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October 20, 2004


Welcome to the October edition of the ThinkGeek newsletter. Before we get started we would like to step onto a flimsy virtual pedestal and say a few things. Play hard, dress up for Halloween, vote*, and don't stay in line too long waiting for Halo. It's all hype (plus we are worried that everybody is going to get a copy before us). Now on to the reveal of a bunch of new mirth-infested stuff from the folks here at ThinkGeek. Because you're never too old to dress up and play.

Free T-Shirt!

Muahahaha! Get A Free T-Shirt!

Spend $75 At ThinkGeek, & Get Any T-shirt Free

For one week only - spend $75 here at ThinkGeek and we'll throw in a free t-shirt of your choice. Use the opportunity to get some early holiday shopping in, or just pick up that gadget you've been eyeballing for a while.

But ThinkGeek, How Do I redeem? It's simple. Pick out any size, any style t-shirt on our site and put it into your cart. When you are ready to check out make sure you have at least $75 worth of other goods in your shopping cart (not including the t-shirt!). Then enter the following code during checkout and we'll turn that shirt into a freebie:


Limited to one use per account. Applicable for t-shirts only, no golf shirts, work shirts, sweatshirts or fleece. Offer expires 10/26/2004.

Halloween is almost here!

Halloween Stuff

Need Some Last Minute Halloween Inspiration?

Halloween is right around the corner and if you are in need of any hi-tech accessories for that company or school costume party, we've got you covered. Have a black sheet? Cut a hole in the middle, stick your head through it, paint your face red, get the Vader Force FX Saber and you can turn yourself into an 'Instant-Sith(tm)'. Or if you would rather, just put on some camouflage, get a Green Laser pointer and a Shotblade, tape the laser to the side of a motorcycle helmet so the beam faces forward. And there you have it, an 'Instant-Space-Marine(tm)!'.

Get some horrifically spooky accessory ideas here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Hey, Over Here! Take Our Customer Survey

Hey, Over Here! Take Our Customer Survey

ThinkGeek must eat pick your brain! Every once and a while we need to make sure that we are doing whatever it takes to serve you, our loyal fans. SO, we've launched a little survey just for you newsletter subscribers, in the hope that we may better our understanding of just *how* you enjoy having your brains eaten. ;-) Will you help us? We have a very strict privacy policy, and the info we collect will only be used for internal world domination schemes. Please take our quick survey here!

The World Is Yours With A Duct Tape Watch

Combining Earth's most precious resource, Duct Tape, with the Universe's most enigmatic feature, Time, was a stroke of sheer genius. The Timebomb watch by Ducti is water resistant to 150 feet and features a three year warranty. So pair your need for temporal awareness with your lust for duct tape and get this watch now! Get the time here:

The World Is Yours With A Duct Tape Watch

USB Holiday LED Xmas Tree

USB Holiday LED Xmas Tree

What could be more wonderful than to celebrate the holiday season with a glowing USB Xmas tree? Well, maybe that new G5 you've been eyeballing might be more exciting and perhaps if you've been very good this year you might get one. But our USB Xmas tree is certainly a great way to spread some holiday joy. A 5 inch tall acrylic tree with glowing LEDs that slowly cycles through 6 different colors. Just plug into any USB port and enjoy.Works with PC, Mac or any USB standard USB connection.

Komen Microfiber Laptop Tote - By Women For Women

It's not every day that a technology-related product is created just for women. Not only is this microfiber laptop tote the perfect accessory for toting your laptop, files and other goodies, but the manufacturer is donating 10% from the sale of each bag to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in case you didn't know, and check out the cool black and pink Komen Laptop Tote bag here:

Komen Microfiber Laptop Tote - By Women For Women

Infoglobe Phone - Hi-tech Caller ID Display

Infoglobe Phone - Hi-tech Caller ID Display

Caller ID is great, allowing you to screen your calls if you so desire, which for me, means every time the phone rings. The only problem is who wants to interrupt their evening Tivo session just to get to the phone and decide not to answer it? Welp, this groovy 5.8Ghz cordless phone has a unique Caller ID display which can be read at a distance. The caller info is projected by some nifty spinning LEDs which makes the info appear to float- spooky! Finally, you can reach your full couch potato potential!

Griffin PC radioSHARK - Record/Pause Live Radio!

The radioSHARK is a USB device that adds an AM/FM radio to any Mac or PC but its included software allows it to do much more than that. You can also program it to record you favorite shows and record them as AAC or AIFF files. It even features a time-shift capability that allows you to pause a live broadcast, so that you don't have to miss a minute of a show that you're not actually recording!

Griffin PC radioSHARK - Record/Pause Live Radio!

