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September 28, 2005


We had to throw that in. Why? Shiver me timbers mateys, we'll tell you why. September 19th was officially international 'Talk like a Pirate Day'. Honestly. Look it up in Wikipedia. And we just haven't stopped yet. We should consider stopping before the Ninjas catch on though and want their own 'Dress Like A Ninja Day' or something. And while we here at ThinkGeek are neither scared of Ninjas OR Pirates, we are properly scared of both. What we are most scared of, however, Ninjas and Pirates take note, are Zombies. Zombies just have that je ne sais quoi that screams 'doesn't matter where I go, eventually they'll pop up and get me'...but let's think happy thoughts! How about a tiny indoor R/C airplane? That's happy thoughts! And we happen to have that right here...

R/C Butterfly

The World's Lightest Indoor R/C Airplane

The Dream of an R/C airplane that can be piloted in the living room has been realized. This is the world's lightest and smallest ready to fly R/C Model. Fly "missions" during TV Commercials, Indoors, In ANY WEATHER! Full Proportional radio control enables you to fly with precision in any room 12' X 16'. Just add 4-AA batteries to the combination transmitter/charger and you'll be ready for action anytime. Take the Butterfly with you ANYWHERE in it's own protective aluminum briefcase (included!) Seriously, if you don't want one of these, you need a head doctor.

Checkout the portable R/C Butterfly Livingroom Flyer here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Darth Tater - Evil Rotten Spud

Darth Tater - Evil Rotten Spud

Unable to resist the force of the Tubers, Anakin succumbed in the fields and became the evil Darth Tater. In the process he lost his Jedi roots and became spud ugly, although powerfully well rounded. He ruled with fear and mashed through all those who would challenge him. Except for one Jedi that was mightier than he, and more of a spud with the ladies too. Luke Tuberwalker. In one of the finest battles in Force history, Luke Tuberwalker sliced up Darth Tater with his saber and created a Dark Side of fries which the entire galaxy enjoyed. Some with Mayo. Still others with Ketchup. Both with salt. Ok, we'll shut up now. Get it before it's gone forever and you die with regrets:

Wrapping Paper For Geeks

After years of toiling and desperation, our engineers at ThinkGeek Gift Labs(TM) have finally invented something so unique and innovative, it perplexes even the brightest minds as to how global society might be impacted. We'll explain it to you but if your brain explodes, we warned you. You see, we have taken the flesh of a tree, mixed it up with some water and other patented goos. Then we took both some organic and inorganic pigments and dissolved them into several different solvents. We took those pigments and applied them to the top of the modified tree flesh using very specific and highly intelligent patterns, then folded them and packaged them so you can use them to cover up things you gift to other people! Sheer brilliance!

Wrapping Paper For Geeks

LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs

The light bulb is often used in cartoons to depict the formation of a great idea. We think that building LEDs into a bulb that can be screwed into a standard light socket is a great idea. These LED Light Bulbs come in three different sizes with an output up to 120 Lumens. They have either 18, 36, or 60 individual LEDs and should last an amazing ten years! The lower output bulb can be run for 12 hours a day for one year at a cost of about 80 cents. Is that a light bulb turning on that we see over your head?

Plush two pack - plush playthings for puckish people

It looks like a regular rabbit - that's what it wants you to think. But get close, and its eyes will flash red and its fangs will be revealed. And just like it tortured the knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so will the Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth torture you. Unless, that is, you roll a 13 or higher with the Plush d20. That's right - if you roll well with this plush die, you earn the skill of illusion. Then you can pretend the Plush d20 is a Holy Hand Grenade, and vanquish the Rabbit once and for all. Just remember to count to three before throwing:

Plush two pack  plush playthings for puckish people

The Art Of Demotivation - The Book from Despair, Inc.

The Art Of Demotivation - The Book from Despair, Inc.

Motivation has become a multi-billion dollar industry, courtesy of the patronage of corporations and the noble intentions of Executives who lead them. At the heart of this colossal confederation of inspirational speakers, platitudinous posters, parable-filled management books, and increasingly complicated incentive programs lies an alluring promise; with enough encouragement, empowerment, and esteem, employees will become productive and loyal, to the benefit of both their employers and themselves. This book proves such thinking is flawed. A demotivated worker is far more productive:

Boomtube Portable Speakers - They go to 11

Boomtube Portable Speakers have a volume knob that goes to 11. What else do we need to say? I guess we could also say that they feature satellite speakers that conveniently twist off for excellent sound and true stereo separation, and twist back on for portability. And that they have ample two-inch aluminum speakers for great sound and weigh in at only two pounds. We could include those kind of details, but these speakers go to 11 - and we think that's all you really need to know:

Boomtube Portable Speakers - They go to 11

MyMicrobots Brand Robots - Micro-Miniature Robots

MyMicrobots Brand Robots  Micro-Miniature Robots

MyMicrobots Brand Robots enjoy the simple life, which means they don't move around much. They are, though, some of the tiniest robot collectible statues created in the Universe. MyMicrobots stand about 500 microns in size (a human hair averages 150 microns in width), and are each made of a different material. There are five different 'bots to choose from, so collect the whole micro-gang right here:

Nature's Fire - Kinetic Desktop Sculpture

Consider volcanoes to be our planetary pals. Without them, life would suck. Not in the way a vacuum sucks, but in the way a lifeless vacuum in space would suck -- if you are accustomed to living that is. You see, after the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe, he used his great noodly appendage to create volcanoes. Pirates need islands, and naturally islands need volcanoes. Currently there are about 500 or so active volcanoes on this our planet earth. And believe it or not about 10 are erupting on any given day. Why not make it 11 by buying this desktop volcanic eruption? We can't think of a reason, and neither should you.

