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February 24, 2005

Hello everybody!

A few merchandising monkeys here at ThinkGeek just got back from the annual Toy Show up in NY in the never ending quest to ensure that *you* have something to look forward to in life. You'll be happy to know that we passed on the ear wax candy, the self-twirling spaghetti fork, and even the crab hat. You'll experience some of the goodies we discovered in upcoming newsletters. In the meantime, take a gander at our most recent crop of geeked-out gear...


LoungeLight LED Candles

Hmmm, do fire and electronics normally go together? Well, almost categorically we would have to say "no" but we think we have found an exception with these colorful LoungeLight LED Candles. A special color- morphing LED and battery unit fits inside the wax candle and provides either a color transition or single color glowing light effect. This combines nicely with the candle's real flickering flame to add some warmth, color and ambiance to your office surroundings or set a relaxed mood in your kitchen or dining room at home. The battery will provide about 100 hours of LED light and wax candle refills and additional batteries are available:

Get your glow on here...


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Win a free PSP from ThinkGeek

Win a free PSP from ThinkGeek

The US version of the awesome new game gadget from Sony, the PSP, won't be out until March 24th but we've gotten our hands on a game-region-free unit that we're giving away on March 15. So satisfy your gaming lust a few weeks early and enter our contest for a free Sony PSP! We're offering a game-region-free PSP along with a game (Ridge Racers) and an accessory pack to one lucky winner, so enter now and you just may be the envy of all your friends. For a few weeks at least...

Firewheel RBGs In Stock And Ready To Unload

Despite many requests from our customers to carry rubber band guns here at ThinkGeek in the past, we've simply never found an RBG product line that worked well enough to warrant toying with. That has changed. The Firewheel is the first RBG we've studied to fix the problems plagued by other RBGs on the market. We think you'll agree. Load up to ten rubber bands at once, and then accurately shoot them off one by one, all at once, or in small bursts. Whatever the moment dictates. Lifetime warranty and some of the cheapest ammo on the planet assures you'll always be able to respond to those lame ambushes from the lemmings in sales...

Firewheel RBGs In Stock And Ready To Unload

Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse

Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse

The latest generation of gaming mice from Razer is here, featuring the amazing precision and customization that have made these a favorite of PC gamers. These mice feature 7 programmable buttons, and boast a resolution of 1600 dpi, while processing 6400 frames per second. Yikes! Available in your choice of eerie chameleon green, or a translucent finish which glows red from am LED beneath.

Airzooka & Megazooka Now Available In Your Cube

After a long hiatus off the ThinkGeek virtual shelves, we are proud to re-introduce the Airzooka into your greedy palms. We are also giddy as text adventurers at a grue convention to announce the entrance of Airzooka's bigger, meaner brother - The Megazooka. The mere sight of Megazooka's girth should be enough to send the enemy running with their monkey tails tucked firmly between their legs. Both the Airzooka and the Megazooka allow you to blast the folks you hate and the folks you love to hate with tight balls of air. Madly ruffle their perfect hair, TPS reports or just stun the living life out of them from up to twenty feet away. And remember you'll never run out of ammo unless the planet you're on has no atmosphere.

Airzooka & Megazooka Now Available In Your Cube

Personal Cinema USB Surround Sound Headphones

Personal Cinema USB Surround Sound Headphones

If you're into watching DVD movies on your PC or laptop, here's a great way to enjoy the sound effects you're used to in a theater, in a much smaller, more personal package. These USB headphones feature 4 different speakers per side, allowing for true surround sound that you have to hear to believe. Dolby Digital and DTS standards are supported! An attachable microphone is also included, making these an excellent choice for gamers as well.

ScanGauge 3-in-1 Auto Computer

As a general rule, geeks like to have access to as much data and statistics as possible. We pretty much figure this applies to a geek's motor vehicle as well. So, to allow you to access extra information about your car we would like to introduce the ScanGauge 3-in-1 Auto Computer. This gadget is easy to install and provides a set of digital gauges, a comprehensive trip computer, and an engine trouble code scan tool. It plugs into the diagnostic OBD-II connector found under the dash on 1996 and newer cars and light trucks. The functions are accessed via a simple on-screen menu interface.

ScanGauge 3-in-1 Auto Computer

PV1 Personal Media Player and Digital Picture Frame

PV1 Personal Media Player and Digital Picture Frame

Take a look at the PV1 Digital Photo Album, MP3 music player and Video player. The PV1 sports a high resolution 5.6 TFT screen that displays digital photos and video clips in vivid color. The PV1 accepts CF/SD/MMC and MemoryStick cards for maximum compatibility, while supporting playback of MPEG4, DivX and XviD movie formats. USB connectivity also allows for easy transfer of files to and from the PC.

