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July 28, 2005


July seems to have been a worthwhile month for geeks the world over. Discovery finally made it to space, the San Diego ComiCon allowed us to geek out, we celebrated the 20th birthday of the Amiga 1000, and most importantly we realized how important it is to get a little Hot Coffee every now and then, if only to keep debate alive and well. Oh, and Sysadmin Appreciation Day is this Friday the 29th. If you have a Sysadmin, please consider lavishing him/her with undying praise and any of the following gifts to ensure they might be the hoopiest froods of all...


Polarity Board Game

A Strategy Game Using Hovering Magnetic Discs

The first board game worthy of the ThinkGeek Official Medal Of SuperUberGoodness... Okay, there is no such thing, but we think Polarity is extremely engaging and fun enough to become a new classic. This unique game utilizes magnetic forces, chaos, gravity and levitation - while requiring dexterity and strategic planning. Outwit your opponent by placing hovering magnetic discs in ways that force them to make mistakes that cause discs to fly, jump and spin on the board - giving you a chance to score points! Very addictive!

Get your polarity on here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

RFID Digital Door Lock - The Future Is Now

RFID Digital Door Lock - The Future Is Now

Sure, we here at ThinkGeek know that RFID technology seems like just another way for Big Brother down the road to invade your privacy. But we also love new gadgets and realize you can make your own decisions. Are we right? Anyways, this door lock can be easily unlocked using one of eight included RFID Smartkeys or a PIN. It's packed with many other features including a burglar alarm, low battery indicator, automatic or manual lock modes and an external forced lock mode. Your PIN and RFID cards can be easily reprogrammed - no need to ever change locks:

Zombie Survival Guide / Real Ultimate Power Ninja Book

There are only two certainties in this world: ninjas are totally sweet, and zombies are out to get you. The best thing you can do is be prepared. Learn all you can about the mystic art of the Ninja, then use that knowledge (with a few shotguns and pitchforks) to defend your home and family from the forthcoming zombie hoard. We all know a human/zombie war is evident, video games and the movies tell us so. Don't wait around until someone or something is gnawing on your leg, get the skills you need to survive now:

Zombie Survival Guide / Real Ultimate Power Ninja Book

New Tshirt SWAG! - Who wouldn't like a nice cup of Hot Coffee?

New Tshirt SWAG! - Who wouldn't like a nice cup of Hot Coffee?

It's time again for a new round of t-shirts and we have quite a range today. "I see dead pixels" is not the kind of thing we like to hear, but it makes for a scary story. Seriously - buy an expensive LCD and feel how your heart stops upon seeing a dead pixel. On the opposite spectrum, any Grand Theft Auto player would probably enjoy our hot coffee shirt, but not nearly as much as hot coffee itself. Finally, show some school spirit and root for our favorite university, STFU. Go STFU!

Lumaray FL6 Flashlight

Walking around in the dark is never much fun. Luckily, we have flashlights to help us find our way and the Lumaray FL6 is quite a flashlight indeed. Custom lens technology allows this light to achieve high brightness levels without sacrificing power consumption. A special glow-in-the-dark Afterglow allows the flashlight to sit in any position (even facing down on the bezel) and still be easily located. It combines an interesting design with modern materials to create a very unique finished product. Just another flashlight? No way:

Lumaray FL6 Flashlight

The Fuze Necklace - LED Techie Fashion

The Fuze Necklace - LED Techie Fashion

We love anything that marries technology with everyday things, so we grabbed the Fuze Necklace. It combines natural quartz crystals with cool and glowy LEDs to make a really snazzy looking piece of jewelry. Each Fuze necklace is hand selected, shaped, and polished to ensure a unique and beautiful gem and the crystal has an embedded LED that gradually cycles through a range of colors to create a totally unique fashion accessory. It's techie bling!

Limited Edition Laser Etched Marvel Comic Cel Lithographs

Where would the world be without superheros? We'll tell you where. Nowhere. There are at least a hundred different Evil Enemies out there with more than a hundred different Massively Destructive Weapons Of Final Doom, that, should they not have been stopped just in the nick of time by a Superhero or two, there would simply no longer be a planet for you to breathe on. So, like 'em or not, your entire existence is owed to these men and women of extraordinary ability and uncanny goodness... celebrate a few of them with these fine matted collector's items:

Limited Edition Laser Etched Marvel Comic Cel Lithographs

Cold Heat PRO Soldering Tool

Cold Heat PRO Soldering Tool

The ever-popular ColdHeat Soldering Tool is now available in a more powerful version - the ColdHeat Pro! As geeks everywhere have already discovered, soldering can be very easy and convenient when you have a device that can heat and cool almost instantly. Add to this the cordless feature of the ColdHeat and you've got one handy tool. The ColdHeat Pro Soldering Tool is designed for the serious hobbyist and professional. It has twice the power of the Classic tool and comes standard with all three tip shapes (Bevel, Chisel, Conical).

Are Watts killing you?

Okay, genius, how many Kilowatt-hours does that PC and all the other gadgets around it consume? If you've ever been curious about the power usage of your electronics the Kill-A-Watt can give you some insight. A large LCD display shows consumption by the Kilowatt-hour, just like utility companies. You can figure out your electrical expenses by the hour, day, week, month, even an entire year. Monitor the quality of your power by displaying Voltage, Line Frequency, and Power Factor. Easy to use, just plug it in!