Nature's Fire - Kinetic Desktop Sculpture

Four New Wacky Japanese Shirts

Four New Wacky Japanese Shirts

We've got some more designs on the virtual racks for those of you who just can't get enough Japanese. We'll start with the "I love Alcohol" in Japanese (Sake-bito) calligraphy. Perfect for those who love Alcohol and love Japanese Calligraphy and who also love shirts. Brilliant. We've also got the trendy 'Beware of Perverts' Shirt. Not that Japan and Perverts are synonymous, but those subways do get packed. For the light hearted we also are featuring the Cheshire Totoro face, an anime Parody. Oh, and the 'Emergency Exit' shirt in case those perverts can't take a hint:

Watt's Up - Measure your power consumption

Simply plug any device into Watt's Up and the meter instantaneously displays the wattage being used, as well as 15 other values, including average monthly cost. The device records data into non-volatile memory (stored even if power is lost). One thousand twenty-three data points are stored, starting with a sampling rate resolution of one second. It records any power interruptions, which is extremely handy when performing an audit of several devices. Watt's Up is also capable of real-time logging. It includes a payback calculator, which automatically calculates the time required for a new energy efficient appliance to pay for itself.

Watt's Up - Measure your power consumption

Geek Tag Necklaces

Geek Tag Necklaces

The famous philosopher Wittgenstein once said, 'To label me, is to negate me'. But like most famous philosophers, he is dead wrong (in that order) and we would like to offer you some proof. Not only do we want to label you with these fine sterling silver necklaces, but we simultaneously want to affirm you. How can we affirm your existence? It's easy. Just click on the URL below, choose your label (Geek, barcode, l33t, geek girl, etc.), add to cart, and then visit checkout. Here's where the affirmation part gets going. Pull out your credit card, enter in the data, complete your order, and voila! ThinkGeek has affirmed you! Prove old Witty wrong here:

Pixelblocks - Finally Back In Stock

These brilliant, multi-colored, tiny morsels of polycarbonate plastic are about as fun to tinker with as source code from Microsoft. The difference is that you can actually understand and extend PixelBlocks into something wonderful. Using their unique peg-and-hole along with tooth-and-groove combinations you can build colorful and complex creations effortlessly in either 2-D or 3-D. Choose between a whopping 2000 or 850 piece set. Pixelblocks are quite literally procrastination in a box:

Pixelblocks - Finally Back In Stock

3-Prong Wall Socket Car Adapter

3-Prong Wall Socket Car Adapter

If Tom Edison had his way we would all be happily humming along exclusively on DC power. Imagine the unity of one standard... Everything that works in your house would work in your car. Now that dream can become a fantastic reality where DC and AC power live harmoniously together in a garden utopia till the end of time. Simply plug the 3-Prong Wall Socket Car Adapter into your car's cigarette lighter... then plug in any standard AC powered device. Need to use your dremel tool to design case mods while driving? No problem. Take all those old cigarette lighter adapters for your cell phone, pda, laptop etc. and throw them out the window while driving 55 in the fast lane. The 3-Prong Wall Socket Car Adapter is the only DC/AC power juggernaut you will ever need.

NukAlert Radiation Alarm - Just in case

Radiation is all around us but sometimes not at friendly levels. In order to help you determine friend or foe, we introduce the NukAlert - a compact key chain attachable radiation monitor and alarm. Carried everywhere your keys go, its 24/7 monitoring will promptly alert you to unseen but acutely dangerous higher levels of radiation. The number of chirps will indicate the amount of radiation exposure you are receiving. Each NukAlert is individually tested for radiation accuracy and should have a battery life in excess of ten years:

NukAlert Radiation Alarm - Just in case

Flip flap - RoboSprout

Flip flap  RoboSprout

Remember the good old days where two plumbers, a princess, and a mushroom dude enjoyed pulling turnips out of the ground and throwing them at weird dream monsters? Bring a little bit of that magic to your desk with the Flip Flap. An artificial sprout which needs only sunlight, the latest craze from Japan the Flip Flap will bounce and dance on your desk in robo-glee. But unlike those pesky plumbers, you shouldn't throw the Flip Flap at monsters - they'd just eat it.

Quick Blurbs !!

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Lightsabers - You Need Them For Halloween

Spazzstick Caffeinated Lip Balm

World's Only Caffeinated Lip Balm - Spazzstick

Rosendahl Watch II

Rosendahl Watch II - a designer watch!!


The ThinkGeek Pirate/Arrrrgh Shirt

The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide

The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide

Penny Arcade Fruit Fucker Poster

Two New Penny Arcade Posters


iGuy poseable iPod action figure now for Mini

123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius

123 Robotic Experiments For Evil Geniuses Book

RFID Digital Door Lock

RFID Digital Door Lock - Back in stock

Retro Phone Handset

Retro Phone Handsets - Back in stock

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil

Rocketmen: Awesome new constructible card game

Blade Runner

Blade Runner Book - The novel the movie was based on


Stikfas: New flavors: Pirate and Samurai

Ambient Orb Device

Ambient Orb Device - Back in stock

Laser with IR Remote

Laser with IR Remote

Geek Points Deal!

New Geek Points Promotion!

For a limited time, get a free TV B-Gone w/any purchase at ThinkGeek by using 1000 geek points!


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