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June 28, 2005

Hiya Folks!

Normally we would talk about hobbit genealogy in this space but today we simply cannot afford the bandwidth. Why? Because we are as giddy as droids in an oil bath to showcase some pretty spectacular keyboard technology we've recently stumbled upon. We had started to believe gadget manufacturers were just engaged in a USB Device Cold War, spending what little R&D dollars they had on building a better pointless USB device. (See the USB Mini Lava Lamp below in this newsletter for an example.) But we were wrong! There still is innovation in IO devices. Wootles! Don't believe us? Read on for yourselves halflings...

DX1 Input System

DX1 Input System

Performance At Your Fingertips

This is the ultimate keyboard for the surefire techie. Why? Because you build it yourself! The DX1 is a revolutionary new input device. You start with a Pad the size of a mouse pad. Then all you do is stick the keys where you want them and tell your computer what you want the keys to do. Assign each button one keystroke, or a series of keystrokes - the DX1 has the power to accommodate your needs. Ideal for gamers, you can even add or move keys on the fly while you are fragging away and program them in real time during your game! The amount of power that awaits you is mind-boggling. Of course, you could always use the DX1 for work and such (Photoshop, video editing, coding, etc) but one must set priorities!

Checkout the customizable DX1 Input system here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

PIX Sports - Multi-function LED Gadget

PIX Sports - Multi-function LED Gadget

Packed into a tiny 3" by 1" form factor are 75 brilliant LEDs, and with just two buttons, you can access any of 6 awesome modes. Check the time; time your jog to the bathroom; have a pattern flash as you walk to alert everyone to your presence; count your steps to the snack room; signal to a coworker with a bouncing heart; scroll a message telling your coworker that the heart was for the person sitting behind them. With the PIX Sports you can do all this and more. The clip is easily removed, so you can hang the PIX Sports on a necklace or lanyard. Sporty, indeed!

Retro Phone Handset for Cell Phones

Elegant design is certainly a thing to admire but sometimes you just love something that's built like a Sherman tank. The Retro Phone Handset is a new production replica of the Western Electric 500-series model, which was the classic phone handset for several decades. It's been slightly modified to work with the headset jack of most cell phones (or via a "hands free" adapter kit, sold elsewhere). Just plug-in and dial - or for added effect, put your cell phone in your pant's pocket - then it looks like you're talking on a phone connected to... well, who knows?

Retro Phone Handset for Cell Phones

MAKE Magazine, Volume 2

MAKE Magazine, Volume 2

Tweak, disassemble, recreate and invent with MAKE Magazine. The gang at O'Reilly have teamed up with BoingBoing.net founder Mark Frauenfelder to create the amazing MAKE Magazine. If you like to tinker, mod, and take things apart just because you can, you'll love MAKE. Every book-like issue is chock full of projects to help you make the most of the technology in your life. Create your own aerial photo setup using a kite, decipher the magnetic stripe on your credit card, learn how to podcast, or hack your gameboy. There's enough cool information to MAKE your head asplode! Get your MAKE on here:

Das Keyboard - If Ninjas used keyboards...

Many have mastered the keyboard, but only the elite can master Das Keyboard. With completely black, blank keys, this is not a keyboard for beginners. The typist must be one with him/herself and the QWERTY force that surrounds us all. Then, one might become worthy to use Das Keyboard. Really, though, this keyboard is made for typing ease. With no letters to look at, you have nothing to distract you. This, coupled with the 5 differentially weighted key zones, will send your typing speed into the stratosphere. And with killer looks, it will definitely get you noticed around the office.

Das Keyboard - If Ninjas used keyboards...

Free Retro Computer Calendar W/orders Over $15

Free Retro Computer Calendar W/orders Over $15

Yeah, yeah, it's almost July 2005. What possible use could you have for a 2005 Retro Computer calendar? Does it really matter why, so long as it's FREE? The reality is we have too many in stock and we would rather give them to you than throw them away. Even if you don't need another 2005 calendar, just grab one and rip out the glossy pics of some of the world's finest retro computers in all their chunky nostalgic glory. So, while supplies last, spend $15 at ThinkGeek and we'll send you a free calendar if you use the following code during checkout: COMMODORE *Only Good While Supplies Last*

Use your <HEAD> and put your <BODY> in our new E. Genius Lab Coat!

We have three new offerings in the swag department today. Two are the epitome of simplicity. Our new <HEAD> hat and <BODY> T-Shirt are 2 small ways to pay tribute to the markup language that got us all here from back in the stone ages of Archie, Gopher and Mosaic. If you want to be a little sneaky, you can play doctor (no not THAT play doctor...) with our Evil Genius Lab Coat. We figure anybody smart enough to be buying our geeky stuff is worthy of their own lab coat - Ph.D. or not. Round out your closet with our new stuff here:

Use your <HEAD> and put your <BODY> in our new E. Genius Lab Coat!

