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Hello There!

Gather 'round the computer kids, because it's time for another fun-filled episode of the ThinkGeek Newsletter show! Grab your Little Richard Stallman decoder rings too, because at the end of the newsletter, we'll have a hidden message just for you - our loyal fans. And today on the show, make sure you behold the 20q doomsday device cleverly disguised as a "gizmo", it will distract you to no end, and may just get you fired if you play with it enough at the office. And now, a word from our sponsor...


20q Pocket Genius

The Pocket Sized Gizmo That Reads Your Mind

If you've ever played the online version of 20q - you've experienced first hand the uncanny ability of the seemingly intellectual 20q to guess what object you are thinking about. This portable version of 20q features the most popular objects contained in the massive online neural network that is 20q. How does it work? Simple. Think of an object, then 20q will ask you a series of questions and you simply answer them with either a Yes, No, Unknown or Sometimes. After twenty questions, 20q will attempt to guess what your object is. You'll be surprised how often 20q wins, flinging your mental hubris by the wayside like a hacker tosses away your data...

Get stumped by the 20q right here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Magnetoids - Deliciously Fun, Powerfully Attractive

Magnetoids - Deliciously Fun, Powerfully Attractive

They chirp. They whirrr. They are mysteriously irresistible! Magnetoids seem simple enough - two finely polished, high powered, oval shaped magnets. Each is about 2.5 inches long. But pull them apart, toss them in the air, bring them next to each other - and they enthusiastically come to life! Driven by powerful magnetic attraction and repulsion, these space age looking ellipsoids continually strive to stay in perfect balance with each other...mesmerizing...

Control Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Need full control over every electronic gadget in your domain? Of course you do - and the Telephone LineLok will help you in this quest. The Telephone LineLok allows you to block long distance and other high rate calls on your phone line. Use your telephone's keypad to program the LineLok - the LCD screen makes it easy. You can set limits on when incoming and/or outgoing calls are blocked by using the built-in timer. 911 calls can always be made and also program three additional emergency numbers that can be called at any time. A 4-digit password can be used to bypass any restriction:

Control Incoming and Outgoing Calls

iRiver Portable Video Player

iRiver Portable Video Player

Take along your favorite tunes, videos, and pictures on this new little wonder from i-River, featuring a sharp 3.5" widescreen TFT display. Its 20GB hard drive will hold up to 80 hours of video or up to 600 hours of music, or even for convenient file storage. Moving those files back and forth from your PC is a breeze thanks to speedy USB 2.0 transfer rates, leaving you more precious time for viewing!

BAWLS Mints - Quintessential Portable Energy

No, we didn't just print a typo. You read that right. BAWLS mints. Finally, here is a reason to continue on living. These slightly carbonated mints come as close to tasting like BAWLS Guarana without actually being BAWLS guarana. And so that means they taste great! So whether it's stimulation to endure that twenty-hour fragfest or you just need to postpone a bit of shut-eye, you'll find no more willing and portable a partner as BAWLS mints. Guaranteed to distribute mirth to your soul or we'll guarantee it. Get the buzz here:

BAWLS Mints - Quintessential Portable Energy

Automatically Shut Off PC Peripherals

Automatically Shut Off PC Peripherals

At the end of the day you shutdown your PC and then turn off your scanner, printer, desk lamp, and a half dozen other devices. Is this any way for a geek to live? We think not and thus offer the Mini Power Minder. It's a power plug that has two built-in outlets - one that connects to your PC and the other to your peripherals (via a power strip). The Mini Power Minder also connects to your PC via a USB cable. When you shutdown your PC the Mini Power Minder will shutdown power to the secondary outlet. If you have your peripherals connected to this outlet they will be turned off along with your PC. The same process works when you power-up your PC.

Three New Fabulously Fab Tshirts From ThinkGeek

It's time again for another new batch of shirts, and for this round we present some classic examples of geekiness. From the realms of outer space, the You are Here shirt makes sure you don't get lost in your interstellar travels. Pi by Numbers is a handy reference in case you forgot the first 4493 digits or the shape of the Pi symbol itself. Rounding out the new fall collection is the oh-so-retro Soylent Green is People. Feeling hungry? How about a nice Soylent Green Biscuit. Yum!

Three New Fabulously Fab Tshirts From ThinkGeek

Clean And Bright Portable LED Lighting

Clean And Bright Portable LED Lighting

This single shock-proof LED is housed in a body machined from solid Aerospace aluminum and produces an incredibly bright, clear white beam. The Long Bow Micra LED flashlight is a high-end lighting device designed for top notch performance. Suitable for security and law enforcement uses, the Long Bow is compact at only 3" length and 1" diameter and powerful with 20 Lumens output. Running on a single Lithium battery this flashlight has a 10-year storage life. The single LED should never need replacement. Battery included.

