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August 18, 2005

Greetings, Earthlings!

You read that right. A ThinkGeek shirt recently made it all the way to the space station (and back thankfully) via NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery. Poetic justice was served as the tee that blasted off was our 'Obey Gravity, it's the law!' shirt. We feel like the proud parents of a kid who designed a t-shirt that went into space. Search our site for the shirt to see an action shot if you are curious. Ok then, let's get back to it. Get back to what? Well for some of you it's getting back to school. For the rest, it's getting back to pretending to work. Either way, we've got your back covered with the following glut of geeked out goodies...

Back to School Goodies

Back To School

Cash in that meal plan and get some good stuff!!

A new school year is here and how could you ever hope to make it through a whole semester without some new goodies to keep your spirits up? We've got cool stuff to deck out your dorm, caffeine in every form to help you with marathon study sessions and the perfect gadgets for students, including the Neverlate alarm clock with a different alarm setting for each day of the week. There's even the old standby, the Slide Rule if you're feeling low-tech. All this and more is calling your name from our Back to School gift guide.

Check out the ThinkGeek Back To School Gift Guide Here!


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock

Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock

Everyone has schedules; each day is slightly unlike the next. Some of us, whether due to work or school, have to get up different times on different days. But it's such a pain setting and resetting an alarm clock each night, worrying if you set the proper time. Worry no longer, friends, the Neverlate 7-day alarm clock is here to save the day. As the name implies, the Neverlate has 7 independent alarms one for each day of the week. Set an entire week at once and turn on/off each day as it is needed. A variable snooze and a nap button provide some relief as your body grabs any sleep it can get. Oh yeah, and it has a radio. Could anything short of caffeinated cheese be cooler? We think not:

Slide Rules - Limited Quantities Available

These new-in-box Slide Rules, with instruction manual and carrying case, from Pickett & Eckel, Inc., are over 20 years old and have been off of store shelves for most of that time. Why? Because that wacky device, the Computer, came along and replaced brain cells with finger movements. Most of you just don't know how lucky you have it these days. Can you believe that the cigar-smoking NASA mission-control engineers during the sixties had to make split-second super-mega-advanced calculations using nothing but a slide rule? Probably not. They did. Now, thanks to ThinkGeek Found-It-In-A-Warehouse Labs, you too can learn the fading art of the Slide Rule:

Slide Rules - Limited Quantities Available

STFU University Swag Just in time for Fall Semester

STFU University Swag Just in time for Fall Semester

Though many of the ThinkGeek crew went to different colleges and universities, we have all united to show some serious school spirit for our new favorite institution - STFU. Tuition is cheap at STFU, in fact it's free. There are no books to buy, and since there's no physical campus, you can study as little or as often as you like; though we think you'll find the more you immerse yourself in the STFU lifestyle, the happier and more fulfilled all our lives will be. Available in men's t-shirt, ladies babydoll, and hooded sweatshirt varieties. Go STFU!

Mind Molester - Deliciously devious device

We certainly don't want to be known as a devious bunch of folks, as is obvious from our selection of sophisticated and refined products. And we wouldn't want you to purchase a small electronic device, which beeps every three minutes, and place it in a location where it might be difficult to find, thereby driving somebody in the vicinity nuts. Since this device is not labelled in any way, we wouldn't want you to create any confusion should someone locate it. And if you believe all of this stuff, we have some old slide rules we'd like to talk to you about...

Mind Molester - Deliciously devious device

Shock A Lots - Caffeine, Yum Style

Shock A Lots - Caffeine, Yum Style

Shock and awe. That's what. The aptly named Shock-A-lots are extremely addictive, mouth watering, brain smacking candy-coated chocolate covered coffee beans. They taste phenomenal and they do precisely what they are supposed to do - they introduce a caffeinated shock to your system. Perfectly sized to fit in your pocket or your LAN bag, Shock-A-Lots might be just what the world needs. Oh, and more Ninjas:

SX3 3.1 Megapixel Digital Camera Binoculars

Football fans, spies, bird watchers, office busybodies, UFO hunters all these people need and use binoculars on a daily basis. Sometimes, though, seeing something isn't enough; you need confirmation of sight. So whether you need photos of the UFO in your backyard, or the African Swallow sitting on your coconut, or of the temp stealing your pens, this is the bino-cam for you! And it's a 3.1MP camera, so you know you'll get a good image. Spy click share!

SX3 3.1 Megapixel Digital Camera Binoculars

Vitruvian Homer Poster

Vitruvian Homer Poster

One could say Homer Simpson is a study in elegance, altruism, and scholastic achievement, but then one would be greatly mistaken. However, even the numbest of numskulls can, at times, look absolutely classic. Here is Homer Simpson in all his glory, unencumbered by clothing and surrounded by the joys of life. Enjoy this timeless masterpiece on your home or office wall. In the immortal words of Homer, "Never fear. The cosmic fool is here."

