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May 24, 2005


It's been a hectic month for geeks the world over. HHGTTG came and left without leaving much of an impression on anybody (except the whale). The unveiling of Revenge of the Sith ends the Star Wars saga (Spoiler: Anakin is Luke's Father!) The Xbox 360 will be outclassed by the PS3 which won't be available for another freakin' year. And as far as we know there is no prequel scheduled for LOTR. Don't despair! There is hope yet for geeks amassed in the following heap o'goodies from ThinkGeek...

Neuros MPEG4 Recorder

Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder

Rip, Transfer, Store Digital Media

One of the biggest challenges for portable video devices is the struggle to get media onto them. Well, the folks at Neuros have come up with a solution for those woes in their MPEG4 recorder. Not much larger than a PDA, this little wonder stores video in a non-propriety compact format compatible with a large number of devices, storing video on CF or SD/MMC memory cards. Use one to transfer files from your PC or Tivo, and you'll never run out of things to watch on your portable player! Or use it archive from your PVR:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

ThinkGeek Grab Bag Tees - Tempt fate with a random shirt!

ThinkGeek Grab Bag Tees - Tempt fate with a random shirt!

From the Excess Inventory department, we bring you the ThinkGeek Grab Bag! You'll never know what gem of a shirt you might get when you purchase from the amazing and incredible grab bag! When you order from the grab bag, you'll get a genuine ThinkGeek-made shirt, that for one reason or another, we didn't sell in the normal course of TG events. All of the shirts in the grab bag are high quality, not defective or seconds. From time to time, there may be golf shirts, twills, fleeces, sweat shirts, etc. in the grab bag, but you'll never know and neither will we so don't ask! ;-) All sizes are just $5.99 a pop.

R/C Diecast Cars Controlled Via Wristwatch!!

Cars are an essential part of any modern urban landscape. But we think that mini remote control cars should be a part of any modern geek landscape. The Remote Control Diecast Car comes in two styles (Mini or Honda) and is a good miniaturization of the real thing. It has detailed styling, opening doors, and working headlights and tail lights. But what we enjoy the most are the working horn and the simulated security alarm (the alarm will beep and lights will flash when you press the button to "arm" it). And that is almost as fun as actually driving the mini car around your cube or office:

R/C Diecast Cars Controlled Via Wristwatch!!

Two new weather products from Ambient Devices

Two new weather products from Ambient Devices

Recent research has shown that folks sometimes leave their computers and venture outside. Although we find this somewhat hard to believe, we are willing to at least entertain the idea. So, without further delay we present two new devices from Ambient that wirelessly deliver your local weather forecast. The Ambient Weather Beacon glows various colors to indicate temperature and will also subtly pulse to show the chance of rain or snow. The Ambient 5-Day Weather Forecaster shows current temperature and a 5-day forecast for your area with detailed weather icons and expected high-low temperature ranges. Both devices are based on the concept of quick "glanceable" information display. Check 'em out here...

4-Port Hub Illuminated Mousepad

Finding an accurate mousepad is pretty simple these days, though we are partial to a few of our favorites. Here's a mousepad that's actually useful on occasions when you're not up to your eyeballs in a fragfest. This mousepad from Ion Technologies features an integrated high-speed USB hub to go with its precision mousing surface and softly glowing blue LEDs. An illuminated mousepad that actually adds USB ports to your system, rather than simply taking one for itself! Now that's a selfless mousepad:

4-Port Hub Illuminated Mousepad

The Room Defender - Back for one last hurrah

The Room Defender - Back for one last hurrah

We had these in stock last year and sold out rather quickly. Even though it's been discontinued by the manufacturer we were able to get the last of their inventory and we finally have 'em back in stock. When they are gone, they'll be gone. What's it do? It's a motion sensing auto-turret of sorts (the kind in every FPS game you've ever played). When activated (either via motion detector or via included remote), the Room Defender will shoot up to fifteen foam discs up to fifteen feet away! Various modes available. Use it to protect your cubicle or office:

Giant Robot Surface Graphics

In the not-so-distant future, everybody will have a good robot story to tell. Typically those stories would involve working robots integrated into our everyday societies. Robotic au pairs, auto-chefs, and of course a healthy handful of partly menacing robots who, with enough momentum, will certainly be poised to fulfill the prophecies and begin the Robot Wars of 2152. But this is all common talk. The point we were trying to make here was simply that you can start early with your robot stories by picking up a set of stylish Giant Robot surface graphics from ThinkGeek. Get robotic here:

Giant Robot Surface Graphics

S.H.I.R.T.S. - Shirts Harness Important Realities To Society

S.H.I.R.T.S. - Shirts Harness Important Realities To Society

A slew of new shirts we have for you. Much enjoyment from them you will receive. Buy them you must. Cool you will become... All Yoda-isms aside, we do have a big batch of new garb for your perusal. We were on a serious acronym kick recently and it resulted in our "LMAO", "NPC" and "NSFW" shirts. Lucky for you we stopped there, or we would need a manual to go with all the new shirts. We have no comment about the new "No Comment" shirt, and no serious geek can escape the new Pirate vs Ninja debate, so we've provided a way for you to show your support for the Pirate camp with our new "Arrgh" shirt. Check them out, you should!

