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March 17, 2005

Hello everybody!

The simian loving folks at ThinkGeek hope you had a most enjoyable PI day on 3/14 and that you have a happy #00FF00 St. Patrick's Day. If you happen to be celebrating tonite either with friends at home or at a pub make sure you capture the moment by reciting a toast in Gaelic. Our recent favorite is: "Sláinte agus táinte, barrachd cuimhne randamrochtana!". Translated it simply states: "Health, Wealth, & More RAM!". Who wouldn't toast to that? Now on to the pot of gold...

Ambient Dashboard!

Ambient Office Dashboard

Analog aesthetic meets digital information with the Ambient Office Dashboard. The Dashboard operates wirelessly and displays real-time, at-a-glance information customized to your world. Simply select the details that you wish to track - stocks, weather, traffic, and more - and watch as the world streams in. The Dashboard can simultaneously track three different pieces of data and display them in an analog format. No WiFi, computer, or Internet required - just plug it in and start receiving information. Swappable faceplates make accessing new information instantaneous - just insert a new faceplate and the information changes automatically.

Check out the Ambient Device here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Spend $25 or more at ThinkGeek and get a FREE Laser Pointer

Spend $25 or more at ThinkGeek and get a FREE Laser Pointer

It may be true that there is no such thing as a free lunch in life, but we would like to think it's feasible to at least get a free laser pointer every now and again. So to that end, if you buy $25 or more worth of goods at ThinkGeek, we'll send you a free red laser pointer. You must use the promo code "LASER" during checkout to get your free laser pointer with your $25 purchase. Easy as that. Offer expires March 23rd, 2005, or as soon as we run out!

R/C Laser Tag Tanks With A Shocking Twist

A deterministic form of Russian roulette for the demanding office sadist, these remote controlled tanks are sure to electrify at least one office pal and let's hope it's not you. Each set includes two controllers and two tanks (on differing frequencies). Simply maneuver them about and attempt to shoot your opponent using the infra-red cannons mounted on each tank. If you hit your opponent, they'll know it as the the controller they are using to control their tank will immediately give them a quick shock. Not enough to maim, just enough to piss them off and attempt to ensure that you get shocked next. What a brilliant concept! Fun to play, but funner to watch others play - energize your office environment with R/C shocking battle tanks here:

R/C Laser Tag Tanks With A Shocking Twist

The original American idol - Big Tiki Drive

The original American idol - Big Tiki Drive

You've probably seen a Tiki re-incarnated as a tropical drink vessel or perhaps on the front of a South Pacific postcard, but now you can have your own personal Tiki god right on your desk. Standing at almost 4" tall, the Big Tiki Drive is a stylish personal storage device for people on the move. It's USB 2.0 certified for fast data transfers and is backwards compatible with USB 1.1. Store all of your data, pictures, music and more on the Big Tiki Drive to take them on the go or transfer them between multiple machines. Includes 6-ft. illuminated USB cable and 256MB of storage capacity. It's shaka brah...

GameOptics LCD Display

Raise your hand if you've ever had an IM window pop-up in the middle of a gaming session, leaving you helpless at the worst possible moment. (Now put your hand down, your co-workers are beginning to think you've lost it...) The GameOptics LCD display is designed with gamers in mind, allowing you to manage IM clients, check incoming email, and control MP3 playback, all without interrupting your game in session. Limited quantities available!

GameOptics LCD Display

Webcomic swag abounds - New PA and PVP shirts

Webcomic swag abounds - New PA and PVP shirts

Two of our favorite web comics just happen to have their online stores at ThinkGeek, and not only is that cool for us because we get first dibs on the new stuff, but its good for you because you get to see it next. Penny Arcade has turned 3 of their most popular designs into babydolls for the ladies. So now geek chicks can join the fun. PVP's latest offering is an authentic replica of Djork's 1987 tour t-shirt. Join the Nerd Rawk Army with Djork! \m/ Sink into webcomic bliss here:

DNA Immortality Kit

Ever wonder what it's like to be immortal? If so, you are clearly delusional. The more reasonable of you will realize immortality is the sole domain of fantastic imaginary creatures and tax collectors. But with the DNA Immortality kit you can ensure that your DNA survives long after you separate from the world of the living. Your DNA is the absolutely distinct genetic fingerprint that distinguishes you from every other sack of bones and protoplasm in the world. And this kit will allow you to extract your own DNA and safely protect it for centuries all in the comfort of your own home! Consider it a gift to your future generations so that they can attempt to understand what it was to be you with out all the personal hang-ups and emotional baggage you carry around while you are alive:

