or metal band. Check'em out here...

Geek watches with weird names

Gwins - Say Hello To Our Little Friends...

Gwins - Say Hello To Our Little Friends...

Tux was getting fed up with all the windows which kept getting in the way of an Open Source Utopia. So, he drafted a few of his penguin friends and formed an army: a Gwin Army. Each Gwin is 2.5" of vinyl fury; each paint scheme created by a different hip designer. Collect them all, and show your support for the Open Source movement (not to mention your keen fashion sense and style). Tux rules!

Digital Picture Frame w/Remote - Pixels Shaped Like Your Photos

Any true geek owns at least two digital cameras. Problem is, with digital media you take like 2304 photos and don't have the time or cash to have them all printed. Now with this stylish Digital Picture Frame you can cut out the middleman. The Digital Photo Frame supports seven different media formats and will work with almost any digital camera. Trust us when we say this is the most full-featured digital photo frame you will find, it can even play MPEG-I and II video files.

Digital Picture Frame w/Remote - Pixels Shaped Like Your Photos

Color Morphing, Chiming, DreamTime LED Clock

Color Morphing, Chiming, DreamTime LED Clock

We truly live in an era where breakthroughs in timekeeping technology seem to be progressing faster than, say, innovations in cafeteria food science. Take for example the DreamTime LED Clock. It's an acrylic semi-transparent pyramid with integrated circuits and color-morphing LEDs built into it's base. When the unique touch sensors are activated, DreamTime will chime you the time. When you aren't using it to tell you the time, it will just sit there and color-morph for you. And should you stare at it long enough, you'll start to think of it as your alien artifact pal with time keeping benefits. We do. And best of all, watching DreamTime is way more beneficial than eating re-constituted food-like tater tots, we simply guarantee it:

Wolf Claw II FPS Keyboard

Here at ThinkGeek, we love our computer games. RP, FPS, MMORPG, and any other acronym they can throw at us, we love them all. We also love anything that gives us an edge when playing these games. Enter the Wolf Claw II. One look and you can tell it's not your average keyboard. Coupled to a standard keyboard, is a specialized circle of keys - all those that are used and abused in hard FPS frag fests. Add two USB ports in the back and you are ready to decimate aliens, evil villains, monsters, and anything else that stands in your way:

Wolf Claw II FPS Keyboard

Ecospheres - Rule your own desktop empire

Ecospheres - Rule your own desktop empire

Developed from technology created by those super-cool scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the EcoSpheres are self contained bundles of wonder. In each glass sphere or pod lives an entire ecosystem. Basically, the algae "eat" the light, the shrimp eat the algae, the bacteria eat the shrimp poo, and the algae eat the bacteria. It's a circle: a cycle: an ecosystem! You will be its ruler, and the shrimp will sacrifice algae in your honor. Pretty sweet:

7" Portable Tablet DVD Player - Sleek DVD Goodness

If you have been holding out on buying that portable DVD player now is the time to give in. Movies on the train ride to work, movies in the car, movies in the bathroom... finally the prices on portable DVD players have come down and this choice Widescreen Tablet DVD Player has your name all over it.


Removable 20-Sided Die Spiral Necklaces

Removable 20-Sided Die Spiral Necklaces

The veritable d20 die, that platonic solid whose numerical etchings cast an impartial providence upon friend and beast alike. It holds the power to grant or take life, and even the power to revoke such grants. Imagine such an influential tool intricately cradled in a spiral, that ancient symbol of the cycle of life, death, and re-birth. Now imagine that spirally-fenced die bound to your body and soul by cord around your neck - ready for whatever circumstance the Fates throw at your feet. Ok, now snap back to reality. it's just a 20 sided die in a removable cradle on an adjustable cord that goes around your neck. Sorry if we went overboard there. It's certainly the world's coolest icosahedron though:

Van Hoy Snap Lock 2

We think you should break with convention and open your knife sideways. Yep, that's right. This compact knife has a razor-sharp blade and features a side-opening lock for smooth operation. Pocket/money clip permits knife to be used in a variety of ways: clipped to the pocket; as a money clip, and with split-ring or lanyard, as a keychain. Blade pivots a full 360-degrees with no clip, or 180-degrees in either direction with clip in place. Opens easily with one hand. Handle, clip and frame have a contemporary bead-blast finish. Decisively not suitable aboard planes:

Van Hoy Snap Lock 2

Mvix Multimedia Player - Multimedia External Hard Drive Nirvana

Mvix Multimedia Player - Multimedia External Hard Drive Nirvana

To state it most simply the Mvix Multimedia Player is an external 3.5" drive enclosure tricked out the yin-yang... Make sense? No? Let us educate you. Install any size IDE hard drive in the Mvix, attach it to your PC with USB 2.0 and copy all the multimedia files your heart desires to the Mvix. Now bring the Mvix to your home entertainment center and hook it up. Using the included remote you can browse and play videos, audio files and photos. It's like a geeky tech dream come true only not quite as good since there are no wookies.

Quick Blurbs !!

We are now accepting PayPal!

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Star Wars Force FX Sabers - For A Perfect Halloween

Timmy's Torrid Tonic - Caffeinated Hot Sauce

Timmy's Torrid Tonic - Caffeinated Hot Sauce Is Back

Mind Molester

Mind Molester - Back In Stock

PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier

PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier - Back In Stock

Sith Happens



LuminDisk - Now available in trippy White

The Mug of Vi References

The Mug of Vi References- All your favorite commands

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle - Back In Stock

The Batman Handbook

The Batman Handbook - Become A Dark Knight


Stikfas - Glow In The Dark Phantom

The CubesŪ - Cubicle Playsets

New Accessories Including Delivery Man For The Cubes

Penny Arcade 8

Penny Arcade 8"x10" Laser Cels - On Sale

Swiss Memory USB

$30 and $40 rebate on USB Swiss Memory Knives

Ambient Executive Dashboard

Ambient Executive Dashboard - Back In Stock

The Goldfarmer

Penny Arcade - Goldfarmer WoW Shirt


Penny Arcade - /spit WoW Shirt

I Duped This Shirt

Penny Arcade - I Duped This Shirt WoW Shirt

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