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January 27, 2005

Hiya Folks!!

Welcome to the January newsletter where we sadly announce that the Year Of The Monkey is about (on 2/9) to be superceded by the Year Of The Rooster (or the year of the Green Chicken if you use the Five-Element Systems). Oh joy. Nothing funnier than a green chicken. In better news, it's going to be the year 4702 in China so they've probably already engineered time travel. Perhaps they can go back in time and change 2005 to the Year Of The Jedi. Patience we must have...

Valentine's Stuff!

Valentine's Day 2005

Love to Hate it? Hate to Love it?

Most people don't know, but geeks are a pretty romantic bunch. After all, who better than a geek to spend long hours wooing a million lines of code into a state of programmatic bliss? Whether you're cuddling with your significant other or with a server cluster, we've got some goodies to make you and your loved one happy.

New t-shirts put Shakespeare to shame with our Geek Love Poem, Timmy the monkey has a new outfit - his very own I Love My Geek t-shirt, and of course we had to add a few new HTTPanties to the mix. You may just faint from the smell of romance in the air.

Check them all out on our Valentine's page of goodness:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

The Laserpod - Extreme Joy In A Tin Can

The Laserpod - Extreme Joy In A Tin Can

The Laserpod has swept across Europe, and has finally crossed the big pond to make its U.S. debut. And we here at ThinkGeek are as joyous as sysadmins destroying user files. The Laserpod is a veritable cornucopia of techno-appeal. This desktop sized device splits three electronic lasers and three high-intensity blue and ultraviolet LEDs, then throws them into a hand-cut faceted crystal to create some of the most unique and memorable mood lighting you'll ever witness. Project the organically alien patterns around the room, or contain them using the included diffusers:

Deck LED-Backlit Keyboard - An LED For Every Key

The Deck keyboard brings a new approach to illuminated keyboards, utilizing an LED beneath each key to provide a healthy touch of visual pizzazz. These keyboards offer top-quality construction from their high- end key switches, to a bottom pan made of diamond plate metal! USB connectivity offers compatibility with most any computer. Killer looks and uncompromising build quality will ensure you'll keep yours within reach:

Deck LED-Backlit Keyboard - An LED For Every Key

Two New Timepieces from Yes Watch

Two New Timepieces from Yes Watch

It's refreshing these days to see a new and innovative technology watch whose primary function is not only to tell time, but to do so in a way that combines modern and ancient concepts of timekeeping. These two new models from Yes Watch (the Zulu and Cozmo) incorporate natural time rhythms, such as times for sunrise/sunset, phases of the moon and solstice & equinox alerts, along with modern features like a digital display and military time. The watches are pre-programmed for 583 cities worldwide for the years 2000-2099. The designs are unique and make a bold statement. Check them out here...

The Cubes - Corporate Life Play Sets For Adults

With The Cubes, you can build and be the boss of your own corporate empire! Imagine wielding the power others currently possess over you on a bunch of unsuspecting, articulated, 2-3/4" posable action figures! Each set of The Cubes contains all the necessary parts to build a classic corporate cube right on your desktop. four walls, desk, chair, file cabinet, in/out box, phone, and computer. Comes with a sticker sheet of decor for your cube, complete with graphs, charts, screens for the computer and pithy office posters. Also includes a job title sticker sheet so you can create a convoluted and meaningless position for your employee! Choose from different sets right here:

The Cubes - Corporate Life Play Sets For Adults

The Room Defender

The Room Defender

Every first person shooter has a level where you have to get past a bunch of automated motion-detecting turret sentries in order to get to your objective (likely rescuing the progeny of somebody with mega- influence). It's FPS 101. Now you can live out those FPS scenarios in the real world with the Room Defender and still live to tell about it. When activated (either via motion detector or via included remote), the Room Defender will shoot up to fifteen foam discs up to fifteen feet away! Various modes available. Use it to protect your cubicle or office. We haven't tried, but we toyed with the idea of mounting shurikens to the foam discs, but common sense slipped into view...

USB 2.0 Flash Pro Cable

Unlike your typical illuminated USB cables, Flash Pro Cables are illuminated throughout the entire cable length thanks to a strip of EL cable. They also flash during data transmission, helping you to diagnose any potential connectivity issues while adding a welcome bit of color to your favorite peripherals.

USB 2.0 Flash Pro Cable

Beyond TV 3

Beyond TV 3

Voted among the 'Best of the Year' by PC Magazine this past December, Beyond TV transforms your PC into a powerful Digital Video Recorder. A subscription-free program guide offers you a variety of recording options so you never have to miss your favorite shows. Plus, Beyond TV is the only DVR to offer SmartSkip, which lets you skip commercials and other parts of recordings with one simple click. Also available bundled with new Hauppage TV tuner card!