USB Mini Lava Light

USB Mini Lava Light

We are not predicting the return of massively flared pants and giant platform shoes, but we are willing to bet you'll enjoy the groovy USB Mini Lava Light. Filled with clear "lava" and a bunch of glitter flakes, this light creates something resembling a disco ball effect on your desk and walls. It's an authentic Original Lava Brand® product and comes with a single replaceable light bulb. It stands about 6" tall and connects using a coiled USB cable that stretches to about 4 feet.

PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier

Part of being a proper geek involves owning a galaxy of electrical devices. This is a great joy except when it comes time to connect all these gadgets to a power outlet. Big and bulky AC adapters don't fit very efficiently into a standard power strip or wall outlet. The PowerSquid solves this problem by eliminating the power strip and simply connecting together five flexible outlets. Simply brilliant. The outlets are grounded and adapter-ready and connected to a 4 foot power cord.

PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier

Curiously Strong Magnets - Earth's Strongest Permanent Magnets

Curiously Strong Magnets - Earth's Strongest Permanent Magnets

Curiously Strong Magnets are a set of eighty-seven various sized neodymium-iron-boron rare-earth magnets plated in nickel. What exactly does that mean? Let's make it simple for you. Magnets are fun. Stronger magnets are funner. The world's strongest permanent magnets are supper happy mega fun time (with an ounce of danger for effect). You will be amazed by the Herculean strength of the magnets in this set. Perplexed even! What do you do with them? That's only limited by your imagination. You can build a gauss rifle, or you can use them to hold tools, or to have them showcase the properties of diamagnetic levitation. Just use them wisely! Get polarized:

iGuy - turn your iPod into a protective Action Figure

iGuy is your iPod's new best friend! He provides protection and fun for you and your iPod. Pose his arms- sit him down in the dock, and trust that his rubberized body and screen protector will keep your iPod safe. How much protection does iGuy really offer? iGuy's rubberized body protects your iPod from bumps, scratches and even the occasional drop. The removable screen protector stays put and is harder plastic, giving your screen extra protection. Meet iGuy right here:

iGuy - turn your iPod into a protective Action Figure

Mathmos Airswitch - LED science meets art

Mathmos Airswitch - LED science meets art

If the ability to control something by simply waving your hand is the kind of power you're looking for, then you'll love the new Mathmos Airswitch. Slowly passing your hand above the Airswitch will turn it on and moving your hand higher or lower above the Airswitch will brighten or dim the light. No more fumbling for the switch and bright enough to use as a bedside or desk lamp. The Airswitch also comes in two unique shapes, both made from mouth blown glass. Choose either the evil scientist flask shape of the Airswitch 1 or the curvy colored Airswitch Tc.

Maltron Keyboard - Super Ergonomic Keyboard

The Maltron Keyboard is designed for the ultimate in performance, reliability and comfort. The keys are specially arranged to conform to your fingers, allowing for increased comfort and typing speed. The Cherry keyboard switches are top-notch, lasting for up to 50 million keystrokes each! They also help in reducing repetitive stress injuries by activating half way thru the downstroke, thereby reducing the stress on your fingers. Each of these keyboards is actually handmade, ensuring superior performance and durability.

Maltron Keyboard - Super Ergonomic Keyboard

USB 2.0 Docking Station

USB 2.0 Docking Station

It's hard to beat the portability of a laptop PC, being able to take along your work and games with you wherever you go. The biggest difficulty can sometimes be just trying to get the thing connected to all your peripherals in any given space. This is where the USC 2.0 Docking station comes in handy, requiring only a single USB port from your laptop to give you connections for a keyboard, mouse, networking and audio devices. It even acts as a stand for your laptop, creating a more comfortable typing angle, and helping in cooling as well. Now it's even easier to get the most from your laptop PC!

Quick Blurbs !!

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Taking Backorders for Anakin and Vader Force FX Sabers

Mug Boss

Mug Boss - Brawny desktop utilitarian device

Inflatable Speakers

Inflatable Speakers

Penny Arcade Expo 2004 3-DVD Set

Penny Arcade Expo 2004 3-DVD Set

Manhattan USB Bluetooth Transmitter

Class 2 USB/Bluetooth Adapter with 30 foot range

Solar System Chart

Solar System Chart

Ambient Office Dashboard

Nice Price Drop on the Ambient Office Dashboard


European Version of the TV-B-Gone now available

Scrolling LED Badge

Scrolling LED Badges are back in stock

Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

Carnivorous Creations - Little Desktop Of Horrors

Ring Thing

Ring Thing now available in 2 new sizes

Plush Microbes

3 New Varieties Of Plush Microbes - Including Syphillis

Tempo Time Tag

Tempo Time Tag - Tiny Timekeepers

USB Microscope - QX5

USB Microscope - See small stuff big

iBeam Laser Pointer and Flashlight

iBeam Laser Pointer and Flashlight - for iPods

Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse

Logitech Media Mouse - Cordless mouse and remote control

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