Cuddle Up To A Few New ThinkGeek Original Blankets

Cuddle Up To A Few New ThinkGeek Original Blankets

'Tis the season for late night fragging sessions and numb feet. Solution? A ThinkGeek blanket to cuddle up with. Choose from two brand spankin' new designs. First off is 'deadly ninja'. A blanket so powerful in its design it will give you extra mana just by wearing it and playing Evercrack at the same time. Did we mention that everybody loves a Ninja? Our second blanket is the blunt, universal 42 blanket. Bigger than a towel and far more omnipotent, the 42 blanket in forest green might just be the blanket to rule them all. Get warm, cuddled and all-powerful here:

VersaCharger - Versatile USB Power Adapter

Here's a new way to get your USB groove on. The VersaCharger eliminates the need for multiple USB charger adapters by combining both a car adapter and a wall adapter into one compact and simple design. Pretty smooth. You can plug this device into your car cigarette lighter socket to create a USB power outlet or into any standard wall outlet. So you can easily get USB power when you happen to be away from your PC. Also, the Versacharger has adaptive circuitry so it can handle variable input voltages - like 120V or 240V wall outlets.

VersaCharger - Versatile USB Power Adapter

Naked Up Top? Cover-up With A New ThinkGeek T-shirt

Naked Up Top? Cover-up With A New ThinkGeek T-shirt

Unlike hairdos and console-games, a good t-shirt never goes out of fashion. This month ThinkGeek has five new contributions to high geek-couture that need exposing. First off is the often practiced but seldom revealed geek mantra - 'Keep out of direct sunlight'. Directly following is our new 'binary bit' tee. Get 8 and you and your friends can represent a single ascii character in unison! And by popular demand we have 3 new ladies shirts on the shelves, 'Shrodinger's Cat', 'Pi by Numbers', and the venerable 'Obey Gravity, It's the law' babydolls. Get dressed here:

SilverRiver Drive Enclosure

Why tie your CD or DVD burner to a single PC? This convenient drive enclosure from ThermalTake can hold a 5.25" optical drive and allow you to move it from one PC to the next, while USB 2.0 connectivity ensures fast data transfers. A silent fan in the back keeps your drive running cool, and it also emits a nice blue glow thanks to a blue LED. 3.5" hard drives are also supported using supplied mounting adapters.

SilverRiver Drive Enclosure

Mobile Edge Premium Backpacks - Laptop Friendly

Mobile Edge Premium Backpacks - Laptop Friendly

What fun is having a laptop PC if you don't have a convenient way to take it with you? These backpacks from Mobile Edge feature a specially lined safety compartment to protect your laptop, while providing ample space for all the trimmings. They also include a convenient media pocket to hold your MP3 player so you can listen to your tunes while you're on the go! Just remember to avoid the graveyard at night...

Logitech io2 Digital Pen - From Pen To Paper To PC

The io2 allows you to take your handwritten documents and import them quickly and easily as digital files on your PC. The system uses a specially designed paper with a printed dot pattern, which allows the pen to optically follow your words as you write them, and then imports them to your PC. The included software even learns your handwriting to turn notes into digital text that you can edit and use in any application, just like text entered with the keyboard!

Logitech io2 Digital Pen - From Pen To Paper To PC

Hurry Up And Get Mugged At ThinkGeek Now

Hurry Up And Get Mugged At ThinkGeek Now

ThinkGeek has always been conscious of your needs as highly evolved beverage consumers. Whether it's our large selection of caffeinated liquids, or our fine selection of mugs and glasses with a techie bent - ThinkGeek is there for you. So take a moment to say hello to two new additions to our selection: the 'beverage containment device' in binary travel mug, and the simple but utterly powerful 'geek.' shot glass. Get mugged and tanked here:

Quick Blurbs !!

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Back in Stock - Darth Vader FX Sabers

20q - Pocket Mind Reader

Now Available - Deluxe Version of 20q

Mobile Edge Messenger Bag

Mobile Edge Messenger Bags

Video Advantage

Full-featured Video Advantage Capture Card

Web Designer's Mousepads

Web Developer Mousepads - Back In Stock

True Light Memory Heat Spreader

True Light Heat Spreader - With LEDS

Case o' Bawls

Back in stock - BAWLS


Bluetooth FrogPad Now Available

Smart Mass Thinking Putty

Smart Mass - 2 new putties available

Green Laser Pointer II

Green Laser Pointer - New Lower Price

Swiss Memory USB

Swiss Memory USB - 128 version available

LED Flashlight with Alarm

A keychain LED light with 120 dB alarm

Plush Microbes

New Plush Microbe - Flesh Eating Virus

M-Audio Revolution Sound Cards

M-Audio Revolution Sound Cards - Upgrade

M-Audio USB MIDI Controller

Keystation 49e USB Midi Keyboard

ThermalTake XRay

Back in stock - ThermalTake XRay

USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive

USB 2.0 Portable HDD - Rebate Available

Techie Haiku Winner!

Submit Your Techie Haiku, Win $50!

Last month's ThinkGeek Techie Haiku Winner is:
Jody from Pittsburgh, PA!
Here is the winning Haiku:

    Left click gives nothing
    Right click only hourglass

Wanna win a $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate? Just send us your original HAIKU and each newsletter we'll select one winner and print his/her HAIKU right here on the next ThinkGeek newsletter installment for all to see, plus we'll send you a $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate. Get creative! More details and rules? Visit:


September 2004 Action Shot Winner

September 2004 Action Shot Winner: Acrobots

Action Shot Winner

Get the scoop on sending your own ThinkGeek product action shots and get a chance at our $100 monthly giveaway here:


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