SanDisk Photo Album

Showing off your digital pictures can be a bit difficult, even with the benefit of a hi-res LCD screen built into your digital camera. Now you can easily show them off on your TV instead using the SanDisk Photo Album. Offering compatibility with 8 different media card formats and a convenient remote control, giving a slideshow of your pics just got a whole lot easier.

SanDisk Photo Album

Flashlite Friends

Flashlite Friends

These flashlights aren't as cheesy as they might appear. They are actually extremely versatile and useful. They just happen to also be cute in a way that only flashlights can be. What you get is a Maglite with a clear plastic sheath with four fully posable legs attached. What you end up with is a flashlight that you can manipulate in just about any position for hands free operation. Great for working inside PCs, or wherever you need to use your hands for more than just holding a beam of light. Plus when not in use, your Flashlight friends are fully posable and double as desktop toys! Enjoy the light here:

Retro LED Watch and Square LED Binary Watch

We think that Light Emitting Diodes are simply wonderful, so we are happy to offer two new watch designs featuring LEDs. One is the Retro LED Digital Watch, an authentic 70's style LED watch, the type which became almost extinct overnight with the introduction of the LCD watch in 1979. It features red self-illuminating LED (not backlit) numbers and a chrome metal case. The other is the Square LED Binary Watch, available with either blue or red LEDs and a updated square design and stylish leather band. Get lit here:

Retro LED Digital Watch

SoundPaX Speaker Bundle

SoundPaX Speaker Bundle

SoundPaX speakers offer incredible sound quality from in a portable cardboard design that you have to hear to believe. Fun, lightweight and easily transportable, SoundpaX speakers come flat packed and can be pulled out and set up in just seconds. For the ultimate in portable functionality, these speakers are now bundled with the battery-powered T-Amp! Just add your favorite MP3 player full of tunes and take the party with you!

Updated LED Binary Clocks - True Binary Mode

ThinkGeek has always found entertaining ways to teach folks binary. The LED Binary clock is our favorite. And it has finally been upgraded based on feedback from you. We carry three versions of the clock - one with red LEDs, one with blue LEDs, and an international version (230v) with blue LEDs. The new features include a "Dim" button on the rear that allows you to step down LED output. Also available is a startup option which allows you to set the time display in a 'true' binary mode (as opposed to the default version which is really a powers of two display). And finally these clocks now have automatic detection of the ac line frequency for worldwide ease of use. Woohoo!

Updated LED Binary Clocks - True Binary Mode

Creative Zen Micro MP3 Player

Creative Zen Micro MP3 Playe

The Zen Micro offers 5 GB of storage capacity to hold up to 2,500 songs in a package about the size of a cell phone! Its unique navigation makes finding your favorite tunes a snap, and 12 hours of battery life ensures the music will last as long as you do. Available in ten different colors to fit your personal taste!

Quick Blurbs !!

Case o' Bawls

BAWLS Guarana is back in stock

James Bond Stealth Camera

Lower pricing on the 007 Stealth Camera, just $79.99

Cold Heat Soldering Tool

Cold Heat Soldering Tool - Back in stock

Green Laser Pointer II

Green Laser Pointer - Back in stock on Thursday

Pro System Selector

Pro System Selector - Switch between 3 game consoles

20q - Pocket Mind Reader

20q Pocket Mind Reader Back In Stock

C.H.I.M.P. (monitor mirror)

C.H.I.M.P. Mirror, Now available in iWhite

X-Ray Thunder 9 Gaming Pad

New X-Ray Thunder 9 Gaming Pad - More room to roam

Everyday Superheros

Everyday Superheros - Bossman, Moneyman, Geekman

Welcome In Binary Floor/Door Mat

Welcome In Binary Mat - Now Available In Beige/Black

USB Ashtray

USB Ashtray - Smokeless ashtray powered by USB

Water Molecule Water Bottle

Water Molecule Water Bottle

Despair, Inc. 2005 Calendars

Despair, Inc. 2005 Calendars - Back in stock

BAWLS Case badge

Fueled By BAWLS Case Badges


New Stikfas - Legionaire, Spaceman & Black Ninja

Black Black Gum/Candy

Black Black Gum/Candy - Back In Stock

Deluxe Mini Fridge-Warmer w/ Digital Thermostat

Deluxe Mini Fridge W/Thermostat - Back In Stock

Desktop Light Doodler

Desktop Light Doodlers - Back In Stock

Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius : 28 Build-It Yourself

Electronic Gadgets For The Evil Genius

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