Are Watts killing you?

Build Your Very Own Hologram - Then Take Over The World...

Build Your Very Own Hologram - Then Take Over The World...

The perfect kit for the mad scientist in all of us. With the Design a Hologram Kit, you'll have your first hologram within 1 hour. The secret is the special self-developing holographic film plate. Twenty are included, which means you can make up to twenty different holograms. Keep in mind, this isn't a toy, but a very serious science kit for those serious in venturing into the serious world of holography (detailed instructions and information sheets are included). Seriously, though, this kit is so much fun, it feels like a toy. And you'll get up to twenty luminous holograms you can show off to anyone who will enter your mad scientist lab... er... your cubicle. Yeah, your cubicle:

We Support Your Right To Bare Cubicle Arms At ThinkGeek

Nothing goes better with a warm summer night than a cool new edition to your home/office arsenal. Choose from our three new flavors, or try one scoop of each. We have the Defender Of World Peace II Softair Gun, which shoots rapid fire plastic BBs; the Tagball - Indoor Paintball Simulator, which shoots high velocity micro-tennis-ball-like projectiles; and the Vapo-Blaster, which shoots bubbles filled with clouds of smoke. Fight off solicitors, evil office drones, bosses, and anything else your mind can imagine. Battle real things too, like aliens, giant robots, evil sorcerers, and mystic cockroach beings from the future. The choice is yours (we recommend all three of course):

We Support Your Right To Bare Cubicle Arms At ThinkGeek

Oggz - Desktop Glowing Alien Eggs

Oggz - Desktop Glowing Alien Eggs

Oggz are unique lights that charge through induction while resting on their base. Made of flexible translucent silicone, each 3.5" tall Oggz is imbedded with color changing LEDs that gently morph from one color to the next. Since Oggz are made from silicone, unlike eggs, you can squeeze them and even drop them and they'll be just fine. Use them as accent lights, use 'em to geek out your workspace, or just use them as night lights if you are scared of that thing in the closet.

Fortress Ultra-Rugged Hard Drive

An angry monkey could probably destroy a typical portable hard drive pretty quickly. Fortunately for you we have a drive that could survive such an incident. The Fortress Ultra-Rugged Hard Drive is built to work where protection from shock and vibration are crucial. Your data will be safeguarded against a drop of 6 feet onto solid concrete and experience error-free operation in severe vibration environments. Internal heatsinking design increases hard drive life and reliability. The Fortress is constructed from a very tough aluminum alloy and is 100% nickel-plated.

Fortress Ultra-Rugged Hard Drive

A Mountain of Penny Arcade Merchandise

A Mountain of Penny Arcade Merchandise

You may just collapse under the weight of all this Penny Arcade merchandise bliss. First off is the Limited Edition CTS Laser Cel. If you want one of these, you'd better jump on it asap because the last one sold out in less than 12 hours, it's too late, they're sold out!. Yes, for real. The other goodies are tshirts galore including mens' and ladies' versions of the "John Gabriel" and "Tycho Brahe" shirts (Finally!) as well as the new and improved "FruitF*cker - Caught in the Act" shirt. Check em out:

Get Any ThinkGeek T-shirt Free Using Geekpoints

Get Any ThinkGeek T-Shirt Free with 750 Points & Any purchase Limited Time Offer; Expires 7/31/05. Not Valid on Penny Arcade, PvP or O'Reilly T-Shirts. Quick, hurry fast to this link!

Get Any ThinkGeek T-shirt Free Using Geekpoints

Quick Blurbs !!

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Now shipping Anakin and Vader Force FX Lightsabers

Sysadmin Appreciation Day Gift Guide

Sysadmin Appreciation Day Gift Guide

22-in-1 Card Reader

Compact 22-in-1 card reader supports ALL major media

The Encyclopedia of Game.Machines

The Encyclopedia of Game Machines - Highly Illustrated

3D Caffeine Molecule LED Keychain

The ThinkGeek 3D Caffeine Molecule LED Keychain

PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier

The PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier - Back in stock

The ThinkGeek Power Tie

The ThinkGeek Power Tie is Back In Stock

MAKE Magazine, Vol 2

The Premiere (1st) Edition of the popular MAKE magazine

Round LED Lantern

Round LED Lanterns - Great for cubes and decks

Si-Link FM Transmitter

Si-link FM Transmitter - keen new design

Silence on the Wire

Silence On The Wire - Security Must Read

MP3 Data Storage Watch

MP3 Data Storage Watch - Leather or Stainless

Badge Holders

Badge Holders - Now available in Ninja and Pirate

Big Tiki Drive

Big Tiki USB Drive, now available in half a gig size

USB Digital Voice Recorder

32 Hour Ultra Portable USB Digital Voice Recorder

Mini 4-Port USB Hub

Mini 4-Port USB hub is perfect for notebooks

Joss Whedon Babydoll

Joss Whedon Is My Master Babydoll!

SanDisk Wi Fi CompactFlash Card

SanDisk WiFi CompactFlash Card - Wifi ??

Techie Haiku Winner!

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Last month's ThinkGeek Techie Haiku Winner is: Chad from Easley, South Carolina!
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    Forward email. *click*
    Picked the wrong recipients.
    Got fired the next day.

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June 2005 Action Shot Winner

June 2005 Action Shot Winner: Han Shot First

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Action Shot Winner

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