ProLaserFX Showcube

If you're longing to be "lord of the laser" we believe we can offer some assistance. The ProLaserFX Showcube will keep your subjects in line with its dazzling array of effects. It projects a bright green laser light beam to draw complex patterns, text, and animations. Scroll your text commands in laser light, or use it in a fogged room to display fantastic and exciting beam patterns including sound tunnels, liquid sky, dynamic beam effects and more. Take control of the power here...

ProLaserFX Showcube

Pocket LCD Photo Album

Pocket LCD Photo Album

Why lug your digital camera around when all you want to do is share your photos with loved ones, friends, and/or co-workers? Just carry around this tiny photo album and since it uses removable media, you can bring along tons of pictures. Bore everyone, everywhere, anytime with your 200 picture photo-safari of the server room; or show off your vacation in GeekLand, where you were pampered by scores of Hoompa Loompies... or something. You can even store screen grabs and take along maps or your favorite offline webpages. Now that's some power in your pocket!

Indoor Lazer Tripwire - Battle Stix - Cube Sling

This is the ultimate cubicle defense combination. Setup the Lazer Trip Wire and now you have an invisible perimeter alarm around your workspace. If the alarm sounds, grab your trusted Surefire Slingshot and make the intruder eat foam. But if the scoundrel resists all these measures, there is only one thing left: Tek Stix Duel for Cubicle Supremacy. Inflate your Stix, and wail away. Score ten hits first, and send your opponent off to hang his head in shame. Victory against the hostile cubicle takeover attempt is yours.

Indoor Lazer Tripwire - Battle Stix - Cube Sling

Geek-out your Belt Buckle with LEDs

Geek-out your Belt Buckle with LEDs

You are fashionable and you love the bling. Well, even if you don't, this product is still pretty slick. 147 colored LEDs surrounded by a chrome frame that can be attached to a belt or set on a desk or shelf. It can hold up to six scrolling messages, each message 256 characters long. Your own personal billboard ready to announce your brilliant thoughts to the world or a convenient way to quietly tell someone to RTFM. We'll leave that decision up to you...

Harman Multimedia Soundsticks II - Clearly cool speakers

An original and unique speaker system enclosure, clearly superior to your average computer speakers. Harman Kardon's SoundSticks II three-piece system produces high-quality stereo sound for music, MP3, movies and gaming experiences. Employing Harman's unique "capacitance touch" control buttons on the right satellite allows for direct access to volume control. Powerful mid and high range sounds from the Odyssey Plus satellite transducers. PC and MAC compatible and mini-jack connectivity.

Harman Multimedia Soundsticks II - Clearly cool speakers

MP3 Sunglasses

MP3 Sunglasses

These MP3 Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays but perhaps, more importantly, they will also protect your ears from harmful sound waves. We think you know exactly what kind of harmful sound waves we are referring to - the annoying receptionist in the next office, that terrible background music, or possibly the loud server cooling fans located just down the hall. The MP3 Sunglasses will allow you to keep your eyes and ears focused on what's important, with up to 8.5 hours of battery playtime on a single charge. Easy song uploads via USB 2.0 connection and a built-in voice recorder, in case you need to make some quick non-mental notes.

l'espion S Stealth Camera

This nifty digital camera is cleverly disguised as a zippo lighter, keeping your picture-taking intentions secret until you lift the top to take a pic. Its 8MB internal memory allows you to capture up to 150 images at 640 x 480, a perfect size for later emailing your pics to friends, family, and fellow geeks alike. Throw in a built-in voice recorder, and the ability to create video clips with sound, and you've got a sweet little gizmo you won't leave home without!

l'espion S Stealth Camera

Quick Blurbs !!

We are giving away 52 Free Tshirts - Enter Here!

Pirate Mug

Seventeen Ounce Pirate Mug - Aaaaarrggh

Geek Chic

Geek Chic - The Book

Space Monkey Benders

Bender Monkeys From Space w/Rocket Ship

USB Mini Lava Light

USB Mini Lava Light - now in Blue, Purple and Pink

Swiss Memory USB

Swiss Memory USB - new Aluminum model available

Retro LED Digital Watch

Retro LED Digital Watch - new Gun Metal finish

LightWedge Mini

LightWedge Mini - very portable

Maltron Keyboard

Maltron Keyboard - now available in Black

The ThinkGeek 'Ties Suck' Tie

Ties Suck In Binary Tie - FINALLY back in stock

Geek Awareness Bracelets

New Tux and Fragged Jelly/Awareness Bracelets

PVP Support The Pwned Bracelet

PVP Support The Pwned Bracelets

Pirates of the Revolution Game

Pirates Of The Revolution Collectible Card Game

Swedish FireSteel

Swedish Firesteel - Back In Stock

Geek Points Deal!

New Geek Points Promotion!

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