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August 25, 2004

Greetings geeks!

Hello and welcome to another fun-filled edition of the ThinkGeek newsletter. This August 2004 newsletter is a very special one because this month marks the 5 Year Anniversary of ThinkGeek! Yes, it's true. Since 1999, we have been dishing out the gadgets and goodies for throngs of geeks to enjoy with pride, and we couldn't be happier. In the internet world, 5 years is a pretty long time and something we're extremely proud of. But we'd never be here if it weren't for you folks, so we want to send out a sincere THANK YOU too all of you! Here's to 5 more years!

Namco TV Games 5-in-1 II

Namco TV Games II

Ms. Pac Man & Galaga

The follow-up to the popular Namco I TV Games, this video arcade built into a joystick features such retro classics as Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, Xevious, Mappy and Pole Position. Everything that you need to play these vintage powerhouses is available right inside the base. Just plug it into your TV, select the game from the menu system and prepare for a blast from the past. Band-aids for the calluses you'll soon get on your thumbs are not included.

Check out the Namco TV Games 5-in-1 II here:


$5 off any order over $25!

YAY! Happy 5 years to us!

Wednesday, August 25th only

To say thanks to all those who have helped us get to our five year anniversary, we thought we would offer up a little promo. Basically we'll take $5 off your pre-shipping subtotal of $25 or more. This discount is available for one day, only for orders placed on August 25, 2004 (12am to 11:59pm Eastern Time). Limit one use per ThinkGeek account. Thanks for your support! Simply enter the following discount code during checkout to receive your $5 off:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Atari Paddle 2-Player 13-in-1 TV Games

Atari Paddle 2-Player 13-in-1 TV Games

If you've never played the classic Atari 2600 system, you probably have no clue what the venerable Atari Paddle was all about. You basically used it when you needed to move your pixels in a single line, either horizontally or vertically. It was also occasionally used to simulate a steering wheel. Packed into this 2-player Atari Paddle set are such notable games as: Circus Atari, Night Driver, Canyon Bomber, Breakout, Super Breakout, Warlords, and more! And don't forget the game that started the golden era of video gaming itself - PONG.

i-Stick USB Drives - Extremely Tiny Portable Storage

These USB flash memory drives are the smallest we've seen to date, under 3mm in thickness, and just about as long as two pennies side-by-side! For travel purposes, two cases are included, making it easy to carry these in your wallet, or clipped onto a pocket. With fast USB 2.0 transfer rates and reasonable pricing, we're betting you'll find a use for these little wonders.

i-Stick USB Drives - Extremely Tiny Portable Storage

LOTR Sting FX Sword - Authentic Glow

LOTR Sting FX Sword - Authentic Glow

The sharp point I am called, the slayer of spiders I am. Without Sting, a gift from Uncle Bilbo, its likely Frodo would never have been able to accomplish [SPOILER] his quest to destroy the One Eing (sorry Shelob!). Sure, the coat of Mithril helped out as well, but really without the Elven magic of Sting that alerted the fellowship to the presence of Orcs - all may have been for naught and Sauron and his minions would likely be enjoying eternal Halfling stew as this very sentence is written. Enhanced with a blue glow and digital sound effects - this is a true collector's item:

Pocketec DataStor Mini 20GB USB HDD

The geeks' favorite USB hard rive has gotten even smaller, and easier to take along. Speedy USB 2.0 transfer rates of up to 480Mbps allow you to load up your necessary files in a snap. Best of all, these drives are multi-platform compatible, meaning you Mac and Linux geeks out there can play along as well!

Pocketec DataStor Mini 20GB USB HDD

$50 mail-in rebate on PRISMIQ Media Player

$50 mail-in rebate on PRISMIQ Media Player

When we first brought the PRISMIQ Media Player on board, we were impressed with its ability to bring our PC's digital media to life on our TV. After a year and a half of software upgrades and improved wireless capabilities, this unit just keeps getting better and even easier to use! Enjoy your stored videos, MP3s, streaming audio, digital pictures and more with your home stereo and TV, and see what you've been missing. Order by August 30, and save $50 to boot!

Three New Caffeine Candy Sensations

Scouring the Universe for fresh and enticing new ways for you to ingest caffeine, we've recently stumbled on some great new products. First we brought you Black Black gum, the intensely minty caffeinated gum sensation from Japan. Now we bring you Black Black candy - the same great taste and all the punch but in a hard candy. We've also got Buzz Bites which are chocolate chews packed in a tin. Each Buzz Bite is a whopping 100 milligrams of caffeine and they taste great. And make sure you try out the new Foosh Mints, also packed into a tin. Each mint packs as much caffeine as entire cup of coffee.