PC Stealth Switch - Hide your business while at work

Think of this as your hidden panic button. You are at work playing games when your boss walks in. Many old methods of hiding your "secret" work involved things harmful to your sanity or your computer. Now, you can game in peace. With the Stealth Switch hiding on the floor under your desk, a quick tap with your toes and the game is hidden from view. Not just minimized - really hidden! Another tap, and your game springs back to life. Frag Work FRAG! Ah, sweet procrastination...

PC Stealth Switch - Hide your business while at work

Cubicle Goodies To Enhance Your Comfort

Cubicle Goodies To Enhance Your Comfort

It's important that you feel comfortable at work. Feeling comfortable can enhance your ability to procrastinate and it can even increase the level of creativity you apply towards the apathy surrounding your job. Try out the small, portable, and lightweight personal air conditioner that uses frozen water instead of a refrigerant to safely cool you down. Perfect for the office and quiet enough for a cube in a library. You'll also want to check out the mini liquid dispenser. It will dispense up to 8 glasses of water, or your favorite beverage, all at the comfort of your own desktop. Feel better about life now:

Triops - Growable desktop monsters older than Dinosaurs

Long, long ago, little monsters roamed the ponds. When the ponds dried up, so did the little monsters. It's true! Surviving in a state of suspended animation, Triops have been waiting for billions of years just for the pleasure of hatching on your desk. This kit has all you need to grow these prehistoric creatures and watch them battle for dominance in their living space. Kinda like your office, only underwater... and more prehistoric... and much cheaper:

Triops - Growable desktop monsters older than Dinosaurs

Logitech Play Link

Logitech Play Link

The playlink is designed to get your gaming console, PC, or networked peripherals connected to your network or broadband connection in a snap. Included are a paired transmitter and receiver that require virtually no setup. A 100-foot range makes it easy for you to share your broadband connection from most anywhere, without having to worry about becoming a networking genius in the meantime.

BalloonLamp - another great use for balloons

There are millions of uses for balloons (wait, did we say "millions"?) Okay, there are probably a lot of uses for balloons and here is one more. The BalloonLamp is based on the Japanese Chochin; a portable lamp which was illuminated by candlelight, from the EDO period. Designer/musician Kouichi Okamoto has updated this lamp by replacing the candle with a LED and the paper lantern with a standard rubber balloon. Since the LED light source does not generate any heat the balloon is safe from being damaged or melted. The balloon also makes a great diffuser for the bright LED. Portable and easy to store.

BalloonLamp - another great use for balloons

Water Powered Clock

Water Powered Clock

OK, so generating electrical power from water might not require quantum math, but it is pretty darn interesting. And it's nice to see science and engineering play nice together to bring folks like you an attractive desktop clock that is powered solely on water (or really any electrolytic fluid like soda, coffee, BAWLS or even Beer). We would be civilized to only call you moronic if you bought this clock and used BAWLS to power it when water is free, but in the end you are the music maker, you are the dreamer of dreams and I suppose we would just have to respect that decision.

PC Multimedia Entertainment DVD Player

Sometimes life needs to be a little simpler for the gadget collector. And sometimes we just need a little extra room on our desks for new gadgets. Stick this DVD drive in your computer and say good-bye to your stereo system. Instantly, your computer can play CDs (regular or MP3) without needing to be switched on. That's right, just turn on the drive, drop in a CD, and let the music flow. Say goodbye to your component stereo system, and hello to more desk space! And music. Say hello to the music, too.

PC Multimedia Entertainment DVD Player

Penny Arcade Strikes Again

Penny Arcade Strikes Again

The gaming gurus at Penny Arcade have birthed 2 new monstrous creations that any gamer should be clamoring for. Finally there is a shirt with the most important thing to any Penny Arcade reader - the Penny Arcade Logo! It's now on its own shirt in all of its large and 4-dimensional glory. Hear that? The angels are singing. The second shirt is one that any dice-rolling game junkie will instantly understand and want to add to their collection -- "I Roll Twenties". You roll twenties *every time* don't you?

Casio Exilim 3 Megapixel Slim Digital Camera

Here's a nifty digital camera that's as useful as it is stylish. Though only about 17mm thin, this all-metal cased digital camera finds room for a 2.8x optical zoom, capturing images up to 3.2 megapixels in resolution. An additional 4x digital zoom offers a total of 11.2x of zoom capability, and an integrated 2-inch TFT display allows for easy previewing and reviewing of your photos. Tiny and powerful, this little camera is perfect for the geek on the go!

Casio Exilim 3 Megapixel Slim Digital Camera

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Caffeine Candy Sampler v5.0

New Version 5.0 Of Our Popular Caffeinated Candy Sampler

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

We're running out of Star Wars Force FX Light Sabers

Binary Dad

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DiscHub - Innovative but simple desktop media storage

AntWorks - Space Age Ant Habitat

Antworks - BLUE LED base now available

The Merch

Penny Arcade - The Merch Shirt

Han Shot First

Han Shot First Tshirt - Back In stock

iRiver H10 MP3 Player

i-River H10 MP3 player

Green Laser Keychain

Green Laser Pointer on a keychain

JBL Encounter Speaker System

JBL Encounter Speaker System - Alien looking

Swedish FireSteel

Swedish Firesteel back in stock

Cold Heat Soldering Tool

Coldheat accessories now back in stock

Plasma Mug w/Electronic Coaster

Plasma Mug - Back in stock

Streamzap PC Remote

StreamZap PC Remote - Back in stock

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