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December 3, 2004


Well hello again all! It seems like just 2 weeks ago that we were chatting with you about glowing snowmen and ants from space. But wait, it WAS two weeks ago! Funny how time works, all linearly and such. Speaking of time, it's time to show you another round of last minute goodies that have hit the e-shelves just in time for the holiday season. Remember, the early surfer gets the bandwidth! Or something like that. Now check out the goods!

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

The ThinkGeek 2004 Holiday Season Rub

The ThinkGeek 2004 Holiday Season Rub

In cased you missed it last round, check out the link below for great gift ideas for you and yours, the skinny on shipping cutoffs, our customer service hours, returns 411 and much more. Check out our Holiday Gift center here:

Albert Einstein Action Figures

Dressed for intense classroom action, this 5-1/4" (13.3 cm) tall, hard vinyl Einstein Action Figure stands with a piece of chalk in his hand, poised to explain relativity or do battle with the forces of entropy. Place him on your desk for instant inspiration. After all, in comparison to Albert you likely have the brainpower of a gnat and need all the inspiration you can get on those sluggish Monday mornings. Features realistic disheveled hair!

 Albert Einstein Action Figures

Planisphere Watch - Chart the night sky

Planisphere Watch - Chart the night sky

Break out your handy planisphere - oh you don't have one? Well, no problem then we've got you covered. This unique watch features a planisphere that can be rotated to line-up the date and time and reveal the constellations visible in the Nothern Hemisphere. Also, the planisphere itself will glow in the dark for 2 to 3 hours for great visibility. Great for astronomers or even wannabes.

A security key for your PC

The PriveKey is a unique tool for enabling security and privacy of your data and internet access. The combining of software with hardware creates a multi-tiered level of security that is far superior to the standard password protections. You can regulate and block internet access with WebLock (i.e. - Internet Explorer simply does not connect to the internet when the PriveKey is removed). It is also possible to create and protect up to four partitions on a single hard drive with one PriveKey.

A security key for your PC

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

What's the point in having a high-powered handheld device if it's not simple to enter data into it? The world's first five-row folding Bluetooth keyboard allows you to easily input data and navigate through all the menus on your device. When you're done, simply fold the unit up and slip it into your pocket for easy portability!

Never set your watch again - Atomic time

A beautiful merging of materials and technology go into creating these watches from German manufacturer Junghans (making watches since 1861.) These watches automatically set to the correct time by wireless reception of the Atomic clock radio signal. The watches also have a LCD display with date and reception indicator and flat sapphire glass.

Never set your watch again - Atomic time

Ninja Is Not Just Air! - The ThinkGeek NINJA Duster

 Ninja Is Not Just Air! - The ThinkGeek NINJA Duster

A NINJA duster? You heard right. What better way to deal with the menace of invading dust than to utilize the mad skills of a Ninja. And this isn't your typical NINJA duster. Using advancements in dusting technology via ThinkGeek Cleanliness Labs (TM), we've been able to design a product that, instead of just formulated pressurized air, spews forth Dust-slaying Nano-shurikens of Doom to ensure your electronics are as clean as an operating room on a planet filled with obsessive-compulsive surgeons. Don't believe us? Just ask! Get some NINJA in a can here:

Stikfas - Unique Action Figures

Action figures for the 21st century; these small, incredibly posable, uniquely customizable, addictive buggers are guaranteed to provide infinite nano-seconds of enjoyment. Stikfas are designed to be used right away after assembly allowing you to instantly create very nifty articulations and poses. But they are also tinkerer friendly! The solid plastic parts allow your inner modder to venture forth so that you can shave, cut, saw, sand, and even paint your Stikfas! Check 'em out here:

Stikfas - Uniqe Action Figures

Aqua3 Gaming Pad

Aqua3 Gaming Pad

The Aqua3 gaming pad is designed for PC gamers who like plenty of room to roam while they're fragging away. It features a unique thin design and a skid-resistant rubber backing to ensure it doesn't slide around your desktop. The fine-woven surface is super smooth, and should allow for some deadly frag sessions...

Mighty Blasters - Industrial Strength Fog Blasters

Creating instant fog is no longer the sole domain of Ninjas or magicians! Why get left behind? Checkout the new Mighty Blasters now! They'll shoot 8-12 inch diameter safe water- based Vapor-rings up to 20 feet away. Four power settings allow you to control the speed with which the vapor rings are thrust from the blaster. The fog launcher easily detaches from the 'cannon' (which makes the rings) and can be used as a hand-held special effects machine:

Mighty Blasters - Industrial Strength Fog Blasters

Some gaming shirts for young and old alike...

Some gaming shirts for young and old alike...

It didn't seem that long ago that we sat around with our friends, rolling dice, figuring hit points, and geeking out to the max playing our favorite roll playing games. That was the beginning for many of us, and our +20 Shirt of Smiting, although not entirely technically possible, is a powerful reminder of what the roll of a die can accomplish. If you're a fan of the newer games, you and Master Chief should get along quite nicely. All he needs is a weapon. Geek out with our new shirts here:

Enter To Win A $1500 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree

If you haven't already, make sure you enter to win a shot at a $1500 ThinkGeek shopping spree. That's a whole lot of geek. Get more details and enter to win below. Winner will be selected on December 21st! Only one entry per household, attempted duplicates will be tickled until they pee, then discarded with extreme prejudice and Holiday glee:

Enter To Win A $1500 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree

Quick Blurbs !!

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsabers back in stock

Cold Heat Soldering Tool

Cold Heat Soldering Tool - shipping on Dec 3rd

Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse

Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse back in stock

Penny Arcade Div Shot Glass

Penny Arcade Div Shot Glasses - New!

Swiss Memory USB

Swiss Memory USB - 512MB version now available

i-Top LED game

The i-Top Toy/Gadget is Back In Stock

Cipher Shield Secured External HDD

CipherShield encrypted portable drives back in stock

Pacific Digital MemoryFrame

5" x 7" Digital Picture Frames back in stock

Morph Lamp

Morph Lamp - Undulating Black Light

C.H.I.M.P. (monitor mirror)

CHIMP Monitor Mirrors Are Back In Stock!

Smart Mass Thinking Putty

Smart Mass ThinkGeek Putty Is Back In Stock

Aluminum Laptop PC Briefcase

Combination-lock aluminum briefcases now available

Levitating Desktop Globes

8 Inch Levitating Desktop Globes - Back In Stock

X-Connect Power Supply

UV-Blue X-Connect power supplies now in stock

Ultra MP3 Player

$30 Mail in rebate now available on Ultra MP3 players


/dev/blankets in Binary Are Back In Stock

Bawls Mints - High Caffeine Candy

BAWLS Guarana Mints Are Back In Stock

Pi By Numbers

Pi By Numbers Shirt Back in Stock

Space Game

Space Game - Levitating madness!

SanDisk 512 MB SD Memory Card

SanDisk 512MB SD memory cards

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November 2004 Action Shot Winner

November 2004 Action Shot Winner: /dev/blanket

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