Three New Caffeine Candy Sensations

Neuros II MP3 Combo

Neuros II MP3 Combo

The folks at Neuros Audio have turned out the most feature-packed MP3 player we've seen to date. Not only can you listen to FM radio, MP3, OGG, WMA and WAV files, but the Neuros II also features a built-in FM transmitter so you can broadcast tunes to your home or car stereo in a snap. Even record from any audio source to MP3! Its unique backpack design lets you carry around the smaller 265MB unit, or snap into the hard drive backpack for capacities of up to 80 GB.

USB Optical Liquid Mouse - Duck and Fish

In the interest of a more interesting desktop, we present a mouse with a built-in duck or fish. So, is this some kind of genetic engineering project gone wrong? Nope. It's an optical scroll-wheel mouse with a mini aquarium containing a little floating duck or fishy (your choice). Watch these little guys bob around as you mouse your way through some serious web browsing. Two-button USB mouse with clear plastic housing. Little yellow duck or red and white fish.

USB Optical Liquid Mouse - Duck and Fish

Firepod - USB and FireWire power to go

Firepod - USB and FireWire power to go

There are times when you might find yourself away from a computer - like maybe you're driving in your car. And perhaps you need some USB power or FireWire power to charge a gadget. Hmmm, what to do? Enter the Firepod with a 12V DC automotive plug on one end and USB and FireWire power ports on the other end. It also has LEDs to indicate power source and power usage as well as fuse protection against over-currents. The Firepod supports simultaneous usage for both USB and FireWire and fits into any 12V automotive DC power source plug. Great for charging cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players and other geek gadgets.

New Science T-shirts - Geeks from other fields rejoice!

This month we launched our new section of Science T-Shirts. Whether your thing is chemistry, math, physics, or something simple like exobiology, we hope you'll find a t-shirt here that speaks to your inner geek. We have 2 new Science shirts to help kick off the new category. The simple "Rays Cast" shirt will probably make your slightly "slower" friends and acquaintances stop and think for a bit, and maybe even walk back a step or two. After all, who wants rays cast from a t-shirt to be hurtling at them at 670 million miles per hour? Schroedinger's Cat reminds us of Schroedinger's uncertainly thought experiment in which the cat is simultaneously dead AND alive. Naturally! Learn more science with our t-shirts here:

New Science T-shirts - Geeks from other fields rejoice!

The Wristwatch Television - A wearable watchable

The Wristwatch Television - A wearable watchable

So, you say, a color television built into a wristwatch? Now that's pretty geeky but also just darn cool - and we happen to agree. A small but still ample 1.5" color screen (yes color!) is built-in to a functioning wristwatch. It receives a good range of channels (VHF: 1~12ch/UHF 13~62ch) and comes equipped with earphones that also act an as antenna. The LCD display is 280 220 pixels and the television will run about 1 hour on a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. NTSC US/Canada settings only.

Inferno Flexi-Light

From Gerber, as in the knife and multi-tool company and not the baby food company, comes the Inferno Flexi-Light. This is a LED light with 7 flexible arms that can be used to position the LEDs in a variety of angles and lighting configurations. The light can be used as a regular flashlight and also as a task light or emergency lighting. With the movable arms the light can be used to illuminate several areas at once. It also has red LEDs which can be used in low-light conditions to help preserve night vision.

Inferno Flexi-Light

Creative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Jukebox

Creative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Jukebox

Based on the latest 1.8 inch hard drive technology, the Zen Touch is smaller and lighter than any previous Zen model. The unique up-and-down touch sensor controls are simple to use, and its incredible 24 hour battery life is up to three times that offered by other players. Combine this with 20GB capacity to hold up to 10,000 songs, and your musical journey will never be cut short.

Quick Blurbs !!

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

2 New LightSabers - Luke Skywalker EPV & Mace Windu

Web Developer Laminated Reference Set

Desktop Web Developers Laminated Reference Set

USB to PS/2 Adapter

USB to PS/2 Adapter

PistolMouse FPS

New Pistol Mouse FPS Gaming Mouse - Ships Friday

Streamzap PC Remote

$10 mail-in rebate on the Streamzap PC Remote

12V LED Switch - Round Rocker Switch

New PC Mod Switches - Military Style

SPST Switch w/ Red Military Style Cover

More New PC Mod Switches!

R/C Hovercraft

Back In Stock - R/C Hovercrafts

Bluetooth Mini Mouse

Wireless Bluetooth Travel Mouse

Keyspan USB Device Server

USB Device Server - Share your USB printer across your network

Surround Sound USB Audio Adapter

Surround Sound USB Adapter - Analog or digital output

Cold Heat Soldering Tool

Cold Heat Soldering Tool - Back in Stock

AC to USB Adapter

AC to USB Adapter - USB power from an outlet

Web Designer's Mousepads

Back In stock - Web Developer's Mouse Pads

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