Logitech OrbitCam

Logitech's new OrbitCam was designed to keep you in the frame, starting with a unique 9" tall desk mounted stand that locates the cam at eye-level. When you do move about, the camera features special tracking software and built-in pan and tilt capability so the camera can automatically adjust and keep you in the shot! Nifty!

Logitech OrbitCam

The Time Is 11:32 And 47 ohms

The Time Is 11:32 And 47 ohms

High on any geek's list of essential formulas should be Ohm's Law. Since the life of a geek typically revolves around all things electronic, this basic formula describing the relationship between voltage, current and resistance in an ideal conductor is quite important. Appropriate respect should be given. This nifty watch (and also Desk clock) shows the formula in many different incarnations. Also, at each hour position are colors corresponding to resistor band codes (Brown at 1 and Red at 2, so on). This will aid in the reading of the resistor bands for easy identification.

Zalman Reserator Water Cooling System

The Reserator is a silent water cooling system featuring a unique cooling tower which acts as both a water reservoir and radiator, releasing the heat being drawn off your PC's CPU. Its high-performance gold waterblock is not susceptible to galvanic corrosion, ensuring long life, and excellent performance.

 Zalman Reserator Water Cooling System

ZeroFriction Mouse Skates

ZeroFriction Mouse Skates

You've already laid out the cash for a hyper-accurate gaming mouse and high-performance mousepad, why not make the most of them? These adhesive Teflon skates are designed to mount to the underside of your mouse, allowing you to mouse along more smoothly and precisely.

Flashflights - LED & Fiber Optic Illuminated Flying Discs

Who's hunkering for a midnight game of Ultimate? Or perhaps you just need to get away from the computer in the wee hours of night and play frisbee with your border collie. Either way, you are going to need an illuminated stadium or an illuminated disc. Based on our own cost/benefit analysis, we think you'll be better off getting the disc. These LED driven 185 gram discs feature fiber optics so that the disc is vividly illuminated from every possible angle. Choose between blue, red and multi-colored discs. Go outside in the dark here:

Flashflights - LED & Fiber Optic Illuminated Flying Discs

5.8Ghz phones - Say Goodbye To Wireless Network Interference

5.8Ghz phones - Say Goodbye To Wireless Network Interference

Operating in the 5.8Ghz spectrum, these phones offer the clarity of digital transmission without interfering with your wireless network connectivity!

JB1 Camera Rebate Offer - Save $20

What's better than a stealthy, zippo-sized digital camera that can also capture full motion video with sound? How's about saving $20? Get yours before M and Q find out about Timmy's sinister savings offer...

JB1 Camera Rebate Offer - Save $20

Quick Blurbs !!

Case o' Bawls

July/August Action Shot Winners Posted

Case o' Bawls

BAWLS Back In Stock!!

Wi Fi Signal Locator

WiFi Signal Locator

Green Laser Pointer II

Green Laser Pointers - Now At Lower Prices!

Non-Contact A/C Detector

Non-Contact Handheld A/C Detector

LED Binary Clock

Blue LED Binary Clock - Back In stock!

Thermaltake Tsunami PC Case

Thermaltake Tsunami Case


Pixelblocks 2800 - Back In Stock

Coolermaster Wavemaster PC Case

Coolermaster Wavemaster

Wireless-G to USB 2.0 Flex Adapter

USB/Wireless Adaptor

USB to Bluetoooth Adapter

USB Bluetooth adaptor

Thermaltake Total Watts Viewer 480W PSU

Thermaltake Total Watts Viewer PSU

Invaders Surface/Wall Graphics

Blik Invaders Wall Graphics - Back In Stock!

Techie Haiku Winner!

Submit Your Techie Haiku, Win $50!

Last month's ThinkGeek Techie Haiku Winner is: John from Atlanta, Georgia!
Here is the winning Haiku:

    A petal floats past,
    Trailing ripples in the pond.
    Nice video card.

Wanna win a $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate? Just send us your original HAIKU and each newsletter we'll select one winner and print his/her HAIKU right here on the next ThinkGeek newsletter installment for all to see, plus we'll send you a $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate. Get creative! More details and rules? Visit:


Action Shot Winner

August 2004 Action Shot Winner

August 2004 Action Shot Winner: Ale & Whores PVP Online Shirt

Get the scoop on sending your own ThinkGeek product action shots and get a chance at our $100 monthly giveaway here:


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