DNA Immortality Kit

TIX Led Clock

TIX Led Clock

Looking for a stylish clock for your home, office or cube but don't want to necessarily reveal the time to just anybody? Try out the Tix LED clock. Most folks won't even realize it's a clock. They'll think it's a modern piece of LED art. And they'll be right. But when they casually ask you what time it is you'll be able to tell them with only a quick glimpse at the Tix clock. How does it work? We are afraid that you'll have to click on the link below before we can reveal to you the very sacred methodology used to unlock the secrets of the Tix LED clock. Wall or desk mountable, available in black or silver! Get the time here:

Saitek Gaming Keyboard

Like fragging in low light? Want a leg up on your competition? Tired of waking up dozing roommates (or spouses) with late night keyboard clicking? The Gamer Keyboard is well designed for use in dimly-lit gaming caves, thanks to blue-LED back lighting emanating from beneath its keys. Included is a programmable command pad that allows you to set up 27 different macros to improve your gaming experience, if not your gaming skillz.

Saitek Gaming Keyboard

SmartParts Digital Photo Frame

SmartParts Digital Photo Frame

If you've been thinking of getting a digital picture frame, but have been waiting for one that saves a bit of desktop space (or $$$ for that matter), check out this little gizmo from Smartparts. It features a 3.5" TFT display which can be configured horizontally or vertically, and can be used to display a single image, or successive images in a slideshow mode. Pics are loaded easily via a built-in memory card reader, or via USB from your PC.

Pilot Watch with Slide Rule

We're not sure we can think of anything more old-school geeky than solving equations using a slide rule. The sense of scale and precision of calculation that comes from using a slide rule are great things to experience. This watch from Torgoen features a circular slide rule that can solve time, distance and speed equations and can also perform a wide variety of calculations. These include currency conversions, multiplication and division and any conversion of a linear nature such as ounces to grams, kilograms to pounds, miles to kilometers, etc. Instructions are included. Re-visit a little bit of geek history right here...

Pilot Watch with Slide Rule

USB Gadget Goodies

USB Gadget Goodies

What can we say about USB that hasn't already been said? USB provides power as well as great data transfer rates and is so simple to use. It's now integrated into everything from digital cameras to Swiss Army knives. It can't make lasagna for you, but we do have a suspicion someone might be working on that. Anyway, we would like to present two new USB-powered devices for your enjoyment. The USB Cafe Pad is a desktop accessory designed to keep your hot beverage warm and our USB Humidifier will generate some cool, fresh air to keep your work area pleasant. Two wonderful new uses for that versatile connection known as USB.

Oregon Scientific Slim 2MP Digital Camera

These digital cameras are designed for portability, measuring out about the same as a half-inch thick credit card. They are capable of capturing images up to 1600x1200 in resolution, and they feature a 1.5" TFT display for previewing and reviewing your shots. The 8MB of built-in memory is expandable using either SD or MMC memory cards, so you can be sure to have space to save your next pic.

Oregon Scientific Slim 2MP Digital Camera

Quick Blurbs !!

Green Laser Pointer II

Green Laser Pointer II - now available in Black color

Futurama Cubicle Sign

Futurama Cubicle Sign - You're Not Paid To Think

Ethernet Crossover Adapter

For network cable jockeys, the Ethernet Crossover Adapter

Foosh Energy Mints

Foosh Energy Mints - Back In Stock

Thermaltake HardCano 13

Thermaltake Hardcano 13 - Temperature controller & media reader

Computer Code Briefcase

Computer Code Briefcase - with actual UUencoded text

BenQ Dual Layer DVD Drive

BenQ Dual Layer DVD Drive - 8.5GB of storage at a great price

USB SyncBox

USB SyncBox - Transfer files between USB devices without a PC

Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap

Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap - Back In Stock

Airzooka Air Gun

Airzooka Back In Stock

Thunder Tubes

Thundertube - Mechanical Hand-held Sound Machine

USB Wireless Security Lock

USB Wireless Security Device - Back In Stock

Case o' Bawls

March is Caffeine Awareness Month here in the U.S.

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