New TG Shirts To Amaze, Perplex & Sanctify

We've got a couple of new threads for you to throw in your hampers. Choose between three reality-warping designs. First up is our 'Black Holes Suck' shirt. We've found that it can take up to thirty seconds before many folks crack a smile at this one. Then they usually pee themselves. Next up is the 'Rogues Do It From Behind' t-shirt from Penny Arcade. Designed specifically for all fanboys and fangirls of the RPGs and MMORPGs out there. Lastly is a re-release of the 'Han Shot First' shirt we premiered a few months ago from the fine folks over at PVPOnline. Nothing could be truer. Check out the latest t-shirt trilogy from ThinkGeek right here:

New TG Shirts To Amaze, Perplex & Sanctify

Linksys Network Storage Link

Linksys Network Storage Link

Creating network attached storage might seem a daunting task for the average user looking to upgrade the old home network, but the folks at Linksys have come up with a simple solution. This product allows you to connect up to two stand-alone USB disk drives of any size, and access them from anywhere on your network, or even across the internet.

Dot Matrix LCD Watch

For those of you who don't know, "dot matrix" is not a new ultra-cool domain name extension (but who knows, maybe in the future it will be...) But the numbering display on this new watch is dot matrix style and has a unusual vertical display orientation. The Dot Matrix LCD Watch has a tech-inspired styling and some great features like a stopwatch chrono function, Blue EL illumination, and a fully featured alarm. Brushed metal face and rubberized band complete the package.

Dot Matrix LCD Watch

Revolutionary 900Mhz Proportional R/C Microblimps

Revolutionary 900Mhz Proportional R/C Microblimps

Prepare to be amazed! This helium-filled airship gives you the freedom of weightless flight. You will enjoy piloting the Microblimp with precision, proportional fingertip control of climbs, turns and dives up to 200 feet away! Small size and rechargeable battery make this high quality electronic marvel a necessary component to a fulfilling existence. Miniature gimballed joysticks and the rock solid 900Mhz digital R/C system give you the satisfaction of precision full proportional control indoors or out. Experienced R/C aircraft pilots will also appreciate the two user selectable mixing modes and R/C newbies will just be dumb struck with fun poisoning. Learn to fly here:

Quill Mouse

The E-Quill-AirO2Bic (pronounced aerobic) computer mouse has an integrated wrist guide that maintains the hand, wrist and arm in an optimal "Functional Neutral" position. This provides the user with a most comfortable mousing position, making long hours spent mousing away at the PC a more pleasant experience, even if you're at work...

Quill Mouse

New Jolt Cola Flavors & New Jolt Cola Packaging

New Jolt Cola Flavors & New Jolt Cola Packaging

The original 'stay up forever and never sleep' drink, Jolt Cola, has recently undergone some dramatic changes. But fear not as ThinkGeek is here to tell you all about them and rest assured they did not change their super-caffeinated formula. First off, they've switched from twenty ounce generic plastic bottles to 23.5 ounce giant metallic cans. But wait, there's more! These lids feature a newly developed screw top so that you can reseal your can for maximum freshness. Choose from among five different flavors: Classic Cola, Blue, Red, Cherry, & Ultra (sugarless). Available in 12-packs which should be enough to keep you awake for a fortnight:

Be Both Cool & Warm With Our New Beanies

Here in Virginia, its pretty darn cold in February, so our new knit beanies are going to come in very handy. Not only will they keep our heads warm but we will look ultra stylish at the same time. Our 2 new beanies are made of soft acrylic, not itchy wool, and are embroidered with "geek" and our new favorite icon, the "1up mushroom". Stay warm (and cool) here:

Be Both Cool & Warm With Our New Beanies

Amazing discount on Pocketec USB Hard Drives

Amazing discount on Pocketec USB Hard Drives

These pocket-sized drives have been a favorite of our fellow geeks for some time. After all, it's hard to argue with up to 80GB of portable storage that easily connects via a high-speed USB connection. Well, we've managed to get our hands on a limited supply of these drives to pass on to you at the lowest price we've ever been able to offer. Get 'em while you can!

Quick Blurbs !!


/dev/blanket Back In Stock! Finally

Internet Urinal

Internet Urinal - No April Fools Joke

ReActive Neon Paint

ReActive Neon Paint dries clear, glows under UV light

Logitech MX510 Optical Mouse

Logitech MX510 Mouse with groovy holographic finish

404 Not Found

404: Not Found Tshirt

X-Raider Game Pad

xRaider Game Pad offers LED illuminated goodness

GameCom Pro 1 USB Gaming Headset

GameCom Pro 1 Gaming Headset


Acrobots - Back in stock

Auravision Silver Star Keyboard

Auravision SilverStar KB with patented scissor keys

Klipsch Ultra 2.0

Klipsch Ultra 2.0 for terrific sound without the subwoofer

Desktop R/C Mini-Rovers

Desktop Rovers Back In stock

2-in-1 Wireless Presentation Pointer

2-in-1 Wireless Presentation Pointer

Swiss Memory USB

Swiss Memory USB - new lower prices

i-Top LED game

I-top Professional Version Available

Frigits - Magnetic Marble Rollercoaster!

Frigits Back In Stock

Plush Microbes

H.I.V. Plush Microbe Professional Series Available

Animations Plus CD-ROMs

Animations Plus CDRoms - 127,000 Animated Clips

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January 2005 Action Shot Winner: Invaders Surface graphics

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